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Gold Calling vs. Cold Calling


I've written many blog posts on the fact that cold calling isn't dead. Using these gold calling techniques will help you have faith in the cold calling process. Whether you call high quality cold calling Gold Calling or Cold Calling 2.0, there are four primary differences between quality outbound touches and old-fashioned cold calling or “interruption marketing.”. Second, gold calling requires leads to go through a quality control process that ensures each lead passed to the field is solid gold.

3 Tips to Overcome Cold Call Objections


Here’s the thing: Cold-calling prospects gets a bad rap. Today, buzzwords like “social selling” drown out the importance of actually calling prospects. In fact, as a direct result of social selling  entering the scene, it isn’t uncommon to hear statements like “ cold-calling is dead. cold calling) for a sales person’s target market.

Stop Cold Calling and Start Lead Nurturing

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Tweet Earlier this week, I had a call with a CEO of a small technology company who was wondering how to optimize his lead generation. He called me after two salespeople quit, and he said, “I’m about to give up on cold calling and start doing inbound marketing. think cold calling is dead … what do you think I should do?” ’ There’s an old adage that says 90% of sales people hate cold-calling, and the other 10% are lying. No one really likes the idea of making or receiving cold calls.

Is Cold Calling More Difficult than Closing?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Some would argue that cold calling is more difficult than closing a deal. When you cold call, there is no guarantee what you''re offering is even of remote interest to the prospects you''re trying to get live. You need to think of every sales/discovery call as a test to reveal if a good fit for them…. This kind of mindset is especially critical when you cold call.

Top Five Tips for Cold Calling

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There are not many people in sales who would say they absolutely love cold calling. However, cold calling should be a part of every effective salesperson’s arsenal. The cold call is and will continue to be a necessary step in the sales cycle, so why not master it. Get to know your prospect''s space before you call. Establish a connection.

Is Cold Calling Really Just a Numbers Game?

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The other day someone said to me, “When it comes to cold calling, it’s really just a numbers game. The comment took me by surprise and I thought to myself, "Wow, do people really think that’s all there is to cold calling? In my opinion there are three key components to a well-oiled cold calling machine aside from simply the number of dials. Train Your Reps.

Never feel bad about “cold calling”

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Never feel bad about “cold callingCold calling used to be part of every sales person’s repertoire. But for the larger population, cold calling has taken a back seat to other lead generation tactics – everything from direct mail and email to paid [.]. The post Never feel bad about “cold calling” appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing. At some companies and for some sales people, it still is.

Is Cold Calling Dead?


Is cold calling dead? See how direct mail can change your cold calling game. The answer may not be what you think. Sales Enablement

Wake Up From Your Cold Calling Coma: Inside Sales Messaging Methods

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Inside sales reps can easily find themselves in a cold calling rut, especially since cold calling can become a repetitive job. Here are a couple tips to get you out of your cold calling coma and stir up interest from your prospects! 1. Cold calling doesn’t have to be cold. Shadow Calls. Warm it up! Be Human. Don’t be a robot!

The Cure for the Common Cold Call: LinkedIn Warm Calling


call to John is cold. And, understandably, whether they are the initiator or recipient of such a call, most people prefer not to engage in this activity. Luckily, today you can use LinkedIn to warm up the call and make the experience more pleasant and fruitful to both parties. The remaining leads came from emails, calls and events. Make the Warm Call.

4 Ways to Use Data to Determine the Best Time to Cold Call

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Salespeople are always looking for the holy grail when it comes to making cold calls. In fact, it varies by industry and type of prospect anyway. I don’t think anyone will argue with the fact that the #1 time to call is when your customer is ready to talk. Call when there’s a fit. Lots of people have gotten into the habit of making a call when a trigger event occurs.

Seriously, Chill on the Cold Calling

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A long time ago, in a world that’s now far, far away, I sold newspaper advertising for a living. I did a lot of cold calling. I’d hop in my car, drive to a retailer I’d scouted, walk in the door with my briefcase stuffed with media kits and sample papers, and hope somebody there would talk to me. We called it “dialing for dollars.” Took a lot of dials to make a dollar.

@HubSpot Eliminates 2 Billion Cold Calls (from #Inbound13)

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Just prior to Seth Godin stepping on stage, for what was an entertaining and thought provoking keynote, HubSpot CMO, Mike Volpe , announced that " We saved the world from 2 Billion cold calls! " And they did. Once you have your ducks in a row, call them. Let''s get back to the 2 Billion cold calls saved. personally may have benefitted by 1 or 2 a day. Intel.

How Inbound Marketing Killed Cold Calling

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Cold calling used to be a great way to get prospects and set up appointments, but with the vast amount of information at consumers finger-tips today, inbound marketing has become a much more efficient way to sell. The post How Inbound Marketing Killed Cold Calling appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. The No. Inbound […]. Content Marketing

5 B2B Cold Calling Tips That Achieve Sales Results


His words not only apply to finishing first on a racetrack, but also to sales people who strive for first-place results in cold calling. Start with these cold calling tips. Cold Calling Tips. What is the role of the person you’re calling? Crystallize Your Call Objectives. What is the ideal outcome of the call? Cold Calling

Are Social Selling and Cold Calling Mutually Exclusive?

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Those of us who have subscribed to the theory that "cold calling is dead” in my opinion are secretly afraid to cold call, but we all have to own up to the fact that it is a necessary evil in order to see the best results possible from your campaigns. In order to be successful it requires a call plan, melded with the right technology and the right attitude of course.

What is a Realistic Number of Cold Calls to Make on a Daily Basis?

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While this can be applied to nearly any job, I''ve found that it is critically important when you are making cold calls. From what I''ve seen, if you''ve never made a cold call in your life, your opinion more often than not doesn''t carry much weight with your inside sales reps. equate cold calling to going through basic training.

Cold Calling 101: The Monthly Campaign

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A critical component to the success of any teleprospecting rep is a healthy regiment of cold calling. While qualifying inbound activity is also essential to hitting your goals, it is the cold calling activity that maintains the deep qualifying skills and habits of highly effective reps. For this reason, you should be running unique monthly cold calling campaigns with your reps. Here are the three steps we take when getting our monthly cold call campaigns started: 1. great cold calling campaign is fast and accurate.

Six Ways to Warm up Results from Cold Calls


Many salespeople shy away from B2B cold calls because they “don’t work.” Most of them don’t enjoy picking up the phone and talking with a stranger who is not expecting their call. So it’s not surprising that so many reps prefer to believe cold calls are ineffective. The truth, however, is that cold calls fail to achieve results because they’re poorly executed.

Why Cold Calling emails almost never work

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Cold emails are almost never successful.  In fact, Ruth Stevens, a guest on Marketing Made Simple TV , told me that direct mail is better than cold emails. And Jim Burns, CEO of Avitage said to me “Jeff, a cold email is SPAM, plain and simple.” ” If your company bought a list and asked you to call and email that list, God Help You. Sure you have.

37 facts on the future of Social Selling vs. Cold Calling


Cold Calling is the solicitation of business from potential customers who have had no prior contact with the salesperson conducting the call. . Here are 37 facts on the future of social selling vs. cold calling. 2X higher ROI from email marketing than cold calling, networking or trade shows (source: MarketingSherpa ). COLD CALLING.

How to Improve Your Cold Calling Techniques

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Cold calling is difficult for many people, even B2B sales professionals. While most people would rather have root canal than make cold calls, others are naturals at it. Although many consider cold calling annoying, and others feel it is ineffective, there is plenty of evidence that cold calling is an effective strategy when done correctly.

How to Make People Fall in Love with Your Cold Call

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Author: Chris Gillespie When is the last time that you were cold called? As a salesperson myself, I always think that I am steeled for someone calling me out of the blue and asking me for something. But, in reality, when I’m trying to get work done, a cold call can catch me completely off guard and sometimes even be disruptive, too. Think back. He’s your VP.”

Never Wing a Cold Call

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

Today, Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools shares her reaction to a fast-dialing cold caller who was "following up" with her after she'd visited his company's website. I’ll receive a phone call from a sales rep who has no idea who I am - and I don’t mean that in the sense of “Don’t you know who I am?!” What happens next always surprises me. Your Turn?

Cold Calling Sucks, So Have Some Fun With It!

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Unless you have sat at a phone all day and pounded out dial after dial taking beatings all day long, you do not know how mentally taxing it can be to cold call. You get sworn at, hung up on, chastised and some people even have the nerve to tell you how you should have cold called them in order to get them to talk to you…which they won’t… and then they hang up on you. If you’re prospecting scared you are much more likely to get a negative reaction than if you call with a big smile on your face and a carefree attitude.

3D2B – 6 Quick and Easy B2B Cold Call Techniques


Well, cold calling is one of those tasks that many people fear. So, rather than make excuses not to do it, find out how to do it well and practice your cold call techniques until you’re confident. To conduct a successful cold call, you must first break the ice, and this takes preparation. Open the Call Conversationally. Prepare Obsessively.

5 Tips To Get Your Prospects Attention When Cold Calling

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Those of us who cold call all day have been there. After multiple calls and getting kicked around the company, you finally get your target contact on the phone. The reality of it is an overwhelmingly high percentage of the prospects we cold call into every day are not always happy to be speaking to us. Here a few suggestions that I recommend using to get your prospects attention: Do your research: You don’t want to sound like any other schlep calling up and interrupting their day. You quickly learn that ain’t the case. Thanks."…dial-tone.

Dealing With The Summertime Doldrums Of Cold Calling

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Those of us who get paid to cold call really can’t use this time of year as an excuse for lack of performance. That being said, we need to anticipate the high likelihood that it will require a little extra creativity and call output in order to maintain the same lead volume that we’re accustomed to during the non-vacation months. Last time I checked July and August come around every year, right? We shouldn’t need a crystal ball to understand that people are going to be a bit tougher to get a hold of. Alright, so no more excuses. Make it happen now

The Cure For The Common Cold Call Is Social Selling

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Are you working at a feverish pace to get through your call list with no luck? Or, are you feeling depressed and alone since your calls and emails go unanswered? If you are experiencing these symptoms which prevent you from making a successful connection with a new sales prospect, then you have a case of the common bad cold call. Blog 1-2 times weekly. Social Media

3 Reasons Why We Will NEVER Be Able To Replace Cold Calling With Marketing Tools

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The issue I have isn’t with marketing/sales tools. I do however take exception to the “now that we have these marketing tools, cold calling is stupid way to drive business” crowd. Best way to find out if someone is interested AND can purchase is to call them and ask if they are interested and if they can purchase. You shouldn’t expect to not need cold calling. Did any of you see Jeopardy the other day? The super computer from IBM beat out 2 Jeopardy champions. These marketing automation tools are awesome. attended his webinar.

Is Social Media the New Cold Call?

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There are many alternatives to cold calling. InsideView customers that have adopted social selling into their sales process have reported a slow but steady decrease in the number of “cold calls&# their sales team makes on a daily basis. Instead of making 50 cold calls in a day, a good salesperson can make a thousand warm calls in under an hour.

The Death of Cold Calling – Ending the Debate

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Cold calling is the process of approaching prospective customers or clients, typically via telephone, who were not expecting such an interaction. The word “cold&# is used because the person receiving the call is not expecting a call or has not specifically asked to be contacted by a sales person - wiki.   arguing passionately that cold calling is dead.

Cold Calling Confessions Of A Shopaholic

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Similarly in cold calling, being given a new list of prospects can be a bit overwhelming at first, but by putting in a little research and drawing out a plan of attack, you will navigate and prospect your new list more effectively and efficiently. I am a certified, professional SHOPAHOLIC and my time is coming soon enough, as the malls in our area prepare for their Memorial Day Sales.

Good Reads for B2B Sales - Cold Calling Revisited


Cold Call, revisited: Best practices for getting in the door. Staying current on the latest innovations and opinions in sales can be daunting, especially in the the digital space. PointClear''s staff and Sales Sphere features relevant blog articles from our digital circles about B2B sales. Sales Coaching - The Use and Abuse of Modeling. Going Beyond Cost-Benefit Analysis.

15 Posts on Why Cold Calling Is On Its Way Out the Door

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topic wrestled by a number of business figures in many of these discussion boards is the reliability of cold calling for the emerging generation of social selling in business. Bare in mind these posts do not completely dismiss cold calling as an effective means for sales and lead generation but instead provide powerful, alternative strategies. Your Cold Call is Lonely!

[Video] 3 Cold Calling Strategies Savvy Sellers Use

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

You've probably heard lots of people tell you that cold calling is dead, dead, dead. Here are 3 cold calling strategies savvy sellers use to get new opportunities: Do their homework. Research the organization to understand the decision maker that they're calling on and learn the key issues and concerns. Cold calling is alive and well for smart, savvy sales people!

Stop This Cold Calling Insanity!

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

So, you still think that cold calling is a good idea? Look, I'm from the great state of Minnesota, and as you can see from looking around me, I've done a lot of cold calling in my life. I'm here today to talk about cold email messages that you might be sending to your prospects, as well as cold phone messages that you may be leaving. Nothing special!".