Buyer Intent Data Guide: How to Find Prospects Already Looking to Buy

Did you know that 25% of B2B businesses are currently using intent data, while another 35% are preparing to use it within the next 12 months?!

Teams of all sizes can utilize buyer intent data to more effectively identify where prospects are on their purchase journey, and thus adapt marketing messaging and sales pitches to align with those specific interest signals collected.

Intent data can also be utilized to help hone the scope of the companies that you target with your marketing efforts, helping to eliminate hours spent calling prospects who are uninterested in buying your product or services.

Download this special eBook to dive deeper into:

  • Why intent data is crucial in B2B selling & marketing
  • How intent data is effectively collected (And what to be wary of)
  • How to incorporate buyer intent data into your outbound prospecting
  • 5 effective intent data use cases

Discover how you can effectively implement intent data into your daily sales and marketing process - and start accelerating your pipeline growth today!

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