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Would you erase yourself from Google search results?

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In this show, Tom Webster and I were far too caffeinated to stick to one subject so we decided to go through a grab bag of current topics including: E rasing yourself from Google. There are also some profound implications for marketers and content creators. Are personas always necessary? Do personas kill great content? Are personas always necessary?

34 Compelling Content Marketing Stats and Facts


Content marketing is now ubiquitous, with 93% of all marketers saying they do content marketing (it’s not clear what the other 7% are doing). But with so much content being produced, distributed and shared, how do you make your efforts stand out and grab the attention of your prospects? Only about half of marketers try to connect content to sales. TopRank ). 2.

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32 B2B Marketers to Add to Your Google Plus Circles

KoMarketing Associates

Building a network in Google+ could be the next critical tactic when it relates to B2B search engine optimization and broader social media initiatives. Recent data analysis from Moz illustrates a positive correlation between Google+ activity and search visibility. Tony Zambito – Tony is the founder and leading authority in buyer personas for B2B Marketing. How so?

If you stopped publishing your social content, would anybody notice?

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

By Brooke Ballard, {grow} Contributing Columnist If you’re like me you don’t ever feel comfortable with your social media content publishing schedule. What does this mean for the “little guy” and our social content? Do we curate content or only share our own, original pieces? I’m genuinely very curious to hear what you {grow} readers have to say.

Blog Wars: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr – Which Platform Rules?

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blog may be your most prized content marketing asset (aside from email marketing, of course), and in some cases, blogs can blow up into businesses of their own accord. In a smackdown of sorts, I’ve laid out the pros and cons of 3 major blog contenders: WordPress , Blogger and Tumblr. The tool is compatible with Blogger, Blogroll, TypePad, Posterous, LiveJournal and more.

The New Social Buyer Ecosystem

Tony Zambito

  It really is an ongoing almost never ending process of staying on top of the challenges you have and knowing what’s out there." Content Marketing: “The term, content marketing, I am seeing here and there.    The qualitative interviews are not as rigorous as I would normally do in a buyer persona research and development effort but nevertheless revealing. 

11.5 Amazing Content Creation Tools for Becoming a Super Blogger


Your content is really only as good as its context. Being able to blend your branded messaging with relevant topics will significantly increase the virality of your content marketing. However, as content marketing expert Marcus Sheridan believes, “many businesses…are missing the mark big time.”. Google Alerts. Use the dashboard to curate content in real-time.

GM Uses Google Plus for News Distribution to Media

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General Motors uses Google+ to distribute the right news to the right groups of people. Step 1: Set up your Google+ Brand Page ( Here is General Motors’ Google Plus Page ). Step 2: Set up your circles (journalists, bloggers, staff, etc.). Here is General Motors Google+ post on November 7, 2011 : Welcome to GM’s Social Media Newsroom on Google+.

The Ultimate Collection of Free Content Marketing Templates


I joined HubSpot in September 2011 as a blogger. My content role has evolved eons beyond what I could ever have imagined. These days, content means so much more than just writing. And for those of you who understand that content marketing is a critical component of inbound success, content will need to mean more than just writing for you, too. Blog Post Templates.

The Future of Effective Content Marketing – Long Term Personas

Content Marketing Today

Unless you have had your head buried in the sand in recent months you’ll know that content marketing and outreach is THE critical off page technique to ensure the long-term success of your business. A lot has been written about how to use various cool techniques to do it, whether you’re a fan of ego baiting, co-relevance content creation (explained in this deck by Mike King, interactive infographics like this one, persona outreach or some other ‘cutting edge’ technique to maximize your chances of link and content placement there is still something missing.

50 Things We Learnt About Content Marketing This Year


2015 was a bumper year for people like us with the publication of over 20 new content marketing research reports. We ourselves conducted 5 major content marketing research studies ranging from analyzing 500m Facebook posts to analyzing the shares and links of 1m posts to a study of the most viral web articles. Content marketing strategies. Content performance. Buffer ).

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7 Ways Google Changed in 2013, and How it Should Affect Content Creation


To help you refine your approach and optimize your content creation appropriately in the new year, we’ve looked back over the past 24 months of Google’s updates:  1. Google Authorship Shakeup. Turns out that  Google Authorship  is not really a given any longer. July 2013, the news broke that Google’s knowledge graph had exploded by 50% overnight. Panda 2.0

17 Foolish Mistakes to Avoid as a Guest Blogger


As a guest blogger, you need to have the skill sets of an SEO expert, a public relations professional, and obviously, a blogger , in order to be successful. Then your strategy should probably involve creating content that allows you to work in that keyword ( and an inbound link, but we'll get to that later) and getting published on blogs that cater to and already rank for that topic.

Are You Making These 5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes?

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There are over 27,000,000 pieces of content being shared every day, but did you know that 60-70 percent of content produced by B2B marketing goes unused? Most often it’s due to common content marketing mistakes like not knowing who you’re producing content for, trying too hard to sell with your content, and other content mishaps. Wait, what?

How to Make Content More Engaging: 10 Tips

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The Content Marketing Institute hit a home-run with their question to content experts, “ How do you make content more engaging? &# This is an important post to read for anyone blogging and posting content to connect with readers. In my opinion and experience, content that engages is emotional. How do you write content that engages readers? Digg this!

What to Include in a Content Marketing Proposal

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From the stats I’ve come across recently, starting a content marketing program or ramping up content efforts seems to be a common business resolution for 2016. If you’re looking for some ideas of things to include in your content marketing proposal, you’ve come to the right place. Ways to Measure B2B Content Marketing Performance. Ongoing Content Initiatives.

Why Quality Content is the Core for Any SEO Strategy


Is quality content the backbone of your SEO strategy? Shabby content doesnt engage readers. So do search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo  Google in particular. Here is a closer look at what qualitative content is and why it should be the main driver of every search engine optimization strategy. SEO Strategy: What Is High-Quality Content? Panda 3.5,

10 Ways to Make Your Content More Fun to Read


"But I write about mortgages (or some other similarly '' boring '' topic) -- there''s no way I can possibly make my content fun to read." But I''m going to fight you on this one because, hey, I''m a B2B content creator, too. But we''ve heard time and time again from our readers that they love coming back to our content because we make it fun and interesting to read about marketing.

31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO


Given all of the changes Google has made affecting organic ranking factors (asking webmasters to disavow low-quality links, reducing the value of guest blogging , ignoring links in press releases , etc.),  the practice of SEO—optimizing owned content for search—is no longer sufficient for maximizing a brand’s online visibility. ” Getting less traffic from Google?

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17 Ways to Succeed in Viral Content Marketing


Every marketer’s dream is to create a piece of viral content. People share content that makes them feel a certain way. Amuse, intrigue, or excite your audience if you’ve got dreams of viral content marketing, but don’t make them feel frustrated or guilty. 2. Nearly a year ago, Oreo cookies decided to announce their support for gay rights with branded visual content:  .

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What Were The Most Effective B2B Marketing Tactics of 2015?

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STRATEGIC CONTENT MARKETING. “The most effective marketing tactic I have seen work for many brands is taking a strategic approach to content marketing. I’ve applied this as I’ve launched my own business. It starts with creating a simple content marketing mission statement. built a content experience to focus on gaining subscribers.” Write and create relevant content for them. Modify your e-mail templates to fit your content. Less is more!” — Pam Didner , Content Marketing Strategist and Author of Global Content Marketing.

Content Promotion Strategy: 23 Proven Ways to Explode Website Traffic


“If you write great content, people will find it.” While that’s certainly an idyllic thought of a world in which marketers can just focus on creating outstanding content, it’s just not accurate anymore. Call it an era of abundance, information obesity, or the content arms race, but the truth is that it’s much harder than it used to be to build an audience. Post Often.

Why Marketers Need to Rise Above the Deluge of Crappy Content


When we at Velocity Partners published our latest SlideShare rant, “Crap: The content marketing deluge,” we got a big, big response. The rant is all about how the rush to content marketing in every industry will make it harder and harder for your content to rise above the noise -- and how the only defense is to build a Great Content Brand. The Content Marketing Deluge.

Get Your Blog On: 4 Steps to Blogging Success

Modern B2B Marketing

This blogging phase didn’t last long and ended after I realized that whatever you do on the internet can not only be found on Google, but also by your parents. Darn it, Google  you win again. Interestingly enough, now that I’m a Content Marketer at Marketo, part of my responsibilities include managing the blog, where oversharing can actually be a good thing! B2B or consumer?

Visual Content Marketing Insights from 13 Genius Thought Leaders


Visual content marketing has never mattered more, particularly in an era where consumers are increasingly savvy, connected and crunched for time. In a recent article in Forbes , she took a deep look at how the rise of visual content is connected to the increasing prevalence of mobile, and more importantly, what small businesses can do to capitalize on the trend. Content Creation

SEO for Alternative Content Types, Part 2: Optimizing Video for SEO

Marketing Action

In a recent webinar sponsored by Act-On, Thorin McGee, Editor in Chief of Target Marketing Magazine sat down with search engine marketing guru Kevin Lee to talk about how marketers can improve SEO for alternative types of content. But it also serves the role of just being a great place to have content. And part of putting the audience first is to think like a Google or Bing engineer.

17 Ways to Promote Your White Paper for Lead Generation


There is a myriad of methods to promote your white paper, generate interest, and help it climb Google’s search engine rankings. Here Consider using a subdomain, and make sure the words in your URL are separated by dashes so Google can read it better. Along with company news, industry news, recent posts and other content, promote your white paper in your newsletter. Perhaps

11 Ways to Come Up with a Rocking Content Marketing Strategy


If that isn’t your motto as a content marketer, it should be. Consumers today have more free content available online then they know what to do with. The time is now to make your content so incredibly outstanding that it’s beyond reproach, even in a highly saturated world. Whatever you’re most scared of is probably what your content marketing strategy needs. Fact Check.

5 PPC Philosophies That Companies Should Utilize


We are excited to introduce today’s guest blogger Barbara Cavness . Quality score is Google’s perception of how relevant your ads and keywords are to a search query. Google uses it to determine your cost-per-click and position. If you give Google control, it will make decisions about your spend that benefit Google, not you. Focus on “Quality Score”. Productivity

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How to Do Great Marketing with (Almost) Zero Money

Fearless Competitor

Where do they look for answers – friends, social networks, Google, Trade Associations? Better yet, watch my Mad Marketing TV interview with Adele Revella of the Buyer Persona Institute. Create great content. Sign up for a blogging platform like  WordPress ,  Blogger  or  Typepad. Distribute your content on social networks  (Cost: Zero). What do they care about?

14 B2B Blogging Best Practices from Creation to Promotion

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Blogging has emerged and remains a critical component of B2B content marketing strategies across all industries. 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing ( source ). 82% of B2B Marketers are increasing content production in the next 12 months ( source ). According to WordPress statistics , bloggers produce an average of 33.7 Where will they see this post?

Are You Making any of These 6 Blog Content Mistakes?

WindMill Networking

I get asked by a lot of companies as well as bloggers as to ideas on what they should be blogging about.  My golden rule, as a tool of Inbound Marketing , is to try to blog about topics that my potential clients might be interested in.  As you know, I believe a blog should be an essential component of any social media strategy. Once again, think about your target market. Blogging

7 Bright Ideas for Promoting Your B2B Content Marketing on Pinterest


It may not have the massive membership of Facebook, but the network’s engagement rate is staggering: users spend more time on Pinterest than Google+, LinkedIn, or Twitter combined. However, is the network a viable tool to promote content in the B2B realm? Behind every great piece of content marketing is a lot of effort and elbow grease. Create Persona-Specific Boards.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers


This year, in addition to my usual list of personal resolutions, I’ve decided to add on a new list – a set of professional resolutions for myself as a content marketer. Creating a survey asking sales reps to measure the effectiveness of the content we create. Planning out a comprehensive content audit to figure out what we’ve got, how it’s used, and where to find it.

The New Risks in Pay-for-Placement Guest Blogging

Hinge Marketing

It’s a common goal of any website to dominate search engine rankings and come up on the first page of Google. For those who don’t know, guest blogging is when you create a piece of content and reach out to other websites to host the content, thus reciprocating links. SEE ALSO: 5 Tips to Take Your Guest Blogger Outreach to the Next Level. Impatience.

Not Getting What You Want From Blogging? Ask These 11 Questions


Every post you create should be designed to provide a solution to one of your buyer persona's pain points. However, writing without clearly defined buyer personas in place is essentially the equivalent of blasting rap music at Grandma's 90th birthday. Check out these free buyer persona templates to get you going.). 2) Is there a keyword focus? You did it. So we decided to help.

8 Deep Questions to Define Your Blogging Strategy


While that truth is harsh and depressing, don’t let it deter you from establishing a content strategy. You probably won’t achieve the same worldwide recognition that McDonald’s and Nike have overnight, but having a fundamental understanding of what you are will help you achieve more focused and consistent content. Blogging Content Creation Content Marketing

So Your Ebook Didn't Generate Leads? You Could Be Making These Rookie Mistakes


But you were told ebooks are one of the most effective forms of content marketing. Solution: Create a buyer persona. It's time to do your market research to create a buyer persona before you mess up your next ebook's chances. Your buyer persona will detail everything there is to know about your ideal customer and it will typically include: Demographics. And then.

How to Get More Leads from Your B2B Blog

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To have some content for the email newsletter? Here’s how they rank in the pantheon of B2B lead generation techniques, according to the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs “B2B Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” report: marketers say only in-person events and webinars are more effective. Offer calls to action to “content upgrades”. Like….

27 Writing Mistakes that Are Costing You Clients and Cash


In short, these careless errors (that pretty much all new bloggers make) could be a major obstacle in your efforts to scale your business online. 1. In other words, if readers have to Google any of the words you use in a blog post, you’re doing something wrong. 5. People read your content and purchase your products. Write for your readers, and not for Google. 8.

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Five Reasons You May Not Be Spending Enough on Content Marketing

Tom Pisello

Marketers are scrambling to address the power shift and overcome lead generation and conversion issues by delivering more content and tools over more channels to actively engage ever more empowered, skeptical and frugal buyers. Having the right content and tools to help fuel buyer’s decision making process is essential. Content Marketing and the Forgotten Sales Professi.

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Book Review: Optimize


In Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing , Lee Odden provides the definitive guide to SEO and its extension into social and content marketing for the new, more sophisticated world of search and web presence optimization. ” •  Content isn’t just the job of marketing and PR. What motivates them?

Today’s Rules for Guest Blogging- How to Find Opportunities with Outreach Tools


Guest blogging is a great way to make a major impact on your content marketing and SEO strategy by driving qualified traffic to your own blog and website. The next step is one you’ve probably already done when defining your own content strategy, developing personas.  By defining your audience, you can better target your opportunities.  Be as specific as possible when building your personas. Using Google, search for them by name and determine if they have a blog that might be a good fit. Content Search Marketing Getting Started. Next Steps.