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How to Get Through Gatekeepers When Cold Calling.

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

” This got me thinking about how difficult it really is to get through administrative assistants and other gatekeepers. gatekeepers hold their positions at companies because they are very good at their job – a side from overseeing all aspects of general office coordination, they know exactly how to monitor and manage inquiries from sales professionals like us. Although it can be very de-motivating when a gatekeeper won’t direct us to their boss, there is no reason why we can’t find alternative ways to get to these executives.

B2B Phone Sales Tips: Beating the Voicemail Gatekeeper


For the sales rep, the question becomes: How do I break through the voicemail barrier, beat the technological gatekeeper and deliver my message? In B2B sales, don’t view voicemail as a technological gatekeeper. Sometimes it seems that for every technological advance, there is a counter-force at work. Take the telephone. To leave a message or not to leave a message? Lead Generation

What brands and consumers get from long vs. short form content


Brands act as filters or gatekeepers for consumers who need the articulation of a simple promise and someone or something to cut down on the avalanche of contextual content we’re tempted to sift through. Many of us still welcome that brand gatekeeper in the presence of ever more “cookie cutter “or irrelevant content being pushed out by marketers. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Branded content just another shade of fake news?


Here, newly created in-house departments of these institutions that previously acted as gatekeepers or filters for the truth are creating thinly-veiled marketing communications masquerading as news or research. Remember blogging for business? Better still blogging by brands? Much of it is nothing more than thinly-veiled traditional market messaging delivered through a new channel.

The World May Be Ending But, If Not: 3 Tips To Be a Better Marketer in 2017

Customer Experience Matrix

Instead of dealing with Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon for different purposes, individuals will get a more coherent experience by selecting one gatekeeper for just about everything. This will give gatekeepers more complete information for each customer, which will let the gatekeepers drive better-tailored experiences. Et cetera. There’s a lot going on here. It is.

Getting Sales Messages Past the Crocodile Brain


If you can’t get your sales messages past the crocodile brain gatekeeper, you haven’t a chance of influencing or persuading your prospects. “Crocodile Brain!?” Research shows that the most rudimentary part of our brains, the part responsible for survival, filters what gets through to the rest of our brains. Our brains are divided into […].

3 Reasons Your Call Strategy Must Have More Influencers than C-Suites

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

The second reason is, of course, gatekeepers. Sure, there are some sales strategies for speaking to gatekeepers and catching C-level prospects when gatekeepers may not be available (i.e., If you work in outsourced B2B lead gen, you know this moment in a conversation all too well: Sales Partner: Can you tell me what criteria you want us to follow when procuring data?

BANT Criteria in a Buyer-Centric World? No More


Vendors and sales people are not the gatekeepers of information any longer and multiple analyst reports state that buyers are generally through 50-70% of their buying journey by the time they first interact with sales. Everyone in sales and marketing knows what BANT stands for – Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe. Is BANT still meaningful in 2016? Not so much. Blog BANT Lead management


74 Compelling Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Post Titles [Infographic]


Whether your posts are being discovered in social media, search engines, or inside of people''s inboxes, the titles are the first things readers will see -- and they''re the gatekeepers of the excellent content just one click away. To help you brainstorm some clickable titles, created a lovely infographic featuring 74 blog post titles "templates." Blogging

How to Build Rapport on a B2B Sales Call


Getting Past the Gatekeeper. When reaching out to senior executives, you’re often faced with talking first to their gatekeepers—the administrative assistants who shield their bosses from unscheduled cold calls. While you often need to think on your feet and assess the conversation as it unfolds, you can prepare yourself with a few techniques: Never try to sell the gatekeeper.

Social media giants tighten their grip on small content producers

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The holy web has allowed us to bypass the former gatekeepers: Want to build your own radio show but can’t get a regular gig? But one thing is sure—the old gatekeepers are slowly but surely leaving the town and the new ones are busy setting up their own power structures. By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist. Start a podcast. Go self-pub. Youtube’s your place to be.

The Coming Death of Self-Publishing

B2B Memes

The traditional model is built around a system of gatekeepers—agents, acquisitions editors, and other publishing professionals whose role is to make judgments about what will and won’t be published. And by cutting out the middlemen—all those traditional gatekeepers and their expenses—authors now have the potential to make much more money from their works.

B2B Marketing Needs One Giant Step…Backwards

Marketing Craftmanship

In the dark ages of B2B marketing communications, circa 1980, the goal was to get your snail-mailed communications past the office gatekeepers (a/k/a “executive assistants”), and onto the desks of your targeted decision-makers. Dead on arrival. But starting in the mid-1990s, corporate adoption of email communication changed the dynamics of direct marketing.

Selling is Easy! (If You Get the Right Support)

Tomorrow People

But pick up any book on selling written before 2011 and there will be lots of chapters about ‘getting past the gatekeeper’ and ‘overcoming objections’ etc. You want your salespeople speaking to as many decision makers as possible and not wasting time getting fobbed off by receptionists and other gatekeepers. Could you make your sales process as easy as 1, 2, 3? Outbound cold calling.

Inside Sales Training: How Invested Should We Be in Human Interaction?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

People are constantly looking for an edge, “What are the ways I can get by the gatekeepers?” “How do I craft an opening sentence that captures the prospect’s attention and gets me a meeting?” Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from David Brock, sales consultant and President at Partners in EXCELLENCE , where this post was originally published.

What’s the Difference Between Buyer, Customer, and User Personas?


Buyer personas encompass all of the differing roles or stakeholders involved in the purchase decision and are usually represented by decision maker, influencer, champion, and gatekeeper roles. At its very basic level, a “persona” is a character. The term is derived from Latin, where it originally referred to a theatrical mask. Do you know the difference? Who authorizes renewals?

B2B market research – 10 unique features

The B2B Research Blog

And before you even have the opportunity to persuade them you need to get past any ‘gatekeeper’ such as a secretary or PA. The support of this individual is invaluable in getting past gatekeepers and persuading respondents to support the research. Is B2B market research really that different from B2C?  And with good reason. The tele-depth methodology is more common in qualitative B2B.

Why You Should Consider Using Twitter for B2B Leads


There’s nothing better than calling an executive on the phone and when you encounter the gatekeeper, saying you are following up on a tweet,” he said. Every day there are new B2B opportunities waiting for you on Twitter, LinkedIn and the other social media channels. Whether you turn these moments of opportunity into high-quality leads is up to you. – Social Media Today , 2014. Connect.

5 Tips for Inside Sales Reps When on the Phone with New Prospects

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

The gatekeeper can be a huge resource, too. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a post from Gillian Sontz , Business Development Representative at AG Salesworks. In B2B inside sales, you will often have to call lists, both warm and cold. They''ve never heard of you before. They may have never even heard of your company before. Have a plan of action. Do your research.

Why the sales funnel is alive and well and living on the web

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Because pre-internet, brands were the primary gatekeepers of the content (information) about their products and services. They were also the gatekeepers of the information you were truly seeking in order to naturally move through the buyer’s journey the way you wanted to. By Chad Pollitt, {grow} Community Member. Do a quick search for phrases around the death of the sales funnel.

Are you using the wrong lead-gen model?

Sales Engine

That was what we used to do before the emergence of a content-heavy internet, and it worked because sales people were the gatekeepers of information about products and services within a company. It’s time to face some hard truths about B2B sales. People don't answer their phones the way they used to—some 85 percent of phone calls go to voice mail never to be returned. They need marketing.

The Summer Grind: 3 Tips for Successful Summer Prospecting

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

That way, you can plan the best call times for reaching them where they are, and you can predict whether there will be administrative assistants, or gatekeepers, who may be able to give you more information. Summer weather is finally starting to blossom. Spring has sprung, Memorial Day has passed, and the dog days of summer are on their way! Build your pipeline. Be Strategic. Don’t give up.

Four ways Facebook Instant Articles will dramatically impact marketing

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While we would like to think that the “best content rises to the top,” anybody producing content for a living knows this is a mythical point of view and it will certainly not be true once Facebook becomes the gatekeeper. Something important is about to happen, and the impact on content marketers will be profound. Let’s look at the implications for digital marketers. 1.

Facebook’s Algorithm Has Unprecedented Power. Here’s How We Need to Respond


It’s hard not to be obsessed with the most powerful gatekeeper of digital content. As I write this, a single algorithm controls the flow of 40 percent of all web traffic to publisher sites. It’s the main source of news delivery to 62 percent of all American adults. You’ve probably heard about the fake news controversy and experienced the filter bubble.

10 Epic Shifts that are Re-Writing the Rules of Marketing

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The fragmentation of content channels that occurred with the internet (everyone is a publisher!) is less important now as powerful media gatekeepers re-assemble in the form of Facebook (they determine what we see), Google (they determine what we find), and Amazon/Apple (they determine how it is distributed). ” This seems like a simple question, but I’m not sure I know any more.

Rules 87

The 2 Things You Must Nail For Lead-Generating B2B Content

B2B Marketing Insider

Salespeople used to be the information gatekeeper. This space was normally rented from a gatekeeper who could control access and exposure. Are you overwhelmed with the complexity of creating B2B marketing content that generates leads? focus on two things can help it all fall in place. The way people buy has changed dramatically. Most every other study pegs that percentage even higher.

Tweet Less and Talk More


So how do you get past their gatekeepers and into the conference room? Toss the technology. Relationships rule in sales. The Internet is the most powerful, life- and business-changing tool created in generations. But while technology has forever altered our sales processes, it won’t save our sales careers. That’s our job. Stop Communicating, Start Connecting. Yet, take a look around you.

8 Opportunities for Quality Conversations in Inside Sales

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

These professional gatekeepers know more than they let on and are actually a very important part of the prospecting process. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a post from Michaela Cheevers , Business Development Representative at AG Salesworks. Inside sales reps have the same imperative: maximize time by qualifying prospects creatively. Make your emails different.

Why Marketers Are the New Wingmen

Modern B2B Marketing

Thanks in large part to the internet, salespeople are no longer the sole gatekeepers of company information. Staff your booth in a way that a person who is a “gatekeeper” (aka the qualifier) is the first touch point for your visitor. Author: Michael Powers Chances are if you’re in events marketing at a B2B company, your schedule is full of trade shows. different perspective.

6 Skills Today’s Lead Nurturers Must Have

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Therefore, sales prospecting with content requires a more complex process than it did even five years ago, largely because the buyer has a lot more control and salespeople are no longer the sole gatekeepers to the information they need. Your prospects are shopping online for solutions, with or without you. Enter the lead nurturer. Messaging strategy and application. head for analytics.

5 Steps to Market to a New Vertical

Modern B2B Marketing

Don’t forget about others who play a role in the purchase process as well, such as influencers or gatekeepers. Author: Vyoma Kapur Financial services. Healthcare. Higher education. Manufacturing. Marketing to a new vertical  is no easy feat. It takes time, resources, and dedication. Let’s look at five key steps to penetrate a new industry: 1. Understand the Market. Identify Your Personas.

The Most Untapped Leverage Point For B2B Growth


You probably don’t need me to explain the value of direct dials, but just in case, two words: circumventing gatekeepers. In the race to grow your company, defeat your competition, and dominate the marketplace, it can sometimes feel like the most important parts of the SWOT analysis lie in the externally-focused quadrants: Opportunities and Threats. Marketing: Better Leads, Higher ROI.


5 Steps to Kickstart Your Account-Based Marketing Program

Modern B2B Marketing

Stakeholders, gatekeepers, and influencers all play key roles. Author: Hila Nir The value of account-based marketing (ABM) is undeniable. While ABM may not be new, the path to its implementation and execution certainly is. The scope of technologies that support ABM is growing, enabling organizations to  scale their ABM strategy  like never before. But how do you get your foot in the door?

Infer’s Predictive Insights From Across The Web


Vik Singh provides his perspective on why acquiring Marketo would be a strategic way for an enterprise company eyeing a piece of Salesforce’s business to obtain a foothold into their accounts. “If you want to make headway in the CRM or analytics space, you need a solid marketing automation system — the ultimate gatekeeper of the funnel. In the News

Is Content The Solution for Your Shrinking Sales Pipeline?

Sales Engine

This isn’t meant to imply that salespeople are no longer valuable—quite the opposite is true, in fact—but they are no longer the gatekeepers of information and conductors of the buying process. Despite a vibrant U.S. economy and an ever-expanding arsenal of technologies to help both salespeople and marketers reach more prospects, many companies continue to struggle to grow sales.

8 Roles You Need to Build an Ace ABM Team


The CMO could be considered the gatekeeper of success. Ready to stack the deck? There is a key combination of critical components that any B2B company can use to build themselves an ABM team of aces. And all of these account-based marketers are aiming for a common target: revenue. Show revenue contribution, and you’ve proven your ABM team’s weight in gold. [1] The CMO.

The 2 Things You Must Nail For Lead-Generating B2B Content

The Forward Observer

Salespeople used to be the information gatekeeper. This space was normally rented from a gatekeeper who could control access and exposure. Are you overwhelmed with the complexity of creating B2B marketing content that generates leads? focus on two things can help it all fall in place. The way people buy has changed dramatically. Most every other study pegs that percentage even higher.