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5 Practical Content Marketing Tactics to Educate & Inform Your B2B Audience

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In the spirit of educating ourselves on the significance of this festive holiday, let’s take a look at 5 practical content marketing tactics you can take to educate and inform your B2B audience ( we are still in the office until 5:00 pm, after all ): Attend In-Person Events. What better way to deliver valuable information to buyers than to walk a mile in their shoes?

How to reach your customers at work or at home


StiristaLINK’s files are pretty sizable: 20 million B2B profiles are enhanced with consumer information, and 55 million consumer emails are linked to a B2B profile. I’ve been thinking about some of the things a marketer could do with this new capability. Say you’re selling graduate business education and want to find 20-somethings who still don’t have an MBA. And the response shot up.

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Buyer Roles, Buying Stages, and Perception Challenges

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In each box, the messages, information, and perceptions that need to flow out to the market can be listed, along with an assessment (red/yellow/green) of whether you are currently being successful in getting those messages out to the market. Tags: leaky funnel Discovery Buying Process Validation Buyer Roles Education Content Awareness

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16 Proven Ways to Get Better Opportunities Now (Part 2)

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Educate and help with your lead nurturing. . The content must be educational and helpful. One partner worked with an outside publisher to develop educational Webinars and brought in some editorial support to help them develop some thought leadership pieces that didn’t focus on products or sales. Share information that sticks with them. That won’t work for lead nurturing.

9 Myths about BtoB Marketing by @billblaneyb2b

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You have to know your customers and where they turn for information.  (See earlier note on Buyer Personas. Even though the arguments about ROI are ever-present, most will agree that staying in front of customers, touting new innovations, and always selling is a valid use of time. Self Education b2b marketing Bill Blaney content marketing Find New Customers management-best-practices marketing-campaigns sales-challenges social media ” Since we did not have time to cover all the myths about B2B marketing in Bill’s show, I wish to share them with you here.

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Review – Five step marketing automation checkup


And when forms are no longer valid, for example in the case of a webinar that is past, make sure the page automatically redirects to a more appropriate location – perhaps a replay of the webinar. Anonymous visitor information gives you tremendous insight into the success of inbound marketing. It’s also a great time to reexamine the marketing programs that you already have in place.

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‘You Killed It’ – 5 Tips to Create a Persuasive Speech

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The persuasive speech doesn’t just present information; it seeks to make some kind of change in the audience. They’re used in business, politics and education, and almost anytime someone seeks to direct others’ thinking or behavior. It is up to the speaker to validate the ethics of the speech and maintain integrity in the presentation. Treasury for Tax Policy.

The disconnect between social media popularity and business effectiveness

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That’s evidence of its validity.” Let’s say you do a web search for information on the best way to grow tulips. “The fact that other people believe something because other people are thinking something or doing something and that gives the content validity. He is an acclaimed keynote speaker , college educator, and business consultant. By Mark W.

Content Marketing vs. Stuff Marketing: Do You Really Know What You’re Doing?

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Stuff marketing ignores the conversational and educational opportunities in engaging communities, and just aims to pump out brand messaging and push products. Avenues for External Validation: Content marketing isn’t only about creating assets; it also entails collecting, curating , and collaborating with other sources of value for buyers. Take how humans achieved flight, for example.

Content with Intent: Inform Your Audience


Content to inform. Content to educate. Content to validate. Now that I have introduced the concept as a whole, let's jump right in and look at areas to consider for content that is intended to inform. First, you have to decide what it is that you want to inform people about. That's not informing someone. Now, you can inform people about anything, so for clarity I am going to stick to one area. It's the idea that companies need to inform their customers and prospects alike of just what is going on within the company. by Frank Reed.

The 9 Circles of B2B Marketing Hell


Then, use that information to run A/B tests, optimize the routes that are converting, and provide a better user experience for site visitors. It’s more valuable to create a single great blog post or highly educational ebook (“great” meaning they drive opportunities and revenue) over multiples of either of those that only drive a ton of unqualified leads. click to view larger ).

10 Groups to Join on LinkedIn if You’re in Marketing


To make things easy for you, we’ve cherry-picked a list of 10 validated groups that offer great content (and conversation!) From design to SEO to account-based marketing, these groups are a great place to start for solid information on all things marketing. If you are involved in the creation of content to educate your clients, this is the group for you.”. for marketers.

6 Things to Consider When Creating Your 2017 Marketing Plan


Creating intelligent, educated content helps you build a solid relationship with your prospects, and can help turn your prospects into happy customers  – and is something that should be key to your 2017 marketing plan. Ideal customer profiles usually include firmographic and demographic information like company size, industry, and common buyer titles. Make sure your request is validated with real numbers, and strong evidence that more marketing money will equate to a more successful business. Evaluate last year’s successes and failures  . Did you make your lead goals?

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Mapping the Buying Process - A Framework

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Tags: Discovery Buying Process Validation Buyer Roles B2B Marketing nurture marketing Education Awareness

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Integrated Marketing Tips from Todd Davison of Demand Frontier

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Successes aren’t repeatable, failures aren’t used to educate. 4. Validators? With this information you can create a Lead Score: Who do I think my ideal leads are? Exhaust all potential sources of information and research: media companies, analysts, blogs, websites, social network and communities. You have information–figure out how to access it. What’s a win?

17 Things High-Performing Companies Do to Optimize Their Buyer Personas


Survey tools are used to identify and validate persona research for both customer and non-customer communities. 8. In addition to internal CRM data insights, extensive external data sources are used to augment internal data, this may include personality attributes, professional details, social indicators, education level, income, and more. 9. Related reading: Why Personas Fail.

Business Buyers Relying More On 3rd Party Content

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New content marketing  research  by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council reveals insight-hungry business buyers are increasingly reliant on trusted third-party information to make more educated decisions. It also showed that the sourcing, sharing and consumption of content occurred mostly among three types of informally structured buying groups within enterprise organizations.

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How to Write Headlines That Get Shared And Drive Traffic


They are helpful for picking headlines, but they are really just educated guesses. Make sure you pick a winner that’s statistically valid. These aren’t statistically valid results, but this shows what your tests would look like. Listicles frame the information well. They make the information seem more manageable or “digestible.”. Headlines make the blog post.

6 Success Factors for Adopting Marketing Automation


These pieces should be strong enough, and compelling enough that the people you attract to your website will be happy to give you their contact information in trade for access. This informs your message, so you can build content that speaks to your audience. Validate email addresses on your list. Are you getting ready to implement marketing automation? Congratulations!

10 Reasons to Develop a B2B Blogging Strategy

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Quality blog posts provide a reason to reach out to potential link partners (site owners and bloggers for example), by showcasing relevant information or expertise, and developing connections through cross-collaboration, and supported thought leadership. 8.) Hopefully your organization is well ahead of performance benchmarks this year. Create opportunities for new SEO keyword strategies.

8 Examples of B2B Businesses Managing Powerful LinkedIn Pages

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However, I think the majority of the company’s successful on this social platform is due to their ability to find and share information that will resonate well with the audience. For example, the post highlighted above takes an extremely real and valid concern of families around the world and provides valuable tips to educate and help the situation. Ernst and Young. HootSuite.

Your Baby’s Ugly and Other Difficult Things Marketing Consultants Have to Tell Clients

B2B Marketing Traction

The best thing to do in this situation is educate the client about the importance of planned, integrated marketing, understanding the audience, and crafting strong marketing messages that stress benefits and solutions to prospective customers’ pains and problems. Stop the business planning: your new product idea is already being done or isn’t valid. Your baby’s ugly.

Use Digital Content to Shorten the B2B Sales Cycle

Great B2B Marketing

Either way, it behooves you to have well-organized and complete product and services information. But the impact of all the other information you provide will be magnified if you have lots of testimonials and independent reviews available. Assuming your product is not overly complicated – providing this information will help motivate prospects to act more quickly. Case Studies.

How to Write Headlines That Get Shared And Drive Traffic


They are helpful for picking headlines, but they are really just educated guesses. Make sure you pick a winner that’s statistically valid. These aren’t statistically valid results, but this shows what your tests would look like. Listicles frame the information well. They make the information seem more manageable or “digestible.”. Headlines make the blog post.

The Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing


Monitor Bounce Rates: In addition to monitoring bounce rates as part of the overall metrics you analyze to make more informed decisions about your email marketing strategy, you’ll also want to pay close attention to them individually. Some highlights include not using misleading or false information, including a valid postal address and promptly honoring opt outs.

A Simple B2B Marketing Framework

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This way you increase customer centricity and make sure that strategy and tactics are mapped to the buying process your customers perform (stages: unawareness, pain recognition, understanding how to solve the problem, identifying and selecting the right solution and vendor, validating the choice and acting on it). But that's content for another blog post.

6 SEO Strategy Basics Your CEO Should Learn

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The fact is, though, that a baseline of knowledge of SEO is essential for any brand that’s seeking to implement a successful marketing transformation. I’ve determined that it’s my job (and my team’s job) to educate executives on what SEO is, and what it isn’t. If we don’t educate them now, we will never be able to meet their expectations later.

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10 Customer Experiences You Need To Deliver Today

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sources of information to make a purchase decision (Source: Google). Educate and communicate with your customers. They want to be educated on how your stuff can help them – then they will buy! Customers are self-educating, so integrate education and relevant content into their experience. If you don’t educate your customers, then your competition will!

Assessing the Buyer's Toolkit - 10 examples

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Each marketing asset helps a prospective buyer learn about your solution, but often in very different ways, from high level thought leadership when a buyer is in a market awareness/education phase, to education on capabilities when a buyer is in the vendor discovery phase, through to final validation of vendor selection.

7 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics Designed To Boost B2B SEO Performance

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Publications, Projects, and Educational References. The endorsement from others for these skills provides immediate validation and might also act as a trigger for determining relevance for a particular keyword theme. Mike Allton wrote a great article on Social Media Today that provides more in-depth information on why to leverage LinkedIn skills and endorsements for your profile.

Tips From Demand Gen Report’s 2014 B2B Buyer Behavior Survey

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Are buyers simply accessing information outside of vendor branded environments? A mix of both? Fortunately, B2B marketers are doing a better job of mapping content to specific vertical marketing and roles, so buyers are able to access more relevant information and getting up to speed before engaging with sales. To what do you attribute this?

The New Market for Social Media Consultants

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For example, they found that making information available via social media could reduce the time workers spend searching for information by 35%. Education and training —Most social media consultants have worked with a customer whose employees weren’t familiar with social networking, and weren’t comfortable with it. Education and training are essential in both environments.

The Risk of Stripping Down Customer Case Studies

Stories that Sell

People need a LOT of information to make a decision. If someone is going to spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on buying a product or service, then they assuredly need plenty of information to support the decision. What information did you need? Validate - A case study shows that real customers are seeing real results. And not just in printed material.

B2B Lead Nurturing Myths That Promote Sales Pipeline Leaks

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If you send the right content that meets an individual’s needs, emails are effective in creating brand awareness, building trust and educating buyers. For instance, they may just be gathering information for a decision they plan to make several months from now. Nurture these leads with information aligned to their stage in the buying process. Lead nurturing works.

How B2B Marketers Can Build Meaningful Customer Relationships In 3 Steps

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Depending on your business, a low-commitment action might include reading a blog post, watching an informational video, registering for a webinar, subscribing to an email list or providing small bits of personal data in exchange for access to exclusive content. The information is categorized so readers can easily find answers to their specific challenge. Be likeable by being helpful.

3 Tips for Better Aligning B2B Content Marketing & SEO in 2017

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Here’s a look at 3 tips for creating smarter content in 2017: Understand & Educate Yourself on the Factors in Search. What it basically means is that, when you create content, you have to present the information in a way that’s easy for the searcher to find and easy for the search engine to find. As every search marketer knows, content is critical in driving SEO efforts. But how?

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Smart Agencies Don’t Neglect the Middle and Bottom of the Marketing Funnel


It often involves working on creative, colorful projects, and offering informative, compelling opportunities at the top of the funnel. People go online to gather information so they can make more informed decisions. Social Media – B2B buyers also frequently use social media channels to seek information and advice about their future purchases. What’s a Marketing Funnel?

Wired Campus: Computer Literacy Doesn't Mean Information Literacy, Report Says -

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Information Technology. The Almanac of Higher Education. Information Technology. Campus Piracy Company Watch Distance Education Gadgets Leadership Legal Troubles Libraries Offbeat Open Access Research Search Engines Security Social Networking Student Life Supercomputing Teaching TechForum2008 Video Virtual Worlds Wikis. Computer Literacy Doesn't Mean Information Literacy, Report Says. But that doesn’t make them information literate. These are mental tasks, where high levels of skills are developed through good education and hard work.

Lead Generation: A Beginner's Guide to Generating Business Leads the Inbound Way


In other words, instead of getting a random cold call from someone who purchased your contact information, you'd hear from a business or organization you've already opened communication with. Essentially, a lead is generated through information collection. Although it's not a lot of information, it's enough for a business to know that someone has interest in their company.

Matching Webinar Content to the Buying Cycle: Evaluation and Purchase Stages

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As prospects increasingly self-educate through the buying cycle, webinars have become a primary source of information that buyers turn to before making a purchase decision. Purchase-stage webinars are about validation, justification and risk mitigation. This post is Part 2 of a 2-part series. You can read part 1 here. Evaluation Stage. Competitive differences. Buying criteria.