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Enterprise Social Networking Platforms: Think Amazon, Not Facebook


“This is just Facebook for the Enterprise” is the most common way most people describe enterprise social networking platforms. After all, the look and feel of those platforms borrow a lot from the Facebook interface: status updates, @mentioning, groups, walls, profile pictures, direct messages, and so on. Think now about Amazon in its early days. in 1997.

Amazon Launches B2B Business

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As the web has grown and more B2B companies have expanded their online presences, they have had to deal with the notion of Amazon as a competitor. Not in the normal sense of competition for business, but competition for attention. B2B companies have also had to contend with the Amazon experience. Marketing Social Media 101 Amazon B2B marketing B2B Social MediaFaxes?

Facebook and Snapchat at war, and four other groovy media trends

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Facebook and Snapchat and content wars. Listen in for some TREMENDIFIED new insights on: Snapchat rejected Facebook’s takeover bid last year. Watch out for this ZUCKERFICATION of Facebook Messenger. Facebook and Snapchat … AT WAR? Amazon? Facebook and Snapchat and content wars. Watch out for this ZUCKERFICATION of Facebook Messenger.

Tools I use to amplify social campaigns


SOCi is a platform that allows you and your team to sort through piles and piles of content from across the social mediaphere, including content on Facebook using keywords and categories in order to collect the best, most relevant, news and content that is as close to bespoke to their needs short of writing it all yourself. What is it called when you stoke your followers into a dance frenzy?

A cautionary tale: Putting your business in the hands of Facebook

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The other aspect of their success, and frankly the more interesting part for us, is their Facebook presence. But when I asked them about their business website, they just shrugged their shoulders and laughed.  “Why waste time and money on building a website when you can do everything for free on Facebook ?”. Now they are finally building their business website. Mmmmmm.

What is Social Media Marketing?


For years, I struggled to explain to my mom what I do for a living. Now, I struggle to explain what I do for a living to my friends. The onus is on me because I am the expert in communications. have been putting together my company’s capabilities deck and have really had to think about this very carefully. monitoring (what are people saying about you?), development (is anyone listening?),

Mobile Positioning: A Business Must


In the fourth quarter 2011, smartphone click-throughs were 1.25%, tablets were 1.31%, and desktop/laptops were.95%. • 57% of Facebook users “like” a business because they want to receive special offers and promotions, according to Consumers are engaging with their favorite companies on Facebook, says Guest post by University Alliance. The result?

Launching your social campaign with guns blazing!


Facebook : /chrisabraham 5k followers. Share on Facebook. Like Facebook Page. Review Facebook Page. Like Facebook Post. While SocialOomph and ManageFlitter are following and follow-back tools, Audienti is a local MD business that has done an amazing job of doing automated influencer marketing. Timing’s of the essence so go go go go go go go!

Want to Shop on Twitter? Amazon Has a Hashtag for That


Amazon has made a mission of cutting the time between “want” and “own” through various innovations, such as the 1-click purchase option and Amazon Dash. Despite generally low percentages for ecommerce traffic from social media channels, Amazon has introduced their latest program with confidence. To read more content like this, subscribe to Ecommerce.

This Week in Content Marketing: Content Creation Plummeting on Facebook

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In this week’s episode, Robert and I analyze several new digital marketing statistics, including the decline of user content creation on Facebook and consumer use of wearables, and discuss the opportunities and challenges each trend creates for marketers. Among the most interesting: Facebook users are becoming lurkers; 66% report they didn’t post anything there in the last three months.

Facebook Goes Mainstream, Which Isn’t Such A Bad Place To Be


A few weeks back I wrote a blog arguing, in essence, that Facebook’s adroit shift to mobile and video in recent years has put the social platform on a clear path to dominate the digital marketing world. Ever one drawn to a dramatic and snappy headline, I titled the piece Facebook Uses Mobile Video to Take Over the World. Yes, Facebook's average user demographic is aging.

Aging 109

Attack of the Customers Press Release

Paul Gillin

Links and tweets are appreciated, but Amazon reviews will get you undying devotion. New Book Explores Recent Epidemic  Of Online Customer Assaults on Businesses.   ‘Attack of the Customers’ Helps Marketers and Business Owners Manage and Prevent  Reputation Threats Carried on Blogs and Social Networks. It was more difficult than I expected! Capacity to Destroy. 508-656-0734.

This Week in Content Marketing: Facebook’s Move to Swallow Publishers

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We also debate whether Facebook’s launch of its Instant Articles service represents the end of times for publishers or a stairway to heaven. This raises some serious journalistic questions about which articles get shown on Facebook and which get ignored. Robert and I ponder the pros and cons of media companies posting their content on Facebook and Google. million.

6 Great B2B Business, Marketing, and Strategy Books

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That being said, we can assume that reading more for business and educational reasons can correlate with earning a higher income and having a more successful business. Below are some great business, marketing, and strategy books that can be extremely useful for those in the B2B industry. It’s been proven that high income earners read more books than other demographics.

Facebook Introduces “Buy” Button – What It Means for Your Biz

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Facebook is trying to take the e-commerce bull by the horns by introducing and testing its new “buy” button. With the release, Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is determining whether it can help businesses drive sales. And without ever leaving Facebook. Breaking News Social Media advertising Buy Button e-commerce Facebook social network

Buy 37

The Bad News Is … You Are Meeting My Expectations

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There are only three possible impressions that a customer will walk away with having done business with you and/or your company. Meeting a customer’s expectations is a neutral experience … Continue Reading The Bad News Is … You Are Meeting My Expectations by Craig Jamieson - Maximize Social Business - Maximize Social Business - Your Social Media for Business Resource.

Four Trends Elevating Marketing as the Key Business Engine


As Doug Davidoff of Imagine Business Development points out : “as recently as five years ago, it was not unusual for me to meet with companies that were several hundred million in revenue who had no marketing department or focus whatsoever.”. Now marketing is rapidly emerging as the engine of the company, touching all aspects of the B2B business. How things have changed! Conclusion.

It’s not your house to pwn so remember your place


And neither could you, I am sure.  I really want their books to be powerfully successful business books and I am willing to take risks in order to get their good name out there! On reddit, on Wikipedia, on message boards , in emails, on reviews, and even on Facebook, Twitter , and Google+ , to the best of your ability. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t feel like work. you protest.

Digital casualties: a new trust awakens


If several friends from my high school search for my name in Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook, “the machine” can infer that we share something in common, even if I rarely use any of those tools. The likes of Amazon, Yelp, and TripAdvisor helped to cement a new model where thousands of reviewers became as trustworthy as the mass media or the testimonial from a friend.

Trust 26

How Big Data is Driving Business Growth

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Newman is the author of 2 Amazon Best Selling Books, "The New Rules of Customer Engagement," and " The Millennial CEO " A regular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post, an Adjunct Professor and advisor to some of the world's largest brands. With millions of Petabytes of structured and unstructured data being created each year, the volume will only continue to grow exponentially leaving us as business leaders and consumers to figure out what potential lies herein. Big Data Builds Community. Big Data Drives Revenue. Marketing Efficiency

Personal business lessons from 2015 and what you can learn from them

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Today, I want to share the most important personal business lessons from my online career in 2015. As a self-publisher myself, I told her how simple it is to sell digital books via online platforms like Amazon. You see, it’s easy for me to approach people via email, Twitter or Facebook and jumpstart an online relationship quickie. only browse through bookstores.”.

Social CRM for Small Business

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Jon is on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and he uses email. The vision is for Nimble to provide small businesses with customer relationship management tools that up till now have only been available to larger companies. Nimble is using the Amazon cloud and ensures data is secure and encrypted. An Interview with Jon Ferrara, Nimble Founder. But, Nimble is much more. love it!

3 Marketing Lessons From Amazon's Web Strategy


Amazon, sitting at number 7, stood out to me immediately. Amazon is constantly exemplified for its web and marketing prowess. In fact, this is true for many of the sites on Compete's top 10 list, which is why it tops my own list of lessons marketers can learn from Amazon's web strategy. 1. The pages I view and emails I get from Amazon are unique to me. No surprise here.

9 Social Media Hacks Every Small Business Can Benefit From

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Are you currently using social media sites to enhance your business’s online strategy? Turn to Facebook ads. Facebook has an easy-to-use advertising platform , which allows you to showcase your product to an audience of your choosing. See it in action : Here’s an example of a Facebook ad. 2. This handy resource creates ads for your Facebook page.

Referral Marketing: Catapulting SaaS Businesses to the Next Level

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study done at Manchester Business School on word-of-mouth marketing (aka referral marketing) establishes its history and cites unique examples going back to the times of Aristotle. The online revolution witnessed the birth of a new age of entrepreneurs bursting with innovative business ideas, which included the demand and acceptance of SaaS products. SaaS Tying It All Together.

How 3 Core Shifts in Marketing Automation Can Transform Your Business

Modern B2B Marketing

At the current rate of adoption and innovation, you may be wondering where marketing automation is headed, which trends are emerging, and how it will all benefit your business. Here, we’ll explore three major shifts in the marketing automation industry and how they’ll impact your businesses on both a macro and micro-level. Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place!

Social Media Explained. Really.

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This is a real dilemma because typically my time with these clients is short and the customer needs are great, so I challenged myself — If I only had ONE HOUR to teach a group of business executives and leave them feeling confident about moving forward with social media, what would I possibly say? Buy Social Media Explained now on Amazon. So I have this problem. Here they are.

Listen Up: 9 Amusing, Info-Packed Business Podcasts You Should Hear

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You face unique challenges and opportunities as a small business owner, so why not tune into a podcast to help you navigate the waters and learn from other people’s successes and challenges? Tuning in to the right ones can make all the difference in the world in how you address challenges, grow your business or keep up with industry trends. Back to Work. Duct Tape Marketing.

The dashboard has finally been perfected


Cyfe is a Business HUD. A HUD the acronym for heads up display. With Cyfe, you’re not just reading through all the logs and data once or twice a day during your data rounds but you’ll be able keep real time tabs on the mission-critical parts of your business. Facebook Pages. But that’s not enough. And then there’s Cyfe. Remember Yahoo! Goodbye guys.

Facebook Advertising for Dummies (Wiley)

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Whether you’re on the Facebook  home page, reading comments on a friends’ Walls, or playing your favorite Facebook game, you have probably noticed at least one advertisement running on the right hand side on the page. And many large advertisers, such as Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble, and Wal-Mart are running ads on Facebook, but so are many small businesses. Tweet This!

4 Tips for B2B Marketing on Facebook

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Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Business Mobile 2.0 Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! Contact Us Submit News Contact Us Write for Us Spark of Genius Series Mashable | The Social Media Guide Business Mashable on Facebook Join Us! Thanks again [link] Facebook ja B2B?

11 Pro Tips for Better Business Blogging

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Mashable | The Social Media Guide Viral Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video About Mashable Company About Us Advertise Submit News Contact Us Announcements Resources Guidebooks Lists How To Trending Mashable Awards Subscriptions Partners W3 EDGE Rackspace Concentric Sky Dynect DNS Intridea Welcome to Mashable! Facebook likes/shares, etc? Have an account? love it. Irony?

Understanding the Difference between LinkedIn Company Pages and Facebook Fan Pages

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LinkedIn Company Pages  are actually a combination of a number of different modules that are rarely maximized by businesses.  In order to better understand how your sales and marketing team can best maximize this multi-functional part of LinkedIn , it’s important to understand exactly what the Companies functionality offers. Has your company found business through your Company Page?

Social business, the forest and the garden: Your intranet is not the Internet


Altavista, Geocities, AOL, Google, Amazon, WordPress, eBay, Hotmail, Wikipedia, MySpace, Flickr, Delicious, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest all had their days of glory. Even if you are a “one in a million” kind of person, in Facebook there are 1,000 people just like you, and that is a crowd. Photo credit: Wikipedia. Why does that happen? Stay tuned!

Wiki 66

This Week in Content Marketing: Get Ready for Content Studios to Become a ‘Thing’

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” We agree that Facebook needs to tighten its policy to prevent stealing of content assets, which is happening with her record-breaking viral video. Listener feedback on Facebook Trending Articles discussion (7:45): During last week’s show, Robert and I came to the conclusion that no one pays much attention to Facebook’s Trending Articles. This week’s show. Ready?

5 Tips for Optimizing your Facebook Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

One of the great things about the Facebook platform is that it provides you access to a large audience of over 200 Million people worldwide at a low cost. Have a Strong Presence A Facebook presence, like a website, is a fundamental tactic and should be on everyone’s list of must haves for social network marketing. So try to direct them to someplace on your Facebook Fan page.

CPM 19

6 Takeaways for Marketers From Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report


For marketers, and anyone else whose business focuses on internet usage, the slowdown isn’t a sign to take mobile less seriously—if anything, mobile will only become more important as people spend more time on their devices. 2. Facebook and Google rule all. Google and Facebook are threatening to become nothing less than an internet advertising duopoly. Meeker and co.

Build your brand (for free)


And successful businessmen have “worked for free” since the dawn of business. Don’t sup on a lonely Club Sandwich in your room at night, join new folks or hunt down people you’re connected to via Facebook or Twitter and either tag along with them or be a hero and make some magic happen yourself and show them a good time. also have search locked down.

Build 89

Social Marketing to the Business Customer: A One-in-143,871 Book

It's All About Revenue

Remember journalism’s five W’s :  Who, what, when, where, why?  “ Social Marketing to the Business Customer ” by Paul Gillin & Eric Schwartzman (John Wiley & Sons) just might be the digital parallel.  In fact, an Amazon search for “social media” yielded 143,871 books.  I searched the first hundred titles, and not one – other than the subject of this review – mentioned business-to-business, b-to-b, or B2B.  They always focus on common sense, like:   Make sure the media are right for your business  – or admit that in some instances, they won’t work. 

9 brands prove vulnerability is good for business


Here are 9 brands who, when they make mistakes, showed being vulnerability was good for business. AMAZON : Remotely deleted George Orwell’s “1984″ from Kindle devices. Jeff Bezos posted an apology admitting the act was “stupid, thoughtless, and painfully out of line with [Amazon''s] principles.” Amazon Photo credit: Wikipedia. See for yourself.

4 Reasons Why LinkedIn (and not Facebook) Might be the Better Choice for Your Company

WindMill Networking

Successful social media marketing is about knowing where your customers are and establishing a presence there.  It is clear that professionals from all demographics are spending a great deal of time with social media, and that Facebook is the main networking site where we spend (or rather, waste) our time.  For Facebook, these are called Fan Pages.  is simple.  LinkedIn

Your website is wearing mom jeans and shoulder pads


The Language of Business is Moving Faster Than You Are. And so many of your clients and brands — the ones that fill the  clients ,  case studies , and  testimonials  portions of your corporate and personal website — to say nothing of your LinkedIn , Google , and Facebook profile  have changed. It looks like social media strategy is evolving into social marketing strategy.

This Week in Content Marketing: The Seduction of Rented Land

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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Robert and I ponder the pros and cons of Facebook’s decision to enable third-party branded content for verified publishers and influencers. Finally, we interpret Prevention magazine’s decision to drop all print ads and Mashable’s decision to focus on its core business. Content Marketing Examples Facebook Industry News and Trends PNR Social Medi