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Wikipedia Management for Dummies


While reddit and Wikipedia are probably two of the most influential and powerful media platforms online today, they’re also the most intimidating because so many of us in the PR and marketing world have been not only burned but sent home tarred and feathers, never to go anywhere close to either of these sites ever again. How To Manage Your Wikipedia Page from Chris Abraham.

A Wikipedia Expert's Thoughts on the NYPD Editing Controversy


Editor''s Note: Recently, Capital New York reported that NYPD computers had been used to make edits to Wikipedia entries on police-related topics. We asked Wikipedia expert William Beutler to comment on this news story. The History of Self-Interested Wikipedia Edits. Wikipedia editors. Wikipedia''s Guidelines on Editing Entries. A Closer Look at NYPD''s Edits.

Twitter Moments: A Powerful Twitter Marketing Tool, or a Snapchat Knockoff?

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In a move that seems deliberately aimed at rival Snapchat, Twitter has unleashed its Moments feature to a larger pool of content creators, including brands and influencers. For brands, the update provides a new-and-improved Twitter marketing and storytelling tool. Twitter’s Moments is pretty straightforward, and the concept isn’t all that novel. First came stickers.

20 Experts, 1 Awesome Resource: The Social Media ProBook

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Twitter. by Joe Chernov | Tweet this You may have noticed that over the past month or so, several influential social media professionals changed their profile pictures to funky avatars of themselves. Edelman’s David Armano went so far as to name his digital persona Vector David (I didn’t have the heart to point out his digital doppelganger’s unfortunate initials). That project goes live now.

Top 5 Social Business Myths


Photo credit: Wikipedia. That may be a valid generalization when it comes to Twitter and Facebook, but it does not necessarily apply to the use of social media as a business tool for communication or collaboration. Often the opposite happens: some people who never used Facebook, Twitter or FourSquare become avid social bees in enterprise social platforms, while others who tweet their lives away barely make a dent in the online social ranks within a business organization. Social Media Marketing Social Sharing Facebook Social business social media twitter Wikipedia

Social business, the forest and the garden: Your intranet is not the Internet


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Altavista, Geocities, AOL, Google, Amazon, WordPress, eBay, Hotmail, Wikipedia, MySpace, Flickr, Delicious, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest all had their days of glory. In the meantime, this is what happened to Wikipedia: Wikipedia Growth – Source. Internet Marketing Google Intranet WikipediaWhy does that happen?

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The History of #SXSW [Infographic]

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But once you do, feel free to share it on Twitter, on your blog, wherever you want. 2006 : Interactive keynote speakers include founders from two of the Internet’s most disruptive websites: Craig Newmark of Craigslist and Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia. 2007 : A plucky little messaging service makes a big splash at SXSW: Twitter. by Joe Chernov | Tweet this. Bake a bigger pie.

Can “Social Media” and “Confidentiality” Co-exist in the Workplace?

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Even Wikipedia’s explanation of “social media” points out that “one of the first signs of human social media was cave wall paintings.” Social Media and Employment Law Business channels communication company Customer employer Employment Events exist Facebook IT media personal Privacy search time tools TOPIC Twitter Wikipedia By its definition, “social media” focuses on communication, spreading the word, engaging readers, sharing, creating discussion and/or gaining attention. by James Wu - Maximize Social Business.

What is Social Media Marketing?


Social Media Marketing — according to Wikipedia , “social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.” Some of the most influential people online live on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and—believe it or not—message boards, forums, email lists, and even community Listservs. development (is anyone listening?),

The Trouble with Klout

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The service crawls Twitter and ranks members automatically. Both are sought-after speakers and the subject of extensive Wikipedia articles. They aren’t active on Twitter and they don’t have Klout accounts. Barry does have a couple of thousand more Twitter followers than Schwartzman, but she said Klout ignores follower metrics as meaningless. Beyond Followers.

Become a Twitter Power User


Image via Wikipedia. Everyone is talking about Twitter, but can you do any real business with it? With all the choices of marketing tactics, does it really make sense to use Twitter? Too many people focus on the banality of tweeting what they had for lunch rather than focusing on Twitter as a real marketing tool, just like any other form of communication. I did a Webinar that helps you take control of your Twitter image. Social Media Marketing Webinars Online Communities Social media Social network Twitter

You need to prune in order to grow your social followers


Photo credit: Wikipedia. In a world where Lady Gaga has 25,555,017 souls following her @ladygaga Twitter profile, we’re all in it for the numbers. There’s a fourth option that not many people actually do routinely: pruning the dead leaves and branches away from the little bonsai or your might oak you call your Twitter profile. I really like it for its versatility.

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Tweet Chats: A Step-by-step Guide to Engaging Your Audience on Twitter


(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Tweet chats, also called Twitter chats, are topic-focused conversations led by moderators and tracked using a designated hashtag. It’s a useful strategy for generating interest, gaining brand recognition and engaging your audience on Twitter. This in itself is beneficial, but there are other benefits. Social Media Strategy

Your website is wearing mom jeans and shoulder pads


Content Marketing Copywriting Android (operating system) Association for Computing Machinery Big Pharma Facebook Gmail Google Graphics Interchange Format twitter World Wide WebPearson Education reached out to me to read and make make notes on Mike Moran’s and James Mathewson’s upcoming book, Outside-In Marketing. Even Your Clients’ Names Change. Like this post?

One person can change the world. Thank you, Internet


While there may well be 3,015,231,472 Internet users worldwide and over 150,000,000 blogs, almost 300,000,000 active Twitter users, and 1,230,000,000 active Facebook users, most of them are lurkers. More people I know in 2014 identify with being a follower of one or more blogs, podcasts, Twitter profiles, or YouTube channels than they do with creating content themselves. Right now.

How to measure influence in social media marketing

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Image via Wikipedia. The only difference between us and the monkeys is that we usually remember to eat while we watch the Oscars or check our Twitter follower counts. Others include Klout and Twitter Grader, which focus on the social networks. Indeed, science tells us that monkeys would rather look at pictures of high-ranking members of their troop than eat. The monitors.

Influencer marketing should not be about collecting influencers


LinkedIn and Twitter has made this even easier. According to Wikipedia, “Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that has emerged from a variety of recent practices and studies, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. The worst thing about the internet has been the commodification of friendship.

How to be a Google+ success


It’s sort of like Reddit or Wikipedia like that. While people generally like what they see on first blush, they eventually leave the empty austerity of Plus to return to the messy excitement of Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter , and Reddit. I know that the secret to Twitter is being included in the recommended list of tweeters. Leave them behind. Goodbye ! Committed.

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It’s not your house to pwn so remember your place


On reddit, on Wikipedia, on message boards , in emails, on reviews, and even on Facebook, Twitter , and Google+ , to the best of your ability. Public Relations Social Media Marketing Amazon Web Services Anonymous post Arthur Andersen Author Central Michigan University Central processing unit Cloud computing Cosmopolitan (magazine) Internet forum twitter It doesn’t matter.

My online influencer research and engagement process


So, my process is: set up SDL SM2, add all the keywords I have collected through going down a Wikipedia rabbit hole, let it go to parse, search, and churn. Finally, I go over to Google and do simple searches like “top government intelligence blogs” or “top mommy blogs” or “top government twitter profiles” and stuff like that. Really big. Got it?

Remember to market to your own influencer network


I am still blogging every Tuesday morning about social media, marketing, SEO, ORM, Wikipedia, content marketing, brand reputation, and influencer marketing at Biznology , whether I want to or not! Please pop them in the comments or reach me via Twitter @chrisabraham. I really love influencer marketing. Too much. An army runs on its stomach and a company runs on its revenue.

Why Your Blog Should be Your Top Social Media Tool

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And that sounds an awful lot like social media in a definition that I saved and have embraced from Wikipedia several years ago: Social media is information content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies. What I think is less obvious is that your blog is every bit as much a social media tool as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. Not bad.

So what is native advertising?


The content tends to be camouflaged in native garb, looking and feeling like the surrounding editorial content in both tone and voice, whether it’s an article on the Atlantic, a Vlog on YouTube , a snappy on Instagram, or a pithy 140 characters dose on Twitter. I guess we can call it buzz advertising, if you will. The Native Matrix. Who is it written by? Editorial staff. Sales staff/.

The five stages of social media grief—have you passed through them yet?

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Image via Wikipedia. Only slightly less embarrassing than the anger and bargaining stages, marketers in this stage ban the use of the word “Twitter” in lunch conversation and generally shun the annoyingly perky (unpaid) social media intern, muttering, “What’s he got to be so happy about?”. Think of me as your grief counselor for good ol’ message-based marketing. Denial. No way. Anger.

3 Ways To Use the Value of a Like or Follow

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Share your view in the comments below or with me on Twitter (@wittlake). Image by Lily15 (Hungarian Wikipedia) CC-BY-SA-3.0 Measurement Social Media Facebook hubspot twitterDan Zarella and Hubspot gave the “what is your social media audience worth” pot a good stir last week. Then what? via Wikimedia Commons.

Why Use Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for Content Marketing?

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alt=" Why Use Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for Content Marketing?" />. But still, I am using Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn and I think you should too. Around 2004, sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter came along, but they didn’t really pick up steam until 2006 and later. Now Facebook boasts one of the highest web traffic numbers and Twitter has become a news source re-broadcast on network TV news stations. For an interesting overview of how Facebook got started in a dorm at Harvard, read the story on Wikipedia , it’s interesting.

Want to use Social Media? Listen, Reply & Be Human


(Photo credit: Wikipedia) If you’re wondering how to use social media for your business, it’s really not difficult — you should do the same things that you would do if a potential customer was in your store. I love the fact that whoever was monitoring the Amtrak Twitter account was not at all above shilling for a raise! Listen relentlessly. Reply immediately.

Blogger outreach is more PR than social media


The current catch-all these days for what I do is social media; unfortunately, when what you do is described as social media, people tend to think Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , and maybe Google+. Content Marketing Internet Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing Blog Blogger chris abraham Facebook Google Outreach pinterest social media Speed dating StumbleUpon twitter

Adventures in Frictionless Sharing


Well, according to Wikipedia , frictionless sharing describes the transparent sharing of resources using social media services. The framework that Facebook, digg, reddit, StumbleUpon , and Twitter is based upon, requiring liking, digging, redditing, thumbs-upping, or retweeting, demands way too much commitment from the casual visitor on a daily basis. What is it, you ask?

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Being Pretty Isn’t Enough for Social Media Marketing


Image via Wikipedia. No matter how much money you spend on a graphic designer, a social media expert, and a community manager, you may very well not find the kind of success you want and expect from your investment in social media and social networks such as Facebook , Twitter , Google +, YouTube , and Pinterest. Online, you’re never the lone beauty in the hotel lounge.

Creating Engagement in B2B Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Influencers vs Advocates in B2B Marketing According to Wikipedia – Influencer Marketing is a form of. Tags: Blogging Branding Buzz Marketing Communities Content Marketing Conversational Marketing Inbound Marketing Interactive Marketing Social Media Twitter A recent Cone Inc.’s Nearly all participants — 93 percent — believe all companies should have a presence in social media.

Five Ways to “Get Real” With B-to-B Social Media


You can set up a listening post using tools like Radian6, or simply set up an RSS feed from sources like blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Focus, Quora, YouTube and Wikipedia, so you can keep current with what’s being said in your field. Or publish an informative blog and promote it via Twitter and LinkedIn micro posts. Encourage customers to follow you on Twitter, subscribe to your blog, or connect with you on LinkedIn. Social Media Marketing Facebook linkedin social media twitter YouTubeImage by Getty Images via @daylife. Today, 89% of B-to-B marketers in the U.S.

2013: The Year of Internet Marketing Basics


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Social media – Make sure you do everything you can to fully understand Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then use it appropriately to move your business forward. Internet Marketing Facebook Google Internet marketing linkedin social media twitterThis will be the only 2013 prediction or whatever you want to call it kind of post. Yeah for me!

In social media, you don’t need to outrun the bear


Image via Wikipedia. There are top-100 lists on Technorati , there is Guy Kawasaki’s AllTop lists, there’s the Top Twitter list — dominated by top global celebrities, actors, musicians, and sports figures — and the top social media influencer lists, including the enigmatic Power150 list from AdAge. He has 205,232 followers on Twitter and a Klout score of 77.

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Editing: Is social media realtime or permanent?


Image via Wikipedia. Some kinds of social media (Wikipedia) couldn’t exist without editing while others (Twitter) do not even allow editing. To me, it shows both that we use different kinds of social media for different purposes (think Wikipedia vs. Twitter) but it also shows an ambivalence over what we expect social media to be. What gives?

Is Social Media Security Out of Your Hands?


Photo credit: Wikipedia. let’s make it clear that if ANYONE thinks that what happened to the Burger King Twitter account where it was hacked and stuff about being purchased by McDonald’s etc. Burger King’s Twitter account had just been hacked. HootSuite can in no way make your Twitter account safer at the source. Twitter uses HTTPS for their service as well.

Influencers vs Advocates in B2B Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

According to Wikipedia – Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing that has emerged from a variety of recent practices and studies, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

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