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6 steps to writing a better Request for Proposals, a primer

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We believe strongly in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) as a tool for companies to find the best products and services at competitive prices, but also as an evaluation method for finding that elusive "best fit". anything that will enable the best proposals to be written. Example: You say you want a website redesign. Who will be handling upkeep of the site, hosting, etc.?

2009 Junta42 Golf for Autism Another Success - $30k in Proceeds in 3 Years

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  Our original goal for 2009 was $12,000. My entire team agreed this is one of THE best outings we have participated in. 2009 was our first year and we have every intention of participating next year. It was another perfect day for an amazing cause.    On August 14th, nearly 100 golfers and over 80 sponsors and contributors came together to raise more than $10,000 to help get children with autism get speech therapy services. All proceeds for the event go to Easter Seals Northern Ohio. All told, we feel pretty good about surpassing the $10k level. Petco.

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TriComB2B: Smart. Strategic. Technical. - Technically Focused B2B Marketing Agency - formerly TriCom Marketing & Communications

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more » News / Press Releases TriComB2B Named as 2009 Best Places to Work Winner. We get it. From writing technical bulletins for your sales force to composing a speech for your CEO, our technically oriented staff of engineers, account managers and marketers will produce deliverables that make sense for your business with results you can measure. We are distinctive due to our technical aptitude , industry knowledge and business acumen. Contact TriComB2B to learn how our focus on technical products and services can help make your marketing efforts more effective.

What Exactly IS Digital Body Language?

Digital Body Language

The best physical representation of digital body language that I can think of is as seen through Eloqua's Prospect Profiler tool (pictured), which shows the spikes and valleys of activity, across all digital media, from web and email to search and forms. I've been using the term "Digital Body Language" on this blog quite a lot for obvious reasons. So what is it?

5 quick tips to writing better proposals (RFP responses)

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The best way to show a client you're a good listener? provide relevant examples The best way to prove to a client that you can successfully complete their project is to show them examples of past projects that you've completed that are similar to their own. articulate what makes you the best choice (and not the price!) We're frequently asked for any tips we might have for people writing proposal responses to Requests for Proposals (RFP) that they've received. It's one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to set the tone for the remainder of your proposal. Doubtful!

7 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Projects Fail


For best results, the website and nurturing campaigns need to be highly relevant for them. Needless to say, Marketing Automation software is very popular today. It can be used for email campaigns, drip marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, landing page management and for brewing coffee. Okay, I made up the part about brewing coffee. Unclear Prospect Profile(s). No Interesting Content.

Is social media effective for B2B lead generation?

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Michael Stelzner , best known as the author of Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged , recently released his report on the results of a survey on social media marketing that he’s using as bait for the Social Media Success Summit he’s producing in May. I’m probably biased, but I believe the primary objective of business-to-business marketing is driving sales of the company’s products and services. Yet many of these same companies eventually come to the realization that not every prospective customer is ready to buy now. Not bad!

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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We have resource constraints and we make the best of them. Posted by Magdalena Georgieva on Mon, Jun 29, 2009 @ 07:40 AM COMMENTS Been searching for an answer.everyone (nearly) agrees that blogs are a great way to bring eyes to your pages. posted on Monday, June 29, 2009 at 10:02 AM by Jack Leblond Jack - thanks for the comment. Wrong. Which channel is more efficient for you?

5 Steps for Brainstorming Your Marketing Plan

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What’s your best brainstorming story? Tweet. One of the most fun aspects of marketing planning can be brainstorming. Here are ways to make sure your marketing brainstorming is fun and productive. 1. Invite the right people. Don’t brainstorm in a marketing silo. Clear your calendar. Clear your schedule of meetings and interruptions; hold all calls. Document the discussion. What did not work?

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16 of the Best Motivational Speeches of All Time


16 of the Best Motivational Speeches. 1) J.K. Stay foolish.". 6) Ellen DeGeneres: Tulane University Commencement Speech (2009). It is all professional and it is all personal, all at the very same time.". 9) Dan Pink: "The Puzzle of Motivation" (2009). According to Dan Pink in his 2009 TED Talk, such extrinsic motivators (a.k.a. Sometimes humor is the best motivator.

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10 Most Popular Content Marketing Posts of 2009

Content Marketing Today

In fact, visitors searching our site for the phrase “content marketing” increased by 85% in 2009 over 2008. Perhaps, it best likened to a tool like a hammer which is simultaneously simple and powerful. In 2009, most small businesses do have websites and the term, ‘content marketing,’ has gone from obscure to fashionable. Thanks to everyone for their support in 2009!

Lead Generation Checklist - Part 2: Sales and Marketing – One Team

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In reality, the best mindset, strategy and tactics – and the most astute sales and marketing individuals – are for naught without the collaboration of everyone involved. I’ve started an eight-part series I’m calling the ‘Lead Generation Checklist.’ Each post in the series addresses a step that will help to make your lead generation campaigns work like a well-oiled machine. In the first installment , I discussed tackling your organization’s mindset. Your touches should be conversations not just campaigns. Your “marketing” approach should be more consultative. Thanks Ardath.

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Learn how to create content that improves your lead gen conversions

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Determine if home grown content or third-party content is best. B2B marketing efforts heavily rely on content as a lead generation incentive. To be effective in the lead gen cycle, this content has to be something your prospects yearn to read or view. You’ll want to create content that will actually help your sales team have a valid reason to follow-up. Marketers looking for ways to create this relevant content will get practical training during MarketingShepa’s B2B Webinar Training coming up January 29 from 2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Create content for each state of the sale cycle.  

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5 tips to build more relevant and engaging lead nurturing emails

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If you have a complex sale, the best way to I know how to do this is to combine a human touch to build relationships with your lead nurturing message. A recent MarketingSherpa survey of email recipients found that 58% of those who stop reading, disengage, or unsubscribe after cite "lack of relevance" as a key factor. This is hugely important because most marketers rely on email as their main lead nurturing tactic. As B2B marketers, we should have it drilled into our brains that relevance must be an essential part of our lead nurturing touches.   It’s a common phenomenon.

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Developing your Go/No-Go decision tree

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Your decision tree should not be treated as a simple sales tool; a good decision tree will both help you in determining which leads to pursue because you can win them, but also enable you to target the leads that result in the best projects for your company. Perhaps a spreadsheet of 50 questions works best for you where a full value is 2 points, half-value is 1 point, and you work upwards to 100. There are lots of opportunities out there , your time is best spent on the projects that are a good fit for your company and projects that you can win.

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The Best Infographics of 2014 (So Far)


The best infographics are clear, easy-to-follow, contain useful information, and have colors that go well together. 11 of the Best Infographics From Brands This Year. 1) The Blogging Food Groups: A Well-Balanced Diet of Content , by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Humans have short attention spans and, let''s face it, the internet is cluttered. So scroll on and get inspired!

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50 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)


Read on for answers to these questions and more from some of the best minds in social media in some of their best blog posts and articles of 2011 so far. Social Media Strategy and Best Practices. 19 Social Media Best Practices [VIDEO] by Social Media Explorer. Social media marketing has gone well beyond the hype stage and is now mainstream business practice. What to do?

B2B Marketing | Business to Business Marketing Information Portal

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B2B Marketing News SMEs flock to BT Tradespace 10 June 2009, 11:30 GMT BT Tradespace has announced 400 per cent year-on-year growth. Therefore, ensuring that it delivers the best possible ROI is a critical priority. This Knowledge Bank provides marketers with practical advice and guidance on how best to enhance the visibility of your website, and to maximise its effectiveness at driving website conversion, focusing on search marketing, online advertising, website optimisation and web analytics. But too few marketers understand how to use it as a strategic route-to-market.

C-Level Prospects - Make the First Appointment By Phone

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Take the opportunity and make the best of it. When I was recently at the Sales 2.0 conference, I had several conversations and debates about the value of Face-to-Face meetings versus Con-calls/Web-meetings. Being that b2b introductory meetings is Green Leads ' business, we have noticed a trend over the past several years. It has become pervasive, and respected, to do business this way.

The Best Example You Will Find On The Value Of Storytelling

B2B Marketing Insider

This was exactly what Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn did back in 2009, as part of their storytelling experiment. Don’t tell your audience how your solution works and why it’s the best. The post The Best Example You Will Find On The Value Of Storytelling appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider. ” Have you ever heard that line? That is until I met Michele Miller. Not so much.

11 Best Marketing Books for Your 2012 Summer Reading List

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Ann is truly one of the best people you could ever meet (or hear speak, or read.) Following on from his 2009 success in “ Get Content. Next week brings Memorial Day and the unofficial start of the 2012 summer season here in the United States. Since my son and 4th child, Luke was born last October , I have not had a chance to keep up with my reading list. Chapman (@ CC_Chapman ).

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The Top 3 Priorities for 2010 Marketing Budgets

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About | Advertise | Submissions | Write for Us CrowdsourcedFRD Home Advertising Branding Design PR SEO-SEM Social Media Strategy More testchannel AdROCK eBooks Educational Facebook Guest Posts Twitter The Top 3 Priorities for 2010 Marketing Budgets November 2nd, 2009 | By guestblogger By Tom Pick | Online Marketing Executive | KC Associates With a lingering recession, the U.S. Get your company listed with b2b-focused social media site , and encourage your best customers to contribute reviews. And second, that funds will be limited and must be spent very carefully.

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Top Automated Marketing Personalization Tactics

Anything Goes Marketing

There are many different ways to do this but the best time to deliver the right message is at a time that matches your customer’s buying process. There is a lot of talk these days that personalization is back in marketing but what does that really mean and what are some of the tactics you can use? This is important : Besides all of the technology out there that can make this process easier, it’s important to keep in mind that the goal is to create engaging experiences for your customers and potential customers so that they will respond and ultimately purchase your products and services.

B2B Email Marketing Best Practices eBook

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Our new eBook: Features more than 130 best practices, strategies, and tips for B2B email marketing Focuses on the most popular type of B2B email marketing—content marketing, such as email newsletters Goes beyond the email itself, discussing how to integrate and leverage social media, web analytics, and search engine optimization Covers general email marketing issues, as well as those [.].

5 Ways to Repackage Your Best B2B Content

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And, you have new readers who may have missed your best stuff. I think about B2B marketing at the strangest times. Yesterday, it crossed my mind while eating lunch. The night before, I made some Asian-inspired pork tenderloin, which was good, but it was even better in the sandwich wrap I concocted with some miscellaneous ingredients in the fridge. Will it make their job easier?"

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B2B Email Marketing: Interview with Stephanie Miller

Sales Lead Insights

This study tracks with Return Path’s Deliverability Benchmark Report on the first half of 2009, which is based on the data Return Path manages for ISPs and corporate system administrators. This is true for even the best of marketers. This last option is available to only the best senders who qualify. Can you share some email best practices that B2B marketers should be following? Note: My employer is NOT in this business, but we do partner with the best ESPs to provide inbox deliverability data.). Witness your own Junk folder. Yikes! Avoid high frequency.

Got Content? 10 Steps to Repurpose Your Best B2B Assets

Savvy B2B Marketing

If you are looking for a way to highlight your best content, think about developing a series of emails on a targeted topic. It's best to make your email series as focused as possible (and, as a bonus, if you have a lot of material, you can have multiple email series). Do you have great content that is buried on your blog? Think this is something you want to try? Are You Losing Leads?

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How to Make Your B2B Website More Buyer-Centric

Savvy B2B Marketing

scour websites to find this info, but I have found that blog posts (hopefully impartial) are the best way to evaluate competitors. Recently, I've been spending a lot of time evaluating and writing web copy for clients. Not only have I discovered that I really love this type of work, but I am also seeing common trends of what websites do well and where they could do better. tell them!

Less of Me, More of You - A Stella Pop Content Marketing Video

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Although Mike was originally thinking a two or three minute video interview, he decided that the video worked best as a 10 minute segment. Big thanks to Mike O'Grady at Stella Pop for putting out the latest edition of eVidmagazine featuring yours truly. Hey, he's the expert, so I'm not going to disagree with him. In simplest terms, that's what it means to be a publisher. hmmm, why not?

B2B PPC Optimization: Thought Leadership with Terry Whalen of CPC Search

Modern B2B Marketing

What’s the best general approach for starting and growing a B2B SEM program? The next interview in the B2B Marketing thought leader interview series is with Terry Whalen, a partner at CPC Search , a full-service SEM agency that optimizes PPC campaigns on behalf of its clients. This interview is focused on search engine marketing as it relates specifically to B2B. Prior to running CPC Search, Terry led marketing initiatives at Citrix’s GoToMyPC, and before that he received his MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. How is B2B PPC campaign management different from B2C?

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Raise Performance With Real-Time Coaching


The best way to overcome limiting habits is to develop new, desired ones to replace them. A fundamental problem in our business is managers who are too busy and distracted to manage. Managers, by definition, are appointed to accomplish company and team goals through the efforts of others. To really impact performance, managers need to get involved at a level beyond the norm. Absolutely.

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10 Things Fashion Can Teach Us About Marketing

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To create the best impression, you have to integrate and coordinate your marketing across all media. 2. Accentuate your best assets & minimize those trouble spots: No one is perfect. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and then use them to your best advantage. 4. My inner girlie-girl wanted to come out and play. Let's test your catwalk savvy. 1. and cliffs. 8. " 10.

Interviews and Content Marketing - Ambal Balakrishnan

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

Her recent post: Aggregating the Best Content in B2B Marketing covers a lot of ground on aggregation especially as it relates to B2B Marketing.  Some other bits of background about Ambal: Ambal’s book “Content Marketing Tweets: Bite sized tips on creating compelling content your customers and prospects will love&# will be published in late 2009. Ambal Balakrishnan and I have been having some interesting conversations around her interview series and how it relates to B2B Marketing , visible networking and Browse My Stuff.  of Penn. She loves reading, music and hiking.

RFP Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts for Business Matchmaking

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The original article was posted here on July 21, 2009. All this hub-bub over a single RFP made us wonder what exactly are the rules of etiquette and best practices for publishing, and responding to, RFPs? If you can’t connect with the reader in the first 30 seconds and explain why you are the best choice for the project, then you really should revisit your proposal-writing strategy. best practices request for proposal b2b procurement businessIf your business purchases products and services, or competes for new business, through RFPs, you’ll want to read on.

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39 More (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011


What are the best practices for sharing content on each major social network? Find the answers to these questions and more here in more than three dozen of the best social media guides, insights, rants and reports of the past year. Beware Best Practices, They Can Kill Productivity, Innovation and Growth – Adopt Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter by Forbes. Search and Social.

Email Autoresponders 2.0 in B2B Marketing

Anything Goes Marketing

The best in class marketers have their CRM synced up to their marketing automation platform which means that known contacts from their CRM should already have an associated sales rep. By autoresponder email, I mean the confirmation email that a registrant immediately receives when they fill out a form on a website. At times, marketers set these up and then forget about them. That's correct.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


Discover the answers to all of these questions and more here in more than 40 of the best resources for social media and marketing stats, facts and research of the past year. Frequent best-of contributor Brian Solis shares stats from Technorati showing that nearly half of all bloggers are U.S.-based, last year (2009). search volume rose 16% from 2009 to 2010. Adam T.

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Participating in B2B Marketing Zone

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

There are two main feeds for the site: Best Of - this feed will consist of posts that are limited in number and point to the content that is the best stuff based on social signals.  It will also contain a few posts that are updates on this topic hub.  We highly recommend subscribing to this feed even if you subscribe to the Full Feed. There are several ways that you can participate in this content community. Subscribe. Full - this is a feed of all of the content coming into this topic hub.  This can be quite a bit of content.  The email sign-up form is top right.  Collect.

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Meet Deadpool, The Best-in-Class Marketer of His Own Movie

CMO Essentials

In 2009, Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson, aka Ryan Reynolds, made his first (kind of) cinematic debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And the best assets can and will jump channels. The post Meet Deadpool, The Best-in-Class Marketer of His Own Movie appeared first on CMO Essentials. As an introduction, Deadpool is not your average, friendly, all-American, neighborhood superhero.

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Are You Creating Necessary Content?

Junta 42

With so many options today for your customers, your content better be needed, it better be the best around, it better solve their challenges.or why do it at all?   Your content needs to be the best.  Even if you have the best experts in the industry, most times you need outside journalistic help to tell your story in a way that positions your information as necessary to their career survival.   To do that today, you need to have not only the best products and services, but you need to be the provider of the best information. Is it necessary?

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