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Thought Leadership Merchandising: Rising Above the Noise

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Merchandising Strategy Precedes Content Development. Proper application of Thought Leadership-based content begins with development of a content merchandising strategy, involving two basic questions: What measurable outcomes do we want our Thought Leadership to achieve (other than having people think we’re smart)? Thought Leadership Programs Must be Accountable for Business Outcomes.

Portfolio: Creative Goods Merchandise

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Creative Goods Merchandise is a NYC-based firm that designs and sells the official souvenir merchandise of many Broadway shows including Avenue Q , Blue Man Group , Fiddler on the Roof , Grease , Hair , How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying , Million Dollar Quartet , Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark , The Tony Awards , West Side Story , Wonderland , and more.

What promotional products are on your desk? [survey results]


To help us understand how effective promotional products and branded merchandise really is, the  British Promotional Merchandise Association  (BPMA) often commissions surveys to illustrate how well promotional giveaways really work. What promotional merchandise do you have on your desk right now? Here are the survey results: Which best describes your job title? 89% pen.

Promotional products: making them effective branding tools for your business


It is called the British Promotional Merchandise Association. They periodically survey recipients of promotional merchandise to evaluate their effectiveness and see what works best. Sure, everyone likes getting free promotional gifts, but certain branded merchandise works better than choosing a generic type of promotional gift. That is almost double all other mediums combined.

How The Chicago Bears Elevate Fan Engagement

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The Chicago Bears launched a birthday campaign as their first automated campaign, designed to nurture fans and increase revenue through merchandise sales. The Bears also have driven a significant amount of revenue from merchandise sales through the birthday campaign, and have improved email metrics. We’re able to showcase what they’re able to offer to fans as well.”.

Stop the Insanity. Fire Your PR Firm in 2014.

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It’s All About Merchandising. The attribution is unsupported, but Albert Einstein is often credited with the quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” Over the past 5 decades, to rationalize hefty monthly fees, the PR profession has successfully promoted three underlying assumptions: Any publicity is good publicity. and “2.

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9 Must-Attend Retail Trade Shows for 2015

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Why they say to attend: “ASD Las Vegas (h eld twice annually) brings the world’s widest variety of merchandise together in one efficient consumer-goods trade show that’s as easy to shop as it is to love. ” World Alliance Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference April 25 – 28, 2015 San Antonio, TX. Uncategorized ABC Kids Expo ASD Market Week CES International IRCE magic NRF''s Annual Convention & EXPO SPREE SuperZoo World Alliance Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference CES International January 6-9, 2015 Las Vegas, NV.

The 12 Hottest Tools for Content Promotion

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There are a lot of people furiously writing great blog posts, spending hours a day, hoping that an insane amount of new customers will magically find their content and purchase their app, solution, merchandise or something else. Content marketing is nothing without good promotion. It doesn’t work that way. Promotion was important before content marketing […]. Content Marketing

Even Merchandisers Must Be Customer-Centric

Customer Experience Matrix

But one—it happened to be about business intelligence systems—highlighted the importance of merchandise managers. This isn’t news to me: merchandisers are the kings and queens in most retail organizations, for the excellent reason that nothing else matters if people don’t want to buy what a store is selling. The question I asked myself (well, technically, I asked the cat because otherwise I’d be talking to myself and that would mean I’m crazy) was whether merchandise analysis is outside the scope of customer experience management. He’s absolutely correct.

5 ways Marketers can help Sales Reps find content


Merchandise “the goods” so they are easy to find and easy to use. 5 ways Marketers can help Sales Reps find content. Has anyone from your sales team ever asked you to email a report, a slide deck or PDF that is already in your content repository? Marketers are becoming publishers, creating more content than ever.  So how can you ease the pain? Get the sales team connected to content.

Are you ready for Return On Influence?

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Dozens of companies like Klout are slicing, dicing, and dissecting the billions of bits of information published on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook each day and grading your ability to create buzz.   The most powerful of these new “Citizen Influencers” are rewarded by the world’s biggest brands with trips, merchandise, and luxury cars. And it is being led by YOU.

This Week in Content Marketing: Inside The New York Times’ Subscription Funnel

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We wrap up the show with a #ThisOldMarketing example of the week from Disney and merchandising. Disney and merchandising: This excellent article from The Wall Street Journal reveals how the moviemaker systematically approaches new films. Since then, it has created “revenue ripples” of more than $2 billion per year in merchandising. This week’s show. Sponsor (36:49).

How to Make Money Blogging:Yes – You Can Still Make Money Blogging!

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Products and/or Merchandise – As the blogging stratosphere expanded, and readership grew, so did opportunities for merchandising. Can you still make money blogging ? Or is it too late to get in to the game? As I shared in my last post , the blogging has rapidly changed, but it’s not too late to start a blog, or turn your existing blog in to a source of income. Indirectly.

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The evolution of social media analytics

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Disclosure: I have never received any payment or merchandise from Dell. Disclosure: I have never received any payment or merchandise from Dell. Click here if you cannot see my video interview with Shree Dandekar of Dell. You probably can’t pick up a book on social media best practices without seeing some reference to Dell. It’s about creating measurable results.

Why This Holiday Email Campaign Misses the Mark

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There’s literally no other detail mentioned – nothing about what I’ll learn, perhaps about ecommerce trends or security best practices or Web merchandising – that communicates the benefit of downloading the paper. I may as well be asked to download a product brochure. Take the email campaign below from security vendor Symantec. If your offer is a Webinar, sell the value of that event.

10 things you need to know NOW about OmniChannel Marketing

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As the illustration depicts, traditional marketing, advertising and merchandising co-exists with these layers, and increasingly pervades them. One large retailer I spoke to operates store merchandise marketing, media marketing and Internet marketing as completely different silos … and they all have different goals. Simply put, OmniChannel is multi-channel done right!”.

4 Ways to Turn Marketing Ideas Into Engaged Customers

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“What makes a stellar head of marketing today is someone who not only has the marketing skill-set, but who can also flex across technology and product/merchandising. Having engaged customers is, of course, the holy grail for marketers. Successfully mine all of today’s rich sources of data. There is of course no shortage of data available. Enhance professional and personal skills.

Nicolas Franchet, Head of Retail and E-commerce at Facebook: How to Combine Digital and Traditional Retail Marketing Channels [Podcast]

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Keeping Customers: Loyalty—the third key component of digital merchandising, says Nicolas—is about re-engaging existing customers, 70% of whom will never read a brand’s email communications. Last year in the USA, the public spent more time on digital platforms than they spent watching television, making for the first of such a significant channel shift since the 1950s.

Modern Consumer Behavior in an Omni-Channel World [Infographic]


In today’s omni-channel world, brands must be strategic about merchandising on their various channels and need to fully understand why or why not their customers are clicking the buy button –– no matter where it appears. There have been plenty of predictions for the commerce industry in 2016. It’s one thing to lower prices and an entirely other to raise them. Ecommerce

The Rise of Virtual Reality and What It Means for B2B Marketers


Tesco, a British supermarket chain, used VR to help the company better understand how the company can merchandise shelves faster, and redesign and improve store layout. It wasn’t long ago that virtual reality felt like pure fiction. Bringing this technology to reality, however, felt “highly illogical,” as Spock would say. For marketers, this is the holy grail. Key takeaway. Key takeaway.

The 3 Things Retailers Need To Know About In Store Holiday Shoppers

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Merchandise Selection/Variety. This past holiday shopping season, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Edison Research conducted a two-part holiday research study. We conducted qualitative and quantitative studies of holiday shoppers during two distinct time periods: October: When consumers are generally in the holiday planning stages. The average score was a 5.3, Quality of Products on Sale.

The 100 Year History Lesson On Marketing Operations and MarTech


Experienced advertisers have watched and recorded, tested and logged, and left records of countless campaigns. I n these conditions the advertising and merchandising becomes a science. "There is a science to advertising. Principles are learned and proven by repeated tests” ( Scientific Advertising ). This was written in 1923. And this was the beginning of the accountable marketing mindset.

10 Nonprofits That Are Totally Nailing Pinterest Marketing


This serves as a good reminder that Pinterest isn’t only about sharing photos, but that it can also be a great way to share your stories using videos as well. 3) The Trevor Project: Promotes Merchandise. Merchandise is a great tool for brand awareness. There are many reasons why visual content is becoming more widely used in online marketing, including these 19 statistics.

Predictive Analytics: Should Automated Content Selection Work by Segment or Individual?

Customer Experience Matrix

The individual-level approach makes the most sense when there are many content choices to consider, as with retail merchandise or entertainment (books, music, movies, etc.). Two vendors made the same point with me this week, which is reason enough for a blog post in mid-July. The point was the difference between basing content selection on individuals and on segments.

Five steps to establish a content-creating company culture

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One company maintains a leader board of bloggers who reach certain milestones and then rewards the top contributors with special events and company merchandise. One company maintains a leader board of bloggers who reach certain milestones and then rewards the top contributors with special events and company merchandise. Use the whole buffalo. customer presentations. PR efforts.

How eCommerce, Augmented & Virtual Reality will Redefine the Retail Experience


Many retailers are beginning to prepare for the consumer transition to mobile by fitting out their stores with near-field communication ( NFC ), a technology which supports data transfer over short distances, to encourage shoppers to purchase in-store merchandise online with a wave of their smartphones. eCommerce: Creating a More Convenient (Personalized) Shopping Experience. And shop.

The Future of Advertising Is Native Social Commerce


It resulted in $125,000 of merchandise sales. Another strategy is to relate sponsored tweets to an event-based keyword or hashtag which offers a special price or limited-time discounts on merchandise. Think the impact of sponsored tweets selling merchandise once #GameofThrones or #TheWalkingDead comes back on the air. Newsflash: The golden era has come to an end. Ecommerce

The Biggest Lesson I Learned in 2016: Talk About Who You Are, Not Who You Aren’t

Modern B2B Marketing

Costco says it is “a membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing our members the best possible prices on quality brand-name merchandise.” Author: Janet Dulsky The new year is upon us which means that it’s time to make our New Year’s resolutions. If you’re like me, you dread making New Year’s resolutions. This year, I’m going to make it easier on myself. has a way of doing that.

How Your Content Marketing Can Get an Extra Lift From Influencers

Modern B2B Marketing

Merchandise? Author: Ellen Gomes Every industry has influencers—people who have the ability, because of their power or knowledge (real or perceived), to influence purchase decisions. Hollywood has celebrities, fashion has models, and business has its moguls. The internet is no different. Influencers can keep content relevant. Customers trust customers. They can cut through the clutter.

Is Your B2B Firm REALLY Marketing…Or Simply Making Tactical Soup?

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For the firm to benefit from the credibility associated with publication of its partner’s life sciences expertise, it would need to proactively merchandise this inherent 3rd party endorsement. Is Your B2B Marketing a Tactical Hodge Podge? B2B firms invest significant dollars and hours maintaining a broad range of marketing tactics that may or may not demonstrate economic value. THE PAYOFF.


20 Amazing Examples Of Brand Content Marketing Hubs

B2B Marketing Insider

This site essentially re-imagines the way they merchandise their talent by focusing on the best stories and curating interesting and popular shops and shop owners. Lesson for brands: think outside the traditional merchandising box and imagine how to highlight the stories behind what you sell. have a running list of about 10 sites that I typically use as examples. Adobe

Is Pinterest Pointless for B2B Firms?


So before investing too heavily in this platform, consider these facts: Pinterest Is Made for Merchandise. Because it focuses on attractive photos and images, Pinterest caters more to companies that sell merchandise (like clothes and living room rugs and houses) than to B2B brands that sell services (like tee times online booking for golf courses). Viral Traffic = High Bounce Rates.

Chicago unveils digital innovation and entrepreneurship center

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Located in an expansive space in the downtown Merchandise Mart. Click here if you can’t see Mark Schaefer’s interview with Una Pipic of Chicago’s 1871 Center. I had the chance to be a guest speaker at Chicago’s rocking new digital innovation center, 1871. And, apparently, hundreds of entrepreneurs seem to think so, too. Isn’t this a great concept?

Image Recognition technology is a goldmine for marketers

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notice that Facebook starts to show me ads for Angry Birds games and merchandise. notice that Facebook starts to show me ads for Angry Birds games and merchandise. By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist. I am admiring a stranger’s purse. surreptiously take a photo of it on my phone and instantly get a “buy now” option from my favorite store.

How to Tailor Content Distribution Throughout the Fashion Life Cycle

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Every season, your forecasting and merchandising teams have to find the best new styles in the hottest colors and then guide those products through the four fashion life cycle stages: Introduction. When a trend enters the decline phase of the fashion cycle, sales will drop off and you’ll have to lower prices to move your leftover merchandise. Growth. Maturity. Decline.

Is Your Competition Making Stuff Up? Good.

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Is there anything prettier than a well-merchandised display of bed and bath linens?  I mean, what can beat the crisp, pretty sheets in their perfect little packages arranged by designer, colour, size and thread count. It’s all about potential. Is full size the same as double? Is that some mysterious European mattress size? Do the kids have single beds or twins? Well it is. Like thread count.

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The Ultimate Holiday Marketing Giveaway [All Entries Receive a Free Domain]

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The grand prize winner also receives a premium Google domain, printed business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, a rollup banner, and other branded merchandise. Looking to launch a new business in 2016? Or, maybe your brand is ready for a major boost? Either way, you’re thinking about ways to generate sales in the new year. For free? GET FOUND ONLINE. STAY CONNECTED WITH CUSTOMERS.