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5 AdWords Hacks to Ramp Up Your Display Ads

Modern B2B Marketing

In this blog, I’ll share some effective AdWords Display tricks with you that not many people know about. But before we get into how you can create your own AdWords Display Network plan , you need to understand the key difference between AdWords Search and AdWords Display. T hese are the five AdWords Display hacks you won’t find outlined in user manuals : 1. Tools. eBook.

Cracking the Code for ROI: Linking the Marketo and Google Worlds Together

Modern B2B Marketing

We have integrated Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform with Google AdWords. Let’s be honest—a notable percentage of today’s advertising budget goes towards Google AdWords—either for pay-per-click, display, or remarketing ads. In other words, if one of these prospects connects with a sales rep, and ultimately ends up purchasing, Marketo feeds that conversion back to Google AdWords.

4 Tips to Make the Most of Predictive Analytics: Think Small Data and Automation

Modern B2B Marketing

So it’s no surprise that predictive analytics is an increasingly popular topic. Predictive analytics uses big data and machine intelligence to calculate how likely a specific outcome is based on customer data and historical actions. As the amount of available data grows, predictive analytics has the potential to become even more valuable. Smaller Data = Better Data.

The Best Content Analytics Tools: A Beginner's Guide


To meet this need, content analytics companies have been springing up left and right, ready to help marketers prove their value by tracking content better and constantly improving and converting leads most effectively while tracking ROI. To help you sort through the high volume of content analytics tools, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the best in each category: 1. Wistia. VidYard.

Top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of March 2, 2013


Search Engine Watch) How to Generate Quality Traffic with Display Advertising (Search Engine Watch). News & Notes

15 best Big Data companies and why they stand out


That way, they can look at specific bits of information and the links among them, so they can find answers to complex questions and find the proverbial needle in a haystack. The company released 20 industry solutions as it targets, getting its analytics embedded into all areas of the maturing Big Data market. source: McKinsey ). But it’s not the amount of data that’s important.

Mintigo InterestBase Harvests Web and Social Data for Marketing and Sales

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Identity aggregators can link email, social media, and other addresses for the same individual. Connectors are currently available for Marketo and , with an Eloqua connector due soon. sentiment analysis social marketing automation marketing automation predictive modeling prospect database mintigo semantic analytics data enhancement interestbase web data analysis

3 Reasons to Adopt a Scalable Marketing Automation Platform

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That was the question that led Modernize to adopt Marketo. Here are three ways that Marketo has allowed us to tackle the challenge of scaling our marketing processes for growth: 1. We can also keep track of behavior, such as when a recipient opens an email, clicks links on landing pages, and more. Example of a Marketo Smart List. Analytics, or It Didn’t Happen.

The PPC Attribution Carnival: Finding Your Way Through the Maze [Gifographic]

Modern B2B Marketing

Navigating through the analytics behind your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can sometimes feel like a maze. Understanding your campaign’s attribution modeling and analytics can help you uncover the right answers when you’re trying to answer questions like: Which keyword should I give credit to? Customer returns a week later by clicking a link in a social network.

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Top Internet Marketing Strategy Links for the Week of November 4, 2013


Best Of News & Notes

10 Trends That Defined Digital Marketing in 2016

Modern B2B Marketing

for search ads and 0.89% on display ads. conversion rate with its targeted LinkedIn display ads. If a product is viewed on your site but not purchased, retargeting can display that specific product as an ad. Big Data and Real-Time Analytics. Marketers are using real-time analytics to simplify processes, improve conversions, and more precisely target potential customers.

The ROI of Paid Social Media Ads

Modern B2B Marketing

This includes traditional display ads on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as less traditional options such as Facebook Promoted Posts and Twitter Promoted Tweets. For the last year or so, Marketo has been testing all these channels to determine what works and what doesn’t. At Marketo, we’ve just begun to test these. At Marketo, we look at two allocation methods.

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3 Technology Trends Powering Account-Based Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing

Big data analytics can help marketers achieve this goal. While data insights improve decision-making for targeting and messaging on everything from display advertising to email, marketing automation enables these actions to happen seamlessly as customer data enters and flows through your system. Visibility of Digital Footprints . Automated Workflows and Campaign Execution .

MarTech Momentum Continues into 2015

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Want a more public and visual display of the incredible resources and energy going into this marketplace? It’s been fun to see Marketo LaunchPoint partners prominently represented among the outdoor displays. The list of MarTech billboards along the Silicon Valley’s highway 101 goes on and on to include events/webinars (On24), big data/analytics (Birst) and many more.

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How to Leverage Intent Data to Drive More Revenue

Modern B2B Marketing

You can use solutions like Demandbase and Marketo Web Personalization to leverage this information to personalize the content displayed. In turn, marketers have increasingly turned to predictive analytics platforms that integrate with marketing automation and CRM platforms to help them sift through the noise to determine which 3rd party topics are actually relevant. Lead only?

CMO Spotlight: 3 Trends That Will Drive Digital Transformation

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Google’s Display Benchmark Tool reveals that 99.4% Over the last 12-18 months, Autodesk has completely revamped their hiring strategy and now looks for people who meet their C-A-A profile (Content, Analytics, and Automation). Author: Charm Bianchini Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Argyle CMO Forum in San Francisco. One of the key topics of discussion?

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Hasta La Vista, Twitter Share Counter: How to Measure Engagement Without Social Share Counters

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Let’s explore the options: Remove each social share button’s individual count: By removing each social media’s share count and only revealing the total number of shares, you can hide Twitter’s 0 share count while still displaying how many times your content has been shared elsewhere. I pulled the example below from my own Twitter Analytics dashboard. But how? Update your web design.

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The New Digital Climate: AdTech and MarTech Join Forces

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Mike Stocker At Marketing Nation Summit in April, Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez announced a new product, Ad Bridge , which is centered around the idea that the world of paid media (AdTech) has now joined with the world of marketing technology (MarTech). Check back with the Marketo blog this Friday, June 5th where I’ll dive deeper into the concept of reactivation.

The 15 Best Content Marketing Videos Of 2015

B2B Marketing Insider

In this video presented by marketing automation company Marketo , you can learn not only about the content you should create for your emails, but how best to design them, nurture your subscribers, and ensure that they are compliant. For example, they found that 90 percent of marketers’ budgets go to six percent of traffic, which is PPC and display ads. Content Marketing for Startups”.

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PPC Optimization: Conversion is Only Half the Battle

Modern B2B Marketing

An example: Marketo’s lead management campaigns are not too different from its clients. Marketo’s campaign goals are to identify prospects that are likely to turn into customers. In one campaign, we targeted Google’s Search and Display networks over the course of a month. Display. Dirt cheap conversions and high volume, what more could Marketo ask for? Display.

Measure the ROI of Digital Advertising Beyond Revenue Impact

Modern B2B Marketing

To determine this, look at your website analytics to find the number of hits that come in from your native advertising directly, and then use Google Trends to see if the number of people searching for your brand name is increasing. You probably see this type of advertising many times a day online—they’re often displayed as banner or sidebar ads that change whenever you refresh your page. .

Rise of the Marketing Platform

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This was true even for digital channels such as display ads and PPC – even the website was one-size fits all. This can include video advertising, content marketing, event management, social media marketing, and display ads, to name just a few. That’s why at Marketo, we think that a marketing platform should come from a company 100% focused on marketing. Ready for it? Why Now?

What Qualities Should You Look for in a Marketing Automation Manager?

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Marketo and Ascend2’s Marketing Automation Strategy Survey. The ideal marketers for cross-channel, customer-centric marketing combine the creativity of an artist with analytical and data modeling skills. Marketing automation customer communities, such as Marketo Community. Results-driven/metrics/analytics. What collaborative skills did he display? Sales.

Higher Education and Beyond: A Changing World for Marketers

Modern B2B Marketing

Colleges and universities are now investing in responsive design, analytics tools, social media, and marketing automation. After enrollment, if she starts displaying interest in going abroad, she should be sent communications on exchange programs, overseas internships etc. Author: Vyoma Kapur Class is now in session! And that’s true for all marketers. What does this mean?

How Personalized Retargeting Can Optimize Your B2B Ads

Modern B2B Marketing

Since it targets those who have already expressed interest (with a website visit), it allows you to narrow your reach — especially compared to broad display advertising. Here’s a look at a company-based retargeting dashboard from Google Analytics: 2) Get Industry-Specific . Where is it working — and more importantly, where isn’t it working?

3 Steps to Mobile App Personalization

Modern B2B Marketing

With the right mobile engagement solution and analytics in place, you can glean a lot of valuable information about your users. Armed with this knowledge, you can provide personalized messaging that deep links to different places within the app, serving your users with content that is the most relevant and interesting for them, which can result in greater user loyalty and retention.

38+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools and Reviews


How can you quickly find out how far a link has spread on Twitter? A slick service that enables you to easily add a QR code to your business card which links to your LinkedIn profile and contact information. And when you log in to PingTags, you can view analytics like how many people scanned your card and which links they clicked. Back up your Gmail account? PingTags.

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4 Ways a Longer Consumer Buying Cycle Can Work FOR You

Modern B2B Marketing

Real-time personalization allows you to display the most relevant web content to each visitor to your site. For example, a university system might display information about different education programs, depending on the materials a potential student has shown an interest in. That’s why marketers need access to the analytics that matter. Intrigued? 3) Nurture Potential Buyers.

CaliberMind Offers B2B Orchestration with a Twist

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CaliberMind ingests data from Salesforce Sales cloud and Marketo , Oracle Eloqua , Salesforce Pardo t, and HubSpot marketing automation systems. It also uses those vendors to find identifiers belonging to the same person (such as multiple email addresses or alternative company names) and to link contact and lead records to accounts. We’ll circle back to classification at the end.

Social Media Features in Marketing Automation Systems: Who Does What?

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This is harder than monitoring since it requires linking social identities to marketing leads and connecting to the social system’s API. Links on the vendor names go directly to the vendor Web page or press release that described their social media capabilities. In cases where the data came from different sources, I've put the link on the items themselves.

It’s Not Just Politics: The Evolution of Marketing in Presidential Campaigns

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Taking a page from the marketing playbook, instead of overwhelming his readers with more information, he created a clear message and call-to-action (join the team), with a more organized display for additional information. In contrast, Donald Trump has only 3 (Facebook Custom Audience, Google Analytics and Google Dynamic Remarketing). voters. When Digital Marketing Meets Politics.

How to Create an Amazing Content Resource Center

Modern B2B Marketing

Once you’ve become a frequent publisher of content, you still need people to find it and read it (and ideally share and link to it). When content is easy to find and interconnected, people are more likely to share your links and recommend your content to their colleagues and clients. The blog approach can be useful because it displays the resources in a familiar chronological way.

More New Systems Challenge the Marketing Automation Status Quo

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SharpSpring also started as a narrow application – in this case, Web visitor identification and analytics – and evolved into a full marketing automation platform selling through agencies. Workflow supports multiple steps linked to conditions defined by email, Web, and social behaviors, lead scores, and various attributes. Although this approach is popular, there are others. to $9.99

The Google + Impact

Modern B2B Marketing

Last June, Google introduced the rel=author tag, which displays an individual’s Google+ profile information within the author’s correlating search result. Not only does the tag display the author’s picture, but it also shows the number of people that have that author in their circles—thus improving credibility if the author is a member of many circles. Improving CTR. Wrong.

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Hinge’s Fab Five: August 2013

Hinge Marketing

By Rachel Kavanagh, Marketo. As you share links in various social networks, the snippets displaying in your followers’ feeds will appear differently depending on how you tag your content. Find out why marketing teams thrive when they free themselves from traditional roles and embrace a blend of analytical and creative skill sets Enjoy! Infographic].

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Marketing Technology Basics: JavaScript Visitor Tracking


Have you ever wondered how marketing technology tools like Google Analytics, Marketo, and Hubspot can track visitors as they move through your site? For example, consider this code snippet provided by Google Analytics: (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){. (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Read Time: 4 Minutes. q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new

20+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools


Interested in an easy way to stay current on key Google Analytics traffic stats from your desktop? A powerful real-time social search engine that not only displays results for a specified term or phrase, but lets you filter results by source (e.g., A real-time search engine that displays results from blog posts, articles, blog comments, microblogging sites (e.g., uberVU.