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The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM


Google Review Count: 46,500. Sample review: “If your competitor is ranking for particular search terms you may be able to write content and start ranking for this content instead of them…Very handy!!” 2) Google Keyword Planner. Google Review Count: 29,800. Pricing: free (but requires an active Google AdWords account). 1) SEMrush. 4) Soovle.

10 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)


One average, Facebook is home to 1.18 For brands, posting on Facebook alone isn't enough anymore -- especially for ones just starting out. Sure, you can throw money at your efforts to drive people to your Facebook Page and send them to your website, but that only works if you're smart about it. So, what does optimized Facebook advertising actually look like? The cons?

11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)


One average, Facebook is home to 1.18 For brands, posting on Facebook alone isn't enough anymore -- especially for ones just starting out. Sure, you can throw money at your efforts to drive people to your Facebook Page and send them to your website, but that only works if you're smart about it. So, what does optimized Facebook advertising actually look like? The cons?

Confessions of a Google Spammer


Before I became an inbound marketer, I once made $50,000 a month spamming Google. Google made me do it. They rationalize spamming Google's index in so many ways: We're helping Google improve their algorithm! Google's lying to people. But there I was, responsible for Google adding 45,000,000 new words of spam to its index every day. Google Made Us Do It.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


Facebook is the world’s most visited social media brand with 54% of the worlds internet population visiting the brand. More than 700,000 local businesses have active Pages on Facebook. Facebook, Twitter Growing As Video Referral Sources by MediaPost Online Media Daily. Are Twitter Followers Better Than Facebook Fans? Facebook reaches 57% of the U.S. Adam T.

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How to Utilize B2B Online Marketing to Promote New Solutions

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This is especially the case when running a sale or deal for new customers that are among the first to sample offerings. For B2B marketers with an active social media presence, consider having the graphic design department create a custom cover photo for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn advertising the new product or service. App Notifications. Email Blasts / Newsletters.

Funny Business: The Best Digital Marketing Humor, 2014 Edition


3 PPC Fails That Can Hurt Your Brand by ClickZ. Michelle Morehouse provides serious advice on pitfalls to avoid in PPC advertising, but uses unusually entertaining examples to illustrate her points, including “The World’s Worst Website” and this: New WGN Morning News ‘promo:’ Nobody f#@king likes you by WGN TV. What are you laughing at? Dirt Devil-The Exorcist.

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The Essential Artificial Intelligence Glossary for Marketers


But as you’re chatting with a customer service agent on Facebook Messenger to see if you can change the shipping address on your recent order, sometimes it’s tempting to ask, am I really talking to a human? Social media marketers are likely familiar, as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all use algorithms to determine what posts you see in a news feed. Thank goodness for live chat.

Why SEO Is The Key To Successful Marketing

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And yet, not everyone in marketing understands the difference between SEO, PPC, metatags and keywords. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. ” The quality score is calculated by the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo in the US) and requires that you have the content your buyers want and that this content includes the keywords your buyers are searching for. They own the need.

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Content Marketing Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide for Modern Marketers


You write a few posts a week, and eventually those blog posts start to rank in Google and other search engines. When tax season rolls around and people are Googling answers to their tax preparation questions, they stumble upon your blog posts, and realize you offer tax preparation services. Let's say you're using PPC as your primary means of generating leads for your business.

A 50-Point Checklist For Creating The Ultimate Landing Page

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Google+. Are you providing a sample (preview of first chapter etc.) Are you creating a separate landing page for each inbound source (email, social, PPC) and see which gets you the most conversions. You should follow Oli Gardner on Twitter | Google+. Landing Pages for PPC. Measuring Social Media ROI & Goal Conversions with Google Analytics 5. Facebook.

“Send More Email” Top Recommendation for 2013

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A shout-out now to Michael Mothner , founder and CEO of Wpromote, a leading PPC management and SEO firm, who posted these five online marketing recommendations for 2013 in the virtual pages of Inc. Read the whole post, or sample our take on these bits of wisdom: 1. Google pays attention to how often you add new content, so this will have a nice effect on your search engine rankings.

8 Ready-Made Job Descriptions to Recruit an All-Star Marketing Team


According to the 2012 State of Inbound Marketing , 43% of B2B companies and 77% of B2C companies have acquired a customer Facebook, and 40% of B2B companies and 55% of B2C companies have acquired a customer through Twitter. Experience managing non-personal social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Do you get jazzed up about PPC strategies?

A Year in Review: The Biggest Social Media Updates of 2013


Yes, we''ve got big stories -- remember when Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion ? -- but it''s the updates to our favorite platforms, the ones we use all the time for our marketing, that matter the most. The 3 Most Important Facebook Updates of 2013. 1) Facebook introduced social search with Graph Search. 2) Facebook launched clickable #hashtags. Ebooks?

How to Create a Holiday Marketing Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide


To give you a better sense of how to structure your email, refer to this sample email from my colleague's holiday calendar campaign: Blogging. Whether you share the related blog post or a link to the landing page, be sure that you're switching up the messaging so you're not repeating the same tweet or Facebook post over, and over, and over. Interested in Google AdWords? A form.

The Cloud Must Go On – How to Catalyze a PR Win into Revenue with Marketing

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Marc posted on Facebook that Larry’s Sunday keynote had set a low bar for Marc’s presentation. Now off of Oracle’s turf, could stream a live video feed of Marc’s presentation on Facebook. Videos of both Marc’s presentation and the press conference are available on YouTube, and you can still find the latter on Facebook. It depends how good you make it.

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A Simple Guide to Setting Up Your First LinkedIn Ad Campaign


So if you're using PPC to power your presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Google, consider yourself lucky -- you can add LinkedIn to that list, too. or "Click now for free samples!" For all PPC ads, the CTR will be a very small number. Most of us have figured out that LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to network with like-minded professionals. Step 4: Write Your Ad Copy.

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2011 B2B Marketing Trends


Tactics like telemarketing, PR and PPC advertising fell predominantly into the “somewhat effective&# camp. Share this on Facebook. Post on Google Buzz. MarketingSherpa recently released its 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report. You can download the executive summary for free (or pay $400 for the full report ). Strange.). Want to know more? Share this on Bebo. Digg this!

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You |

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I made a choice of Linkedin over Facebook preferring it for its business perspective and it is paying off in terms of job contacts. I found your sample profile… er… dry. google. Tags: Copywriting, CSS, Marketing, PPC, Search & Marketing, SEO Posted in Search & Marketing […]. Covering social media business strategy and personal power. About. Speaking. Rockstars. Subscribe. Newsletters. Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You. May 19, 2008. LinkedIn is a professional network built around one’s employment capabilities.

Why Niche Social Networks Like Empire Avenue Matter to Social Media Marketers

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Social media websites are filled with communities and large numbers of people, and most businesses decide to strategically market to the largest websites that exist: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With the advent of Google+ and it disruptive forces , many feel that these niche sites, which include Empire Avenue, will lose out to the growing competition for our limited time.

40 Essential SEO Terms Marketers Should Know [Glossary]


This is often displayed on search engine results pages below the page title as a sample of the content on the page. PageRank - A number from 0-10, assigned by Google, indicating how good your overall SEO is. Read a marketer's guide to understanding Google Panda here. Google AdWords is the classic example of this. 40 SEO Terms You Must Know! Directory and Dmoz. A 10.0

7 Expert Email Marketing Tips You're Probably Missing Out On


To create a tracking link that can be picked up in Google Analytics or another analytics provider, add a question mark to the end of the URL you’re linking to, and then a few “UTM variables.” email, social, ppc, etc.). For Facebook: [link] [link]. For Google+: How to Warm Up an IP Address.

Crunchy, salty, nutritious news & views on B2B marketing for technology companies | Velocity - the B2B marketing acceleration agency for technology companies

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Google has dis-intermediated the content business. A great example from a drop-down menu in a Royal Opera House web form: That’s just a small sample. Google Suggest & B2B Content Marketing It’s funny, but oftentimes we marketers are our own worst enemy when it comes to marketing ‘ideas’ In my time I’ve had the pleasure of conceiving some truly dreadful press… Read more… Roger Warner | September 9th, 2008 | no comments The C word: the importance of confidence in B2B marketing A great website. Come and get it! World&#.

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Top 40 Posts and Hot Topics of Inbound Marketing and Social Media

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

Facebook vs. 7 More B2B Social Media Tools You Haven’t Heard Of - Social Media B2B , June 21, 2010 Based on the positive feedback from the first 7 B2B Social Media Tools You Haven’t Heard Of article, we felt we’d highlight several more tools that may be helpful for B2B social media marketers. Add WordStream’s Advanced Keyword Tools to Your Website for free - Sazbean , June 8, 2010 WordStream , provider of keyword tools for SEO and PPC, is making three of their advanced keyword tools available to add to any website for free. What’s a Facebook fan worth? Facebook (165).