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How long should your online business video production be?


In the office, commuting to work, and during off hours; on our desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices…we are all watching more online videos for business than ever before. But what is the optimal length of an online business video production ? Thus the golden rule for “how long should an online business video be?” is – never make it longer than it has to be.

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Promotional products: making them effective branding tools for your business


Promotional products have really stood the test of time in the marketing world. You may think of promotional products as something that is only used at trade shows or conventions, but they can be effective tools for branding and promotion anywhere and anytime. Research Shows the Positive Impact of Promotional Products for Businesses. Useful Promotional Products.

10 Examples of Highly Impactful LinkedIn Profiles

KoMarketing Associates

While I detailed several key LinkedIn profile elements that help convey trust, the objective of this post is to provide even more examples through exemplary LinkedIn user profiles found online. As I reviewed profiles examples for inclusion in this post, consideration in part was based on this list of LinkedIn profile elements and creativity in execution. Why LinkedIn Again? Journal.

20 Amazing Examples Of Brand Content Marketing Hubs

B2B Marketing Insider

As a content marketer , I am always looking for brands creating content I wish I created , the best video content , and general business and  marketing inspiration. have a running list of about 10 sites that I typically use as examples. We are looking for examples of brands who continuously and consistently publish content on a site they own – like a media company.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

EFFECTIVENESS ACROSS THE INDUSTRY 2Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry I. Introduction 4 Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry Red Bull has long been the strongest example of this. Nonetheless, in 2015, the content marketing industry. increase productivity.

10 Examples of Inspiring Responsive Web Design


websites out there that have yet to utilize responsive web design for their business. The site really complements the high quality image of the brand. I am also a big fan of the way the minimalistic design works on the product pages. Hubspot’s site is also a good example of a web design that doesn’t fear “the fold.” Drexel University. Wendy’s. Indochino. Hubspot.

10 Marketing Leaders Distinguished by Industry Expertise

CMO Essentials

Moreover, when marketers lead through integrity, and do the grunt work to become subject matter experts for their markets or industries, they can become vital assets to their organizations, and highly visible representations of the value in their brands. Industry: IT / Computer Networking. Industry: Human Capital Management. Industry: Customer Experience Management.

How to Have a Super Productive Weekend: 12 Helpful Tips


Productivity" has a much wider definition than many of us give it credit for. We tend to equate productivity with doing things, rather than with taking time to think, reflect, and rest. But busyness is not the same as productivity. Being productive can mean working on a project efficiently, but it can also mean giving your mind a break. See #6.). Want to be a CMO ?

Why Product Managers & Salespeople Should be Friends

Your Sales Management Guru

Why product managers and salespeople should be friends. In most companies, the product/service managers have limited interaction with the sale’s team except for the introduction of a new offering or at an annual customer summit. Generally, the product/service manager (PM) is responsible for determining what the future offering should have from a feature/function capability. They will gather customer feedback, listen to the market thought leaders, consider competitor products and try to foresee future needs. Better product/services released quicker helps everyone.

17 Inspiring Instagram Video Examples From Oreo, Spotify, BuzzFeed & More


Thanks to these changes, marketers can use the Instagram app to relate with their fans and customers, to communicate their business' personalities and brand stories, and to express artistic creativity. Check out the examples below. 17 Inspiring Instagram Video Examples. The video below is a great example of a fun, creative video that works perfectly for the platform.

10 Awesome Examples of Ecommerce Sites Using Responsive Web Design


As a snapshot of an industry segment doing as much, h ere are 10 examples of ecommerce B2C businesses using responsive web design. 1. definitely think it is a good idea for brands who sell this type of product to consider a responsive web design because so many of their customers are accessing social crafting sites like Pinterest from mobile devices. Skinny Ties. Folksy.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

to Contently’s latest report, “Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry,” 73 percent of organizations created more. they compete both against their business competitors and all content creators that vie. returns on business-related goals. Product and research divisions can provide dynamic. leader with industry-leading.

From Ray-Bans to Reese's Pieces: 13 Unforgettable Examples of Product Placement


Whenever I'm watching a movie and I see a case of really obvious product placement, I can't help but roll my eyes. But product placement is everywhere, from the famous Mini Cooper car chase in the 2003 film The Italian Job to the cans of Mountain Dew rewarded to the winning team on CBS's television series, Survivor. So how does product placement work? How much does it cost?

12 Examples of B2B Companies Managing Impactful Twitter Profiles

KoMarketing Associates

While Facebook may be king of the social networks among the general public, Twitter’s business benefits for B2B companies far outweigh those of Facebook. Standout Tactic: Intel seems to do a great job of not only showcasing new products in an eye-catching fashion, but also participating in hashtag campaigns. Enjoy! . 1. Intel. Twitter Profile :  @Intel. Followers : 2.9 Million.

Marketing Challenges in Regulated Industries, Part 2: Finance and Public Companies


In “Marketing Challenges in Regulated Industries Part 1, Pharma & Alcohol/Tobacco ,” we delved into the world of regulated substances. But what do you do when the challenges of marketing come from the strict government regulation of an intangible product – and sometimes from the very audience you’re marketing to?  . Finance. Let’s take a closer look. FINRA. Millennials.

This Week in Content Marketing: Content Marketing Now Definitive Industry Term

Junta 42

Rants and raves include a lesson for brands from media business models, airport employees who created an unforgettable story around a lost stuffed tiger, and what the recent social media successes of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) teach us about agility and scale. We wrap up the show with a #ThisOldMarketing example from Game Theory. This week’s show.

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

This month, we teamed with Adweek to add 144 more peo- ple—and paint a more statistically significant portrait of the the content marketing industry. effective in measuring business results. For example, Thea Oliver, communications manager at Thrive, said her biggest content failure last year was pushing “guest blogs. content to business results. industries.

20+ Amazing Examples Of Content I Wish We Created

B2B Marketing Insider

really like to learn from my colleagues and peers around the world who I think are doing an amazing job of creating great content I wish I had a role in creating for my business. As part of that process, I am always collecting examples and new ideas of content marketing. have already published some of my favorite slideshares  and best videos from brands  as examples. Amazing!

Here’s An Industry Analysis Of The Most Effective B2B Marketing Channels


The coverage was broad, so we are blogging a series of deep dives into our survey data to uncover industry and firmographic trends. And if you’re curious whether it varies by industry, you would be correct. Depending on which industry you’re in, you can expect success from certain key marketing channels and activities. Meet The Industries. It was a lot of data to share.

This Week in Content Marketing: The Media Industry Is Desperately Confused

Junta 42

We wrap up the show with a #ThisOldMarketing example from Lands’ End’s Apostrophe e-magazine. How’s the Media Industry These Days? Confused (17:53): A few years ago, the media industry seemed to be finding its footing on promising digital paths. Robert views this article as a great example of what not to do with native advertising. This week’s show. Her solution?

This Week in Content Marketing: The New Media Model Will Include Selling Products

Junta 42

We also ponder why many publishing companies are myopically focused on advertising and agree that the media model of the future will be all about selling products and services. We wrap up the show with a #ThisOldMarketing example from Merrill Lynch. They are excellent examples of content that delivers great value and doesn’t overtly promote the products behind them.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

better job of linking their efforts to measurable business results. Demonstrate business results: the challenge to tie marketing efforts to measurable business results (e.g., Encourage employee advocacy: a business's employees are (or at least should be) natural brand advocates. For example, if in the IT market. great example is Moz’s Web Developer’s SEO.

11 Pricing Page Examples To Inspire Your Own Design


To help inspire you, we found 11 of the best examples of pricing page design. You'll notice the best pricing pages have clean layouts, use simple language that speaks to the customer, and aim to inspire trust between the business and the user. Download more awesome website design examples here, and get tips for making yours great, too. Design Business Daily Weekly Canonical

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The Best Example You Will Find On The Value Of Storytelling

B2B Marketing Insider

Take the globe paperweight pictured above for example. What does this mean for marketers and businesses? Don’t use industry jargon. You will risk alienating your audience because they may not be able to understand or have the ability to relate to the industry talk full of convoluted syntax. How do you go from product-centered to story-driven content marketing then?

Leo Suarez, Toshiba’s SVP Marketing & Strategy: Omni-Channel Retailing—A New Paradigm of Product Marketing

Crimson Marketing

They compete with endless aisles and endless comparisons of products and prices online. By understanding the new mindset of the retail consumer and leveraging the product marketing technology available, retailers have the opportunity to create an omni-channel retail marketing system, right in store, that rivals or exceeds the efficacy and intimacy of online shopping. Over 1.1

E-commerce: An Important Channel for Industrial Sales

Industrial Marketing Today

I am seeing more and more manufacturers and industrial distributors using e-commerce as a sales channel for growth. The adoption rate has been much slower as compared to the online retail industry but B2B marketers are catching on fast. Manufacturers have used e-commerce to sell components, spare parts and off the shelf industrial products for a long time. However, I have noticed a growing trend among industrial companies using e-commerce as their primary sales channel. Grainger – E-commerce business currently accounts for about $1.5 Annual Sales: $1.5+

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

better job of linking their efforts to measurable business results. Demonstrate business results: the challenge to tie marketing efforts to measurable business results (e.g., Encourage employee advocacy: a business's employees are (or at least should be) natural brand advocates. For example, if in the IT market. great example is Moz’s Web Developer’s SEO.

7 Inspiring Examples of Omni-Channel User Experiences


The multi-channel experience is what most businesses invest in today. As one of the biggest brands in their industry, they’re setting the standard for a dynamic experience, which -- as of today -- allows for everything from check depositing to appointment scheduling to be handled by the company’s mobile and desktop apps. What Is an Omni-Channel User Experience? Remember that.

Blogs and Social Marketing in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

Industrial Marketing Today

The Upstream Oil & Gas industry, also referred to as the exploration and production (E&P) sector, has a reputation of being very conservative and conventional. Even though the companies that operate in this sector are well-known global brands, they are not exactly forward thinking online marketers who use business blogs and social media regularly.

Need Marketing Inspiration? Here Are 12 Places to Find Great Examples


In the marketing world, like most facets of life and business, there's a lot of pressure to come up with original ideas. In fact, there are some really awesome examples of great marketing out there that you can lean on to inspire your next project. But finding these examples isn't always easy. Get 50 brilliant examples of website design now by downloading our free flipbook.

10 Industries That Make Marketing Eventful [CHART]

It's All About Revenue

by Pierre Custeau | Tweet this At a manufacturing industry roundtable during our last Eloqua Experience event, a major electrical component manufacturer shared their experience with mailing components as part of a very successful campaign. Only the top 10 industries are shown and Nov and Dec results were moved to the right of the chart for readability.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

better job of linking their efforts to measurable business results. Demonstrate business results: the challenge to tie marketing efforts to measurable business results (e.g., Encourage employee advocacy: a business's employees are (or at least should be) natural brand advocates. For example, if in the IT market. great example is Moz’s Web Developer’s SEO.

3 Business Blogs with Proven ROI from Industrial Companies

Industrial Marketing Today

A business blog is an important and integral component of inbound marketing. While there are plenty of business blogs from B2B marketing consultants (including this one), industry portals and vertical search engines, there aren’t too many from manufacturers and industrial companies. Do you know of other business blogs from industrial companies? Results: 2.7

This Week in Content Marketing: Will Microsoft & LinkedIn Spur a Content Buying Spree?

Junta 42

This week’s This Old Marketing example: Computer magazine start-ups. What businesses need to do is “debrand” in favor of authentic experiences, according to this article from Fast Company’s Co.Design. share several examples (generically, of course). This Old Marketing example of the week (51:01). In 1984, Redwood Publishing took over production of it. Ready?

7 Creative Examples of Bottom-of-the-Funnel Marketing


In this post, we’ll not only look at who’s using bottom of the funnel marketing, but also at some creative examples that you can pull ideas from, too. Let’s look at a few fantastic examples. Creative Examples of Bottom of the Funnel Marketing. Here are seven creative examples of engaging marketing for bottom of the funnel leads. 1. Case Studies for Various Industries.

11 Tweet Writing Tips for a Quick Start [+Examples]


See the example below: Image credit. Examples of this Tweet writing formula: Please ReTweet my new article on  copywriting techniques ! Examples of this writing formula for Tweets: Our latest eBook is making waves all over Twitter! Is your business using both Facebook and Twitter for marketing? Your products and services solve people’s problems. Learn why.

12 About Us Page Examples That Are Probably Better Than Yours


But having awesome content on your website is crucial to making inbound marketing work for your business. Download more awesome 'About Us' page examples here, and get tips for making yours great, too. 12 of the Best About Page Examples 1) Yellow Leaf Hammocks Why the 'About Us' Page Rocks: It tells us a story. For example, take a look at what Re/code's done with their roster.

7 Great Examples of 'Boring' Businesses That Act Like Humans in Their Marketing


One of the themes that came up during the Q&A portion centered on how to separate "business" from "personal" in your marketing. And it's really hard to like a faceless, personality-less ( so not a word, but work with me here) business. mean, who has ever fallen in love with a company whose blog posts are full of jargon and business babble? Question. Bill Lumbergh? Perhaps.

2 Elevator Speech Examples - One Works, the Other Doesn't

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

His elevator speech sounds like this: “I work with only the best companies in the industry. High-falluting words and industry-specific acronyms fill his elevator speech. There are multitudes of ways to answer the question "What do you do?". Your answer has the power to make or break your opportunity with a potential client. The Impresser: How to Repel Prospects. Impressed?

3 Examples Of Companies Being Customer-Centric

B2B Marketing Insider

Truly incredible, and until we have a time machine in operation, I will happily experience the Age of the Dinosaurs through the special effects of the modern movie business. He’s the guy who coined the classic business advice “the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself,” years ago. This is what it takes to stay competitive in today’s business environment. Three Examples of Customer-Centricity. Rich Products has broken the silos between departments in the product development process.

This Week in Content Marketing: Content Marketing as a Profit Center

Junta 42

This week’s This Old Marketing example: Christophorus – the Porsche magazine. and Asia, with a large business globally in many verticals. and around the world. I’m excited about it because both UBM and CMI share the same passion for the content marketing industry and its growing community. It’s a great example of how diversification can pay off.  . 4. Sponsor (42:58).

9 Examples of Native Ads People Actually Enjoyed Reading


Check out the best examples from the year. Sponsored by Netflix, the article was written by Anthropologist and Culture Expert Grant McCracken , who discussed everything from binge-viewing to movies stars migrating to TV to the increase in risk-taking in the industry. What was your favorite example of native advertising? This post originally appeared on Agency Post. The draw?

3 Writing Techniques to Double Your Productivity


Productivity is huge in freelance writing and blogging. Like, make or break your business huge. When you become a freelancer, your productive cannot be equal to your productivity at a cushy 9 to 5-er. Don’t know how to be productive? Here’s a list of 3 writing techniques that will catapult your productivity through the roof. 1. Prospects to Skype.