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What is a Marketing-Qualified Lead? What MQL Really Means


How about a Sales Qualified Opportunity (SQO)? Let’s define aspects of the terms MQL, SAL, and SQO in a way that allows you and your team the best chance for success. Defining an SQO from an SAL can be a simple process. If this was generated by the MQL to a SAL to the SQO funnel, then sales, marketing, operations, and executives should all see this as a win. Or did it?

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A Painless Guide to Planning a Marketing Budget

It's All About Revenue

o SAL to SQO 75% (Sales Qualified Opportunity). o SQO to Win 25%. o Inquiry to SQO 120 days. o SQO to Win 90 days. To get those 20 closed deals I need to generate 80 SQOs (because my SQO to close rate is 25%). To get those 80 SQOs, I need 100 Sales Accepted Leads (because I have a 75% SAL to SQO rate); to get those 100 SALs I need 500 Marketing Qualified Leads; to get those 500 MQLs I need 5,000 inquiries. I used to be a member of the “dread it” crowd. But now I look forward to the marketing budget process.

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Everything You Need to Generate, Score, and Nurture Leads with Video


Meeting those MQL, SAL, and SQO goals each month is what keeps you up at night and what you wake up thinking about. Did you know that marketers who use video for lead generation see 19% lower cost per lead than those who don’t? For demand generation and content marketers alike, more quality leads for less cost is the consistent, ever-present struggle. We know. Get the Guide. Email address*.

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Sales Handoff and the Net Quality Score

Digital Body Language

Likewise, if certain sales reps are doing a poor job in following up with the leads they are given, this will also show up in the analytics of lead disposition when a MQL to SQO conversion ratio is calculated for each sales person. One of the most controversial and challenging areas of any revenue engine is the hand-off process from marketing to sales. What Happens After the Handoff?

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