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10 B2B Marketing Lessons from Walt Disney World and Universal Studios


Don’t nickel and dime customers; consider “all-inclusive” pricing. ” This pricing model certainly doesn’t fit everywhere in the B2B world, but for products that command a premium price, and which buyers reasonably expect to include a certain “bundle” of additional items or services (e.g., Price has many uses. Well, no. million.

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Tableau Software Adds In-Memory Database Engine

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Summary: Tableau has added a large-scale in-memory database engine to its data analysis and visualization software. Hard to believe, but it's more than three years since my review of Tableau Software ’s data analysis system. Back in 2007, my main complaint was that Tableau lacked a data engine. average as a line and individual observations as points); - more powerful calculations including multi-pass formulas that can calculate against a calculated value - user-entered parameters to allow what-if calculations The Tableau interface hasn’t changed much since 2007.

Are Multi-Variate Testing Systems Under-Priced?

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Of course, I’ve been around long enough to know you can’t trust anything but your own eyes where software is concerned (and sometimes not even those!) So the misinformation—which I’m certain was unintentional—was no surprise. Apparently the prices for behavioral targeting products are higher—perhaps because at least some of them base their fees on incremental profits earned for their clients (I know Certona does this). Both types of products tailor Web contents to individual visitors. The difference is in how they select the contents.

ICON16: How Infusionsoft Plans To Dominate Small Business Marketing (and Make Life Better For Small Businesses Everywhere)

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The company made a few announcements, most notably a vastly improved email builder and tighter integration with online accounting software from Quickbooks Online and Xero. This is based on Infusionsoft’s learning over the past ten years that the main barriers to success with its software are small businesses not knowing what to do with it and not seeing immediate value from the efforts. Infusionsoft’s goal is to bake as much as possible of the methodology into the software, its partner ecosystem, and prebuilt assets such as campaign plans. million $1.6 So it's worth a look.

Tableau Software Makes Good Visualization Easy

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I took a close look recently at Tableau data visualization software. That’s a little vague: the example that Tableau uses is analyzing the price of a condominium, and adding variables like square footage, number of rooms, number of baths, location, etc. to see if they explain differences in the sales price.) liked Tableau a lot, even though it wasn’t quite what I expected. I had thought of it as a way to build aesthetically-correct charts, according to the precepts set down by Edward Tufte and like-minded visualization gurus such as Stephen Few.

Beanstalk Data Adds Service to the Marketing Automation Recipe

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Although it just hit my personal radar, the company was founded in 2007 and launched its product in 2009. Pricing is starts at $1,500 per month for a complete marketing automation system, although clients who want just email and lead scoring can start for as little as $600 per month. loyalty systems marketing automation software beanstalk dataAnyway, back to BeanStalk.

Accenture Paper Offers Simplified CRM Planning Approach

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Our friends at Accenture have once again illustrated the point with a paper “ Surveying and Building Your CRM Future ,” whose subtitle promises “a New CRM Software Decision-Making Model”. Each combination neatly maps to a different class of CRM software. No firm runs purely on SAP or Oracle enteprise software. Tags: marketing software customer relationship management crm software selection vendor evaluation data integration As I’ve pointed out many times before, consultants love their 2x2 matrices. couple of things still bother me. But am I a cynic?

BridgeTrack Integrates Some Online Channels

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release of Sapient ’s BridgeTrack marketing software. In general, I prefer to evaluate software based on what it does rather than what it doesn’t do. Actually, based on the July 2007 press release describing the BridgeTrack integration, Omniture positions itself as “online business optimization software” that provides “one standard view across all marketing initiatives”. Tags: marketing software marketing automation online marketing Both headlines are sure to draw the interest of certain readers. 2. People who click on either are likely to be disappointed.

Analytica Provides Low-Cost, High-Quality Decision Models

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My friends at DM News , which has published my Software Review column for the past fifteen years, unceremoniously informed me this week that they had decided to stop carrying all of their paid columnists, myself included. This caught me in the middle of preparing a review of Lumina Analytica , a pretty interesting piece of simulation modeling software. Analytica falls into the general class of software used to build mathematical models of systems or processes, and to then predict the results of a particular set of inputs. This pricing is quite impressive.

Eventricity Lets Banks Buy, Not Build, Event-Based Marketing Systems

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This led to a long conversation with eventricity founder Mark Holtom, who turned out to be an industry veteran with background at NCR/Teradata and AIMS Software, where he worked on several of the pioneering projects in the field. Eventricity, launched in 2003, is Holtom’s effort to convert the largely custom implementations he had seen elsewhere into a more packaged software product. But those are all part of a larger product line, while eventricity offers event-based software alone. One of the big challenges with event detection is defining the events themselves.

1010data Offers A Powerful Columnar Database

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The company does not publish its pricing but the figures it mentioned seemed competitive. Tags: database technology analytics tools Tenbase on-demand software columnar database analysis systems 1010Data Back in October I wrote here about the resurgent interest in alternatives to standard relational databases for analytical applications. Vendors on my list included Alterian , SmartFocus , Vertica and QD Technology. Most use some form of a columnar structure, meaning data is stored so the system can load only the columns required for a particular query. terabytes.

Tailwinds for Marketing Automation Software - Insight from CRM.

Tom Pisello

Friday, October 22, 2010 Tailwinds for Marketing Automation Software - Insight from CRM Analyst Lauren Carlson In a recent blog post from Software Advices Lauren Carlson , this emerging CRM analyst indicates how hot the market for marketing automation software has become, and although the niche was timid several years ago, marketers are now adopting these systems aggressively.

Channel-Specific Analytics Are Doomed: Doomed, I Tell You

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It also eases switching costs, placing further pressure on prices. Tags: web analytics marketing software mobile marketing data integration Did you ever have one of those crazy dreams, not quite a nightmare, where unrelated things get mixed up together? felt that way this morning when I was looking at the Web site for one of the mobile marketing systems and saw they had alliances with Web analytics vendors. That rang a bell, but it took a while for me to realize that I had been writing about consolidation in the Web marketing space separately from mobile marketing.

Low Cost CDI from Infosolve, Pentaho and StrikeIron

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half-day of consulting might cost $1,000, which is not bad at all when you consider that the software itself is free. The price for a full implementation would be higher since it would involve additional consulting to set up data extracts, standardization, enhancement and other processes, but cost should still be very reasonable. You’d probably need as much consulting with other CDI systems where you'd pay for the software too. Everything is priced on a per use basis. This has left me looking for other ways to provide that service, preferably at a low cost.


Just How Scalable Is QlikTech?

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August 3, 2007) I asked QlikTech itself for more information on the topic but haven’t learned anything new. You might want to define ranges for a value such as age, income or unit price, or create categories using if/then/else statements. You might be able to build some of it using QlikView scripts, but you’d get better results at a lower cost from software designed for the purpose. A few days ago, I replied to a question regarding QlikTech scalability. See What Makes QlikTech So Good? That said, let’s talk about what QlikTech is good at. So far so good.

Pitney Bowes Interaction Optimizer and Dialogue Offer Unified Inbound/Outbound Marketing Campaigns

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Purchases have included Group 1 Software (2004), MapInfo (2007) and Portrait Software (2010), which are now part of a customer analytics and interaction group within the company’s software division. IO is also integrated with GX Software BlueConic to track and segment Web site visitors. Pricing of IO is based on the database size and number of channels supported.

How to Write a Strategic Marketing Plan


With so little written on this topic (at least according to Google Blog Search ), one could easily conclude that marketing professionals must be born with knowledge of how to write a strategic marketing plan embedded in their genetic code. If you didn't enter the world with this capability hard-coded into your DNA, you may find the following helpful. and new prospects.

Sterling Commerce Focuses Retailers on Total Customer Experience

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Sterling Commerce, which provides software for sharing data across organizations, recently (well, last August) published “The Four Rules for Ensuring Customer Loyalty in a Competitive Retail Climate” available here (registration required). You won’t be surprised that all four rules relate to sharing data. But this perspective does lead to past the usual corporate boundaries towards the complete customer experience. In particular, “New Rule #1” (“It’s still all about the product”) recommends that retailers partner with other companies to expand their offerings.

Where to Learn Excel: The 10 Best Resources on the Internet


Price: Free. Price: Free. Price: Free. Price: Free. The blog started back in 2007, and today, there are over 450 articles and tutorials in there on using Excel and making better charts. Price: Free. Price: Free. Price: Free. Price: Membership starts at $19.99/month ( Free Trial Here ). Price: Individual courses start at $79/each.

An Online Presentation Tool for Sales Pros?


Now, Alan Hill of , a 20-year sales veteran, believes he has the answer—a set of software tools that enable sales people to deliver web-based presentations, customized on the fly to address the specific needs and interests of individual prospects. Pros: Feature-rich (see above) and lightweight, requiring no special software on the viewer's side. Present to You!

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: The Business Value of Server Virtualization

The ROI Guy

Tuesday, September 04, 2007 The Business Value of Server Virtualization One of the key issues in IT today is that normal operating expenses consume way too much of the annual budget – 61% on average in most organizations is spent keeping the lights on, and 25% spent on regular migrations and upgrades. Tailwinds for Marketing Automation Software - Insi. Reducing business risks 5.

Survey Says: Google Analytics

Cliff Allen on Marketing

Here are the complete results for the 235 people who choose to participate: Which Web analytics software or service do you use? For the commercial products it appears that, in general, the lower priced products are more popular than the large, expensive systems. Have you wondered which Web analytics products are most popular? I was, so the August survey on my main Web site asked marketers which Web analytics product they use. Google Analytics was, of course, the most used product (69%) because it's hard to compete with "free."

Survey Says: Google Analytics

Cliff Allen on Marketing

Here are the complete results for the 235 people who choose to participate: Which Web analytics software or service do you use? For the commercial products it appears that, in general, the lower priced products are more popular than the large, expensive systems. Have you wondered which Web analytics products are most popular? I was, so the August survey on my main Web site asked marketers which Web analytics product they use. Google Analytics was, of course, the most used product (69%) because it's hard to compete with "free."

Mac or PC? A Brief History of Apple & Microsoft’s Ad War


But Microsoft didn''t stand idly by for long -- they also released several series of ads in response that targeted Apple''s prices and product design. So no matter where you stand, put your software preferences aside and enjoy this glance at the last decade of Mac vs. PC advertising. 2007: Apple, "Stuffed". That particular campaign ended in 2009 after a total of 66 ads. Yup.".

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4 Ways to Build B2B Customer Loyalty and Generate Referrals


While this tactic can be effective, bear in mind that repeat customers are often less price-sensitive than new ones (which is how cable and phone companies get away with offering super-cheap "switcher" offers while screwing their existing customers -- an exasperating practice for consumers, but apparently successful), so you may be leaving money on the table. High-Involvement B2B Products and Services For higher-priced products and services, particularly those which involve long-term interaction between the vendor and the buyer (e.g. Interested? tags: Web 2.0

getting stuff done with ms outlook

The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Getting Stuff Done with MS Outlook   Note: the tips I give below work in MS Outlook 2003 as well as 2007 version. Outlook 2007 has even more features for helping you categorize stuff, but we’ll keep it simple for now and focus on the features available in both versions.


11 Myths of Social Media Marketing


While recent studies show that about half of marketers say that social media reduces their overall marketing costs , it is by no means without a price. While offshoring works well for tasks like IT consulting services and software application development, it tends to be less efficacious for market-facing activities. Social media is so easy we can hire an intern to do it. Argh, no!

3 Steps to Blow Your Visitor’s Mind with Content Marketing

Marketing Action

Instead of telling you boring details like hours and prices, they appeal to emotions, and get great results: If you want to really connect with your visitors and truly blow their minds, you can’t just follow conventional best practices and hope for the average. Say you’re a software brand offering a free trial. About the author: Larry Kim  founded WordStream in 2007.

Do You Know the History of Your Favorite Social Media Websites?

WindMill Networking

From humble dispatch software beginnings, Dorsey was starting to piece together a way to expand the service and add instant messaging and text messaging to the mix. It’s first growth spurt came during the 2007 SXSW festival, where live tweets were broadcast on two distinctly located plasma screens. Tumblr David Karp started Tumblr in 2007. Who would have thought? Please share!

Attack of the Customers Press Release

Paul Gillin

Delighting the customer is the only sustainable source of competitive advantage today, because product differentiation is fleeting and price differentiation is unprofitable, ” said co-author Greg Gianforte. Greg Gianforte has started five successful software companies. He was inducted into the CRM Hall of Fame in 2007. It was more difficult than I expected! Capacity to Destroy.

101 Sure-Fire Ways to Make People Hate Your Marketing


You should probably include it in your tweet about your sale on hammocks. 8) Automatically Direct Message (DM) every new follower you get with a link to your pricing page. And if they followed you, they must be ready to talk pricing, right? 9) Post something to your Facebook business page every five minutes. Was that post written in 2007, or yesterday? and probably some leads.

Low Cost Systems for Demand Generation

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Here are some alternatives that will come in at or below Marketo’s published starting price of $2,400 per month (or $1,500 for their “Lite” version). (To be fair, many of the vendors below charge an installation of that can be several thousand dollars or more, while Marketo doesn't. See my 2007 blog entry for some information or buy the Raab Guide to Demand Generation Systems for a detailed review. Pricing on their Web site is quite close to Marketo’s: $1,000 a month for a limited edition and $2,400 per month for all the bells and whistles, and no extra charge for installation.

Marketo’s 1,000th Blog Post: Our Modern Marketing Definition Revisited

Modern B2B Marketing

They can access detailed specs, pricing, and reviews about goods and services 24/7 with a few flicks of their thumbs. Twitter had only launched at Odeo a month prior and didn’t become its own company until April 2007.  The iPhone was not released until June 29, 2007, and the iPad didn’t come out until April 3, 2010. What Hasn’t Changed. According to IBM, we now create 2.5

Jesubi Doubles Sales Prospecting Efficiency

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It shows how specialized software can be much better at one function than general purpose systems. Jesubi was the result, and more than doubled LeadJen’s touches per hour when it was introduced in 2007. Building these links is difficult in most CRM software and virtually impossible in marketing automation systems. Jesubi is offered as a service, with pricing starting at $100 per user per month. Tags: jesubi sales prospecting demand generation marketing automation lead management crm software would have guessed recruiting services or maybe offshore outsourcing.