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Four apps to boost the speed and strength of your startup


Founders and small business owners can’t afford to up their burn rate with that kind of overhead expense. “Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.”. That’s how the old Superman television show was introduced each week as Americans stared at the grainy pictures on their black-and-white television sets. Scheduling.

Are you a social media marketing hunter?


If your company is large enough to have a burn rate, a marketing budget, and a staff — if you have quite a big nut to crack every month — you’ll need to not rely solely on word of mouth. This is the next in the series, including Are you a social media forager? and  Are you a social media marketing trapper? This one’s about hunting. Where do they live?

Frugality, Ping-Pong Tables and Silicon Valley Startups


Suddenly, burn rates matter  again. When tech startup Appthority was looking for new office space early last year, Domingo Guerra suffered a bad case of sticker shock. Landlords were demanding steep terms. High rents. Large security deposits. Five-year commitments. Appthority instead chose a co-working space in San Francisco. Companies are becoming more cautious.”. Domingo Guerra.

Why Growth at All Costs?


But Daly is among those who believe the much-discussed “burn rate” of many companies is unsustainable. The outspoken Bill Gurley never has been one to sugarcoat what he thinks. And he was typically blunt at a Wall Street Journal WSJDLive conference in October when he warned that the valuations of privately held companies “are fake.”. That’s beginning to change.”. Tweet this.

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The Tactics Behind Driving the Right Conversation


The CFO is stressed out about the burn rate. This is part two in a series, Driving the Right Conversation. There’s a difference between just talking and having a real conversation. That might sound like a small distinction. But it’s not. And in the B2B world, that can be the difference between closing a deal and the frustration of watching it slip away. An average of 5.4 Seriously.

The Winds of Change


The Federal Reserve raising the interest rate. Burn rates” are important again. Here’s the thing about pendulums. They swing back and forth. It’s just what they do. Grandfather clocks. Amusement park rides. Economic trends. Well, that argument is pretty much over. The consensus: a market cooling has arrived and it’s time to layer up. Maybe we’re heading into just a mild chill.