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Open Research: A Framework for Social Analytics

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Why are social analytics so important? link] Research Report: A Framework for Social Analytics | Thought Experiments [.] If you’d like to cite the graphics, please see this Flickr set. Also you’re right of course – social is for more than ‘generating leads.’ This is a new medium, and proof over re allocation of investment is key. Wowza! Wowza!

Ensighten Transforms Web Tags into Rich Customer Data

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Looking back once more at last month’s post on the future of marketing data , you may recall that I briefly mentioned the intriguing rise of Web tag management systems as platforms to integrate customer data. million to support its stated mission of “capturing and serving up real-time, 360-degree customer insight to all of their [customers’] enterprise applications.” Sounds like a Customer Data Platform to me. If origin stories count, and I think they do, then it’s worth noting that Ensighten’s started in 2009 as a digital analytics agency.

[Infographic] What 100 B2B CMOs Have to Say About Predictive Analytics


We’re not sure if even we could have predicted the massive momentum of predictive analytics that has happened in the past few years. Since 2009, when Radius was founded and when the term “predictive analytics” began to gain traction in business and technology circles, what began as a topic of experts or an ambiguous idea lost in the macro concept of data is now a mainstream topic and has become a standard layer in the modern marketing technology stack. The post [Infographic] What 100 B2B CMOs Have to Say About Predictive Analytics appeared first on Radius.

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Blog HubSpot TV Contributors Marketing Kit Internet Marketing Blog The HubSpot Inbound Internet Marketing blog covers all of inbound marketing - SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Landing Pages, Lead Generation and Analytics. It also delivers our customers a sophisticated source of support. cant simply declare that, because blog "A" generates more leads than blog "B" it is better.

Best Web Analytics Tools and Tips of 2009


There’s a great scene from the original Cannonball Run in which one of drivers hops into his Ferrari convertible, rips the rearview mirror off of the windshield, tosses it out and then says to his startled co-driver, “What is behind us—does not matter.&# In the world of analytics, all information is, by its nature, backward looking (you can’t measure what hasn’t happened yet). In short, to be valuable, analytics must be actionable ; they should provide hard data to clarify what you should keep doing, what you should stop doing, and what you should do differently.

Web Analytics Is Dead. So Is Customer Centricity. I Need a Drink.

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Both announcements share several interesting features: they don't rely on traditional Web analytics (tracking page views); they involve vendors who report data from consumer panels; and they relate to measuring advertising measurement. But I think they, along with the Omniture/Adobe deal itself, hint at something more profound: the end of Web analytics as we know it. But many marketers are just getting their arms around traditional Web analytics. demand generation vendors: Eloqua , Silverpop , Marketo , etc.) Second, content will be self-optimizing.

CMO Spotlight: Raja Rajamannar, CMO, Master Card  


When worldwide CMO of MasterCard, Raja Rajamannar joined the company in July 2009, he faced the question that many senior executives in a similar position have to answer—“How do you decide what stays, what goes out?” All you have to do is evolve it in keeping with the times and to give customers the experiences they seek. Harness the power of data and analytics. 4. Marketing 2.0:

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SiteCore Adds Analytics and Marketing To Web Content Management

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Summary: SiteCore has added extensive analytical and marketing features to its Web content management system. The integrated analytics should save considerable effort for marketers. For those of you who (like me) are unfamiliar with SiteCore: it is an eight year old provider of Microsoft.NET-based Web content management systems, with over 1,600 mid-to-large sized customers running more than 20,000 dynamic Web sites including Sara Lee , Toshiba , Omni Hotels and Dollar Rent-a-Car/Thrifty. Companies running several separate analytical systems may need several sets of tags.

Interview with The Funnelholic

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As far as b2b marketing and social media, there is the promotional aspect I mentioned above. I can see marketing automation software watching b2b buyers’ social media behavior and incorporating this into scoring and sending customized, relevant tweets or messages. In many ways, for that generation, Facebook is more important than Google. Where do you see this evolving to?

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B2B Lead Generation Blog: Winning the Complex Sales Cycle with Thought leading Content

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B2B Lead Generation Blog About Free Resources Get FREE Updates Instantly Get A FREE Chapter from my book. FREE E-Book 8 Critical success factors for lead generation Just tell us where to send your FREE updates Subscribe in a reader Podcast Feed Subscribe via iTunes Recognition Thanks for Reading! For lead generation, the concept of thought leading content should go beyond the website.

Data Quality: Balancing the Customer Experience

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However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, demand generation relies on clean data. Personalized content rules might select a piece of content based on visitor data, and analytics may present results that build off of the underlying data. Tags: data quality data management data cleansing demand generation As an example: User Inputs: "V.P.

42+ Social Media Marketing Tools

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Google Alerts - Get updates on who's talking about you, your industry, your customers. StumbleUpon - Randomly generates content for users by interest area. Google Custom Search - Set up your own niche search engine on your site or blog. Google Analytics - I recommend using Google Analytics even if you have a paid analytics service (courtesy Cim Buser ). Hubspot - I'm a customer. I use Hubspot to track the performance of my keywords and competitors' keywords (courtesy Gretel Going ).   Here's a taste.  The Basics.

Presenting Effective Charts « The Effective Marketer

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Go to Juice Analytics website and download their free add-on to Excel that cleans up charts for a professional look. How to Ensure Your Message is Clear Before creating a chart showing the latest web analytics, or the trends in email clickthrough rates explaining the recent results in webinar registrations, think about what exactly you are trying to say. Are we losing customers?

Lead Generation Takes Precedence in the Downturn

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This was one of the main conclusions drawn from the recent BtoB webinar: Outlook 2009: Marketing Priorities and Plans. Tech & Marketing Spend - IDC forecasts that IT Global Revenue Growth will increase marginally by 0.5% in 2009 and Global Marketing Investment Growth will drop by 10%. Brand vs. Lead Generation - The IDC survey indicates that B2B marketers have ranked demand generation significantly higher than awareness building for marketing initiatives. In good times, IDC has found that the rankings of demand generation and awareness building are equal.

LoopFuse Offers No-Frills Demand Generation

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Summary: LoopFuse offers attractive but limited demand generation functions at an easy-to-swallow price. It’s been nearly a year since I took my first close look at the LoopFuse OneView demand generation system. The help functions are built with Helpstream customer support technology, which also provides a knowledge base and online community. LoopFuse provides a graphic email designer that can generate both text and HTML versions. Unlike most demand generation vendors, LoopFuse does not host landing pages or Web forms for its clients.

Top 80 B2B Marketing Posts for 2009

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This technique was also used to generate the Hot Trends in B2B Marketing for 2009. Top 80 Posts - December 1, 2008 to November 30, 2009. How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy - WebMarketCentral , March 24, 2009. Would YOU Trust a PR Agency Not Involved in Social Media with YOUR Social Media Programs? - PR Meets Marketing , February 16, 2009. Twitter Analytics: Five Practical, Lesser Known Free Tools for B2B Professionals - B2B Marketing Savvy , August 31, 2009. 42+ Social Media Marketing Tools - Junta 42 , June 2, 2009.

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More marketing for less: Profile customers

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Here's a simple but important tip for getting more for your marketing money: profile your best customers. The number of ways to sort your customers is endless and really depends on the needs of your business. Here are just a few of the ways you can segment your most profitable customers: 1) What do your best customers have in common? Are they in a common industry?

ClickInsights: How can B2B marketers use content effectively for demand generation?

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B2B marketers are producing, managing, and distributing marketing content to reach prospects and turn them into customers. We have invited B2B Experts to shed light on the following question: How to use content effectively for demand generation? Brian Carroll's blog B2B Lead Generation Blog. Get Customers. B2B Lead Generation Benchmark Study 2009. Blogs.

Marqui Combines Content Management and Demand Generation

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Summary: Marqui started as a Web content management system and then added basic demand generation. Marqui is one of the oldest demand generation vendors, founded in 2000. It added demand generation features later in response to client requests. The entry of CMS vendors into the demand generation market is a bit of a mini-trend right now: others following the same path include Sitecore and Lyris-owned Hot Banana. Among conventional demand generation systems, Pardot is a spin-off from CMS vendor Hannon Hill and Marketbright includes extensive CMS features.

Demand Generation Usability Scores - Part 4

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I spent a good part of yesterday talking with demand generation vendors about the usability scores I've been publishing all week. Although the focus of these last three posts has been on usability scoring, you may remember that the goal described in the blog post that started all this was to develop a summary comparison of demand generation vendors that marketers could match against their needs. Tags: software usability measurement demand generation marketing automation lead management software selection Here, then, is the final usability matrix. Here's the problem.

True Influence Opens a Window into Future Demand Generation

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As the industry matures, second-generation products are designed to improve on the original products, either by adding new capabilities or by delivering the same capabilities faster, easier or cheaper. Demand generation systems are in that second stage. CEO and co-founder Brian Giese had extensive experience in business sales and marketing and with existing demand generation systems when he began developing True Influence two years ago. In fact, he said he has actually removed features from the system because customers weren’t using them.

ActiveConversion Review - SMB Lead Management


From Web Analytics to Demand Generation. ActiveConversion first became known for its sales-focused Web Analytics, such as identifying companies that visit your website (similar to Leadlander ). ActiveConversion generates HTML code for you, so you can include it in a page on your own website. Marketing & Web Analytics. Anonymous Visitor Identification.

Best Practices for Marketing Automation and Demand Generation Campaigns

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The heart of my presentation on Wednesday ended up as a list of 37 “best practices” for marketing automation / demand generation programs. I’ll probably embed them in a white paper for the Raab Guide Web site in the near future, but for now I thought I’d share them here. (If you want the full slide deck, complete with moderately witty speaker notes, drop me at email at A bit of context: the presentation listed a sequence of steps for marketing campaign creation, deployment and analysis. The campaign is deployed to actual customers. But I digress.

Lead generation metrics should emphasize opportunities not just leads

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In order to generate leads marketers have to know how to use the analytics. Marketers are starting to realize that sales people care very little about the cost of the leads we generate. Cost-per-lead models drive down the cost of each lead by generating more leads, which is good if the quality does not suffer. The real question is, “Are these leads helping our sales team sell more and will these leads become profitable customers?”. These are real-world metrics that every marketer should track in their lead generation program: Number of inquiries?

Using Marketing Analytics in Strategic Marketing Planning

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That's why it's important to start the strategic marketing planning process with data about your industry and specific market, and about your customers. Customer behavior data. Most companies have an abundance of data about their customers that goes unused, such as: Web analytics data on how visitors perform on your Web site. Industry and market data. Online monitoring.

B2B Social Media Content Strategy - Best of B2B Marketing Zone - September 2009

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September 2009. Deconstructing Twitter: Analytics for Reach and Impressions - B2B Marketing Savvy , September 10, 2009. Six Steps to a Successful Small Business Content Marketing Strategy - Content Marketing Today , September 4, 2009. Ways B2B Marketing Professionals Can Leverage Social Media - Modern B2B Marketing , September 29, 2009. Show Me the Numbers: Hard Data on Internet Use and Media Spend - Customer Experience Matrix , September 3, 2009. 23 Reasons Why Content Marketing Fails - Marketing Interactions , September 22, 2009.

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A Financial Pro Charts the Way to a Great Online Business Presence

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To build , Dean used a WordPress theme called Live Wire that can be significantly customized for the needs of an individual business. By paying attention to the statistical information available about my blog from tools such as Google Analytics, I am gaining extremely valuable information about what topics business people are interested in relative to my field.

25 Must-Read B2B Marketing Blog Posts

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Getting the Best From On-Site Search on Your Website - B2B marketers understand the importance of lead generation , and a user-friendly, intuitive website is one significant part of that. Principles of Effective Communication - In this ProBlogger post, Darren Rowse shares insight on the 3 things B2B marketers must do in order to communicate with customers: Give them a message, make them care and give them a way to remember it. Discover what makes your customers almost buy in this must-read marketing post from CopyBlogger writer Sonia Simone.

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Should Social Marketing Still Get Your Vote?


However, generating real demand (qualified leads and opportunities for sales), along with expanding customer lifetime value is ultimately the bottom line that marketing and CMOs get graded on. She also discussed how customer expectations around personalization will continue to grow. In 2009–2013 throwing money into social with a soft (or no) ROI was acceptable. Those

Industrial and B2B Customer Engagement Simplified

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However, accurately defining and measuring customer engagement in complex business or industrial sales is still elusive. The most simplistic approach to evaluating customer engagement is to measure conversion rates. have written about this problem in my previous post, “The Disconnect Between B2B Content Marketing and Customer Engagement.” You can read his entire blog post here.

We need an app for that

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I’ve been working on a report for ITSMA clients this week about analytics and it got me thinking about the proverbial bigger picture of B2B marketing. We know from our research that we in marketing don’t do much with analytics—i.e., using data to determine and predict customer buying patterns. Only 50% of marketers in our survey said they had analytics programs, and of these, few were focused on predicting behavior; most were simply reporting past behavior. Even rarer is the ability to carry those analytics all the way through to a sale. Lead scoring.

Adobe Buys Omniture: Good for Marketers, Bad for Marketing Automation Vendors

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Summary: Adobe's agreement to purchase Omniture illustrates the on-going convergence of Web content management and Web analytics systems. This puts pressure on marketing automation vendors, who also want to provide Web analytics and content management, and who are already being pressed by customer relationship management (CRM) vendors. As I discussed in July , marketers have a lot to gain from tight integration between a Web content management system (CMS) like Adobe's Dreamweaver and Web analytics and optimization like Omniture. That's a pretty unpleasant position.

We need an app for that

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I’ve been working on a report for ITSMA clients this week about analytics and it got me thinking about the proverbial bigger picture of B2B marketing. We know from our research that we in marketing don’t do much with analytics—i.e., using data to determine and predict customer buying patterns. Only 50% of marketers in our survey said they had analytics programs, and of these, few were focused on predicting behavior; most were simply reporting past behavior. Even rarer is the ability to carry those analytics all the way through to a sale. Lead scoring.

Aberdeen Predicts Web Content Systems Will Add Marketing Automation: I Agree, But.

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Summary: a new Aberdeen Group report argues that Web content management systems should add customer management features and will ultimately compete with traditional marketing automation products. agree with one reservation: I doubt large companies will use a single system to manage all customer touchpoints. I’ve been convinced for some time that Web content management systems (CMS) will become important platforms for marketing automation. Aberdeen Group’s report Next Generation Web Content Management makes a convincing case for a similar position. But this could change.)