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14 Ways to Increase Your Clickthrough Rate on Twitter


Wow -- all by improving the clickthrough rate (CTR) of your tweet? 14 Ways to Increase Clickthrough Rate on Twitter. 1) Use clear language. The clearer you can be, the more likely you are to get clickthroughs to your URL. One Twitter researcher was able to gain an 18% clickthrough rate simply by using compelling headlines. Tweeting is easy. Defining a "Click" on a Tweet.

19 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Email Open and Clickthrough Rates


Here are eight little things you can start doing immediately to improve the open rates, clickthrough rates, and lead generation for your emails. 19 Tips for Better Email Open and Clickthrough Rates. 1) Abide by CAN-SPAM rules. Include their first names sometimes (it could increase clickthrough rates ), or even add something about their specific location. just can't win.".

A/B Testing: How adding a second CTA increased clickthrough 291%

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Let’s look at the metric results to the secondary research question: overall clickthrough rate. As you can see, adding another CTA increased overall clickthrough. The question after that would be if it this impacted the clickthrough to the Contact Sales CTA. The second CTA did not diminish clickthrough to the contact form page. 24, here at Summit. Experiment background.

Buzzwords in Marketing Automation: Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

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Clickthrough Rate (CTR): its meaning and how to apply it. The calculation of a particular content’s clickthrough rate can be an effective tool to measure how well your keywords and ads are performing. Measuring the clickthrough rate allows you to see who engaged with an ad or call to action (CTA) in an email campaign – indicating that they were interested. Observation.

How to Discover Open & Clickthrough Rates for Your Personal Emails [SlideShare]


Clickthrough rate? Okay, friends. Who here loves email marketing data? Give us a virtual hand raise. Yep, that's pretty much everyone. We all love watching the performance of our content -- the good and the bad. What was our open rate? Our unsubscribe rate? These numbers help us improve our email marketing campaigns. But then we return to our own inbox.

The April Fool's Day Email Prank That Returned 300% More Clickthroughs. No Joke.


Well, we had our highest open rate and clickthrough rate ever with this April Fool''s email. I was able to engage with existing customers that had been distant for a while. It wasn''t until late afternoon on April Fool''s Day when I came up with the idea for an epic prank. client-facing. Let me quickly give you some context here. Alright, back to my prank idea. But I''ll get to those later.

Targeting Email Marketing by Persona Improves Clickthrough Rate 16% [New Data]


After looking at the results of this persona-based switch to email segmentation, we learned that targeting emails by persona increases email clickthrough rates 16%. We found that targeting emails by persona increases overall email clickthrough rates. Personalizing emails is more than customizing the first sentence to include the recipient''s first name. Secondary challenges?

How To Increase Your Click-Through Rate

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Revenue Generation Blog click-through rate clickthroughFrom email marketing to website offers, your click-through rate (CTR) is one of the most important metrics you track. People need to click to get to the next point in the funnel, so it is essential that you do everything you can to increase your CTR. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to boost your CTR. Test Your CTAs.

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5 Ways to Get More People to Read Your Emails

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Email Marketing Clickthrough Rate Open Rate subject lineWouldn’t it be nice if your customers or clients read every email you sent? It would be amazing, right? Well, we’re here to help. There are dozens of reasons for emails to go unread. Your customers are busy, and their inboxes may be inundated with messages. So, how do you get your customers to read your emails? Humor.

Buzzwords in Marketing Automation: Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

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Clickthrough Rate (CTR): its meaning and how to apply it. The calculation of a particular content’s clickthrough rate can be an effective tool to measure how well your keywords and ads are performing. Measuring the clickthrough rate allows you to see who engaged with an ad or call to action (CTA) in an email campaign – indicating that they were interested. Observation.

Better built than bought – how to build your email marketing list


According to Campaign Monitor , email is 6 times more likely to get a clickthrough than is Twitter. Which means you should pay as much attention to your open and clickthrough rates as you do to your subscriber base.) Here’s why. First though, why should we even care about email marketing right now? But purchased lists typically lead to problems. Do I know you? Rules, what rules?

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How to Gauge Email Responses

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Clickthrough rates. Definition : A clickthrough rate is the percentage of people who open a delivered email and click on at least one link in the email. Tips to boost your clickthrough rate: Clickthrough rates can vary depending on a variety of things, but the best way to boost your clickthrough rate is twofold. What kind of open rates should you have? Open rates.

Compare your AdWords account to others–for free


Helping people understand Quality Scores, Clickthrough Rates, and their share of impressions can be extremely useful. Paid Search AdWords Clickthrough rate Google Google AdWords Larry Kim pay-per-click Quality Score WordStreamImage via CrunchBase. Have you ever asked yourself whether you paid search program is all that it can be? And best of all, it’s free. –free.

Set Your Content Free for More Clickthroughs

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I will be the first to admit that I have been very skeptical about "setting my content free" (not using forms in front of eBooks and whitepapers.)  I feel like if my job is lead generation then I have to capture those downloading.  But after much deliberation and hearing it

What Consumers Really Want From Your Video Content [Infographic]


Email open and clickthrough rates improve when the word "video" is used in subject lines , and 4X as many people would prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it. Video content is no longer an option: It's a necessary component of any successful marketing strategy. The good news? Read about their insights in Adweek's infographic below. Video IGSS

The Best Times to Send Business Emails This Holiday Season [New Data]


Our open and clickthrough rates are optimized -- or so we thought. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales Blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales. We’ve finally found an effective email strategy. Until one December morning when our metrics plummet. It must be a mistake. Or, it’s the holiday season. Let's explore. How have the holidays impacted your email activity?

How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing [Infographic]


Among their findings about successful advertisements on LinkedIn: Posts containing a statistic achieved a 37% higher clickthrough rate. If you've applied for a job within the last several years, you've probably used LinkedIn somewhere along the way. For marketers, this means a huge opportunity to reach an engaged community through sponsored content, messages, and campaigns.

OMC Creative Studio Delivers a Lenovo Subscriber Experience with Beauty and Brains

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Compared with 2014 North American averages: Browse achieved double the unique open rate and multiplied the unique clickthrough and responder rates by four times. Even though driving sales wasn’t the primary goal, the post-purchase series significantly exceeded open, clickthrough and responder averages. CHALLENGE. SOLUTION. RESULTS. Creative and Design Email Marketing

Google Removes Authorship Photos and Google+ Circle Counts From Search Results


In his announcement, Muller says that this change was made because it offers a less cluttered experience for users, especially on mobile, and that tests indicate the clickthrough rates are similar: But, from the research that''s already been published by Google, that may not be the case. Google''s getting rid of author profile pictures and Google+ circle counts on desktop and mobile search.

10 Ways to Optimize Your Emails for Better Engagement [Infographic]


Personalized emails improve clickthrough rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10% ( Tweet This Stat ). Emails with social sharing buttons have a 115% higher clickthrough rate than those without ( Tweet This Stat ). But is email actually, still, one of the most effective ways to reach consumers, or has it become yet another over-saturated and over-used channel? email marketing

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Plain Text vs. HTML Emails: Which Is Better? [New Data]


HTML emails reduce clickthrough rates. To better understand the impact of plain-text vs. HTML emails, we looked at the effect on the click rate (clicks/delivered) which is influenced by open rates, and clickthrough rates (clicks/opens) which isolate clicks from the variable of opens. To see if the clickthrough rate (clicks/opened) were affected, we looked to our A/B tests once again.

How to Use Native Advertising Without Getting Fined by the FTC

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And native ads yield higher clickthrough rates than traditional banner ads, especially on mobile. Studies show native-mobile ads generate clickthrough rates of more than one percent , while the average clickthrough rate of display ads is 0.06 And native ads yield higher clickthrough rates than traditional banner ads, especially on mobile. Enter native advertising.

34 Stats to Help You Plan Your Social Media Strategy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & More


Tweets with images receive 18% more clickthroughs , 89% more Likes, and 150% more retweets. Clickthrough rate is highest on Wednesdays. Back in October, I wrote a piece on Medium that covered the numbers behind some of today's top social media networks. For example, not only is Facebook home to 1.23 residing outside of the U.S. and Canada. That's a crazy level of connectivity.

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How to Write the Perfect Marketing Email [Free Ebook]


Include too many pictures, and your clickthrough rate may decrease. From the subject line to the closing, there's a science to writing the perfect email. Write too much text, and your message may overwhelm your reader -- especially considering 48% of emails are opened on a smartphone. We'll cover how to: Prioritize the goals of your emails. Choose an impactful call-to-action.

A Handy Little Guide to Creating Visual Content for Social Media [Infographic]


Want more views, clickthroughs, shares, and overall engagement on your social media posts? You''re not alone. According to the 2014 State of Inbound Marketing , 84% of marketers cited organic, top-of-the-funnel sources like social media, blogs, and search engines as rising in importance in 2014. It''s important that your visual content be compelling, relevant, and correctly formatted.

Clicks on Pinterest Generate 4X More Revenue Than Twitter [Infographic]


Quick Sprout''s infographic also offers tips for optimizing your Pinterest marketing presence to generate more clickthroughs and engagement with your pins. Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks around -- but can you really make money from it? Heck yeah, you can, and this new infographic from Quick Sprout has the data to prove it! But enough with all this talk. Social Media

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The Anatomy of a Highly Shareable List Post [Infographic]


Because they tend to generate (on average) more clickthroughs, more engagement, more social sharing, more dwell time, more organic traffic, more conversions, more comments, and a lower bounce rate than other blog post types. List posts, also called list-based posts or "listicles," are one of the most popular blog post types out there. What's not to love? Content Marketing Blog Daily IGSS

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Lead Generation: Who knows the customer better – Marketing or Sales?

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Manufacturing electrical energy consumption – 6.95% clickthrough rate. clickthrough rate. Tweet I once worked with a field marketing vice president who was calm, cool and collected for every presentation she prepared for. Well, all except one. The only presentation that ever seemed to rattle her nerves – and just ever so slightly – was the annual presentation to Sales leaders, justifying her upcoming budget (and, perhaps, existence). “We talk to the customer every day…”. Let me first say, I am a huge proponent of Sales-Marketing alignment. We talk to them every day.”.

How Smart Marketers Are Sabotaging Their Calls-to-Action


If you''ve started to see a disappointing leveling off of your CTA clickthrough rates (not submission rates, mind you), it could be due to design overexposure. know it might be a good use of time because when I compare the clickthrough rates on these two CTAs, the latter is almost double the former. We''ve all heard the regular call-to-action best practices by now. It''s commonplace.

A Data-Backed Approach to Writing Great Headlines [Infographic]


You'll also learn which title length is best for social, for search, for clickthrough rate, and for best post-click engagement. When you write a blog post, how much effort do you put into the title? All too often, the answer to this question is "Not much at all." Sound familiar? Then you're neglecting a critical component of your content strategy. Blogging Daily

5 Of the Best Data Visualization Examples from Content Marketers


The simple icons and easy-to-digest fonts of the data visualizations blend with a snappy caption and a backlink to Google’s site, generating valuable returns to the content creator in the form of clickthrough traffic. Although many companies use data to produce compelling micro content , only a few create content at a depth that puts them in the category of top-shelf content marketers.

Lead Qualification: Webinar marketing strategy boosts conversion 500%

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The results of this transformation in webinar marketing led to a 75% increase in open rate and 120% clickthrough rate increase in emails promoting the webinars. Tweet Providing relevant and valuable content in webinars is key to a successful strategy. But for Adobe, while the content was there, the strategy was not. We did a lot of work to look at that one-off strategy. You might also like.

10 Horrifying Stats About Display Advertising


clickthrough rate (CTR), and the standard 468x60 banner has a 0.04% CTR. The average clickthrough rate of display ads is 0.1%. We are biased inbound marketers at HubSpot, and normally I ignore many of the stats I see about display ads because I know their engagement rate is incredibly low: The average banner ad has a 0.1% So here they are. Source: Solve Media ) Tweet This. seconds.

4 Smart Ways to Keep Up With Google in 2017


Check it out below -- if you Google the term “blog,” a large portion of the page is taken up by Google Ads, news stories, and an Answer Box: Because Google’s real estate is this competitive, it’s harder to get onto page one of the search engine results page, which is proven to have higher clickthrough rates than other results. What do all of these changes have in common? png">. The solution?

How Do Your Google AdWords Metrics Compare to Industry Averages? [New Benchmark Data]


The study reveals a ton of helpful industry-specific benchmarks for both search and display ads, including average clickthrough rate (CTR), average cost-per-click (CPC), average conversion rate (CVR), and average cost-per-action (CPA). Average Clickthrough Rate (CTR). Clickthrough rate reveals how often people who view your ad end up actually clicking it. Want more tips?

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Improving PPC Performance: 10 competitive monitoring tips every search marketer should know


Paid Search Search Marketing Webinars Biznology Webinar click Clickthrough rate CTR keywords Lori Weiman online ads paid search ads paid search marketing pay-per-click ppc search search marketing Search Monitor seo tips tips Web search engine Webinar Yesterday, Lori Weiman of The Search Monitor presented our latest webinar with 10 tips to improve your pay per click (PPC) results. Imagine how well your PPC campaigns would perform if you had full visibility into the activity of competitors and industry leaders. Copy:  Learn which ad copy and offers are most effective.


Lead Nurturing for Software Trials


Feel free to try sending company overviews or analyst whitepapers, but in most cases you’ll see sub-par clickthrough rates. Regardless of the formatting, you always want to include a button and link for the call-to-action, because that’s how you will measure the email’s effectiveness (using the clickthrough rate). They signed up. What now? Tip 1: Start Sending Email Now. Conclusion.