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Six methods for smarter marketing segmentation

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Ask any marketer if they’re interested in smarter segmentation with their lists, campaigns, or otherwise and you’re sure to raise a few eyebrows. Marketing segmentation may just be an answer to  Content Shock , as choosing highly targeted and more granular content could help you reach your specific audience and make more conversions. Segment more granularly where you can.

Getting Started With Email Marketing Segmentation


Email segmenting is one of the most powerful techniques for boosting open rates, CTRs, and total revenue per email. With the high cost for sophisticated email platforms and the technology segmentation requires, it makes sense. Fortunately, there is a simple way any marketer with 10 to 20 emails sent per month can take advantage of segmentation in email marketing efforts.

How to Make Audience Segmentation Truly Personal


When this is done on a group level it is called segmentation. Defining “segmentation” and “personalization” Segmentation and personalization are two different aspects – and, some might say, different generations – of online marketing. Companies who use segmentation say it increases conversion rates by up to 30%. Those are good things.

What Can Customer Segmentation Do for Your Big Data Marketing?

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Customer segmentation is the act of dividing your customer base into segments based on the shared qualities of groups of your customers. Database Marketing Big Data Marketing data segmentation

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

for customer service. Customer service teams are the experts on customer pain points. president of global creative and content marketing. “It’s customer-first thinking. A lot. Business Goal Content Objectives KPIs Customer. customers Customer service • Number of service issues resolved using. become customers. Content. Methodology: A Best.

Getting Started with Lead Segmentation in B2B Marketing

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In the age of big data, marketers who have a handle on their lead data are able to segment leads into specified groups and then target each group with customized content and messaging. B2B Lead Generation Big Data Marketing Database Marketing Lead SegmentationSome, however, struggle with where to begin.

The 3 Most Popular Methods of Segmentation for B2B

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Customer segmentation is powerful, because it allows the marketer to draw an accurate picture of their customers, group them according to similarities, and devise pinpointed messages to specific segments of their customer base. Big Data Marketing Lead Segmentation and Scoring Product Marketing data segmentationBut there is no one single […].

Segmentation: 5 Steps to Help You Send Emails That Your Prospects Actually Want to Read


The percentage of emails being considered SPAM is hovering somewhere around 70%, This means that email marketers need to be savvier than ever when figuring out how to reach potential customers. The answer to these email marketing woes is segmentation and personalization. In fact, companies who use segmentation say it increases conversion rates by up to 30%. Of course not.

The 2016 Complete Guide to List Segmentation

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When it comes to email marketing, list segmentation is the best tool for dissecting your consumer base. 2015 case study by MarketingSherpa found that proper list segmentation increased open rates by 20 to 40 percent, with a subsequent rise in click-through rates. Understanding List Segmentation. Advantages of Segmentation. When You Want to Give Back To Your Customers.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

customers to reimagine GE on the cutting edge, which. they end up becoming customers of Moz, that’s great, too, but that’s a side benefit. two audience segments at at time can jeopardize the fo- cus and effectiveness of a nascent content operation. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. All rights reserved. Introduction 3 II. publisher.”

5 Best Criteria to Segment Your Site Traffic and Personalize the Customer Journey

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The post 5 Best Criteria to Segment Your Site Traffic and Personalize the Customer Journey appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Marketing Strategy Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Digital Marketing increase conversions marketing strategy segmentationThis is because your user experience design is targeting a generic mishmash of your visitors. In […].

7 Ecommerce Segmentation Hacks for Profitable Customer Loyalty


While you won’t have those same face-to-face interactions in the online world, you know more about your customers than you think! With the right ecommerce and marketing platforms you have access to advanced customer segmentation that most merchants do not take advantage of. You will undoubtedly have your “Power Customers.” Gaining Customer Loyalty. Ecommerce

Jump-start your content marketing through better market segmentation


Yesterday’s Biznology® Webinar with Monique de Maio was about targeting different customer segments in your marketing. You’ve heard that content marketing is the best way to expand your prospect and customer base, but how do you get started to make sure you get the right content in front of the right customers for your product or service in the right place? 

Improve Your Targeting Overnight With Data Segmentation

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For years, marketers have been building customer profiles. Most marketers actually know their target customer quite well. What if you could fine tune this even further, separating your customers […]. You likely know the size business you’re targeting, how many employees they retain, what their annual revenue is, and whether they are B2B or B2C businesses.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

And they expect an optimized customer experience from end to end. Manage the customer experience: great content alone won't save a lousy product or cumbersome experience. always make more content, their customers can't make any more time. will be forced to value "fit" over "reach" where they target the customers that fit. or current customer is. segmentation.

6 Ways to Segment Your Email List to Improve Your Success

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Well, If you’re ready to conquer this condition once and for all, you’ll need a healthy dose of segmentation. method with proven results, as illustrated in the chart below, segmentation can increase your open rates by nearly 39 percent. Here are six ways you can segment your list and get it back on the mend: 1. Loyal customers. Inactive customers.

Personalized Marketing Using Data Segmentation

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Personalization in marketing is just one of the powerful goodies you can get from modern lead data segmentation and analytics. You can create a unique, fully customized customer experience that blows the competition out of the water. Studies back up the fact that customers appreciate it when a company goes out of their way to […].

Why and How to Improve Audience Segmentation for B2B Marketing


10 ways to segment your audience to meet the growing demand for personalization. For instance, serving specific prospects or customers targeted information at the right time and on the right channel based on their distinct profiles and preferences sounds like a fantastic model, but how do you actually deliver on that goal? Why Audience Segmentation Matters. Location. Function.

Predictive Analytics: Should Automated Content Selection Work by Segment or Individual?

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The point was the difference between basing content selection on individuals and on segments. have never considered the distinction to be especially important, since segment membership is determined by individual behaviors and individual-level decisions are guided by behavior patterns of groups. Segment-based systems work best when only a few choices are available.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

And they expect an optimized customer experience from end to end. Manage the customer experience: great content alone won't save a lousy product or cumbersome experience. always make more content, their customers can't make any more time. will be forced to value "fit" over "reach" where they target the customers that fit. or current customer is. segmentation.

How Should I Segment My Database?

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Which is why, as you contact your database, it’s essential that you divide that database into segments, and tailor your communications for each segment – as we’ve learned, 23% of engagement is explained by segmentation. But to create meaningful segments, you need a platform that can divide your audience in meaningful ways. How Should I Segment My Database?

How To Lead With Customer-Focused Content

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The bar has now been raised for marketers to make it through the eye of the needle of customer attention.  The novelty of content has worn off its shiny coat for many customers and potential buyers.  Out Of Alignment With Business And Customer Goals. Compounding this issue, is the overriding benefit of content as seen by customers and potential buyers.  Related articles.

Top 5 Reasons to use Segmentation

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There are now more reasons than ever to invest in segmentation. Through segmentation a marketer identifies groups of customers that are ranked by their sales potential and can be classified based on any number of criteria.      By leveraging this intelligence, marketers can profile their ideal customer and forecast outcomes for marketing programs. Lower risk of opt-out.

Market Segmentation 101 for Retail Businesses

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One of the most valuable strategies for effective marketing is segmentation. What is marketing segmentation? Market segmentation is dividing your total market into smaller groups based on common characteristics. Defining your target market allows you to communicate better with potential customers. Why do we have to segment? Conclusion. All rights reserved.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

And they expect an optimized customer experience from end to end. Manage the customer experience: great content alone won't save a lousy product or cumbersome experience. always make more content, their customers can't make any more time. will be forced to value "fit" over "reach" where they target the customers that fit. or current customer is. segmentation.

5 Simple Ways to Segment Your Social Media Audience


Segmenting their audience on social media. Segmentation is not a new concept for marketers. We use segmentation to send emails, create pricing models, and understand the behaviors of our most loyal buyers -- so why aren’t we applying this practice to social media? When most people think of social media segmentation, they think of paid targeting options. Organic. Google+.

Improve Your Email Response Rates with List Segmentation

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Consider segmenting your list. But before you rush off to start dissecting that email list, let’s fill you in on the basics of list segmentation, why you should consider it and some ideas for smart segmentation. What is segmentation? Segmenting a list is simply the process of dividing it into sub-groups. Want to improve your email marketing response rates?

The Advantages of Segmenting Your Email Lists

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Every time you send an email you risk losing customers. That may sound negligible, but if you have an email marketing list with 2,000 subscribers, that’s 6 potential customers lost! Luckily, there are ways to minimize your loss, and one of the best ways to keep unsubscribes at a minimum is to use list segmentation. Why Segment? Reward customers. It’s true.

Marketing Automation Tips: Segmenting Your Customer Database


Sophisticated segmentation sounds intimidating. And in the past, it may have been, though most marketers can agree segmentation almost always drives better results.  But, with the help of marketing automation tools like Marketo or Act-on, the segmentation game has changed for the better.… Marketing Automation/Email Marketing

Geodemographics: Using Location-Based Segments for Targeted Marketing

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Segmentation strategies have long been a powerful way to target certain audiences, and geographic information is a key piece of the puzzle. Let’s take a look at the history of geodemographics and take a tour of the segmenting solutions being used in the marketplace today. Marketers use a lot of different strategies to gain an in-depth understanding of their customers and prospects.

CMOs Win When High-Value Customers Are Treated Personally Online

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Segmentation Ideas for Nonprofits and Member-Based Organizations


What I also know is that when it comes to mailing lists and email segmentation, there is plenty of room for improvement. Buyer personas are fictional characters based on your actual customers and target markets. You create buyers personas by dividing your customers into groups based on different attributes (like age, occupation, demographics, personalities). Active Members.

A Framework for B2B Customer Segmentation – Part 1: Why Segment Your Market?

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Marketing segmentation is about subdividing markets into segments of customers that have similar needs and behaviors. This way, vendors can optimize their product offering, marketing, and sales approach to meet the specific requirements of the segment better and more cost efficiently than the competition. In complex markets, segmentation is not trivial.

List Segmentation By Campaign Activity: Why Do It and How to Get Started

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retail salesperson has the advantage of being in-person where they can see what the customer is drawn to and have a dialogue about it in real-time. ” If the customer says, no thanks, because what they really need is a new sweater, the salesperson wouldn’t be a very good one if they responded by offering up some earrings. We just got our new boots for the season.

How B2B CMOs Can Achieve Customer-Centric Marketing With Buyer Personas

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recent survey by B2B Marketing, in conjunction with the UK-based agency Tomorrow People, indicated only 38% of marketers considered their content to be “very customer-centric.” This mirrors findings of other surveys related to content marketing and customer-centric marketing, which consistently hovers in the 35- 40% range of “very customer-centric” or “very effective content marketing.”.

B2B Market Segmentation – Part 2: How to Approach Segmentation

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In part one of our segmentation series , we discussed the importance of and rationale behind market segmentation. Let's take a closer look at actual implementation of market segmentation. Focusing on WHO a buyer is makes for more easily observable and actionable data that can be used to define segments and their boundaries. HOW DO I MARKET TO SEGMENTS?