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Video ads: Facebook or YouTube?


For the last decade, the social option has lived almost exclusively in the land of YouTube, but since last year, Facebook has officially become a player in the video field. November 2015 marked the first month where more videos were uploaded to Facebook than posts containing links to YouTube. Well you can accomplish the same thing with your own videos on YouTube. Get the Guide.

Google integrating G+ Pages and YouTube Channels


It’s Google’s hub, from which YouTube, Google Business Pages, Google Mail, and even Google Apps for Business (which looks like it’s rebranding as Google + Business — interesting). Case in point, my own vanity URL for my Google+ profile is not only but is also too. Google+ as Social Layer. Good luck, Tiger!

4 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Channel

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Given these numbers, it’s not surprising that so many businesses are turning to YouTube to create a video presence. We’ve created a list of four tips to help you make the most of your YouTube channel. 1. Your YouTube page is a representation of your business. YouTube suggests a dimension size of 2560 x 1440 px. Social Media improve YouTube experience youtub

YouTube - Education Today and Tomorrow

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Sign in to YouTube now! Sign in to YouTube now! Sign in to YouTube now! Join YouTube for a free account, or sign in if you are already a member. Sign in to YouTube now! YouTube. YouTube On Your Site. YouTube Handbook. © 2008 YouTube, LLC Sign Up. QuickList ( 0 ). Sign In. Worldwide. English. Close. Set Your Country Content Preference. Close. Set Your Language Preference. Videos. Channels. Community. Upload. Videos. Channels. advanced. Loading. Education Today and Tomorrow. Rate: 182 ratings Sign in to rate. Views: 171,510.

How Should Our Staffing Firm Use YouTube?

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YouTube may be one of the most overlooked social channels to use in the staffing and recruiting industry -- which leaves a large gap in your overall social media strategy. As with many of the other social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, YouTube provides an opportunity for you to answer questions and provide valuable resources for your key audiences. Create videos!

Making Social Media Your Own: A Guide to Vanity URL Customization


Our blog post last week about the roll out of custom URLs at Google+ received considerable interest. . What difference does a custom URL make? On their vanity URL support page, Faceook lists a great example of an automated URL address [link] that is hard to navigate, later being customized to be [link]. Enter your desired custom URL and search for availability.

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YouTube - Informal Learning in 10 minutes

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Sign in to YouTube now! Sign in to YouTube now! Sign in to YouTube now! Im trying to post this video on my blog, but it looks like YouTube doesnt support TypePad yet, so Im just going to have to link to it. Join YouTube for a free account, or sign in if you are already a member. Sign in to YouTube now! URL: Customize. YouTube. YouTube Handbook. YouTube On Your Site. © 2008 YouTube, LLC Close. Sign Up. QuickList ( 0 ). Sign In. Site: Home. Videos. Channels. Community. Upload. Videos. Channels. advanced. Loading.

How to Annotate a YouTube Video [Quick Tip]


Ever wondered how to make those clickable buttons that show up on some YouTube videos? And, as it turns out, annotating YouTube videos is actually really simple. Once you''ve uploaded your video to YouTube, the annotation tool lets you easily layer text, links, and spotlights to your videos. We annotated one of HubSpot''s YouTube videos  to show you how the process is done.

YouTube - Diigo V3: Highlight & Share the Web! Social Bookmarking 2.0

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Sign in to YouTube now! Sign in to YouTube now! Sign in to YouTube now! Join YouTube for a free account, or sign in if you are already a member. Sign in to YouTube now! URL: Customize. YouTube. YouTube Handbook. YouTube On Your Site. © 2008 YouTube, LLC Close. Sign Up. QuickList ( 0 ). Sign In. Site: Home. Videos. Channels. Community. Upload. Videos. Channels. advanced. Loading. Diigo V3: Highlight & Share the Web! Social Bookmarking 2.0. Rate: 47 ratings Sign in to rate. Views: 31,977. watch in standard quality.

YouTube - What is LinkedIn? Part 2

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Sign in to YouTube now! Sign in to YouTube now! Sign in to YouTube now! Join YouTube for a free account, or sign in if you are already a member. Sign in to YouTube now! URL: Customize. YouTube. YouTube Handbook. YouTube On Your Site. © 2008 YouTube, LLC Close. Sign Up. QuickList ( 0 ). Sign In. Site: Home. Videos. Channels. Community. Upload. Videos. Channels. advanced. Loading. What is LinkedIn? Part 2. Rate: 1 ratings Sign in to rate. Views: 288. watch in standard quality. watch in high quality. Share. Favorite. link].

My online influencer research and engagement process


upload big batches of keywords and then take the results and chop off the fat and then take the resulting URLs and upload them to GroupHigh, where their powerful app takes those blog URLs a thousand at a time and populates each one with all of its related social media metrics. At least, right now, it’s a one man band. Really big. That’s a real blindspot for them both.

Five Tips to Improve SEO Using YouTube

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To most marketers, YouTube is known for its possibilities regarding word-of-mouth, viral marketing and for its integration possibilities within other environments. Think about the ways you can use YouTube as a blogger, within social media and increasingly in other communication and marketing channels. However, since Google started including YouTube in its search engine results, the most popular online video sharing platform is gaining attention for search engine optimization purposes. Now, don not think that YouTube tomorrow will become your first source of traffic.

SEO for YouTube: How to Search Optimize Video for B2B Marketing


Videos are an important part of content, and given that YouTube is by far the most popular video website, you should be publishing videos there -- even if you are a B2B company. Before we dive into the 5 key elements of YouTube search engine optimization , watch our video below about how to upload video content to YouTube. Title & Description. Popularity/Views.

13 Free Marketing Tools: Optimize Efficiency Without Breaking the Bank

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Use it to convert files from URLs, as well as videos, which are then sent to you via email. YouTube - By creating a YouTube video page, you can centralize the great video content you spend time and money on to engage with prospects and customers ( and you can check out the latest viral must-see, while you’re at it.). by Amanda Batista | Tweet this. Marketing Efficiency

How To Use YouTube For eCommerce


How to Use YouTube To Increase Sales. HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe says to keep in mind that “ social media isn’t a strategy, its a technology ” Use technology YouTube to share the information with anyone that wants it. Use fully qualified URL (i.e. This will show up as a clicakble link on YouTube. This is a guest post authored by John Lawson. Why Video?


How to Build the Ultimate Online Newsroom


Links to all of the company’s social media profiles (LinkedIn company page, Facebook, YouTube channel, Twitter etc.). • A search-friendly URL structure with “news&# included, e.g. or (where “section&# is the content type: news releases, bios, images etc.). by TomPick and guest blogger Maria Verven.

B2B Video Content Marketing on Youtube

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@RBeale on Twitter Ryan Beale on Facebook RSS Feed Ryan Beales Email Home About Contact Comment Policy Buy Thesis PPC SEO Social Media Marketing Subscribe Today Internet Marketing, Sales & Sports | Ryan Beale Why B2B Marketers Should Consider Adding Video Content on Youtube by rbeale on May 18, 2010 · View Comments in Internet Marketing Spread it! Video is in demand. 

Once is Never Enough: How to Repurpose Content Like a Boss


short video on YouTube. Here’s how Jay describes it : “I spend five minutes recording a video that becomes: A video on YouTube. You saw Jay Baer publish his videos on Facebook, YouTube and his own site. Don’t change the URL.) Or publish an updated version of the old post. Producing engaging content is the #1 challenge for content marketers. None of that comes cheap.

Why Brand Consistency Matters to B2B Companies (+ 1 Brand SEO Hack)


While you can catch it now on YouTube, the ad was only broadcast twice – once in 10 smaller local markets (think Twin Falls) on the last day of 1983 (to qualify for awards), and then in the Super Bowl.Yet its anti-conformity message is still a beacon for many. And our social media presence is consistent from Facebook to YouTube.”. bitly) to make that URL bite-size. Book club.

How to Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Online Video

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Take YouTube, for example. Second only to Google, YouTube has rapidly emerged as an easy-to-use and reliable search tool; it overtook Yahoo as the second largest search engine in 2008 and is now the fastest-growing media platform in history.  In fact, this month the Volkswagon Darth Vader ad attracted 20% of the record-breaking viewership for the entire SuperBowl XLV in just 36 hours.

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B2B Online Video Marketing; Planning to Execution Best Practices for Lead Generation


YouTube averages 4 billion hits each day, and 61% of B2B marketers leverage YouTube to extend the reach of their messaging and brands. Also: A Forbes study: Three-quarters (75%) of executives surveyed said they watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly; more than half (52%) watch work-related videos on YouTube at least weekly. YouTube Targeting.

Can you repurpose content?

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Repurposing that content might include: A new chapter in an ebook or a section in a whitepaper An infographic A photo slideshow A video (for posting on Facebook, YouTube and other sites) Several social media/LinkedIn posts A podcast A decision map A quiz It is fun to go through blog posts and envision how to reuse them. For instance, take a post on the daily routines of successful people.

5 Ways B2B Marketers Can Learn to Love Facebook


Using Facebook’s retargeting options so they can show ads to anyone who’s visited a specific URL. In fact, it beat even mighty YouTube all the way back in 2014 for video posts. Are you holding back on Facebook marketing just because you’re in B2B? It’s really only for B2C people, right? Or just for keeping up with friends. That’s a belief I held for a while. Um … maybe not. Big deal.

34 Compelling Content Marketing Stats and Facts


More than 70% of B2B marketers use the “big four” social media sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) to distribute content. Brands that use shortened URLs with a “vanity domain” experience an average increased click volume of 25% compared to long URLs or generic URL shorteners. Want to know more? TopRank ). 2. TopRank ). 3. TopRank ). 4.

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Internet marketing abhors a closed door so open a window


Even more, you might not have the best understanding of the true limits and boundaries of your online home, be it your WordPress or Drupal install, your Squarespace or Wix website , and even little hacks that can help bring your  YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook , Twitter , Google+, and LinkedIn profiles inline with your brand. YouTube. Summary : Never paint your visitor into a corner.

Creating a content marketing plan — without any content

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Pass on links and snip your URL’s! Adding your comment to relevant YouTube viral videos can create impressions with thousands of people who are interested in a related topic. Tags: LinkedIn Marketing best practices Social Media best practices Twitter best practices YouTube and video This can be an extremely complicated, time-consuming and expensive proposition! LinkedIn forums.

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Making the Case for Content Marketing: Research & Statistics


SEO used to be confined to being more technical as it hinged on URLs, tags, sitemaps, etc. Youtube is also joining the ad-free experience by launching YoutubeRed. As the digital landscape evolves, it can be hard to stay on top of the best ways to reach your target market. Here’s a big push in the right direction–good luck making the case! Content gains trust.

QR Codes: Is Your QR Code Secure?

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So, the code will encode bits of data that represent a website URL. Scan your code and see which URL shows up first on the phone…is it your website URL or another site? If it’s your URL, then you are OK. Same URL Different QR Code. Be advised that and create QR codes that look different even though the URL is the same.

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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Google+

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The “plus” in Google+ is the skeleton key that opens the doors to the wonders of the Googleverse: YouTube, GMail, Android, Drive and more.You can trip on the high resolution images, the awesome photos and gifs and spend days reading insightful posts. Whatever Google product you touch: YouTube, Gmail, Drive, etc., Whatever Google product you touch: YouTube, Gmail, Drive, etc.,

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Paid Advertising 101: Understanding the Basics of Advertising on Social Media


Now, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube, they’ve all stripped down their processes, simplifying the user experience and making it astonishingly easy to set up ad campaigns on their platforms. Now that we’ve reviewed the big picture process of advertising on social media, let’s take a quick spin through some of the high points of advertising on each of four major social networks—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. URL (website people visit once they click on your ad). Advertising on YouTube. increase from 2014. But how do you get started?

4 Ways to Make Your Video Content More Measurable

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For example, this humorous explainer video by Poo Pourri has received more than 36 million views on YouTube alone, and helped grow their Facebook fan base by 70% and doubled their Twitter following, according to Social Media Today. That’s By adding a link as a call-to-action at the end of your video, you can track exactly how many conversions your video generated using a unique URL.

48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics


How To Use SEO To Boost Your Brand’s YouTube Channel by MediaPost. through integrating your YouTube channel with your Google+ account. If you want to create a video that is specifically for branding and getting your name in front of people, then YouTube, Vimeo, etc. And are your website URLs optimized? But change is.” Image credit: Stone Temple Consulting.

How to Generate New Keyword Ideas

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What that means for marketers is how someone searches on Google may not be the same way they search on YouTube or even Google mobile. What I like about this tool is it gives you suggested search queries for Google, Bing, YouTube, and even App Store searches. In the example above, I took the first URL from the BuzzSumo results and plugged it into Keyword Planner. FAQFox.

chiefmartecTV: From cave paintings to the Personalized Mona Lisa


You can watch the replay of the show on YouTube : You can tune in live for our second episode on Tuesday, July 12 at 4pm Eastern —  subscribe on the chiefmartecTV page to receive the Blab URL. David writes the terrific Customer Experience Matrix blog and is also on the board of advisors for the MarTech conference series. Are they actually accelerating in their arrival or adoption?

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How to Write Good Instagram Captions: 8 Tips for Perfecting Your Copy


Clickable URLs aren't allowed anywhere except the single "website" box in your bio. That's why optimized Instagram profiles update that URL frequently to point to their latest blog content, YouTube videos, products, or offers -- and then refer to that link in their Instagram captions. Learn how to create UTM codes to track your URLs here.). The lesson? It was empowering.

25 social media listening aids to increase your hearing


Addictomatic : Focuses on a variety of platforms such as: Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress, Bing News, Delicious, Google,, etc. You can search through a tweet archive for URLs sent via Twitter, including results for full URL links, shortened URLs, and URLs without the “www” prefix. Does your business listen? Topsy is a certified Twitter partner.

17 Ways to Promote Your White Paper for Lead Generation


Store your white paper on a separate page of your site, as shown on the right, with an SEO-friendly URL, title, and Meta description. Consider using a subdomain, and make sure the words in your URL are separated by dashes so Google can read it better. To optimize your success, measure conversions by channel (URL tagging) via Google Analytics or a similar analytics tool. Video.

How To Spice Up Your Content Marketing With Animated GIFs [And Other Animated Visuals]


Here’s the final, compressed animated gif: How to make animated gifs from YouTube and other videos. The next way to make animated gifs is to use YouTube videos. Just go to the URL of the video you want to make into an animated gif. There are many other sites that let you make animated gifs from YouTube videos. Images are powerful tools. So what’s an animated gif?

Google+ 201: 5 Steps to Get Started with Google+

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Make sure that your Google+ page is complete and interesting before you start promoting it. 3) Claim your custom URL. Publish your custom URL to your email or marketing campaigns to help people remember how to get to your page. Your custom URL can’t be changed. Login to your YouTube account. Your YouTube channel will be renamed to match your Google+ page.

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How to Promote an Event with Social Media

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Create short-code URLs using a service like Special discount if you use this URL [link] ). Link to your landing page using a custom URL. Create SlideShare and YouTube channels for your event. Be sure to point to your event site from the SlideShare and YouTube profile pages. Embed media from your SlideShare and YouTube channels on your event website.

29 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Infographics of 2013


Shannon Johnson presents an excellent collection of resources to help curate content for Twitter (or other uses), ranging from Feedly (which lets you follow pretty much anything—blogs, #topics, vimdeo and YouTube channels, tumblrs, comics, recipes, news sites, podcasts, magazines and more) to StumbleUpon. There are 9,100 tweets posted per second; one billion tweets every five days. Why?”.

Unique Ways to Build Your Email List

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As an easy solution, you can simply include a link (if it’s too long, use a URL shortener like ) to your sign up form on all of your printed receipts. At the end of every video you create, include a slide at the beginning and/or end that contains a URL to your sign up form. On every YouTube video you upload, include a note, box, speech bubble, etc. So far, so good.

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10 Easy-to-Use Tools for Creating Animated Images and Videos


It also creates YouTube videos on the fly, which is a great re-packaging option. On Make a GIF, you can create from screenshots, YouTube videos, uploaded videos, or premade GIFs. YouTube videos are a great source for screencasts. You can make GIFs from YouTube videos using GIFYT. Just paste in the URL, select the time period you want captured, and convert it to a GIF.