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The Ultimate List of Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark


All bloggers have a number of websites that they visit every single day. In your web browser, bookmarks are links to specific websites that show up as buttons at the top of your web browser -- making it easy to visit your favorite websites. How to bookmark websites will depend on the browser you're using. 22 Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark.

The bloggers are the victims of bad blogger outreach


I just wrote an article , Blogger outreach is earned media PR, isn’t it? wherein I suggested that some bloggers are kinda jerks because they lead any blogger outreach with “here’s my advertising packet.” Bloggers, in fact, are the victims and we digital and PR agencies are the perps. That said, these bloggers are the victims. Totally!

Search isn’t about search anymore, it’s about social


Search will never be the same as it was as recently as a few years ago. Sites that have dominated search in the recent past are being penalized or de-indexed, going from the first page to page twenty or being removed completely, stripping many eCommerce sites of millions of dollars in revenue. Actually, Madda Fella is really underutilizing their YouTube site. Influencer Outreach.

17 Realistic Ways to Get More Website Traffic


Get the search engine optimization right. Long tail keywords are search terms of three words or more. But they often still have good search volumes, and they tend to convert better. Does your site have the basic nuts and bolts of search engine optimization in place? For instance, is your website fast and mobile-friendly? It’s what makes it go. 15) Guest blog.

Creativity with Blogger; using it to make quality websites beyond the Blog

Confluent Forms

Pinch Gallery website For some time now, we've been documenting how people can take advantage of Google's Blogger service to make blogs that really showcase their incredible content by using the flexibility provided by this free hosted service. Pinch Gallery 's website redesign project gave us the opportunity to take Blogger even further. Why did we do it?

You can do some amazing things with Blogger

Confluent Forms

Confluent Forms LLC specializes in creating gorgeous, engaging websites with custom content management systems (CMS, software that enables easy management of your website content without a web developer), but we’ve found that Blogger can be a great platform for web development when a custom CMS isn’t needed. Using blog software for a website? I know - unexpected, right?

9 Tips to Spot Amazing Article Writers


Article writers – truly amazing ones who create content that will knock your visitors’ socks off – can sometimes be hard to come by, depending on your niche. Here’s a list of 9 quick tips to help you spot amazing article writers. When trying to find article writers, Google can be your best friend. Simply search the following keyword: “your location freelance writer”.

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Have top influencers author your sites to appease Google search


In my analogy, Google Hummingbird will require each website owner to find one or more social media passion-players and woo, hire, pay, or partner with them in order to get back on top of Google organic search. Consider the blogger you bring on board as authors of your site to be the helium balloons lifting Carl Fredricksen , Russel, and Dug up into the sky in their house.

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Why Google Doesn’t Like Your Flat Website

B2B Marketing Traction

I follow several search engine optimization blogs, and I thought I’d share some observations now that the algorithm changes rolled out in several Google releases code-named “Panda” According to Eric Enge of Search Engine Watch , the algorithm changes in Panda affect websites that Google sees as “flat” for a couple of reasons. Think again.

B2B 64

Google “mobilegeddon” starts today — are you prepared?


Back on Feb 3, 2015, I told you why you need a mobile-native website today — now, it’s more like you need a mobile-native website today ! If your site isn’t mobile-native today, April 21, 2015, you might lose a little under 50% of all of your search traffic. Google is about to dramatically change how search works on your phone. Blogger. Joomla!

The Business Blogger's Ultimate Guide to Mastering Lead Generation


In fact, it's practically a marketing Swiss army knife: it enables you to regularly publish content, boost your website's search engine optimization , establish your industry thought leadership and expertise, and it also provides content fodder for your other marketing channels such as social media and email marketing. Within Individual Articles. But have no fear! link] ).

SEO: 3 Things Journalists and Bloggers Can Learn

Writing on the Web

From what I see, many bloggers aren’t using hyperlinks when they publish blog posts. But everywhere I attended (there were three courses per day over four days), even opening paragraphs ignored this online basic fact of life: When publishing online, your content must be optimized for search engine indexing. What’s this article about?

Owning Google Search is so easy–yet very very hard


It’s the same thing with search engine optimization (SEO) and Google. . From legions of active Google-paid reviewers to a billion passive reviewers who create very useful patterns that Google can now recognize real-time and then put it through a Turing test , if you will, to check to see if various and sundry memes, virals, videos, and popular content are propagating for real or as a result of a promotional command and control structure aimed at gaming search for fun and profit. Related articles. Image via CrunchBase. A couple years ago, SEO held a lot of secrets.

Google is a lying liar that lies


Site speed is the most important – Even if you do everything right in preparing your site for a simple Google pass-through, Google will drop you as a top-three result on Organic Search if the pass-off isn’t immediate. If you dominate image and video search in your vertical it can really help your general ranking everywhere else. Matt Cutts’ Search Quality Team.

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23 Outstanding Social PR Guides


Foremost among these developments is the shift from communicating primarily to a closely-guarded list of traditional “media’ contacts (editors and paid journalists) to working with an amorphous and expanding pool of influencers in specific industries and specialties: vendors, buyers, brand advocates, bloggers, freelance writer, peers, and others. Image credit: PRNews.

PR 137

Using Blogger to make quality websites beyond the Blog

Confluent Forms

Pinch Gallery For some time now, we've been documenting how people can take advantage of Google's Blogger service to make blogs that really showcase their incredible content by using the flexibility provided by this free hosted service. Pinch Gallery 's website redesign project gave us the opportunity to take Blogger even further. Why did we do it? How did we do it?

28 (of the) Best Business Blogging Guides and Tips of 2013


Maintaining a company blog has numerous benefits for businesses of almost all shapes and sizes: blogging is an SEO best practice; it drives more website visitors lead conversions; it draws new visitors, expanding the reach of the company website; and it’s core element of a content marketing and online presence optimization strategy. Optimize your blog for search? Stop It!

Upgrade your lame agency website into your social media brand HQ


Every time my article explicitly says “Blogger Outreach” the server will turn that phrase into a hyperlink and that link will go to the page on Blogger Outreach — and if I change things up, I can change than point-to link to somewhere else and it will change every instance … erm, instantly. Related articles. Image via CrunchBase. What is home?

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

delicious b2bmarketing

Website Grader Badge Connect with Us HubSpot on Facebook HubSpot on Twitter InboundMarketers LinkedIn Group ProMarketers Facebook Group Subscribe to Blog RSS Want to share your Inbound Marketing advice with the community? Because blogging helps Indium reach target audiences, get the company message out and -- above all -- get found via search engines and social media. Wrong. Move on.

What Your Business Needs To Know About Google+

It's All About Revenue

It’s called Google+ , and it’s been labeled the search giant’s Facebook contender. What’s different is how Google is attempting to leverage its dominance in search as it approaches social. Another feature is Sparks, which helps you discover news articles you might want to share based on your interests. How To Add +1 Button to Blogger – A guide from Blogger.

Google 108

Your keywords suck and are outdated


You probably built your website years ago by now. As I have said again and again, Google may well be the most sophisticated, intuitive, and relevant search engine going, but there’s a terrible secret that even Google doesn’t want you to know about when it comes to folks searching for and finding you: Google plays dumb until it needs to be smart. Related articles.

What is Social Media Marketing?


Social Media Marketing — according to Wikipedia , “social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.” ” Previously limited only to bloggers, influence marketing has widened the angle of its lens to realize that there are all sorts of influentials all over the Internet. development (is anyone listening?),

17 Foolish Mistakes to Avoid as a Guest Blogger


Guest blogging can provide a variety of awesome benefits: it can do wonders for your search engine optimization, be a great way to get exposed to a brand new audience, help you improve your thought leadership, and better establish you as an expert in your industry. Are you trying to rank in search for a particular keyword ? Do a Google site search (in Google, search site:www.

11.5 Amazing Content Creation Tools for Becoming a Super Blogger


For the uninitiated, it’s a pretty hard-to-hack website that defies definition; combining principles of both bookmarking and social media networks. The website has been dubbed a “meme breeding ground,” and it’s the perfect place to discover images and concepts that are just beginning to gain steam. The software behind Trapit never stops searching the web for the topics you care about.

31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO


Given all of the changes Google has made affecting organic ranking factors (asking webmasters to disavow low-quality links, reducing the value of guest blogging , ignoring links in press releases , etc.), the practice of SEO—optimizing owned content for search—is no longer sufficient for maximizing a brand’s online visibility. Time for a New Definition of SEO by Search Engine Watch.

Online 124

Post-Hummingbird Search: An (Almost) A-Z Glossary of Winning at SEO


However, August’s in-depth articles update and the Hummingbird algorithm changed the game the most. Search in 2014: A Glossary of Best Practices. After 10 months where the search engine’s public authority measure wasn’t updated and plenty of speculation occurred that it would be gone forever, this public measure of authority was finally updated December 6th.


Content Promotion Strategy: 23 Proven Ways to Explode Website Traffic


Due to the increasing weight of social signals in SEO rankings, social distribution can even be a precursor to gaining the search rankings you need for organic traffic. Once your blog gains momentum, you’ll become a lean machine which is able to utilize your content assets to generate social media followers, email subscribers, and high search rankings. Reach Your Tipping Point.

48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics


Search engine algorithms are constantly being updated. What needs to be done to recover from search engine penalties? Infographic: Search Ranking Made Simple by Sword and the Script. Google image search only gets a half a percent of Google’s overall traffic. But due to blended search results, images actually get a lot more traffic than that half a percent”).

Best Social PR Guides and Tips of 2010 (So Far)


And as any blogger can tell you, PR pros understand this, as witnessed by the incredible increase in blogger outreach “pitches&# from corporate PR departments and firms over the past two years. Of course, there’s more to (successful) blogger outreach than just pitching, and there’s more to the new practice of social PR than just blogger outreach. How to Reach Out to Bloggers by Chris Brogan. “Are you hoping to connect with bloggers and get the word out about your product or service?&# Like what? How Is PR Changing? Digg this!

PR 52

Reproduce all your own stuff on your professional page


For example, I am writing this article for Biznology, an esteemed source of industry news. I plan to copy all my old articles and posts them onto Gerris Corp’s website over time — bringing all of my own personal content to roost where they can help me connect with my future customers and clients. It’s time to call all of your content home. Like this post?

10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your B2B Website with Twitter Influencers

Social Media B2B

Use prominent influencers in your sector to gain reach, trust, and drive traffic to your website. Do a Twitter search to find your industry leaders, and influential customers. Tweet their blog articles. Show that you read your leading influencer articles – and that you appreciate their knowledge. Network with influential bloggers in your niche. Follow them.

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Nofollow Tags: What They Are and Why They Matter


It’s a concept that was developed as a defense tool for website owners, but it’s also a tool that search engines use regularly. The nofollow link makes that possible by telling a search engine that a link does not have value. Circa 2005, search engines and businesses were dealing with many consistent spam issues. Content spam was prevalent. Comment spam. Summary.

Spam 67

Top 25 Articles and 8 Topics in B2B Marketing for March 2010

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

Best Social Media Stats and Market Research of 2009 - Webbiquity , March 31, 2010 Whether you need data to back up a proposal for investing in social media marketing for CFO, want to understand which online tactics work best for engaging with customers and prospects, or are just an analytics data junky, you’ll find a treasure trove of key insights and happy hour trivia in this collection of the best articles and blog posts on social media and other marketing research of the past year. What are the latest trends in search? Do websites even matter any more? March 2010.

Stats 18

The 26 Best WordPress Plugins


WordPress is far and away the most popular content management system (CMS) for websites. It runs between 25% and 28% of all websites, and nearly 60% of all sites built using any sort of CMS platform. In its early days, the relative ease of use compared to technical power attracted bloggers to the platform, and its open source nature attracted a broad developer following. grow}.

Fulfill your resolution to blog in 11 steps


A majority of my revenue is generated from blogger outreach, namely long-tail and deep-dive, outreach that extends all the way into the thousands of bloggers. As part of the client service work on behalf of my clients I have engaged with many thousands of bloggers over the last decade. Blogger. Related articles. Good for you. Blog wasn’t built in a day.

83 Exceptional Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014


What do only 48% of searches result in? Find the answers to those questions and many, many more here in more than 80 social, content, search, and email marketing facts and statistics from the past few months. 7 SEO and Search Stats. billion Google searches, with 78% of U.S. 33% of organic search clicks go to the first result. No, not that.) B2B Marketing ). A lot.

Best Random but Interesting Marketing Posts, Articles and Resources of 2011


Find the answers to those questions and more here in eight of the best hard-to-categorize-but-worth-a-read marketing posts and articles of the past year. Among the research results presented here, “Only 5% of online shoppers surveyed say they are primarily influenced by social media to visit a top retailer’s website. Is social media worth the effort for online retailers?