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YouTube Ads for Beginners: How to Launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign


Running a series of YouTube ads is one way to make sure more of your target audience finds the video content you've produced. The thing is, advertising on YouTube is very different from running a PPC or paid social campaign. What’s New With YouTube Advertising. per click on YouTube, compared to the average Google Search cost per click, which is estimated to be between $1-2.

11 Top Tips For Developing YouTube Influencers


YouTube influencer marketing is an often-overlooked, but highly valuable component, of a strong marketing automation strategy. YouTube is just one platform where you can execute your influencer marketing strategy. But because of its high discoverability, authenticity, long-form potential and long-tail durability, YouTube is ideal for information-based lead generation.

Google integrating G+ Pages and YouTube Channels


It’s Google’s hub, from which YouTube, Google Business Pages, Google Mail, and even Google Apps for Business (which looks like it’s rebranding as Google + Business — interesting). Isn’t that interesting? YouTube Channels, They Are A-Changin’ Another case-in-point: how YouTube has begun handling YouTube Channel creation.

YouTube Views Don’t Matter – Here Are 5 Metrics That Do


“Wow, that YouTube video has got more than a million views already!” The YouTube view count is probably the most well-known statistic in social media. But the real truth is YouTube views don’t matter. Everyone has seen those skippable pre-roll videos on YouTube, right? Trying to get ranked higher on YouTube by getting more views. Not true.

How to Get Results from YouTube Ads (Hint: It’s Not Advertising)


Most YouTube ads do not deliver a measurable ROI for advertisers. This is because most of the pre-roll ads (YouTube calls them “in-stream ads”) we see on YouTube are geared only towards raising brand awareness – they’re designed to get reach and attention, but not conversion. You can create highly targeted YouTube campaigns towards specific demographics.

Interesting Marketing Trends of Small Businesses [Infographic]

Puzzle Marketer

Bolt Insurance Agency compiled an interesting infographic that compiles research and data from Constant Contact, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, e-Dialog, ExactTarget, and the U.S. Facebook YouTube Twitter & LinkedIn (Tie) Other interesting facts pulled from the infographic: 67% of customers give their email addresses to companies to receive discounts and promotions.

How To Make the Most of the YouTube Content Marketing Customer Journey


We use YouTube in fundamentally different ways when we’re using it for fun than when we’re using it for business. When we watch YouTube videos for fun, we might have a personality we like to follow, or might see an intriguing video embedded in a news article, tweet or Facebook post. Generally, we come to YouTube videos through search. A video from YouTube.

Video Marketing How-To: YouTube vs. Your Website


This week we want to tackle a question that comes up often — whether your video should live on your website, your YouTube channel, or both! First thing’s first is understanding that YouTube, alone, isn’t a video strategy. Your videos on YouTube can have a variety of objectives — awareness building, generating subscribers, and driving traffic back to your website.

How Should Our Staffing Firm Use YouTube?

Haley Marketing

YouTube may be one of the most overlooked social channels to use in the staffing and recruiting industry -- which leaves a large gap in your overall social media strategy. As with many of the other social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, YouTube provides an opportunity for you to answer questions and provide valuable resources for your key audiences. Create videos!

17 Hidden YouTube Hacks, Tips & Features You'll Want to Know About


When people talk about today's most popular social sharing websites, YouTube often gets left out of the conversation in favor of sites like Facebook and Twitter. But don't be fooled: YouTube has a lot going for it. Although Facebook might be the largest social networking site, YouTube has the second greatest reach after Facebook in terms of general usage. I'll wait. t=3m39s ).

4 tips to improve your YouTube channel


If you’ve turned to YouTube like many other businesses, you need to know one rule–and it’s one that is tough for many to execute. Publish quality content on a regular basis for success; 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute so you need to ensure your video is worth watching. Pique your customer’s interest. Work diligently to craft your YouTube channel.

The Do’s and Don’ts of YouTube Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Jon Mowat There are a multitude of reasons why it’s really important to fine-tune your YouTube presence. Other important reasons include: that YouTube is the biggest player in Video Marketing , and it’s the second largest search engine on the net (bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, YouTube Channel Do’s. Your YouTube channel is a part of your online brand identity.

How Your Business Can Survive The Ad Blocking Wars On YouTube


If you are promoting your company with video ads on YouTube, a portion of your targeted audience may be missing the message due to ad blocking software. As with many tech trends, ad-blocking’s early adopters are generally younger or more tech-savvy users who are generally more interested in tech-related content. You may only be using YouTube for paid media.

Revenge of the YouTubers: The Growing Power of Social Influence Marketing


I’m watching this sweet episode of Clash of Clans Attacks by my favorite YouTuber, Galadon. Such was my introduction to the role of the YouTuber in that growing area of digital known as social influence marketing. and YouTube, today’s top gamers command a loyal following of predominantly Millennials and Gen Zers that can (and often does) reach into the millions.

10 Interesting Content Ideas for You

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Whether you’re a beginner looking for some guidance or an expert looking for some fresh ideas, the following tips will help you create innovative, original and interesting content for the correct social media platform. For all the bloggers out there: Re-interpret existing content: Collect the top motivational YouTube videos for your audience, top ebooks, top webinars or infographics.

YouTube - Informal Learning in 10 minutes

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Sign in to YouTube now! Sign in to YouTube now! Sign in to YouTube now! Very interesting, personally the "art" and "science" of learning (and informal learning) is probably the most interesting thing. Good to find an interesting resource on an interesting topic - informal learning. Im trying to post this video on my blog, but it looks like YouTube doesnt support TypePad yet, so Im just going to have to link to it. Join YouTube for a free account, or sign in if you are already a member. Sign in to YouTube now!

Quick Tips For Optimizing Your YouTube Channel - #MarketingTechMin


Whether you are looking to attract new YouTube subscribers or trying come up with a way to better deliver video content to current subscribers, it is in your brand''s best interest to take steps to optimize your YouTube Channel. Keep in mind that for many prospects, your YouTube channel and videos are their first interaction with your brand. Follow @jaceyleigh.

Is YouTube Advertising Right for You?


Whether you realize it or not, more advertisers are allocating part of their advertising budget toward YouTube. In fact, the number of advertisers running video ads on YouTube is up 40% year over year. Well, there are several reasons: The amount of users who actively use YouTube is insane. In addition, YouTube reaches more 18 to 49 year olds than cable television.

Content Is King Only When The Kingdom Is Interested

B2B Marketing Insider

My kids always loved that part and invariably asked me “What if the kingdom does not think the king is interesting? Doesn’t the kingdom need to be interested in what the king has to say?” Now there is an interesting point to ponder! Integrating YouTube videos into your marketing strategy will help you reach your audience and achieve your goals. For content to be king, the kingdom needs to be interested in what the king is saying. The post Content Is King Only When The Kingdom Is Interested appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider. Content Marketing

To YouTube and Beyond! 5 Places Where Including a Video Will Boost Results

It's All About Revenue

Uploading your marketing videos to YouTube is essential, it is after all the second largest search engine available and can be used to direct leads back to your website for more content and eventual conversion, but you can’t stop there to realize improved ROI. Including video on your website and product landing pages sparks immediate interest and can increase conversion rates.

Interesting Infographics: 10 Biggest Office Distractions


2 years watching commercials (does skipping commercials on YouTube count? =). NOTE: it would be interesting to add up the hours we spend online – any guesses? The post Interesting Infographics: 10 Biggest Office Distractions appeared first on LEADership. To start off, in an average lifespan, did you know that we spend: 3.66 years eating. years driving. 25 years sleeping.

Six Seconds? Bah. YouTube Says Long Videos Sometimes Work Better


But over at YouTube, they’re finding shorter isn’t always better. “It’s It’s kind of counterintuitive,” says Vanessa Pappas, Global Head of Audience Development at YouTube. Possibly there’s a shift taking place from thinking of YouTube as a place for snackable content to thinking of it as a place for more engaging content, and more storytelling.”. How to Succeed on YouTube.

Keynote Speaker with zero interest in your marketing conference

Fearless Competitor

Keynote Speaking is my #1 goal in 2015, so I have zero interest in any marketing conference anymore without a chance to use my keynote speaking skills, especially since my remarkable recovery and the fact that I am a true medical miracle. Here is a great YouTube testimonial for Bob. Check it out: Happy Holidays from your friends at Find New Customers! link]. What do you think?

How the Top Online Video Platforms Are Taking Businesses Beyond YouTube


In 2005, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim opened the doors to YouTube inviting content creators around the world to share their videos with a global audience. Consumer behaviors soon shifted with a massive rise in video content consumption, and we now see more than 20 billion videos devoured every day across YouTube, Facebook and SnapChat alone. department required. support.

How This Agency Built a Viral YouTube Channel From Rejected Ideas


That’s why HelloDenizen was born in 2014, a YouTube channel that has racked up over 33 million views thanks to viral hits like the “ Tiny Hamster ” series. We’re finding that YouTube audiences subscribe to channels for very specific content,” Jensen said. “We Brands agencies YouTubeAt some agencies, rejected ideas get scrapped and disappear for good.

Top 7 Reasons Your Business Should Be Interested In Pinterest

WindMill Networking

So what … Continue Reading Top 7 Reasons Your Business Should Be Interested In Pinterest by Julia Campbell - Maximize Social Business - Maximize Social Business - Your Social Media for Business Resource. Pinterest BlogHer Facebook hubspot RichRelevance Shareaholic Social Media Marketing Twitter YouTube If you market your business online, there is a good chance you have heard of the fastest growing social network, Pinterest. The photo and video sharing site is exploding in popularity. It has 25 million members, has registered over half a million business accounts and gets 2.5

Organic vs paid social media: 12 myths vs realities


Organic social media is the use of social networks like Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , Pinterest , Instagram , and Snapchat along with the use of free publishing tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to build a social community and interact with it—publishing posts, sharing others’ posts, and engaging in conversations and comments. The social media landscape is constantly evolving. MYTHS.

Interesting Infographics: The Potential of Social Media for B2B


Other social media options include: YouTube at 1.44 Video: Extremely shareable on social media and YouTube is the most highly engaged of all the platforms. The post Interesting Infographics: The Potential of Social Media for B2B appeared first on LEADership by Louis Foong, CEO The ALEA Group. Let’s take a look. B2B Benefits. What else did they discover? Social Media Spend.

Interesting Infographics: Portrait of a LinkedIn User 2014 Edition


YouTube (29.2%). The post Interesting Infographics: Portrait of a LinkedIn User 2014 Edition appeared first on LEADership. How much ROI are you receiving from your LinkedIn profile? Perhaps it is time for a tune up. This infographic from Power Formula provides a useful checklist on how to get the most from LinkedIn and how to really make it work for you. have 500-999. have 301-499.

Six YouTube Tools and Tips For Social Media Success

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Boost your social media presence by using YouTube. It seems that YouTube gets overlooked as a social network despite the fact that it is the most popular of the video sharing sites. In fact, seventy-two hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, but not enough of it is from marketers. In fact, YouTube gives marketers everything they need to succeed as video creators.

Internet video killed the TV star. The rise of YouTube for B2B advertising

Earnest about B2B

“By the time you finish reading this sentence, users around the world will have uploaded another eight hours of video to YouTube.”. No longer the preserve of cats playing musical instruments , YouTube has become one of the most exciting and sensational media sharing websites in the world. Communities of millions and brand new stars. to his 2.4m). These are powerful signals.

Interesting Infographics: The Story Behind Influencer Marketing


This trails only retail sites (56%) and brand sites (34%) and comes in narrowly ahead of Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks. The post Interesting Infographics: The Story Behind Influencer Marketing appeared first on LEADership. Let’s face it – people are savvy to advertising. Influencers are people with a wide net of social impact. But the real value of influencers is trust.

5 tips to amplify your YouTube video and get more views

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YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet, full to the brim of content. By “good” I mean relevant to your audience, providing insight and expertise in answering a key problem they have to solve in their day-to-day business life, delivered in an interesting, creative and engaging way. We all want our videos to go viral on the Internet, don''t we? Upload a file. link].

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Break the mold: Why content marketing needs to be like a chalupa

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Instead of advertising, as we had done for a century, companies needed to leverage new technologies to publish helpful, original, interesting content that would build reputations and attract people to our business. My friend Leah Mackey Schultz pointed out another interesting Instagram mash-up. Streaming video + YouTube + Blog + Slideshare. Thinking like a media company.

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Interesting Infographics: Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth


An interesting or humorous meme has a chance of going viral, and can be created easily using a free online generator. YouTube. The post Interesting Infographics: Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth appeared first on LEADership by Louis Foong, CEO The ALEA Group. It’s been said countless times that a picture is worth a thousand words, and as this infographic from dci shows, that adage is especially right when it comes to lead generation. The science backs it up. People process images far faster than text – 600,000 times faster, to be exact. Which sites are most useful?

Interesting Infographics: How To Use Storytelling To Reduce Information Overload


Every minute, YouTube has an additional 60 hours of new videos; web users send 168,000,000 emails; and 700,000 searches on Google are performed all at once. The post Interesting Infographics: How To Use Storytelling To Reduce Information Overload appeared first on LEADership. The B2B industry is inundated with news and information. This is why we must make use of multimedia.

Interesting Infographics: How To Make Your Content Go Viral


YouTube is not your only video distributor; consider Vimeo and Yahoo video, too. The post Interesting Infographics: How To Make Your Content Go Viral appeared first on LEADership. How do B2B marketers create “viral” content for their marketing campaigns? According to a recent infographic released by , we cannot foresee content becoming viral. Low-quality design.

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