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Pardot Offers Refined Demand Generation at a Small Business Price

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One other factor clearly distinguishes SMB from Enterprise systems, and that’s pricing. Pardot’s lowest-price system, $500 per month, may be too constrained for most companies (no CRM integration, maximum of five landing pages, etc.), Pricing details are published on their Web site – which is itself typical of SMB products.) This pricing is low even among SMB demand generation systems. Pardot was spun off about two years ago and launched its product at the end of 2007.


Active Conversion Offers Strong Lead Management and Leaves Out the Rest

Customer Experience Matrix

Outbound email campaigns are largely irrelevant to this, so ActiveConversion doesn’t even offer email services. This keeps down the cost of ActiveConversion’s operations and therefore its prices, although of course marketers will have to pay someone else for their emails. ActiveConversion assumes that other attributes will be stored in the external email system or, and any selections using those attributes will be done in those systems.