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Break the mold: Why content marketing needs to be like a chalupa

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more legitimate analogy for our present day is that we need to think like fashion designers. I’m convinced that thinking like a media company isn’t enough any more. So what worked seven years ago — or even two years ago — probably isn’t going to be the most effective strategy in the saturated content environment of today. Thinking like a media company.

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100 Personal Branding Tactics Using Social Media |

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Covering social media business strategy and personal power. 100 Personal Branding Tactics Using Social Media. Branding one’s self in an online environment built on entropy and go-baby-go is difficult at best, and impossible if you forget to take your happy pills. But most people who want to develop a personal brand do. It’s a good idea to build an account on some of these sites to further extend your personal branding. Get a YouTube account for video uploading. Be confident in person. mean, at least be presentable. youtube.

A Simple Content Marketing Model Most Companies Ignore

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blogs, in-person events, videos, etc.) TED Talks – in person (events). Will it be through written word, video, audio, or in person? Matthew Patrick from Game Theory decided to create consistent videos and distribute them on YouTube. Videos- Every week, Game Theory’s Matthew Patrick distributes a fresh video via YouTube. That’s a lot. Could there be a better way ?

New Communication Tech and Work Literacy Presentation

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Post: New Communication Tech and Work Literacy Presentation. New Communication Tech and Work Literacy Presentation View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. This was a presentation to instructional design researchers advocating for more research and coordination in developing skills for the 21st century at all levels of schooling. We support embeds from Youtube, Google Videos, BlipTV, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Viddler, Yahoo Videos and several other approved sites only. New Communication Tech and Work Literacy Presentation. (beta).

5 Content Marketing Trends to Plan Your 2017 Budget

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YouTube Live , Facebook Live , Tumblr , and of course, Snapchat, are all making live video part of their core offerings. Meanwhile, The Washington Post saw a 145 percent growth in newsletter subscribers year-over-year, and Digiday recently proclaimed newsletter editors the most important person in newsrooms. There are many others. Finally, I found it. Live Stream Video. ” 2.

There Is No One Size Fits All B2B SEO Program

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Even though the broader goals and objectives appeared very similar at the start (traffic, leads, conversion improvements, etc), each meeting revealed vastly different tactical objectives, competitive environments, organization-specific resources, and ultimately scopes of work. As I reassessed those discussions, I thought about how different each program could be. Preliminary SEO Analysis.

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How do I create a feast in an era of content snacking?

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Many brands are entering this content-driven environment, frantically posting to their social channels in an attempt to be noticed. Yet no content platform (YouTube, Dailymotion, Slideshare…) is optimized for vertical content. This also means that Creative has to work with few pixels and a small, yet close and personal screen. from Gregory Pouy I Digital Transformation.

The Madness and Wonder of Immersive Theater


Third Rails and other groups in the immersive theater space are stretching the boundaries of in-person storytelling, inviting audience members to step onto the stage and into the narrative. In this structured environment, it’s possible to connect with fiction in new and exciting ways. Immersive theater cultivates this kind of connection with both the environment and the actors.

Why you need to re-evaluate the design of your blog

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Most folks hear responsive design and immediately think “mobile.” I still like this definition from Smashing Magazine : “Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. By Jon-Mikel Bailey, {grow} Community Member. Design matters. Visuals matter. Content Flow.

Content Marketing and the challenge of radical filters

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But over time, Google has made its search results highly-tailored to your environment. This has resulted in an ever-tightening bubble of personalized results. This new era of mega-filters will also present a challenge to any organization or brand trying to introduce a new idea or product. Will visual and video content even “count” in that kind of environment?

HTTPS Encryption Will Kill Organic SEO - And Make Google Richer


Why? … “ to provide a mechanism to the advertiser so that the advertiser can improve the relevancy of the ads that are presented to you.”. March 2012 - Application of changes to its privacy policy allowing Google to track user data over all platforms, including Gmail and YouTube; Google said it was to help personalize search query results. What does it mean? So why has Google?

The 12 Best Social Media Conferences to Attend in 2013

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Last year, BlogWell provided their unique event, where 8 great case studies on the best social media programs at large companies are presented to audiences, at 5 locations across the United States. BlogWell speakers will present case studies from many well known brands, including confirmed appearances this year from Walgreens and ComEd. Picture: iStrategy London 2012 by Koogar.

12 Ideas to Ignite Your Content NOW

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Both list posts and infographics help customers consume content more effectively in an information-dense environment. actually had one person tweet to me “Great post — even though it is older content.” One technique that has been successful for me is turning my best “old” content into colorful presentations on Slideshare. The investment in our content is largely wasted.

The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012


as well as serving on the Board of Directors at Person-to-Person, Inc. More recently, she has focused a great deal of her attention on sustainability, whether in business or the environment—or both. She’s a frequent presenter at industry conferences, author of guides to B2B social media and lead scoring, and a past judge of the Stevie, BMA B2 and B2BTOTY awards.

“Change Before You Have To”…Think Conversion NOW


Show your personality and be true to your image. If you say you are a leading technology company that helps companies save costs and save the environment, it’s not enough to talk about it online. Share your environment-friendly initiatives online and encourage others to follow suit. Yet, he is among the most respected business leaders of our time. It just won’t work anymore.

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Company Blog

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Mashable | The Social Media Guide Viral Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video About Mashable Company About Us Advertise Submit News Contact Us Announcements Resources Guidebooks Lists How To Trending Mashable Awards Subscriptions Partners W3 EDGE Rackspace Concentric Sky Dynect DNS Intridea Welcome to Mashable! Have an account? We ‘Heart’ It! Is it advice? Analysis?

Case Study: Caterpillar and blue collar social media marketing

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We are recognizing the power of the big three social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube — but we’re also exploring other platforms that are highly used in specific areas of the world. Our organization has been massaged a bit to help accommodate the needs being presented in social media. What special challenges does that present?

Top 10 B2B Inbound Marketing Predictions for 2015

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The ability to not only identify a user’s location but also understand its context, determining whether a person is at home, in the office or even at the gym, will take personalization to the next level. Marketers can then steer users toward a specific destination (online or in person) early in the decision-making process. Mobile/Local Growth Continues to Dominate.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You |

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Covering social media business strategy and personal power. have over 10 years experience with social media and 16 years experience in enterprise computing environments. state my company’s primary functions in the first sentence of my current role, so that people can see what I’m bringing to the table alongside my own personal skills. will not recommend people whose professional work I’m not familiar with enough to suggest to a close, personal friend. I’m willing to “friend&# anyone, but I only recommend people I can vouch for professionally.

10 Genius Ideas That Changed Marketing Forever


In these environments, one’s community can make editorial decisions by endorsing stories. Businesses need to be more alert than ever to the way they present information and facts because inaccuracies can easily be exposed. 4) Copyright. Then of course there are the other popular social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube. That's not right, right?)

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Audacious Byte: McDonald’s Canada Makes “Food Quality” Its Social PR Hero

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And one presentation page at his Rotman School of Management breakfast talk to business leaders (per Binary Byte ) was titled: What is the key to being Bold ? Facebook , Twitter and YouTube would be used to amplify the conversation. For example, it was decided at the front end not to allow comments on the videos housed on YouTube. I chose to make this an Audacious Byte.

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Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb

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Lesson # 1 Personal Branding. Dan Schawbel , EMCs first social media specialist, returned to Bentley College to do a presentation about personal branding and social media. Among other things, personal branding involves an understanding that you have a public image (whether you want to or not). Lesson # 3 : Learn To Use YouTube To Convey a Message. youtube.

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7 Ways to Identify Great Marketing Content

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tweets); new environments (e.g. the internet and its many neighborhoods – Facebook, YouTube, et al.); and a new joined- at-the-hip connection some marketing and sales teams gain through alignment. The tighter the filters, the more personalized your content can be, the smarter you look, and the better the fit of your content and offer will be. We have new formats (e.g. license.

The 25 Best Social Media Books of 2011

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Gary Vaynerchuk is back with The Thank You Economy, where he shares with us a more human and personal side to technology & social media by showing us that at the very core, it is really about personal relationships and honest, open communication. Mari Smith is the most loved figure, and potentially the most genuine and nicest person, in social media. Engage! The Thomas.

How to Be the Best Intern EVER


Do the work, and then get up in front of your manager and team members and present it. Pretend that every great person you meet will increase your net worth by $100,000. It''s important to build relationships with your co-workers to help understand how they work and form a better working environment. Congratulations! Here’s their advice about how you can be the best intern.

The Recession is Here - Time to Become an Eco-Marketer

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Reuse your live presentations. Use social media techniques such as Twitter and YouTube to maximize the effect of your webinars, videos and white papers. Think of social media as a big marketing ecosystem (see, I am focusing on the environment) and make sure you take advantage of all the tools out there. youtube landing pages enewsletter RSS webinars / webcasts Google

The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012


as well as serving on the Board of Directors at Person-to-Person, Inc. More recently, she has focused a great deal of her attention on sustainability, whether in business or the environment—or both. She’s a frequent presenter at industry conferences, author of guides to B2B social media and lead scoring, and a past judge of the Stevie, BMA B2 and B2BTOTY awards.

Space, Place & Design: How One Agency Transformed the Modern Event Experience


When another person approaches the other side of the Cube, both of your avatars connect through a digital ribbon. This is flipped on its head when a person enters a branded environment. With a physical experience, “You are now at the whim of the environment which you''ve entered. How does the design adapt to the environment it is in? Fast-forward a few years.

The 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men Reprise


Today, Tom Pick ( @TomPick ), Online Marketing Executive at KC Associates , who blogs at his award winning B2B Webbiquity , and I ( @ckburgess – Blue Focus Marketing @BlueFocus360 ) present 50 remarkable men on our 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men list. His blog also includes a beautifully written personal account of the night the Berlin Wall fell. According to Tom Grant , Ph.D,

The Bamboo Project Blog

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Create a video and upload it to YouTube or Create a Powerpoint presentation and upload to Slideshare. Create a Voicethread presentation with narration--this also lets people respond with their own audio comments. Strangely, Ive made a number of mistakes in my personal life and these major stumbles have been the greatest source of growth and learning for me. The trouble is, I dont seem to have made the leap from the personal to the professional. They havent yet reached their personal turning point. Personal Learning. Comments (0). |.

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4 Tips for B2B Marketing on Facebook

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Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Business Mobile 2.0 In my view, Facebook presents a unique opportunity to connect with and educate your target market in a way that your website and even your blog can’t match. And even if your website needs to stay “all business,&# Facebook is where you can give a face and personality to the company. All of these ideas will help your fans make a stronger and more personal connection with your company. More Than 700 Billion YouTube Videos. Impressive client list.

@fearlesscomp congratulates the Nifty 50 Men of Twitter

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musician by trade, Marty is well known for recording dolphins, wolves, loons, water environments and setting them to global acoustic music. His blog also includes a beautifully written personal account of the night the Berlin Wall fell. His personal  blog focuses on strategic marketing, communication and values in today’s market. The Nifty50 Men of Twitter. Cheryl. Ranked No.

What We Can Learn from Fortune 100?s Most Social CMOs

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That being said, a late 2012 Fast Company infographic revealed that on global average, 62% of Fortune 100 companies maintain active Twitter accounts, 49% own Facebook fan pages, 45% manage a YouTube channel, and 36% write corporate blogs. Let’s take a look at a few CMOs that are taking advantage of social media to promote their personal brands. So what’s going on?

2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men

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Today, Tom Pick ( @TomPick ), Online Marketing Executive at KC Associates , who blogs at his award winning B2B Webbiquity , and I ( @ckburgess – Blue Focus Marketing @BlueFocus360 )  present 50 remarkable men on our 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men list.  His blog also includes a beautifully written personal account of the night the Berlin Wall fell. Adam L. million tweets per day. 

Not Just for Job Seekers – 3 Ways to Get More Out of LinkedIn

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In fact, for many professionals, it is arguably the premier social network for personal branding in a professional environment. Share Presentations: Create a SlideShare account to host your presentations and use the SlideShare for LinkedIn app to display them on your profile. Here are three easy ways to get LinkedIn to work for you: 1) Showcase Your Content.

How to Write a Social Media Policy


Even without any formal plan to use social media, every organization with more than a handful of employees (and many under that benchmark) is present in social media because people are talking about them. YouTube, SlideShare, Flickr, etc.). Is personal use ever allowed at work? Such rules will vary widely from firm to firm depending on your environment. Wikis. Blogs.

Festive Byte: Views on When to Ho-Ho Them and When to Tranquilly Fold Them

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Think pre-school to grade 3 materials. I’ll also be donning my climate change hat and hopefully implementing a few environment-friendly initiatives.” Although a personal endeavour, Alvin was granted two “community volunteering leave” days. Evolving social business. Colombian tweetchat social contact on the American Thanksgiving holiday. for the big day.

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Crunchy, salty, nutritious news & views on B2B marketing for technology companies | Velocity - the B2B marketing acceleration agency for technology companies

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presented a webinar the other day where I stated that while white papers are still the staple of content marketing, they’re getting really stale as a communications vehicle for B2B. A few people were so incensed they contacted me to say I was talking nonsense. Read more… Doug Kessler | June 11th, 2009 | 3 comments June 2009 Watch the Velocity web seminar on Content Marketing Stan just presented our web seminar with B2B Marketing magazine, called “Content Marketing: Thought Leadership in a Web 2.0 Come and get it! Come and get it! World&#.  See it here. Promise.

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First Steps Toward Becoming a 21st Century Educator | always learning

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Having just finished giving a presentation on that very topic in Qatar , I, of course, had lots to say (not quite as eloquently as others , unfortunately). The development of a personal learning network (or PLN) is absolutely essential for any successful 21 st century educator. Here are a few tips and tricks to get started developing your own personal learning network: Join a Social Network. These conferences utilize social networks like Ning, blogs, wikis, podcasts and vodcasts as a format for presenters to share their work. Develop Personal Connections.

Best of 2009: Social Media Marketing, Part 1


Another noteworthy post from this publication is Facebook is a Personal CRM for Baby Boomers , in which Daniel Flamberg reports on an Accenture study showing that in early 2009, “boomers posted a 59 percent increase in use of social networks; a rate of adoption 30 times faster than any other age group.&# Top 5 SlideShare Groups – A Rich Learning Environment for Social Media by Marta Kagan has put together possibly the best single presentation on social media ever. But what metrics are really most appropriate for social media measurement? by HubSpot.