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20 Experts, 1 Awesome Resource: The Social Media ProBook

It's All About Revenue

by Joe Chernov | Tweet this You may have noticed that over the past month or so, several influential social media professionals changed their profile pictures to funky avatars of themselves. If you want to grab your free copy of the Social Media ProBook, you can download the Web version here or the print version here. That project goes live now. Right now. The rest is the who.

Blogger outreach is more PR than social media


The current catch-all these days for what I do is social media; unfortunately, when what you do is described as social media, people tend to think Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , and maybe Google+. Blogger outreach is earned media not paid, right? Blogger outreach and engagement is much more than social media. Related articles. And people are suspicious and busy.

One person can change the world. Thank you, Internet


The Internet should allow us to get to know Iraqis, Palestinians, Afghans, Russians and Iranians first hand so we can decide for ourselves whether we believe what our Government and our media tells us about Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, Russia, and Iran. And, since the world moves fast and nobody really uses blog comments anymore, the rubber hits the road on social media. Right now.

Being Pretty Isn’t Enough for Social Media Marketing


Image via Wikipedia. What’s more, the most successful online social media barflies are aggressive in addition to gorgeous. The Internet has flattened the market, allowing anyone to eat your lunch, so just ringing the dinner bell after you launch your social media presence is not going to work as well as you expect. Be the catalyst of your natural social media success.

You’re only renting in social media


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Be sure you don’t become so tethered to your Facebook page that you lose sight of the bigger picture of social media–your message, rather than your medium. It is less about the inhuman technology than it is about the culture of the Internet and how to best discover, connect, and relate to online tribes where they live and how they want to be engaged. Internet Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing bodhidharma Facebook friendster Initial public offering linkedin MySpace utterz vbulletin

How to Quell a Social Media Nightmare


Whether you''ve posted something to your company''s social media account that you didn''t mean to or didn''t realize the implications of, or you''re on the receiving end of a high volume of incoming criticism, your brain is probably kicking into panic mode -- and it''s in these moments that having some sort of a plan is so critical. public relations Social Meda Quickly.).

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Blogger outreach is earned media PR, isn’t it?


My definition of blogger outreach has always been about acquiring earned media coverage from bloggers and online influencers. My definition–and my assumption–has always been that blogger outreach is public relations and not paid media. ” (Wikipedia). I am an “earned media” social media marketer. I may well be mistaken.

Why you should consider centralizing your search keyword lists


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Chances are, a relatively small set of words are both relevant to your product offerings and your client’s needs. Media relations and PR professionals need the right keywords to know how to build more relevant press releases and build better anchor text in them. And the words enriched all related social outreach.

How NOT to pitch a blogger


Image via Wikipedia. And, at the end of the day, many agencies have given up on earned media because earned media can be risky and it can oftentimes be an all or nothing venture. Internet Marketing Organic Search Public Relations Abraham Harrison Blog bloggers Outreach public relations social mediaTweet This Post. It is sort of like dating.

Adventures in Frictionless Sharing


Well, according to Wikipedia , frictionless sharing describes the transparent sharing of resources using social media services. We all have been frictionless sharing with advertisers, social media companies, big data minters, and search engines for a decade in the form of implicit attention data, part of an attention economy. What is it, you ask? Oh, what a pity.

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How Performance Marketing Accelerates B-to-B Prospecting


Photo credit: Wikipedia. It generally means that the media channel owner conducts a campaign, and charges the marketer an agreed price for every respondent, according to predetermined criteria. If you give me control of the creative and the media, sure. Every time you turn around, a new “performance marketing” opportunity turns up for B-to-B marketers. What a treasure trove!

The Long Tail of Blogger Outreach


Image via Wikipedia. The closer you can get to the media organ that your target market consumes primarily and religiously, the higher the probability that content will register with the reader, will resonate with the reader, and will feel like it is intimate to the reader and his local community and experience of the world. The Internet is such a gift. Nothing. They take time.

The Quantum Mechanics of Blogger Outreach


Image via Wikipedia. With the ultimate goal of as many quality, thoughtful, and topical earned media mentions as possible. In these scenarios, one cannot invest months and months culling through a media list, failure-by-failure, hoping for success. My long tail blogger outreach strategy is periodically challenged or criticized as being too aggressive. All at once.

Get Over Social Media Writer’s Block


Image via Wikipedia. There are six reasons why you’ll have chronic writer’s block when it comes to producing content to feed your social media dragons: blog, Twitter and Facebook. Unlike traditional dead tree publishing, our social media output generally never makes it to paper. In social media, always breathe before you respond or hit the submit button.

How to pitch a blogger


Image via Wikipedia. It is earned media. It is real, even if the blogger simply embeds a video or quotes the pitch email verbatim or copy-and-pastes the social media news release full-text, it’s up to each blogger. Internet Marketing Organic Search Public Relations Abraham Harrison Blog Outreach Pitch public relations social media

Fire for effect when you can't get a bead on your market


Image via Wikipedia. I've run a social media marketing agency since Autumn 2006 so Abraham Harrison is almost five years old. We've worked for a broad spectrum in these five years, from health care and pharma to huge radio astronomy projects; from global non-profits to very specific public affairs campaigns. by Chris Abraham. In that time, we've learned quite a lot.

Inbound Marketing the Way God Intended


Image via Wikipedia. Sara Wilson, my COO, told me yes, that our digital PR strategy of identifying thousands of topical blogs and then pitching them on behalf of our clients with the goal of securing hundreds of earned media mentions is surely the definition of inbound marketing–and maybe even the way that God intended. Earned media is hard. Let me explain. Full stop.

10 Questions about 2014


(Photo credit: Wikipedia). So without further ado: How soon will it be until the mobile user experience equals or surpasses the laptop experience for social media users? But as a user, I’m still much more satisfied with my full-featured social media experience (powered by Max OSX) than my mobile experience (powered by the much less robust iOS 7.0). Slideshows? Short videos?

The Dirty Little Secret of Media Relations


Photo credit: Wikipedia. When reporters speak in public about how they gather information and decide which stories to write, they tend to sound like scientific researchers, claiming to spend long hours objectively sifting through data until they find stories worthy of coverage. The dirty little secret of media relations is that the commenter is basically right.

Don’t Make These Enterprise SEO Mistakes


Photo credit: Wikipedia. In addition to the SEO team or person, there is the PR team, the social media team, the content team, etc. Organic Search Business Google keyword research marketing public relations Search engine optimization Web search engine Website The SEO process looks the same, for the most part, for any website owner. Not sufficiently staffing for SEO work.

Listening to Your Customers in Social Media


Image via Wikipedia. Today I spoke for 30 minutes on social media listening--how your company can find out what people are saying about you online. Luckily, we record it for you, so if you missed it, check out today's recorded Webinar, " Listening to Your Customers in Social Media.".

Every 2015 presidential candidate is a brand


Jeb Bush (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Trust and authenticity are closely related: trust reflects more of an emotion than a cognitive belief, while authenticity is a conclusion about one’s persona and set of values. Their exaggerated or misplaced promises are a primary reason for the public’s lack of trust in them. Each Presidential candidate is essentially a brand.

Miley’s Hot Strategic Mess of Digital Marketing Success


Photo credit: Wikipedia. It’s a tough crowd, and one largely known for shock publicity. There were also serious hooks into social media: music videos and parodies, endless tweeting during and after the VMAs, and tons of digital media coverage. According to USA Today , her VMA performance had 10 million viewers and is worth $79 million in free publicity.

Don’t Let Your Social Media Hypothesis Dictate Your Conclusion


Image via Wikipedia. While neither marketing nor social media are sciences, one needs to use scientific principles to be most effective when it comes to both branding and prospecting online. It doesn’t take an Einstein to succeed in social media marketing, but to does take a scientist. There is a lot of bad science in social media marketing.

Creating Mini, Midi and Maxi Content To Spread Your Message


Photo credit: Wikipedia. There are three types of content you can post, which I call mini, midi and maxi content (yes, like hemlines): Mini: Tweets, text messages, photos, social media shares (on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and so on), pins, comments on other peoples’ content. Midi: Blog posts, your own social media posts, short videos, infographics, lists, case studies. Blogging Content Marketing Internet Marketing Public Relations Search Marketing Slider Social Business Social Media Marketing Facebook Google linkedin social media

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You’ve probably over-farmed your donors’ land


Image via Wikipedia. Could you reward your donors in a more public way? They supported the seasonal messaging with direct mail outreaches as well as daily updates shared via Social Media to their followers and friends on Facebook and Twitter. In our case, we garnered over 1,800 earned-media-mentioned annually in support of their other efforts. Or fertilizers? Why yes!

Christmas is a perfect time to create havoc online


Image via Wikipedia. If you want to tar and feather your sworn enemy online using social media, now’s the perfect time to do it! Don’t worry your pretty little head, because even though 2012 is rapidly approaching, most social media monitoring and response teams are still under-staffed during the rest of the year, rarely covering nights and never covering weekends.

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Why Every Social Media Team Needs Millennials AND Boomers


Photo credit: Wikipedia. I left for vacation right when the blogosphere was going nuts about Cathryn Sloane’s article in NextGen Journal: Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25. Because I was under a strict no-social-media rule imposed by family, I had to surreptitiously read the hundreds of comments – and I couldn’t blog about it. 2 social media managers.

Binary Byte: Shading Your Online PR; Managing Black and White Imperatives

WindMill Networking

Wikipedia. Evolving into a social business holds so much promise and opportunity from an integrated communications and public relations perspective. Regarding organizational public relations, it’s mystifying as to when and from where did the amorphous online “general” public get the idea it was in charge in a black-and-white (or binary) imperative sense?

How deeply do you respond to customers in public?


Image via Wikipedia. Recently, I wrote a post that recommended, “ Don’t be afraid of fake reviews ,” to help business owners know how to respond to an angry post in social media. That advice was questioned by one correspondent, who asked, “How deeply do you respond in public?” My questioner wanted to understand the nuances better. What is right?

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What the Crumbling State of the Media Means for Digital Marketing


Photo credit: Wikipedia. You might not realize it, however, from all the hand-wringing about the end of the news media. Let’s look at some of the trends: The news media is shedding journalists. Newsrooms are down by 30% since 2000, according to the State of the News Media 2013 , an annual report from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Media.

Writing simply isn't for bird brains


Image via Wikipedia. Internet Marketing Organic Search Public Relations Social Media Marketing ad copy Advertising Advertising and Marketing copy copywriting message control messaging Writingby Chris Abraham. Universally, the biggest gasp I get when I meet people new to marketing, PR, or advertising is that most ad copy is restricted to a 6th grade reading level.

Who are the Top 15 Thought Leaders in Social Media Today?

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Wikipedia defines a thought leader as …an entity that is recognized by peers for having innovative ideas. I often get asked who are the true “thought leaders” in social media. It all started by this question from a member: Today’s top Thought Leaders of Social Media? The End of Business As Usual , and Putting the Public Back in Public Relations.

This Week in Content Marketing: The Business Case for Content Marketing as PR

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We also look at why GoPro closed its media division, and explore CNN’s partnership with a YouTube celeb to launch a new media property. Rants and raves include and the business case for leveraging content marketing as public relations; we wrap up with an example of the week from UK National Trust. This week’s show. 2. Sponsor (35:00).

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How Paul Barrett Won Over Gun Forums


Image via Wikipedia. In order to mine social media marketing gold, you really need to roll up your sleeves, put on a pair of sturdy work boots, get into that little elevator, and descend that deep shaft into the gold mine yourself, pick in hand, and get to work. I wrote an earned media review and quickly became part of the author’s street team. Out of nowhere. If Paul M.

Social Media Marketing Strategy 101: Definitions

PR Meets Marketing

I had an interesting conversation with someone a few weeks ago about the definition of social media and social media marketing. akornblatt Social Media are the tools, Social Marketing is what you use Social Media for. akornblatt Social media are the tools used in social network and social marketing, which are both unique as well. Video, blog posts, etc.).

“I don’t spend on social because I don’t understand it.”


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Someone recently told me that this is what her boss says every time she tries to get him to do something–anything–in social media: “I don’t spend on social because I don’t understand it.” Loads of companies spend money on public relations, but they have no idea what it does for them or why it does it. Wrong.

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