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Why You Should Invest In Content Curation


One good answer is curated content. Though producing original content should be an integral part of any content strategy, there are plenty of occasions when curated content can save you time and resources, engage your audience, (and when done right) drive traffic on an ongoing basis. What is curated content? The pros and cons of curated content. The Pros: 1. Save time.

Three Reasons Content Curation is Overrated

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According to a recent report on eMarketer , 85% of marketers curate content in order to establish thought leadership! Content curation can be a valuable activity. However, the content curator and librarian are not the thought leaders. When you just curate other people’s content, your audience doesn’t learn anything about your thinking. 2.

Why Content Curation Is Not The Answer

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Enter curation, the glittering solution for today’s content marketers. On the surface curation sounds perfect. By consistently and carefully curating over time, become the source your audience looks to for the news and information that matters to them. But before you jump on the curation bandwagon, ask yourself “do I want to be the curator, or the curated?”

5 Things Spotify Can Teach You about Content Curation


When it comes to killer content curation and user engagement, Spotify is a role model. In fact, they’re doing such a good job with music that there are five big lessons Spotify can teach anyone trying to curate engaging content: Lesson #1: Add Unique Value. Spotify doesn’t just provide a music streaming service—it curates playlists and allows customers to curate their own.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Tom Pick Digital Marketing Consultant B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 37 Tom Pick Aggregage is building the next generation of B2B media, using a technology-based, audience-driven content aggregation and curation platform. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process.

Five big problems with content curation

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I recently attended a conference where a major financial institution proudly displayed its new automated content curation system. mean, why spend the time and money to create original content when you can curate unlimited content from the web and present it as your own customer portal?  An intoxicating idea. Why is this company uniquely qualified to curate this content? Tweet.

15 Killer Content Curation Tools to Keep Your Blog and Social Media Rich

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The post 15 Killer Content Curation Tools to Keep Your Blog and Social Media Rich appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content Marketing Content content curation content strategy content writingOriginal content is great. You feel good creating it, and you believe you have something fresh, entertaining, and/or useful for your readers and followers. If you are […].

4 Steps to Content Curation for Inside Sales Reps

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For these reasons, it is important that you master some basic content curation skills to ensure you always have an ample amount of information to share with your community of prospective buyers. Be sure to add in some original content along with your 3 rd party curated content. This is essentially what separates us from the rest of the sales community. Step 1: Create a List.

“Curation” versus Fair Use: How to keep your content safe

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Content curation” is a powerful tool for marketing. But when does “curation” turn into copyright infringement? find that difficult to believe, but let’s assume that some people genuinely don’t understand curation, copyright, or fair use. In our litigious society, you MUST understand the difference between helpful curation and using content in a way that breaks the law.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Tom Pick Digital Marketing Consultant B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 37 Tom Pick Aggregage is building the next generation of B2B media, using a technology-based, audience-driven content aggregation and curation platform. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process.

The Path to Value from Content Curation

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Increasingly, marketers are adding content curation to their marketing activity, often with objectives of sharing a certain amount of content each day. Three weeks ago I published Three Reasons Content Curation is Overrated , my reaction to research published on eMarketer and advice we frequently see about curating content in order to establish thought leadership.

11 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs


For the uninitiated, content curation is finding information relevant to your audience from a variety of sources and sharing it strategically through your communication channels. The need for great content curators has never been more urgent. successful content curator is no different than a successful wedding DJ. Using Social Media for Content Curation. love Twitter.

Content Curation, No Longer a Buzzword

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Content curation has gone from buzzword to mainstream tactic that content marketers have implemented regularly in their marketing strategies. Using curation as a vehicle to deliver great content to your audience can save time and energy in those pinch moments, along with positioning you as a go-to resource for quality content. Successful curation does take a little finesse.

Are Content Curators the power behind social media influence?

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Of course, we’re all curators to some extent, consuming content and, on occasion, sharing what we find interesting or entertaining. It’s unclear where exactly these Curators are drawn from in the traditional triangle, but according to ExactTarget, 65% percent of them are creators. Let’s look at the dynamics that make content curators so powerful.  Based Red circle added.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Tom Pick Digital Marketing Consultant B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 37 Tom Pick Aggregage is building the next generation of B2B media, using a technology-based, audience-driven content aggregation and curation platform. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process.

The 30 Best Content Curation Resources for Marketers and Business Pros

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So here, I have curated my own list of the top sites of business and marketing information – some of which are great examples of content curation themselves. The Week  (@ TheWeek ) – if you’re looking for content curation in practice and some pretty excellent coverage of all the news across just about every category,  The Week  fits the bill. Photo Source.

Forget Content Curation, Focus on Original Content in 2012

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Brands and media companies have been “curating” content for centuries, but 2011 saw the phrase content curation rise near the top of the content marketing stack. I can’t tell you how many marketers have approached me regarding their “content curation strategy” for 2012. Content Curation is NOT a Strategy. Let’s right the ship folks.

B2B Content Curation: More than a Guilty Pleasure


Discover how and why to use content curation as a vital part of your content marketing mix here. In a world inundated with lots of content and few fresh ideas, content curation is quickly becoming a regular part of the average brand’s content marketing mix. Learn how and when to use content curation to keep your readers engaged with your brand. Content Networking Content Curation Content Creation Engagement Blog Blog Post Audiences Homepage B2B Resources

ContentPros Podcast: Why Content Distribution Matters More Than Curation

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Cohen, from Oracle, and Randy Frisch from Uberflip, to share his approach to achieving lead generation success with content distribution and personalization in the new episode, “ Why Content Distribution Matters More Than Curation ”. It is just as important as content curation…. Listen to the full episode: Why Content Distribution Matters More Than Curation.

Content Curation in Practice


We call this content curation when content originates from a third party source (this link is an example of one use of curation). Content Marketing Create Like a Publisher PowerPoint and Video Management Think Like a Publisher Content assets content curation digital asset management visual assetsMy day started like most days. opened and read email, a few blogs and checked out Twitter streams. An article about recent research results on content marketing spend caught my eye. So, what did I do? ” We all do this, don’t we? This required less than 5 minutes.

3 Free Content Curation Tools That’ll Enhance Your Social Posts

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You can use curation tools. Swayy is focused entirely on social media curation. Here’s what a curated list of content looks like: If you what to share something, you can do so immediately or schedule it to appear at a later date. As mentioned, Hootsuite is not just a curation tool. You get a double feature with this tool: curation and management. Which social media curation tools are your favorites? The post 3 Free Content Curation Tools That’ll Enhance Your Social Posts appeared first on VerticalResponse Blog. Swayy. Hootsuite.

How to Use Content Curation to Overcome the Top 5 Content Marketing Challenges

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The Power of Curated Collections. According to Curata’s research study conducted on over 500 marketers, leading content marketers are developing 65% of the assets in their program, curating 25%, and syndicating the remaining 10%. Not to mention, your buyers consume content from multiple sources for different points-of-view, so content curation provides them with unique perspectives. 

15 Key Facts about Content Curation


For many content marketers, curation is something of a silver bullet. The average B2B marketer is using 12 different  content marketing tactics , and a curation strategy can boost the volume of information shared without dramatically increasing the workload. We’ve compiled some of the most fascinating stats and facts on the state of content curation: 1. Curation Is Social.

Content Curation for Lead Nurturing

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In this post, I’d like to propose that marketers can and should embrace content curation as an effective, easy way to nurture leads. The Content Curation Answer. I’ve seen companies panic and decide they shouldn’t even attempt lead nurturing because of this difficulty.  This is called Content Curation. The Content Challenge. The only rule is that the content MUST BE RELEVANT.

How to Select Shareable Curated Content


One option is to curate carefully selected content from third parties that will interest your audience. Siege Media has created an infographic that outlines the finer points of curating roundup posts. What is your approach to curated content? The post How to Select Shareable Curated Content appeared first on LEADership by Louis Foong, CEO The ALEA Group. Be consistent.

Why Licensed and Curated Content Are Killing Your Content Strategy

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“We already do content,” the marketing director explains at every team meeting, referring to her team’s licensed and curated content engine. It’s not to hard to understand why so many marketers fall into the pitfall of curated and licensed content engines. Curated Content Erodes Thought Leadership. Curated and Licensed Content Defeat the Long Narrative.

Best Content Curation Tools for Entrepreneurs and SMBs


With the rise of inbound marketing and the growing popularity of curating content, the number of content curation tools to help you find and share content has exploded. Use the following list of the best content curation tools for entrepreneurs and small businesses to jumpstart your efforts has a curator. Please note: we haven’t been [.].

Content Curation And 12 More Content Marketing Terms Defined

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Content Curation: The process of identifying relevant content for your audience from multiple sources, modifying or editing that content to reflect the needs of your audience and delivering the content to the appropriate channels of distribution. Curator: Someone who searches, finds and filters the best content on a topic or topics from multiple sources providing a service to your audience.

Content Curation: How to Become a Thought Leader

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Here’s an important post from Joe Pulizzi’s Junta42 blog, Content Curation Grows Up, Original Content Still Key. first heard the term content curation is this post by Rohit Bhargava back in 2009. Rohit positioned that, as more corporations and individuals create content, the role of the content curator is needed. And, you do need to add your point of view.

#BWENY Session: The Future of Content Curation

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Panel session with Francine Hardaway (Moderator), Steve Rossenbaum (Curation Nation), Eric Hippeau (Huffington Post), Ed Lambert ( FH: Steve, how do you feel about Content Curation and why? There’s no overwhelming narrowness to curation. EL: Curation is the ability to create content and share it with others. If you have this curation effort done by humans, this is totally different, we all need guidance. We did as a content platform so everyone can become a curator. All the value of human-based curation.

How to Make B2B Content Curation a Win-Win [Podcast]


discuss how content curation has helped B2B companies I’ve worked with generate business results, as well as some of the personal value I’ve received from content aggregation and blogging, such as connecting with expert WordPress designers like Alice Elliott (a.k.a. What role should content aggregation play in your B2B blogging strategy? Business Blogging Content Marketing

Earth Knowledge is a Great Example of Content Curation

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Earth Knowledge takes curation to a new level. Earth Knowledge is an example of nearly pure curation. Uncategorized curation Earth KnowledgeThe site was conceived as a way to promote a concept called “Reliable Prosperity,&# or decisions that contribute both economic and ecological value. The view below shows the location of natural and glacial aquifers in the U.S.,

Social media content discovery and curation for the win


The post Social media content discovery and curation for the win appeared first on Biznology. There aren’t enough nanoseconds in the entire universe to populate all the social media content to cover even a small brand if you’re not passionate about social media or if you’re not a natural communicator. You’re kind of screwed. Or, you were until now. Buffer. Good luck!

Shareaholic Becomes a (Top Notch) Content Curator


With Channels, Shareaholic now joins the ranks of leading content curators like AllTop , Social Media Today , B2B Marketing Zone , Business2Community and Social Media Informer. Media Social Media Marketing AllTop b2b marketing zone Business2Community content curation content curator content discovery tools Dan Zarella Darren Herman Janet Aronica Jayme Soulati Mari Smith networks of content publishers Pam Sahota Peg Fitzpatrick Shareaholic Channels Shelly Kramer social media informer Social Media Today social sharing tools web browser extensionsParenting. Fitness.

Content curation: overview, benefits, goals and tools


One of the hot topics in content marketing is content curation. Content curation It can play a role in achieving various goals, depending on how, where and why you use it. Whereas content marketing in the strict sense mainly revolves around identifying, creating and sharing content in order to meet business goals and what audiences want across […].

11 Best Practices for More Effective Content Curation


Our content curation objectives focus on keeping our broader prospect/customer/partner/pipeline network engaged with value-added content. These best practices are based primarily on what we do at Heinz Marketing, plus what we’ve seen scale well in the curation efforts of our clients and partners. We also hope it helps drive increased, pass-along awareness for other brands.

How Curated Content Brings the Electoral Experience to Europe


The newspaper partnered with ScribbleLive to curate social media updates across the US, and broadcast that content to followers in Europe. Raffaella Menichini , Social Media Editor of, is one of the architects of LaRepubblica’s content curation strategy. The post How Curated Content Brings the Electoral Experience to Europe appeared first on ScribbleLive.

Association Curation


What surprised me though was that the article does not bring up the opportunities for curation and aggregation by trade associations and professional societies.  If you look at the “most pressing issue” above, clearly a big part of the challenge/opportunity is handling the information overload.  Curation – how do you select the best content. Curation

Marketing via Aggregation, Filtering and Curation – Tools and Resources


And talks to where they perceive to be the real opportunity: The real opportunity here, in my opinion, is to create – and curate – the best content focused on one specific area frequently enough that you become the one brand that consumers look to for this information. Curation. How Marketing Might Want to Aggregate, Filter, Curate, Publish and Distribute. Am I curating yet?