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Why Formulas Work Better than Templates for Email


“Grab the 3 Follow-Up Email Templates that Got a 70% Response Rate – in Silicon Valley!”. The EXACT Template that Pulled 308,074 Emails from Facebook!”. Verbatim email templates that worked like gangbusters for the author, now available to you – lowly sales creature! The templates come gift-wrapped in blog posts, PDFs, and eBooks. ” template. What gives?

3 Social Selling Templates for LinkedIn and Twitter Messaging

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Many social selling guides tout real tips and strategies for sales reps to stand out in their prospects’ busy social feeds, but unfortunately often don’t give away social selling templates which sales reps can customize for their own needs. The Introduction Template. The Call-to-Action Template. The Thank You Template. Unfortunately, that presence isn’t always positive.

Why This Cold Sales Email Template Works So Well

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

That''s why this cold sales email template works so well: Hi , As an avid business professional, I like to stay up to date on industry news and insights. If you liked this template, you''re going to love these 10 Sales Email Templates to Revolutionize Your Messaging Strategy. Here it is: There is no secret. Recently, I noticed that your company. EST sound? Download them here!

Top 10 Tips for Better Email Templates

The Point

But one other element plays a key role even before you write one word of copy: the design template. Well-designed templates for HTML emails, landing pages, thank you pages, fulfillment/confirmation emails, and other creative assets can provide a foundation for long-term email marketing success. Here then are some tips to keep in mind when designing templates for your email campaigns: 1. The success of an email campaign depends on a number of variables, chief amongst them the quality of your list and the attractiveness of the offer. Keep graphics to a minimum. Use sidebars.

Why Prospects AND Reps Will Love These 2 Sales Voicemail Templates

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Have a few templates for different stages in the buying cycle, and show you care by doing research about each specific contact on social and company channels. Here are a few sales voicemail templates you can use today to pique your prospects’ interests: The Social Selling Template. The Congratulations Template. If the average voicemail response rate is 4.8%

How to Write a Creative Brief for Your Next Video Project (with Template)


We’ve included a template for downloading at the end of this post that you can use or modify to make the creative brief that works best for you. Also, after you read this post and download our template , check out what our friends at Vidyard have to say on the subject. Proper planning permits perfection. I have been creating marketing videos for more than six years. What’s your goal?

Tips for Fixing Email Template Code Problems Infographic

Puzzle Marketer

The post Tips for Fixing Email Template Code Problems Infographic appeared first on Puzzle Marketer. If you’ve ever developed an email before, you know that the coding doesn’t stop when your design looks good in the browser. In fact, it doesn’t stop when it looks good in every browser (FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari). on every device. Don’t use.

The 6 most popular email templates for small businesses

Vertical Response

While we may not be able to tell you exactly what to write , we have an arsenal of creative subject lines suggestions and email templates to help you get started. Types of email templates. ” announcement, sending a seasonal promotion, or following up with customers, VerticalResponse has email templates customized for every campaign. You know the feeling. Where to begin?

Don’t Recreate The Wheel. Here’s Your ABM Orchestration Template.


With help from Matt Heinz (President, Heinz Marketing ), Sangram Vajre (Co-Founder and CMO, Terminus ), and the ABM Leadership Alliance , we’ve created the first ever ABM demand orchestration template just for you. How the template works. Now looking at the row headers, the template breaks down the different categories of how to think about each of the stages: Strategy.

The Free Templates You Need for Visual Content Design


Templates, my friends. templates. And what's great about these templates is they're all built for software you probably already have on your computer: PowerPoint. Click here to download our full collection of free content creation templates all at once. All the Templates You Need for Visual Content Design. Download your 5 social media cover photo templates here.

7 Places to Find Quality Email Newsletter Templates


Don't have time to build out a custom template from scratch? We've scoured the internet for the best resources for email newsletter templates and compiled them below. Once you find one you like, download the template and customize it to fit your needs. 7 Places to Find Email Newsletter Templates Online. FreshMail, Responsive Email with Template Editor ($18).

How to Easily Create a SlideShare Presentation [Free PowerPoint Templates]


With the right templates and tools at your disposal, you could easily create an engaging, visual presentation -- all without fancy design programs, huge budgets, or hiring contractors. To help you make a SlideShare of your own, we've created some free PowerPoint presentation templates for making awesome SlideShares. If you're using our free templates , you can skip this part.).

Make a Responsive Email Template Work for Your Business [VIDEO]

Vertical Response

Choose any one of our responsive email templates based on purpose or theme. Customize the template by using the simple drag & drop email editor to match your branding. The post Make a Responsive Email Template Work for Your Business [VIDEO] appeared first on Vertical Response Blog. Email Marketing drag and drop Email editor responsive email templateAnd voilà!

Facebook Cover Photo Do's and Don'ts [+Pre-Sized Templates]


Download our pre-sized Facebook cover photo template for free here to help you create and optimize your Facebook cover photo. You''ll also get cover photo templates for Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ with your cover photo template download !). When people arrive at your Facebook Page, where do you think they first look? I''ll give you some hints. Still not convinced?

Best Practices for Email and Landing Page Templates

Marketing Action

Creating and reusing these templates is a great way to save time and ensure consistency across your marketing channels. A slick email template that drives to a coordinated landing page with pithy copy and a compelling offer is a surefire way to capture that lead and eventually, make that sale. If you’re waiting for the right time to update your old templates, wait no longer.

A new eBook; Content Marketing Templates for Lead Generation


Introducing my brand new eBook on content marketing, called The 38 “Let’s Do It” Content Marketing Templates for Lead Generation-The Workbook. The eBook is filled with 38 templates and checklists to get your content marketing plan optimized properly. Each template contains a Q&A or a checklist to begin or enhance your strategy immediately. So what do you do? And More.

How to Manage Your Marketing Budget [Free Templates]


” Are you simply switching to a new template and adding some new CTAs, or are you migrating your entire site to a new platform? Our latest free resource, 8 Budget Templates to Manage Your Marketing Spend , has got you covered. Included in our 8 Budget Templates bundle is a template to help you manage your website redesign. Website Redesign Budget Template.

195+ Perfectly Optimized Design Templates for Email, Social Media & More [Free Templates]


Well, to make your life easier, we worked with Canva to put together the ultimate set of 195+ design templates for every visual marketing need. This set of 195+ designs includes: Infographics templates. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest templates. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter cover photo templates. Email header templates. Blog featured image templates.

Planning Templates for Everyone! Plan Your 2016 Marketing Programs Now

Modern B2B Marketing

This blog will give you some planning help with our program plan templates for both B2B Marketers and Consumer Marketers and walk you through some important questions to consider. Download the Program Plan Template for B2B Marketers and the Program Plan Template for Consumer Marketers today! Planning Templates for Everyone! Now look at you! Yay, something for everyone!

55 Free Templates to Make Visual Content Creation Quick & Painless


Templates, my friends. templates. And what''s great about these templates is they''re all for software you probably have loaded onto your computer already: PowerPoint. I''m going to walk you through the visual content templates we have available for free download, and show you how we''ve used them ourselves to create awesome visuals right in PowerPoint. But honestly.

How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business [Free Template]


That''s why we recently updated our free PowerPoint template that walks you through the entire process: How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business. The template provides tips on how to gather intel for putting together your personas and includes editable slides for documenting all of your findings. The first rule of buyer personas: Take the time to create buyer personas. Pssst.

How to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Invitation [Template]


Imagine you''re at a networking event. You''re milling around and meeting people, cheese cube plate hand, when you spot someone across the room. Is that the woman who wrote that awesome article in Business Insider ? You walk up to her, extend your hand, and say (drum roll please): "I''d like to add you to my professional network.". Sounds ridiculous, right? That would never happen in real life.

13 Beautiful New Ebook Templates [Free Download]


Last year, we created five ebook templates to help make this process easier for you -- and they were so popular that we decided to create an additional 13 brand new-and-improved ebook templates for you this year. We hope these templates minimize the time you spend on the details of design, allowing you to concentrate on writing valuable, lead-generating content your readers will love.

15 Customizable Infographic Templates for PowerPoint That Will Save You Time & Resources [Free Download]


W e've created 20 fully customizable infographic templates that will give you the inspiration and foundation you need to build your own infographics -- 15 templates in PowerPoint with an additional five versions in Adobe Illustrator. Download the full set of templates today to start creating quality infographics for your next blog post, campaign, or meeting.

How to Create an Infographic in Under an Hour [10 Free Infographic Templates]


Download our 10 free infographic templates -- all easily customizable in PowerPoint -- right here. In fact, I''m going to show you just how easy it is by taking one of our 10 infographic templates in PowerPoint (pictured above) and creating my own customized infographic with it. Step 1: Collect Your Data/Content, and Choose Your Desired Template. Usually. quickly! Easy as that!

Implementing Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns; Free Templates That Help You Plan


For every email campaign, we need to keep track of which email and landing page templates we need to use; which helps us orchestrate the nurture campaigns by aligning the content asset with an email cover, an autoresponder, and a landing page/thank you page (for conversion tracking). Below is an example of our nurture flow templates. How the lead nurturing template works.

How to Write a Press Release [Free Template]


We have crafted this comprehensive, easy-to-follow press release template complete with promotional plan and considerations for your next announcement. Sometimes, old-school is a good thing. We love Throwback Thursday, 80s-themed parties, and Chuck Taylors (which have made a triumphant comeback). Ten years ago, the newspaper was a ritual in people’s daily lives. Wrong. Well, look no further.

Press 61

8 Budget Templates to Manage Your Marketing Spend [Free Download]


We’ve got something almost as good as a sentient robot that can help you plan your marketing budget: this bundle of 8 Microsoft Excel templates. The bundle includes individual budget templates for the different segments of your marketing program, allowing you to drill down and document particular costs and line items. Want to share these budget templates with your Twitter followers?

5 Infographics to Teach You How to Easily Make Infographics in PowerPoint [Free Templates]


And to help you get started, we''ve created 10 fabulous infographic templates you can download and use for free right within PowerPoint. Download your 10 free infographic templates right here. And in this post, we''ll highlight five of the infographic templates from the download and teach you some PowerPoint infographic creation basics along the way. We''re so glad you asked!

Savvy Toolkit - Demand Metrics Editorial Calendar Template

Savvy B2B Marketing

We have shared our template a number of times on this blog. If you like what you see, Demand Metrics has over 300 templates and tools for license in a special $100 off deal here. The Savvy Sisters are big advocates of using an editorial calendar. Demand Metrics has given us permission to share theirs also. You can download their version here. Check it out !

How to Set SMART Marketing Goals for 2013 [TEMPLATE]


Don't worry -- HubSpot's elves have put together a goal-setting template to make sure you're on the nice list next year ( read: the list with all of the leads and bonuses and promotions and stuff). To learn how to use this 2013 goal-setting template, download it now so you can read along with this post's step-by-step explanation. It's the most wonderful time of the year! But wait!

Tips, Tools And Templates To Build Your Content Marketing Strategy

B2B Marketing Insider

This time my topic was Tips, Tools and Templates to Build Your Content Marketing Strategy. Tips, Tools and Templates To Build Your Content Marketing Strategy from Michael Brenner. The post Tips, Tools And Templates To Build Your Content Marketing Strategy appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider. Joe himself launched his next book, “ Content Inc.” Content Marketing

The Social Media Publishing Schedule Every Marketer Needs [Template]


Here at HubSpot, we've created a templated schedule that we fill in at the same day and time every single week for the following week's social media content. So we thought it was high time we share that social media scheduling template with you, and walk you through exactly how to fill it out. Now, let's talk about how to set up your social media content in advance with this template.

15 Time-Saving Email Templates for Marketing & Sales [Free Guide]


One effective way to reduce the amount of time spent writing and perfecting emails while also improving the chance of your message being opened, read, and responded to is to create a library of email templates you've found to be effective. Included in the guide are templates for: Pitching a co-marketing campaign to an influencer. Requesting a customer reference. And more!

How to Create an Ebook From Start to Finish [+ 18 Free Ebook Templates]


Download 5 pre-designed, customizable ebook templates for free here. For even more options, download 13 more ebook templates here. Got your free templates? For this blog post, I''m going to use the PowerPoint version of template two from our collection of five free ebook templates. Our downloadable ebook templates are offered in both PowerPoint and InDesign.

Design Tips: Creating an Email Template

Vertical Response

Either way, chances are you’re considering a new email template. Here are some things to think about when considering a new template—options for non-coders included! Why use Templates? Using a template is essentially committing to a certain layout of your content. Before locking in a layout, you’ll want to know the goal of the emails you plan to build with the template. If you have a few different goals, you may need more than one template. Creating your Template System. Here are two sources for ready-made templates: A.

The Essential Guide to Sales & Marketing Alignment [Free Kit + Templates]


More specifically, you'll receive: An agenda template for monthly "smarketing" alignment meetings to ensure effective communication. A template for service-level agreements (SLA) between marketing and sales. Today, smarketing continues to serve as one of the largest opportunities for improving business performance. Inbound Marketing Sales and Marketing Business Daily Promo