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11 Underdog Brands That Differentiated Themselves From the Competition


In fact, if a brand that succeeds in reaching its audience with content provided on social media, email, ads, and other media, this alone can differentiate them from other larger brands in their industry that miss the mark. Without further ado, here are 11 underdog brands that successfully differentiated their brands and proved they were a force to be reckoned with: 1) Apple. Ta-da!

Differentiating: a clear choice?

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Blurring the lines of differentiation and confusing the customer (only after we’ve confused ourselves!). With only a couple of days to the general election, you can’t fail to have noticed each of the political parties clamouring to declare in bold terms the clear choice they offer to voters. But equally noticeable is the distinct look of “it’s as clear as mud” on the faces of journalists and Joe Public alike. It shouldn’t be that difficult, should it? mean, there’s one on the left, one on the right, and one in the middle, isn’t there? And what’s that got to do with B2B marketing?

Ten reasons to blog – even if nobody reads it

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Hubspot research shows that sites with blogs get 55% more traffic than sites without blogs — even if there are no readers! . 2) Marketing differentiation  – Finding a way to stand-out may be the most difficult chore a business faces.  . Building an engaged community through a business blog can be extremely difficult — sometimes impossible. There better be. Why not use it? 

55 (of the) Best Social Media Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2010


If 2009 was the year many marketers puzzled over, poked at and pondered incorporating social media into their marketing mix, 2010 was the year of diving in. Social Media Metrics and ROI. 6 Key Metrics for a Social Media Measurement Dashboard [Best of SEW 2010 #4] by Search Engine Watch. 78 (of the) Best Social Media Marketing Tips, Guides, Tools and Strategies of 2010 (So Far).

What The Japanese Can Teach Us About First Impressions.


About | Advertise | Submissions | Write for Us CrowdsourcedFRD Home Advertising Branding Content Marketing Lead Gen SEO-SEM Social Media More Strategy Design PR eBooks Educational Facebook Guest Posts Twitter What The Japanese Can Teach Us About First Impressions July 28th, 2010 | By Paul Rudo Image Source: [link] In Japan, they take business cards (Meishi) very seriously. Or Does It? 5.

The Brave New World of B2B Marketing - Are You Ready?

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Also, consider how you will make sure that your content is on message and consistent (this is not trivial when you have multiple writers) - for example, do you have message maps that capture your key messages, differentiators, value proposition and positioning - by audience and segment? Your B2B markets are changing rapidly. B2B buyers are more sophisticated than ever.

B2B Market Segmentation – Part 2: How to Approach Segmentation

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Price Sensitivity Do you position your product in segments that are price sensitive and invite vendors to complete on price or segments that pay a premium for a solution that is highly differentiated? In part one of our segmentation series , we discussed the importance of and rationale behind market segmentation. Let's take a closer look at actual implementation of market segmentation.

9 Indispensable B2B Social Media White Papers

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Published by Hubspot, May 2010. Published by Radian 6, September 2010. Published by:, September 2010. Published by Marketo, June 2010. Published by Microsoft, February 2010. Published by B2Bento, February 2010. Published by HiveFire, March 2010. Published by, November 2010. Published by: B2Bento, January 2010.

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Building Your Content Brand In The Content Marketing Arms Race


In other words, what used to be a real differentiator will become the new minimum. Technology Naughty Vs. Nice In 2010 2. We’ve used it to promote our own services (the B2B Content Marketing Workbook has clocked up over 1,000 downloads to date) and we’ve used it to help just about every one of our clients jump out of their crowded markets. But now everybody is in on the game.

5 Steps to B2B Marketing Success

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Step 2 – Build a Strong Value Proposition Build a strong customer-centric value proposition that puts your product and services in the context of the customer's problem, communicates the value you provide and your differentiators vis-a-vis competing alternatives. Prospects and customers are becoming more sophisticated and better informed than ever before. What business problems do they face?

7 Strategies for Using Content to Market Industrial Products

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Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website 7 Strategies for Using Content to Market Industrial Products by Achinta Mitra on May 14, 2010 in Content Marketing , Industrial Marketing & Web 2.0 , Industrial Marketing Blog I am a big fan of Content Marketing or as some people like to refer to it as Inbound Marketing. Copyright © 2010 Tiecas, Inc.

Six steps to differentiating your solutions

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But a great deal reflects that fact that we simply don't put in the time or energy to identify and communicate the true differentiators that actually matter to prospective buyers. We get so caught up in cranking out the stuff of the launch process that we fail to step back and methodically work through why our solutions are better than those of the competition, and how to connect those differentiation dots to the issues our customers care about the most. Six Steps to Differentiating Your Solutions Offerings We'd love to know what works for you! Aargh!

Tribes Rule the Hyper-Social Organization

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Any line of business that does not provide the opportunity for clear competitive differentiation should be discarded, the authors say. I’ve been looking forward to reading The Hyper-Social Organization since I first heard François Gossieaux and Ed Moran discuss the findings of their “Tribalization of Business&# research at a conference two years ago. wasn’t disappointed.

SEO success for your blog in 10 easy steps

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This is part of what differentiates you in search from every other type of photo blogger that covers a slightly different topic and should be drawing in different types of searchers. If you’re like me, when it’s time for the holidays, your mind turns to one thing:  Search Engine Optimization.  Read this guest post from the Genius Eric Pratum. Difficulty – 2. Priority – 10.

How P&G Designed Success with the Old Spice Guy Campaign


Smell was clearly an important differentiator. Proctor & Gamble (P&G) came to the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan about their recently successful Old Spice guy campaign. These thoughts were gleaned from that presentation. The knew who their competitors were, as well as why people bought those products and their own. Old Spice has had a tradition of scent.

Social CRM: Curb Your Enthusiasm

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Vendors of CRM services, who are always looking for differentiation points in that crowded market, have lately been talking up this social dimension as a kind of CRM 2.0. If you’re a marketer in a medium-to large-sized B2B company, you’re almost certainly using customer relationship management (CRM) software to track your customers and prospects. encourage you to restrain your enthusiasm.

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Thought leadership is still dead; long live idea marketing

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Gartner’s definition of thought leadership marketing is this: “The giving—for free or at a nominal charge—of information or advice that a client will value so as to create awareness of the outcome that a company’s product or service can deliver, in order to position and differentiate that offering and stimulate demand for it.”. So much of what passes for thought leadership these days is little more than warmed over brochures. Last year, I wrote a piece that talked about why thought leadership is dead and why we needed a new term to describe it. guess I’m a little bitter, through. Yikes.

Snooping on Facebook: Not just for stalkers any more

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I have one of the world’s best points of brand differentiation — I’m the only business blogger you know old enough to have a daughter-blogger! Lauren is entering her senior year as a journalism major and has been having some intriguing social media experiences. Hope you have all been doing well. But my hiatus is beside the point. The hunt begins. Facebook takes over. Match.

Is the era of PR over?

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In order to differentiate themselves from the many other journalists receiving the same releases, self-respecting journalists never used anything from press releases in their stories. Among the many interesting ideas thrown around at ITSMA’s annual conference this week was that the era of PR is over. As in dead. Don’t do it anymore. First, let’s define what PR means from the perspective of the customer (i.e., a journalist) and the customer’s customer (i.e., the readers of the journalists’ publications). Looked at this way, there are only two types of PR: Guard dog PR and placement PR.

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What’s it like to be in B2B marketing?

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The research, which Luisa and I have developed together, will allow us to differentiate between business to business and other marketers. This is the year when I get to do what I want to do – or at least most of the time. At the advanced age of 62, I experienced the benefits of formal coaching for the first time, and saw its benefits. already knew that I had made the best moves in my life after getting really good advice or mentoring, but until now it had been informal – typically consultants that I worked with telling me (more or less), “you don’t want to do this, you want to do that.”

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78 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Blog

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How can you differentiate your brand? How can you differentiate your content? So, you've decided to launch a blog for your business. Congratulations! Welcome to the exciting worlds of content marketing and social media - all wrapped up into one bundle of bloggy joy that will require your nurturing attention for a long time to come. Grab a cup of coffee and a notepad. Got it?

B2B Marketing and Sales Books: What's On Your Summer Reading List?

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eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale - Ardath Albee's book on eMarketing is a great book that teaches its readers how to differentiate themselves from every other organization in their space. The Catcher in the Rye. Moby Dick. Pride and Prejudice. The Grapes of Wrath. Tale of Two Cities. Remember those? Maybe you were excited by all of that reading; maybe you weren't. Pick this one up.

What Product Lifecycle (PLC) Means for B2B Inbound Marketing

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Marketing strategies here might be to differentiate (flank) the competition with innovation or niche markets or to find ways to reduce cost of production or control distribution (direct attack). Tweet. One marketing tool to use in determining which marketing strategies and inbound marketing tactics will be most effective in B2B marketing planning is your product or service lifecycle stage.

Should we stop marketing to the CIO?

Chris Koch

Business people heard grand promises of business efficiency, cost savings, and competitive differentiation, while CIOs provided crucial translation that weighed those promises against the reality of 30-year-old legacy systems, dispersed business units and geographies, business process vagaries, tangled infrastructure—basically, the IT hairball that threatens to choke any deal after it is signed. Technology marketers have spent the last 25 years trying to get and keep the attention of the people with their hands on the technology tiller inside multi-billion dollar organizations, CIOs.

Five Benefits of Blogging for Business


Even more importantly, if your product or service is difficult to differentiate, a blog gives you a way to create differentiation via your knowledge. Expertise is a powerful differentiator; in commoditized markets, it may even be your only effective one. Blogging provides business executives and marketers with opportunities beyond and distinct from a typical company website.

Marketing Dashboard: Active Discovery

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Most B2B marketing organizations invest in paid search campaigns to drive awareness, and with most if not all of these efforts there is an ability to differentiate between traffic driven to your site via paid efforts vs. natural search efforts. The richness of insights that can be gained with a deep understanding of how buyers are using search is nearly without parallel.

The clash of the social media know-nothings

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Creating points of differentiation. The know-nothings. You know who I’m talking about right?  Social media “marketers&# who have never practiced marketing.  Maybe have never even had a sales job or a college-level marketing class. But they’ve created a Facebook page and have 500 followers on Twitter so somehow that makes them a guru. Enough has been written about that.

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Social Media Hierarchy of Needs - Best Practices for ROI Success

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Tier 4: Collaboration – interacting with the user base is a key differentiating element to the most successful social media campaigns. From our social media ROI studies, analyzing the investment, popularity, practices and results of social media marketing for the Fortune 500, and select small / medium companies, a key indicator to social media ROI success was level of engagement.

The lure of cheap content in B2B marketing

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Forgoing competitive review despite the need to differentiate.  An article in MediaWeek on content mills like Demand Media and got me thinking about the dangerous lure of cheap content in B2B marketing. The goal of the content mills is to crank out a huge volume of search-oriented content for the web as cheaply as possible and sell advertising against it.

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Why PR Doesn't Drive Sales


It's the only way to differentiate yourself in the noisy media landscape. A common goal among many companies that hire public relations agencies is: "We want to use PR campaigns to increase sales.". In reality, sales success and public relations campaigns do not have a direct correlation. The key factor in bridging the gap that most people miss is marketing efforts. Connect with HubSpot

B2B Marketing needs to Curate a Vibrant Community

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Those already predisposed to buying our products and create a level of service and differentiation for them that is commensurate with their buying habits? If you ask the members of my leadership team – they will tell you I keep talking about how I think we have B2B Marketing backward. Let me explain …. But what if we focused on those buyers who have already purchased from us? Tweet This!

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Social Media Hierarchy of Needs - Best.

Tom Pisello

Thursday, December 23, 2010 Social Media Hierarchy of Needs - Best Practices for ROI Success From our social media ROI studies, analyzing the investment, popularity, practices and results of social media marketing for over 500 companies, a key indicator to social media ROI success was level of engagement. Gartner reduces IT Spending Outlook for 2010, but. Do White Papers Still Engage?

Job Seekers, Forget About LinkedIn: The Ultimate Guide for Your Twitter Job Search

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But where LinkedIn may have been the ultimate differentiator for the job seeker two years ago, it no longer is.  I hope that the title to this blog post knocked you out of your comfort zone, because that was my intention in writing this guide.  Instead, it’s time to start thinking about investing more time in utilizing Twitter for your job search.  Setting Up Your Account. Enough said.

Re-evaluation brings rewards

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More importantly, how do they differentiate from their competitors? New business development requires a relevant strategic plan, says guest blogger Julia Haviland, director of Brittain Marketing. There is no doubt that direct communication with prospective companies is a proven route for businesses to engage with key decision makers. There is also solid evidence that such channels can assist in delivering your product and service propositions, which can help achieve growth plans. The dilemma for many marketers and sales professionals is how do they position themselves in today’s market?