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B2B Marketing’s Measurement Problem

Digital B2B Marketing

It is called a complex sale for a reason, but B2B marketers keep trying to fit it into a simplistic measurement framework: where did we get that lead? Yes, there are ways to more effectively measure the impact of marketing on your business, solutions that many mid-sized B2B marketers have access too. Demand Generation Measurement lead generation SalesforceYour Turn.

A ton of useful information on social media marketing measurement!

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In today’s post I’ve provided two wonderful resources to get you over the hump of social media marketing measurement … subject that seems to preoccupy so much of the online conversation. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post explaining WHEN we measure our efforts is as important as WHAT we measure. The importance of qualitative measures.

A solution to the content marketing measurement puzzle

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How do I measure the value of what I am doing? What I want to propose today is that your success might not be determined by WHAT you measure but also WHEN you measure it. What you measure and how you measure it needs to be dynamic. The content marketing measurement problem. Your goal is not to find the right social media measure. Advertising works.

The Best Way to Measure Thought Leadership

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Measuring Thought Leadership Measuring an investment you make in thought leadership is extremely difficult. Many B2B marketers (the market I usually work in) end up measuring thought leadership programs on leads or content consumption. To change it, we need to change what we are measuring. This is what you need to measure. Measuring Thought Leadership.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

a better job of linking their efforts to measurable business results. Everything is now measurable. Demonstrate business results: the challenge to tie marketing efforts to measurable business results (e.g., But marketers will have to do a better job of setting measurable business-oriented goals up front, then running campaigns and measuring results against those goals.

A course correction for influence marketing measurement

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We need to move beyond superficial measures of influence and that is starting to happen. Influence marketing measurement . And unfortunately, that is the extent of influencer measurement today for many companies: Tweets and Twitter followers. I recently had a great conversation with Pierre-Loic Assayag of Traackr about the state of the nation on influence marketing. WHAAAAT?

The social media measurement smackdown

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You can’t measure what you’re doing and people should not even try.” “Too much focus is placed on measurement.” “As a social media marketer, I can’t measure what I do,” said the moderator. As marketers we should measure EVERYTHING. It is merely a symptom of an anti-measurement bias creeping into the blogosphere.

An expanded view of influence marketing measurement

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Indeed, Twitter mentions and follower counts may be the least effective way to measure anything when it comes to true influence. Cost savings — Research shows impressions generated by influencers compare favorably to traditional advertising measures. Another view of influence marketing measurement. The implications for influence and measurement. But does it work?

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Digital Marketing’s Massive Measurement Lies

Digital B2B Marketing

The problem starts when you begin measuring your programs based on the companies or individuals you reached and what they did. Unfortunately, this is the easy, and almost universal, way to measure digital marketing today. Measurement Media analytics marketing analytics retargeting search view-through No wonder 8 in 10 CEOs don’t trust the work marketing is doing. Yikes!

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

a better job of linking their efforts to measurable business results. Everything is now measurable. Demonstrate business results: the challenge to tie marketing efforts to measurable business results (e.g., But marketers will have to do a better job of setting measurable business-oriented goals up front, then running campaigns and measuring results against those goals.

Measuring Lead Nurturing Performance


I was asked to answer a few questions recently for a paper by DemandGen Report and Vidyard on measuring lead nurturing. You can access the full report here , but here is the full Q&A providing some thoughts on lead nurturing and measurement of content performance. This is a tricky one, and it really depends on what you want to measure. How do they overcome these challenges?

Are You Measuring Event Marketing The Right Way?


While events can be highly effective opportunities, they pose a measurement challenge for many marketers. This information is critical for measurement and, more specifically, for attribution. Granular touchpoint tracking isn’t automated, so most marketers measure their event performance using the metrics that are readily available: registrations, attendees, badge scans, etc.

Why screenshots may be the key to influence marketing measurement

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As you would expect, there was also a lot of discussion on influence marketing measurement and one keynote session in particular blew me away with an idea that is so simple and yet so powerful: screenshots. Screenshots as influence marketing measurement. This interesting measurement innovation comes from the LikeToKnowIt app. Other influence marketing measurement trends.

Six Expert Guides to Measuring Content Marketing Results


Yet the question remains: can the results from content marketing be measured? That is, really measured—in ways that matter to the business? Certainly, there’s no lack of of activity-based metrics that are measurable: views, clicks, shares, likes, visits, tweets, mentions, comments, etc. Like the social media ROI debate , content marketing pundits and practitioners differ on the practicality of measuring the ROI of their efforts. ” 6 Ways to Measure B2B Content Marketing Performance by Dun & Bradstreet CONNECTORS. What do you think?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

a better job of linking their efforts to measurable business results. Everything is now measurable. Demonstrate business results: the challenge to tie marketing efforts to measurable business results (e.g., But marketers will have to do a better job of setting measurable business-oriented goals up front, then running campaigns and measuring results against those goals.

20+ Metrics for Measuring B2B SEO Performance

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My contribution, “ 10 Measurement Tips for SEO Content ” (now live on MarketingProfs University) focuses on key reports and analysis designed to connect SEO-related content marketing efforts with business performance. Measure this in comparison to other online marketing channels to determine quality of traffic from organic search. About 10 Measurement Tips for SEO Content.

5 Critical (and unique) considerations about PR measurement

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I recently did a talk at the AMEC Measurement event in New York for my friends at Cision and they were kind enough to provide a video of my talk. This was a fact-filled presentation I have never delivered before and I think it will provide some valuable insights into the ever-present question on PR measurement and social media ROI. Aspects of PR measurement. by Mark W.

Measuring Feedback: Separating Needs from Noise


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Another way to measure social media success

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The cost of getting an accurate measurement is. But I think there are many, many creative uses of social media — and even more creative ways to measure it — that many people miss. Another way to measure social media. Do you measure your social media ROI? ROI and measurement eric pratum social media measurement social media roivia KellBailey.

A surprising insight on social media measurement: Activity does matter

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Most social media “gurus” will be quick to point out that activity-based metrics such as number of posts, followers, or re-tweets are meaningless because they don’t measure real business value. I’m going to take a contrarian viewpoint today and explain that in the real world, these simple measurements are not only useful, they may be critical. Keep it moving.

Marketing Measurement Is More Than Taking Credit


Better access to data gave marketing departments something that long felt elusive before: a specific measure of success. Until recently, so much of what marketers did was hard to measure. Hive9 marketing measurement marketing dataWe assured the CEO and CFO that our work was making a difference, but it was difficult to prove in a tangible way.

5 Smart Metrics To Measure B2B Content Marketing Success


According to a recent survey by CMI and MarketingProfs, only 21% of content marketers are able to successfully measure their content marketing in terms of ROI. Sure, they may know how many visits their post has (63% say that’s how they measure their content marketing efforts) or how many clicks it drives. If you can’t confidently measure the ROI, how can you justify more investment?

Why social media measurement efforts seem empty

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But if you adapt to the opportunity and adopt a social media measurement mindset open to new types of indicators, you will have a better chance of success. How do you measure the progress of relationship — the financial return on relationships? Isn’t that why so many measurement efforts feel like they are falling short? Creating relationships takes a long time.

How to Measure Content Marketing Success


In terms of “what” to measure, this infographic from Brandpoint recommends three broad areas to assess: • Awareness (e.g., With more than 90% of companies now doing some form of content marketing , the logical question is: how do you know if you’re doing it well? ” but also “how are we doing compared to our competitors?” What are your takeaways?

If you can’t measure marketing ROI, find the right alternative

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You are investing time and money into your marketing, you need measure what justifies that investment! And a few of you really can measure marketing ROI directly against incremental profits. But sometimes measuring marketing ROI is impractical. In some cases, this will be a direct measurement and proxy for your ultimate goal. We’ve all seen it. ” Click rate?

Stop Apologizing, Start Measuring

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People like me scurry about the C-Suite teaching Corporate Overlords how to furrow their brows, soften their eyes and ooze concern while quietly managing a tight talk track and measuring the heck out of media impressions, market sentiment and brand impact. Do you have any sort of accurate measure on what’s causing these little dances? And boy are they dancing in Wolfsburg this week.

48 Ways to Measure Social Media Success


But it’s crucial to the social media ROI debate to recognize that “R” is an end-of-the-process measure. There are numerous in-process measures that may be impossible to tie directly to ROI, but are nonetheless critical in producing that final “R” value. There are an abundance of measures, from machining tolerances on shafts to the temperature in the paint room, which are vital to track during the manufacturing process. Top visiting organizations (measure of targeting effectiveness). Lift in direct visits (an imprecise but correlated measure). Overall traffic.

Measuring the Immeasurable

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Influence measurement is a natural evolution of conversation monitoring, a discipline that’s personified by’s Radian6 tool and dozens of competitors. I’m not saying that influence measurement tools are inherently unreliable, but they are attempting to measure what may be immeasurable. Sentiment analysis is devilishly difficult to get right, however.

Measuring the Customer Journey from Leads to Revenue


Measuring Success Based on Revenue. Attracting high quality leads at the top of the funnel, that turn into closed deals at the bottom of the funnel is the ultimate goal for every B2B company. But how do you get there? Attracting New Visitors. To execute a successful top of the funnel (TOFU) campaign, marketers must first seek to understand the buyer’s needs. Driving High Quality Leads.

How to Measure Campaign Effectiveness


Far too often we dedicate hours upon hours to planning and executing campaigns never to measure whether or not our efforts paid off. Why You Need to Measure Your Efforts. You did the work — why is measuring it so important? What You Should Measure (and How To Do It). Now that you’re sold on the importance of measurement, what exactly do you need to measure?

Measuring Your Content Measurement Maturity

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Content measurement. You probably already know that though, because at least half of all marketers say they struggle with content measurement. There’s just basic content measurement —are people consuming it, sharing it, acting on it? Where you fall on the continuum of content measurement could be anywhere from rookie to rock star. Time to get serious about measurement.

How To Measure Paid Media ROI (ROAS)


Moreover, creating ads and getting clicks is one thing; effectively measuring it is a completely different beast. Measuring your performance is critical because it allows you to prove the value of your work, as well as improve your performance going forward. This results in an easy to measure cost per click (CPC) calculation. How To Measure It. Cost Per Lead (CPL).


Social Media ROI: Mythic or Measurable? Six Experts Weigh In


Does social media marketing produce measurable ROI—and if so, how does one measure it? You can’t calculate ROI from social media… Analyze This: A Social Media Measurement Process by FeedBlitz. Social Media ROI: 11 FREE Tools for Measuring Social Media Success by Search Engine Watch. Can the ROI of social media marketing be measured? What do you think?

Can Social Media ROI Be Measured?


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4 Ways of Measuring Marketing ROI

It's All About Revenue

by Sylvia Jensen | Tweet this Most CMOs believe ROI should be the primary measurement of marketing effectiveness. That’s according to an IBM survey revealing 63% of CMOs surveyed think ROI will be the main measurement by 2015 and that 56% feel ill prepared to manage ROI. Thanks to advancements in analytics and marketing automation have put measuring marketing ROI possible.

Exploratory Marketing: Basic Measures

B2B Marketing Insider

The post Exploratory Marketing: Basic Measures appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Today’s environment calls for marketing to focus on the “end value” in mind. The advertising and marketing industry has a saturation of companies with churn and burn models or providing mediocre strategies but charging client’s huge fee’s. Marketing Strategy

How To Plan, Execute & Measure a Direct Mail Campaign


Below, learn how we planned, executed and measured our most recent direct mail campaign. This allowed us to measure the results even if the contact didn’t book through the URL, and instead booked through an email or a phone call with the AE. In the closing months of 2016, we wanted to run a campaign that would impact sales opportunities and help our sales team have a great Q4. On Dec.

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A Social Media Measurement Dashboard; One Approach


A few months ago, I wrote a popular post on the right way to measure social media ROI, and now I want to take social media measurement to the next level. There really is no “right” way to measure social media. I digress- let’s get back to measurement. In social media, there are three major categories of measurement: Reach, Engagement and Website Traffic. REACH.

Tools that help monitor and measure social traffic


All too often social media marketing departments rely on interactions and likes rather than utilizing tools that measure more than just engagement (such as statistics, demographic metrics, and conversion goals along with other online and offline media mentions). Isentia Insights : Isentia Insights is an enterprise level media intelligence, PR measurement, and analysis services.