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How to Write a Press Release in 4 Easy Steps [+Examples]


Wondering how to write a press release? Great press releases are not that hard to write. These basic guidelines will help you to write and distribute effective press releases that will get your readers’ attention and – best of all – get them to share the news on social media. If you’re new to press release writing and want to master this art, read our 4-step guide.

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Is It Finally Time to Bid Adieu to the Press Release?


When I was a reporter at Newsweek, I received literally thousands of press releases via email -- and I deleted almost every single one of them without even opening them. My “real” email was my personal Gmail account. Every morning, I’d find 50 or so messages in that Newsweek account, almost all of them press releases, virtually all of them things I did not care about.

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Personal Knowledge Management

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Personal Knowledge Management : Who, What, Why, When, Where, How? Fifteen years ago, few people knew what a personal computer was. Now personal computers are ubiquitous. With the proliferation of personal computers and linked computer networks, there has been an increase in the amount of information produced, as well as new avenues of finding the information.

Aragon Research Names Vidyard ‘Hot Vendor’ in Enterprise Video


KITCHENER, Ontario – May 5, 2016 – Aragon Research today named Vidyard, the video intelligence platform for business, a Hot Vendor in Enterprise Video for 2016 for its ability to personalize unique video content for each individual viewer and track detailed viewer engagement analytics within leading marketing automation, CRM and enterprise collaboration solutions. As Aragon noted in the report, video is becoming the dominant form of content because it makes consuming information faster. Press ReleasesAbout Vidyard. Media Contact: Brad Hem. Phone: (281) 543-0669.

Why I Won’t “Do&# Your Social Media

WindMill Networking

Consumers who respond to your Facebook Page are not requesting a press interview: They have issues regarding your customer service, product feedback, potential interest in employment opportunities, sales inquiries, questions, opinions, advice, complaints…why would you want to have these messages, both outgoing and going, be filtered by a 3rd party? Definite ego trip. A: OK.

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Personal Knowledge Management - Pollard

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) -- an Update. Id been asked to investigate a leveling-off of use of the firms award-winning centralized knowledge resources, and decided to do the research through personal interviews with non-users , rather than the usual user surveys. From these interviews and subsequent discussions with leading KM gurus, notably the UKs David Gurteen, emerged the concept of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). Personal Content Management +. Personal Productivity Improvement =. Personal Knowledge Management. Personal KM.


How to Motivate Customers Across the Entire Buyer’s Journey


For just a moment, let’s press pause on marketing and get personal. Personally, I’m motivated by coffee. It informs the way I behave. It’s now helping guide my career and personal life. And because of that, you can talk to him ‒ or her ‒ in an informed, tailored way. If you know your customers, you know when they are just testing the waters, when they want more information, and when they’re ready to make a decision. You need to put that information to work for you. Boom: It just became personal. Motivation. What motivates you?

Marketing to the B2B Millennial: 6 Things to Remember

KoMarketing Associates

So, what do B2B marketers need to remember when informing and engaging this dynamic generation? This doesn’t necessarily mean they want generic sales pitches thrown at them from every direction, rather, they want to have relevant, personalized experiences with the vendor during the research phase. Did you know? By 2018, Millennials will have the most spending power of any generation.

Social Media and Ethics: An Interview with B2B Editor Maureen Alley

B2B Memes

Maureen Alley: Never tweet what you wouldn't say in person. Though it’s true that the trade press in general is decidedly behind the curve in this respect, there are notable exceptions. Do you use your personal twitter account (@MaureenEditor) in your professional role as editor of Residential Design + Build ? I would not share that opinion on RD+B ’s account.

The Trouble with Klout

Paul Gillin

Klout attempts to determine influence metrics by looking at a person’s online activities and the actions of others that result from them. If you want to grow your score, you can log in to the site and give it a bunch of information about your online activities. Schwartzman pressed Berry hard on shortcomings in the Klout methodology, and her responses were a weak defense.

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5 Surefire Ways to Drive B2B Brand Awareness via Content Marketing

KoMarketing Associates

Successful B2B content strategies are always churning out relevant industry information that provides users with the answers to questions they may have. Industry News with a Brand Opinion. These first time visitors have likely used Google more like a personal assistant than a search engine, asking it a question and getting the answer from the results they’re presented.

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Does blogging still matter in 2014?

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Most of my discussion happens on Twitter, my personal Promised Land of interaction. ” Because of this, a lot of ex-bloggers have switched from free blogging to information-based Kindle ebook publishing. If you create a service / product that answers a pressing need in a market niche, you will attract quality clients on a regular basis. Fast forward four years.

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Wired Campus: Computer Literacy Doesn't Mean Information Literacy, Report Says -

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Information Technology. Information Technology. Opinion & Forums. Computer Literacy Doesn't Mean Information Literacy, Report Says. A new report from the Joint Information Systems Committee, a British higher-education research institute, says the “Google Generation&# (those born after 1993, who can’t remember a time when the Internet wasn’t widely available) may be computer literate. But that doesn’t make them information literate. I meant to write information literate in the internet world. Search The Site. t Iâ??I

Quality Assurance Testing Is Not Optional


There should never just be one person checking for mistakes. This will provide a common understanding across the team so that errors found are not those of personal opinion or style, but are errors noted in the documentation. Proofread all of the content including the from name, subject line, preview text, CTA button, body copy, reply-to address, and housekeeping information.

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20 Examples of Social Proof in Action


The story of how I bought my mattress is a great example of social proof, which refers to the theory that people tend to adopt the opinions or actions of people they trust. Readers remember press mentions featuring company logos more than press mentions featuring quotes. Check out this handy PR guide for more on the power of press. ). Score.). What Is Social Proof?

Are marketers getting lost in the Dark Funnel?

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

How did this person hear about us? How informed are they? Have they already formed an opinion on us? Their’s is a much richer information ecosystem. These missing pieces confound marketers as consumers increasingly look to their trusted friends on social networks, review sites, and other sources to inform their buying decisions. How informed are they?

Inbound in the Channel: 3 Ways to Help Channel Partners Make Money

Computer Market Research

Press Releases —Whether your partner signed a major new deal, teamed up with a new partner, launched a new product, etc., include backlinks on press releases to partners’ owned media. Today’s digital audience is surfing the waves of company’s profiles to discover value while attaining something entertaining, fresh and uniquely informative. Enter new marketplaces. Social Media.

The 28 Best Influencer Marketing Tools


Sample review: “Klout allows you to track the impact of your opinions, links, and recommendations across your social graph. Buzzstream helps you research, prioritize, and find contact information for top influencers on any topic. Find influencers with contact information and social profiles, craft personalized outreach messages, automate follow-up, and track results.

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Social Media Case Study: How I made $47 million from my B2B blog

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

With training from Mark Schaefer and support from our internal team, we began implementing a content strategy aimed at strategic “persons of interest” from our former customer. Making sure the content was viewed by “persons of interest” at the client was the next part of the strategy. Additionally, when there was positive press about the customer I made sure.

How Coca-Cola Turned Its Digital Publication Into a Global Phenomenon


In a January 2016 press release, the company revealed its official “Taste the Feeling” initiative, which promised to tell product-focused stories that “reflect both the functional and emotional aspects of the Coca-Cola experience.” If we can give them more information that helps them make informed decisions, it will help them during their purchase.”

5 Steps for Improving Your Media Outreach: Insights From 1,300 Publishers


Luckily, the industry is evolving past the point of flooding the inboxes of time-starved journalists with irrelevant press releases with the help of more strategic outreach planning. The information proved to be invaluable for our digital PR team, so we wanted to share how the publishers’ insights can help your team improve your brand’s media outreach efforts in a five-step guide.

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A Brief Timeline of the History of Blogging


Merriam Webster currently defines a blog as “a web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences.” As the practice developed, some of the more popular monikers were “ weblog ,” “ personal web page ,” and “online diary.” Armstrong was fired for writing about her colleagues on her personal blog, Greetings, readers. Blogger, c.

So, The Underdog is on Top Now?

Marketing Action

s report: “The Forrester Wave™: Lead-to-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q1 2014” is, in our opinion, an amazing milestone for this company – an objective validation of our status as a true leader in marketing automation. It enables companies to make well-informed decisions without spending months conducting their own research. So what is our secret sauce for success?

7 Takeaways From Cision’s ‘State of the Media’ Report


The result was an epic report about the state of the media in 2016 that touched on everything from native advertising, networking on social media, and the value of press releases. Opinion on social media is split. Only 51 percent of respondents claimed that social media is a reliable source of information. Press releases still have value. But how? ” 3.

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The Rocket Science of Social Media Marketing


From quick Twitter quips to informative Instagrams and straightforward Tumblr posts, NASA sprinkles their updates and science lessons with pop culture, striking images and conversational language. A personal way of conversing as a brand allows you to participate in conversations naturally with followers. The organization manages more than 500 social accounts. Infinity and Beyond.

From HBR to Mashable: How to Be a Guest Writer on 11 Popular Sites


It's a good look for them to publish a diversity of voices and opinions on their site -- not to mention more articles means more indexed pages, which can be a boon for a site's SEO. Their writers cover "actionable information and practical inspiration for business owners.". We're interested in everything, if it's opinionated and we believe our readers will find it worth reading.".

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5 Things Your Business Must Consider About Outsourcing Customer Research


Keeping with this metaphor, many marketers choose to enlist the help of a personal trainer when it comes to buyer persona or related customer research. Ardath made the difference clear, saying “when you consider the information included in some B2B personas, you ask yourself, why does it matter that they drive a red corvette, are married with two kids, and live in an apartment in the city?”. Collating opinions and the received wisdom within your firm with the intent of creating personas can come with it’s own distinct hazards. Where do you go for information?”

Why Your PR Isn't Working (and How to Fix It)


Write a press release. Write a press release. Duh -- press release, everyone is going to want to hear about that. To the press release we go! Here’s the problem -- we''ve already established that reporters aren’t over the moon about inboxes chock-full of press releases, and the act of writing them isn’t particularly thrilling for any marketer. So what do we do?

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How a Newsroom Approach Helps Barclays Publish at the Speed of News


“Some people will have the opportunity to share their opinion, some will have voting rights, and some will be there to make the ultimate call. This person ensures that the team reaches a decision during the meeting and has ultimate sign-off power. The company felt it had a duty to help its customers understand the implications—and people wanted information fast.

IBM Social Computing Guidelines

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Therefore, it is very much in IBMs interest—and, we believe, in each IBMers own—to be aware of and participate in this sphere of information, interaction and idea exchange: To learn: As an innovation-based company, we believe in the importance of open exchange and learning—between IBM and its clients, and among the many constituents of our emerging business and societal ecosystem. IBMers are personally responsible for the content they publish on blogs, wikis or any other form of user-generated media. And write in the first person. Speak in the first person.

User Generated Content: How to Use It, Share It, and Love It


It creates a personal connection between a brand and its customers because these customers feel that their opinions are heard and valued. That’s why sites like Amazon work so well, and why Airbnb is so successful: people rely on the opinions of others. Instead of issuing a press release or putting some official pictures on your blog, you can use UGC to create an experience between you and your audience. After all, it’s the next best thing to being there in person, so it helps your audience connect with you in ways other media can’t. Oh, you want some proof?

Blog Writing: 29 Experts Share Their Top 3 Must-Follow Rules


Matt Ambrose , Matt Press. Barrie Davenport is a blogger, author, and personal coach at Live Bold and Bloom. If you have an opinion on the topic you’re writing about, state it clearly, logically, and respectfully. If you have stats and information to prove your point, include those. That will inform what you write about and help you write in a way that connects.

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25 Newsletter Content Ideas + Bonus Newsletter Idea Resources


Industry news: Business newsletters are an excellent way to inform your customers about what’s new in the industry. Company news: Anytime your business has anything newsworthy, it should go out in your newsletter as well as press releases and other venues. Regular “column:” Newspapers use columns to flavor hard news with personality and expertise. 25 Newsletter Content Ideas.

Eight media relations tips most PR pros totally miss


SEO is critical and headlines need to provoke as well as inform. The expectation is that the journalist will do all the research, writing, and due diligence, with the PR person acting mainly as a meeting facilitator and delivery agent. Personalize the pitch. Supporting your pitch with research and third-party opinion makes my job easier. This attitude sells PR short.

Break the mold: Why content marketing needs to be like a chalupa

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Exploding information density and competition for limited attention has dramatically changed the economics of the space and what it takes to succeed. Blog posts and how-to videos still work of course, but they are probably becoming less effective in a saturated, information-dense world. A more legitimate analogy for our present day is that we need to think like fashion designers.

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eLearning & Deliberative Moments: The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Contents Introduction Towards a Definition Driving Forces Developments to Date Barriers Future Potential References Web Links Introduction A definition for the term Personal Learning Environment ( PLE ), remains elusive. Only a handful of articles have appeared in the academic and public press about PLEs since the term gained currency in 2004. Personal Learning Environments.

The Perception of Social Media Marketing: it’s a Free Lunch


Among other things there appears to be a problem with the communication, information and education efforts regarding social media. The hype and noise regarding the matter, with a battalion of opinion makers and “experts”, that sometimes is more of a plague, might not really help in that regard. It’s the task of businesses and marketers to learn, try and inform themselves if they are serious about their business and customers. Generate turnover by working efficiently and informed in a multi-channel reality. More graphs can be found on Flickr or via the press release.