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5 Real Life Examples of Fantastic Calls-to-Action


GoDaddy. GoDaddy is a web and email hosting company that also sells domain names and other related services. The objective of this particular page is to get a user to purchase a domain name they've selected, and this GoDaddy CTA uses one of the most fundamental best practices to achieving visibility: using a button color that starkly contrasts the rest of the site's design scheme.

Do Small Businesses Need Marketing Automation?

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Rather, the most successful small business systems tend to do one thing: think accounting ( Intuit Quickbooks), Web hosting ( Godaddy ), email services ( Constant Contact ) or CRM ( ). More aggressive businesses might add auto-responders such as Aweber , with pricing as low as $19 per month for 500 subscribers. From there, it's a logical progression to the small business marketing automation vendors I mentioned earlier, although the big jump in prices poses a hurdle: costs start upwards of $200 per month. On one level, this broader scope makes perfect sense.

The 9 Must-Have Components of Compelling Email Copy


They didn't order me to purchase tickets by saying "Purchase Tickets Tomorrow for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band," though such a subject line may have performed just as well. Some of them are looking to rent, some prefer to buy; their ideal location ranges across several cities and zip codes; they all have different price points with which they're comfortable; some are looking for a studio, while others want a mansion; you even know that a group of them will only accept homes that have been renovated in the past 5 years. So how do you write a great marketing email?