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3 Highly Effective Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tactics

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Despite the rise of social media, many recommendations still happen offline, with people sharing their experiences with friends over the phone or face-to-face. On the surface, word-of-mouth marketing may seem more geared towards large companies, but this isn’t entirely accurate.

Is Word-of-Mouth Marketing Still Worth Your Time?

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The adage goes that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. But that motto, like the types of advertising it once referred to, has now been disrupted by dozens of new digital channels that have turned traditional advertising upside-down.

Why Word of Mouth Should Be a B2B Marketer’s Top Priority

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Word of mouth is the original marketing channel. Before social media, before email, before even radio ads, direct mail, or billboards, there was word of mouth. The oldest form of marketing also ends up being the most effective.

Infographic of the Week: Word of Mouth Marketing Offline and Online

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We don’t realize how truly important word-of-mouth marketing is, but it is one of the most effective ways promote your company. Check out how word-of-mouth marketing relates to social media in our infographic of the week by the Word -Of-Mouth Marketing Association!

Is word-of-mouth best for business execs?

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While all the attention these days seems to be on online marketing – and, sure, that’s where the excitement is, there are still plenty of B2B executives getting results from good ol’ fashioned face-to-face networking and word-of-mouth exchanges.

Get Recommended: The Power of Word of Mouth

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Rand, author of Highly Recommended: Harnessing the Power of Word of Mouth and Social Media to Build Your Brand and Your Business — our Marketing Nation Book Club selection for the month of November. Author: Paul Rand Today’s post is from Paul M.

For Small Business, Social Media is Word-of-Mouth Struck by Lightning

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This is Part 1 of a 3 part series on how small businesses can use social media to build communities to grow their business. Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics , says: “78% of people trust peer recommendations vs. only about 14% who trust ads.&#.

The Rise of the @SocialEmployee: How to Generate Word of Mouth #TEDx #SocBiz #SHRM

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Recently, my TEDx Navesink talk, “ The Rise of the Social Employee ,” was released online, along with all of the other wonderful talks from that day. What should that 80 percent be composed of? This can mean a lot of things, but the bottom line is that it’s not about you.

Word of Mouth Through Triggers


Triggers, or the T in his six STEPPS system, was the rather popular stage that resonated with our word of mouth marketing audience. For example, what is the first word that comes to mind when I mention peanut butter? Chances are, you are now thinking of jelly.

How to Grow Your Business via Word of Mouth – Become Fans of your Fans

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Buffer One of the very best ways to grow revenue does not cost a dime. Become fans of your fans. I first learned of this idea in the great book, Brains on Fire. It was in this book that the idea of becoming fans of your fans was introduced. While I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing the brightest people in business today, like Chris Brogan, Dan Pink and Nancy Duarte – how can I cost-effectively spread the word?

Word Of Mouth: Generosity and The Unexpected


Generosity is increasingly used as a word of mouth marketing tactic. Do you understand the needs of people if they are not expressed and detected? Generosity is the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in [.]. Connected marketing Social media marketing generosity social marketing tactic word-of-mouthIs there room in a business context for generosity that goes beyond the relational dimension and becomes the unexpected?

B2B Lead Generation Blog: How to leverage word of mouth for more leads

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Cullinane asserts that we can manage word-of-mouth just as we would any other lead generation tactic. To be effective at word-of-mouth (WOM) he recommends, "a word-of-mouth process” (WOMP).

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Word-of-mouth marketing gets BtoB people buzzing

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Main | Research confirms that B2B Companies Continue to Struggle with Lead Generation and Follow-up » Word-of-mouth marketing gets BtoB people buzzing I just heard that I was quoted in BtoB Magazine on word-of-mouth marketing (WOM).

Igniting Word of Mouth: How WOM Reduced Teen Smoking in South Carolina

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Igniting Word of Mouth: How WOM Reduced Teen Smoking in South Carolina. Jeff is President of the sales lead generation company Find New Customers. He’s also the Creator and Host of the syndicated TV on the Web show, Marketing Made Simple TV.

The Best Kept Secret In B2C & B2B Marketing May Be Word Of Mouth Marketing

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Does your marketing plan include a strategy for word of mouth marketing (WOMM)? If not, and your traditional marketing is the least bit effective, then you are probably benefiting in some way. MLT Creative B2B Ideas @ Work Blog.


The Qualities of a Powerful Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategy


But it only appears to have been achieved with little or no marketing effort because their fame and fortune was won through word-of-mouth marketing. Know the ins and outs of your industry and your product/service like the back of your hand.

How Businesses Can Increase Word-of-Mouth Recommendations


Yesterday, Search Engine Land released the results of the third and final round of BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey. Conducted between January 15th and March 1st of this year, this survey looked at the current state of local consumer purchasing behavior, and compared it against results from 2010. In other words, how can you turn your customers into word-of-mouth marketers for your local business?

6 Tips on How to Accelerate Word of Mouth Marketing through Social Media

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Whether we admit it or not, the opinions of other people matter. This is exactly how we can define word of mouth from a marketing perspective: the passing of information, hopefully beneficial to our brand, from one to another via oral communication.

Have You Heard? Your B2B Marketing Strategy Isn't Complete Without Word-of-Mouth Marketing

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I've been in marketing for decades and word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) was something. It works more now more than ever because there are now more online and offline conversations among your customers. MLT Creative B2B Ideas @ Work Blog. Our ideas, musings, thoughts, reviews on b2b marketing topics


How Businesses Can Increase Word-of-Mouth Recommendations [Data]


Yesterday, Search Engine Land released the results of the third and final round of BrightLocal's Local Consumer Review Survey. In other words, how can you turn your customers into word-of-mouth marketers for your local business? Uh, kind of important.

Turn Customers into Advocates

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Some people go so far as to seek out the opinions of their friends before making even a simple buying decision. But how do you turn lukewarm customers into raving fans, who will sing the praises of your business offerings to anyone within earshot?

Word-of-mouth: focus on the steak, not the sizzle


But social media proponents say not so fast: social media is the digital channel for word-of-mouth, and although word-of-mouth has historically been hard to quantify, its importance is rarely questioned. Which raises an interesting question: instead of talking about social media, should we be talking about word-of-mouth? According to Ed Keller, the CEO of Keller Fay Group, we may be doing just that in 2013.

Why Your Technology Services Firm Can’t Rely on Word-of-Mouth for New Business

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Although it’s not surprising that an existing relationship with a service provider is often the deciding factor for clients, too many firms are relying solely on word-of-mouth from current clients to bring in new business. This raises the question of how?

Marketing to Influencers [#B2Bchat]

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As marketers, we understand value of word of mouth. Word of mouth is in our nature, and it’s powerful. How can we harness the opportunities before us to generate buzz, positive word of mouth, and new business referrals? In our upcoming episode of #B2Bchat , we’ll look at B2B marketing as it relates to influence and word of mouth. Eastern where we dive into the topic of Marketing to Influencers!

INFOGRAPHIC: The Science of Word of Mouth Marketing

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From Column Five Media, here's an infographic that explains what word-of-mouth marketing is, how it works, and how to be successful at it. View Original Article

Igniting Word of Mouth: How WOM Reduced Teen Smoking in South Carolina

Modern B2B Marketing

Jeff is President of the sales lead generation company Find New Customers. He’s also the Creator and Host of the syndicated TV on the Web show, Marketing Made Simple TV. Word of mouth is generally considered to be the most powerful form of marketing available.

ReadyPulse Now Offers Instagram Brand Promotion Capabilities


We are very excited to announce the availability of Instagram promotions. As Instagram’s popularity continues to grow, brands and retailers are eager to take advantage of Instagram to reach to their target audience. Here is an example Instagram Promotion by one of our customers.

3 Brilliant B2C Marketing Campaigns That Every B2B Marketer Can Learn From

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Scott David Cook, co-founder of Intuit, said this four years ago – and he was right. More than 80 percent of consumers seek recommendations before making a purchase, and 81 percent are influenced by the social media activity of those they trust.

Three Myths and Realities of Client Newsletters

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Client newsletters are the most widely used, often abused and hotly debated marketing tactic for professional services firms of any size. Each issue involves a frustrating hunt for timely information of genuine interest. REALITY #1: Your Firm Needs to Drive Top-of-Mind Awareness.

Kim Kardashian Wedding – Social Intelligence Report

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With the recent divorce of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, many people have started questioning the authenticity of the wedding, and if the brands involved had wasted their money. Social Lift can be considered online word-of-mouth.

Automotive: an industry ready for advocacy and experience innovation


Recently, my study and practice of Content Marketing has caused me to reexamine my years in automobile retail marketing and OEM branding offline. As might be expected, the role of online sources is even more pronounced among customers between the ages of 18 and 34.

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The Intersection of Commerce and Culture


In case you missed it, here are the key takeaways for putting your customers at the front and center of your marketing campaigns. Over half of all consumers trust social media as a reference point before they make a purchase. Download the ReadyPulse Instagram Marketing Guide!

Is Free Costing You Your Social Media Reputation?

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Judging by the $1 to $10 per month price tags for a number of tools, outside of business accounts, it isn’t very much. A number of tools and services are available for the cost of social promotion. I can imagine the mindset of those creating these tools: Create word of mouth support for our offering. The challenge is, required sharing does not create credible word of mouth. Advertised Price: Free.

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Top 10 Things Every Athlete Should Be Doing In Social Media


of Shaun White’s followers will never know what it’s like to perfectly execute a Spiraling Double McTwist 1260. Regardless of athletic feats, it’s important to engage in the everyman, relatable content from time to time. Sometimes, actions truly do speak louder than words.

Product reviews on your site are sparse. 3 things to do about it.


If you are a brand or a retailer selling online, you don’t need any convincing that product reviews are sparse on your e-commerce pages and the problem compounds if you are selling large number of products and/or products that are visual (e.g.,

Influencer Marketing: Facts and Miscomprehensions


The fact that consumers rely on opinions of peers, so-called influencers and (often unfortunately) celebs offers opportunities for marketers but threats for them and for consumers. The importance given by people to the opinions of others is well known by now. We pay a great deal of attention to what complete strangers say and think. [.]. Blog Connected marketing Social media marketing influencer marketing peer reviews word-of-mouth marketing

Influence And Power: The Delusion of The Social Klout Elite


When comparing the number of tweets it got, with those of other posts, I guess the post – and maybe, most of all the topic – affected quite a few people. Connected marketing Social media marketing influence influencer marketing Klout word-of-mouthEarlier this month, I wrote a post about Klout and influence.