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The marketing conference guide for socially awkward people

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Going to a conference filled with socially awkward persons. Last weekend I returned from the DNX, Europe’s only Digital Nomad Conference for online biz owners who also want to travel the world. At conferences, people constantly introduce each other and get tired of mumbling the same lines. Any other conference introverts out there? Think different. Just one.

How to Host a Marketing Conference That Doesn’t Tank

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travel a lot, either to present at conferences or to facilitate workshops. I’m even in a Facebook group for frequent business travelers (great luggage tips)! The difference between hosting a memorable, worthwhile marketing conference and an expensive waste of time lies in the planning. This seems so simple, and yet so many conferences start late. Seriously. Not even kidding!)

Six strategies behind the trend in B2B client conferences


Have you noticed how so many B2B companies seem to be running their own proprietary conferences these days?  I can’t turn around without another customer event popping up on the radar.  Should you launch a client conference of your own? Although primarily for clients, many of these conferences are designed to include prospects as well. This got me wondering. What’s the benefit?

The Best Marketing Conferences Of 2015

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In the last two weeks I’ve had about 10 people ask me “ what are the best marketing conferences? even invited people to rank which marketing conferences  in 2014 they thought would be the best marketing events in the coming year. Without any further ado, here is: The Best Marketing Conferences Of 2015. have also heard great things about this conference.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

magazine, and presented at blogging and social media conferences. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. They expect content to be relevant, easy to find, and mobile- friendly. know which half."

MarTech Conference: Chief Marketing Technology Officers Come Out and Play

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I got home late last night from the inaugural two-day MarTech conference in Boston, which was simply terrific. While the formal topic of the conference was “marketing technology”, its real theme was “marketing technology leadership”, and in particular emergence of the “chief marketing technology officer” as a critical role. But why stop there?

Search and Social Lessons from the Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference


Last month’s Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference opened with a blast of presentational energy from Neal Rodriguez. The conference, hosted by Marty Weintraub ‘s agency, aimClear, was an impressive affair. The post-conference free martinis were a nice touch too. Start with research: is your goal achievable? What’s the best way to accomplish it?

The Best Marketing Conferences Of 2016

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Conferences are a great opportunity to catch up with your peers, network and learn from some of the industry’s best and brightest marketing leaders and influencers around the world. The post The Best Marketing Conferences Of 2016 appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. As we wrap up 2015, it’s that time of the year again to start thinking about the marketing events to attend next year. With over hundreds […]. Marketing Strategy

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Conferences


Attending an international conference isn’t always as glamorous as it sounds. In fact, a long day at a conference, spent rushing from talk to talk, gulping down fast food and desperately trying to remember which business card matches which new face, can leave you feeling a bit like a deflated balloon. Chances are, you can’t attend every single talk at the conference.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

magazine, and presented at blogging and social media conferences. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. They expect content to be relevant, easy to find, and mobile- friendly. know which half."

The 20 Best Marketing Conferences In 2013

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One of my first orders of business in any new year is to figure out which conferences I will attend as part of my personal development plan. With that in mind, I asked my social media connections “what are the best marketing conferences?”. 20 Best Marketing Conferences 2013. Ad:Tech Digital Marketing Conference April 9-10 in San Francisco. Photo Source. Strategy

The Best Marketing Conferences In 2014

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Which marketing conferences are you attending this year? One of my most popular posts this past year was The 20 Best Marketing Conferences of 2013. So this year, I am giving you even more control over which should be labeled best marketing conferences in 2014. So I started with the most popular conferences from that 2013 post. The Best Marketing Conferences of 2014.

Marketo Conference: Is Predictive Modeling The Future of Marketing Automation?

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As usual for me, I spent much of conference prowling the exhibit hall checking out old and new vendors. Marketo held its annual Marketing Nation Summit this week, hosting 4,000+ clients and partners. The event seemed relatively subdued for Marketo – I didn’t spot one costumed character – but the over-all atmosphere was positive. The company made two major product announcements, expanding the reach of Marketo campaigns into mobile apps and display ad retargeting. Marketo has attracted a respectable array of partners who extend its capabilities.

Marketo Conference: Small Changes, Big Picture

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Marketo wrapped up its three day Marketing Nation conference yesterday, having once more displayed its own marketing prowess by attracting national media attention (see here and here ) with an appearance by Hillary Clinton. The SEO and calendar features are still in beta and will be rolled out this spring and summer. My main reaction was, what’s new? Fair enough.

Future of Marketing Content: Reflections on the Content2Conversion Conference

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I spent the early part of this week at Demand Gen Report 's Content2Conversion conference. This connects to another theme that I did actually hear articulated at the conference: the need to move beyond “quality” content to appropriate content. This tailoring will be enabled by behavioral and intent data, which were also popular topics at the conference. The event was superbly run, as usual, but I didn't sense any over-arching pattern until I was literally on my out the door and stopped for one last chat with some colleagues. Of course, it’s clear that they should.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

magazine, and presented at blogging and social media conferences. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. They expect content to be relevant, easy to find, and mobile- friendly. know which half."

I Used Embarrassing Icebreakers at a Marketing Conference. You Should Too


The internet understands; that’s why there are almost 400,000 Google results for “conference icebreakers” with suggestions for how to make a great first impression. Since I was going by myself to cover the conference and promote my freelance work, I knew this was the perfect place to test my networking skills. Pre-conference. The conference. Seriously.

How to NOT Waste Money on B2B Tradeshows & Conferences


Tradeshow season is upon us, and while digital and content marketing are driving today’s B2B demand gen, events are still an important part of the marketing mix. When done right, events are a great place to meet prospects face-to-face, network with peers, learn from industry thought leaders, and generate new business. As consultant Ruth P. How to decide? Where is the overall cost/benefit greatest?

10 Must-Attend Food and Beverage Conferences

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If you’re in the food and beverage business, here are 10 must-attend conferences and networking opportunities that cover everything from wine, natural products to restaurant technology. ” RFMA 2015 Annual Conference San Diego Convention Center – San Diego, CA February 1-3, 2015. ” Have you been to any of these conferences? Share in the comments.

Staffing Conference Virgin

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FSA 2016 Summit: my first experience at a professional staffing conference. The post Staffing Conference Virgin appeared first on Haley Marketing Group. Haley News differentiation First Staffing Conference Florida Staffing Association LeadershipAside from the small talk and selling portion, I listened to a wealth of speakers on a range of topics related to staffing. Listen.

9 Ways to Master the Art of the Conference Call


But conference calls, the meeting’s bastard brother, are on a whole other level. Typically, conference calls consist of groups of disembodied voices, all with questionable phone connections, speaking over one another to make a point nobody is listening to. For something meant to be productive, the conference call rarely is. Everyone knows that meetings are bad. ” 3.

Hubspot Inbound Conference Recap 2 of 9


The Neuroscience of Memorable Content, by Dr. Carmen Simon from Rexi Media. Dr. Carmen Simon is a cognitive scientist, who has applied the latest neuroscience research finds to develop why audiences naturally forget most of the content you create. Throughout this session she discussed how the use of brain science can help your audience remember exactly what you want them to. Formal to Informal.

10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips: Content2Conversion Conference Recap

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This was one of many central takeaways from Demand Gen Report’s B2B Content2Conversion Conference this week at the Times Center in New York. 10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips: Content2Conversion Conference Recap is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Who’s down with OPC?

Demystifying Content Strategy: Key Takeaways From Intelligent Content Conference 2016

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That’s why this year’s Intelligent Content Conference  – the only conference that focuses on content strategy for marketers – embraced the theme Bringing Meaning to the Mystery. Famous fictional detectives were the stars of the Intelligent Content Conference 2016 – Bringing Meaning to the Mystery – posters. Of course, meaning isn’t an easy thing to bring. People get emotional.

Internet of Things conferences: the 2017 IoT event guide


Sometimes it seems that the number and size of Internet of Things conferences, tradeshows and other events is growing as fast as the Internet of Things itself. Of course there are several ‘broader’ tradeshows, congresses and conferences where the Internet of Things is omnipresent since several years. Below is an overview of Internet of Things […]. Internet of Thing

Using Inbound Marketing to Promote Your Next Conference


So, you’ve decided to host a conference , now what? Here’s a handy dandy two-step process that leverages inbound marketing best practices to help you raise the profile of your next conference. The event page or website is the cornerstone of your conference promotion efforts. Clearly define the topic, date, time, and place of your conference. But where do you start?

A report from the epicenter of content marketing conferences

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Over the past two weeks I had the pleasure and honor of speaking at two premier content marketing conferences: Content Marketing World in Cleveland and Hubspot’s Inbound conference in Boston. The quality of both of these content marketing conferences was extraordinary. Both of these conferences have grown explosively in a short period of time. Know your audience.

Reasons to Attend the AuthorU Publishing Conference

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Like you, I’ve had some bad conference experiences. I’ve spent a lot of money to travel and sit in a freezing cold room for days to listen to experts with big egos. only attend conferences where I know and trust the organizer and expert speakers. There are a lot of book publishing conferences to pick from. So I’m picky now. Social media marketing. Design.

CRM Evolution Conference: Mobile Really Does Change Everything About Marketing

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I snuck down to Washington DC yesterday for a few hours at the CRM Evolution conference, where a critical mass of industry experts triggered a chain reaction of interesting thoughts. Despite these issues, several practitioners and vendors at the conference said they were using the approach and had found it more practical than moving all customer data into a central repository. I’ll guess that more open system designs and higher performance technology have made direct access to source systems more practical than it used to be. So a bit of attitude adjustment may be in order.

CRM 47

FlipMyFunnel Conference on Account-Based Marketing Comes to Austin on June 7

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I’ll be joining an all-star cast of Account Based Marketing experts when the FlipMyFunnel Festival visits Austin on June 7. You can register here – it’s free. My own talk, not surprisingly, will be about the technology behind ABM – or, more precisely, how to build an ABM marketing technology stack. Or at least that’s my take – I suspect some of the other speakers will take a more radical view.

MarTech Conference: Some Random Impressions and Interesting New Vendors

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I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday at the MarTech Conference in San Francisco, where close to 1,000 marketing technologists heard sage advice, shared experiences, and otherwise frolicked with their peers. That said, the conference was still tremendously valuable, with a wide range of speakers covering the organizational, operational, and technical issues surrounding marketing technology management. The full list is available here on the MarTech Conference site. Or maybe the second MarTech experience is inherently less ground-breaking than the first.

Social Prospecting: Using Twitter For Industry Trade-Shows And Conferences

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Most events (I hate to say all, but it should be by now) have now taken to associating a hashtag with the event, ex: #inbound12 for HubSpots Inbound 2012 Conference. A few weeks prior to the event taking place, begin following the event hashtag on Twitter. You may also notice your prospects tweeting about an after conference networking event. Recently one of our Directors asked me to speak with his teleprospecting team on leveraging social media channels for prospecting. While speaking with the business development reps, one skeptical sort raised their hand to ask a question.

2014 Social Media Conferences: 15 to Attend Before the Year Ends

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There’s still time left to attend 15 different 2014 social media conferences! It’s been awhile since I updated my most recent best social media conferences list, but hopefully you were able to attend what has shaped up to be the best social media conference of the year back in March: Social Media Marketing World. 2014 Social Media Conferences: 15 to Attend Before the Year Ends by Neal Schaffer - Maximize Social Business. Social Media Conferences Even … Continue Reading.

GaggleAMP AMPlify employee and partner engagement conference


While you’re reading this on Tuesday, I am writing it on the Sunday before, since I will be mounting my 1995 BMW K1100LT touring motorcycle , donning my  Shoei RF-1100 helmet  and  Aerostich Falstaff motorcycle jacket , and riding the 439 miles from Arlington, VA , to Boston, MA (by way of New York) to attend the 2016  AMPlify conference sponsored by GaggleAMP. What’s GaggleAMP?

Hubspot Inbound Conference Recap 3 of 9


Measuring PR in the 21st Century: What Actually Works, by Christopher Penn SHIFT Communications. The primary responsibility of PR is to create awareness of the brand and establish trust, establish the beginnings of the relationship with the audience. Awareness equals audience. Awareness creates audiences, because if someone is unaware of you, they can’t do any kind of business with you.

Hubspot Inbound Conference Recap 7 of 9


Power the Bottom of the Funnel with Sales Enablement, Deborah Farese, Hubspot. First and foremost, you need to understand your buyer persona, i.e. name, demographics, goals, habits, and needs. This will give you a sense of how you should talk to your prospect. Then, you need to focus on the buyer’s journey. Consideration- Here is my problem and the goal I would like to achieve. Check us out

The Disneyland Effect: How To Plan A Successful Conference

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For the last eight weeks, I’ve been traveling the world, hosting my Growth Chat dinners and speaking at conferences and other business events. It’s been a great experience all around, but one conference stood out in particular – the RD Summit in Brazil hosted by Resultados Digitais, where I was honored to be the keynote speaker. […]. Content Marketing

Hubspot Inbound Conference Recap 8 of 9


How to Measure Your Social Media Activities Using Google Analytics by Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner. Number one challenge all social media users face is measuring. Utilize Google Analytics to see what is coming through social media and how much traffic is coming from activities vs organic.

The 12 Best Social Media Conferences to Attend in 2013

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Which social media conference will you attend in 2013? It’s the beginning of a new year, and as our thirst for social media education and learning best practices from other businesses is only on the increase, there’s no better time to start planning to attend the best social media conferences that 2013 has plans to offer us than now. Thanks! Source: Google Trends.

Hubspot Inbound Conference Recap 4 of 9


The Relevance Imperative: B2B The Way It Should Be, Presented by Russell Glass from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. B2B buyers are taking a random walk around the internet in hopes of finding products or services related to their business needs, at the same time, marketers are hoping they will get in the way of that random walk. The solution: Create lasting experiences. . Be relevant early.