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Google Authorship Removed From SERPs

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On Friday, Google announced the end Google Authorship. From now on, not only will Authorship information be removed in search results, but Google will no longer be tracking data from the rel=author markup in content at all. Authorship, as well as its place in the SERPs, has changed many times since it began several years ago. It was not simple. It’s possible.


Will Your SEO Strategy Be Impacted By Google’s Removal of Right-Hand-Side Ads on SERPs?

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As of Friday of last week, Google confirmed that it had permanently removed all right-hand ads on its SERPs (search engine results pages) worldwide, making room for ads at the top and bottom of the page. With less room on SERPs for ads, brands are likely to start battling it out over the top 3-4 ad spots on SERPs, competing over keywords and driving up the cost per click.


Fathom SEO Pulse #40: Google Linking to Apps in Mobile SERPS, Upcoming Algorithm Updates & More


Here’s the latest SEO news: “Google Adds Additional Ranking Boost for Using App Indexing API”. Google announced that mobile apps using the new App Indexing API will receive a “ranking boost.” The new API allows Google to gather engagement data from within the app to determine how helpful it is to users. Google also released new documentation about iOS app indexing and how it works with the new iOS 9. Additionally, Google unveiled new Search Console beta features that will be useful App Indexing developers. Google Updates Are Coming: Are You Prepared?”.


How and Why To Set Your Site Up for Google’s Rich Answers


What’s a “rich answer”? A “rich answer” is any attempt by Google to answer the searcher’s query in search results in a way not requiring a click through to a website.             – Eric Enge, CEO of Stone Temple Consulting. Featured Snippets:  These are results extracted by Google from third-party websites and shown at the top of the web search results. Consider a quiz. An app.

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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Google+

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My name is Ray, and I’m a Google+ addict. Google+ is the place for me … and maybe for you too. The “plus” in Google+ is the skeleton key that opens the doors to the wonders of the Googleverse: YouTube, GMail, Android, Drive and more.You can trip on the high resolution images, the awesome photos and gifs and spend days reading insightful posts. And so does Google.

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Google Retires Google Authorship

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Google announced yesterday that after three years, the company has retired Google Authorship. Authorship joins other retired Google products like Google Reader to face an early Google grave. We saw the writing on the wall a few months ago when we shared that Google reduced the appearance of Authorship photos in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Forget Link Building: Time to Embrace the Google Knowledge Vault


SEOs and marketers, you better hold on to your keyboards, because Google may be about to fundamentally restructure how its search engine goes about indexing web pages. Up until now, Google has seemed to operate as if it believes back link data is still the most viable way to ensure quality search results. The Google Knowledge Vault. Isn’t digital marketing fun?

Google Authorship is Changing the Game for SEO and Digital Marketing


Google Authorship is making big waves in the SEO and digital marketing worlds. Eventually, possibly within the year, Authorship will contribute to Google’s Author Rank. In the summer of 2011, Google announced the Google Authorship  program and it has shaken the SEO and digital marketing worlds for a number of reasons. Image via CrunchBase. An SEO Boost.

How to Optimize Your Content for Google's Featured Snippet Box


In the past few years Google have been refining the way that it displays results to users. In particular, Google has been increasing the number of Featured Snippets that it displays for queries. Featured Snippet is shown in some search engine results pages (SERPs), usually when a question-based query is being searched for. Try "how to search on Google" as one of many examples.

5 Ways to Use Paid Search & SEO Together

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Back in 2011, Google shifted the industry in this direction when they started limiting organic search query information in an effort to increase privacy. Use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to see what keywords are driving visits to your site. Start creating content around those keywords to increase your ranking in SERPs. 2. 2012 Google study says just that. SEO/SEM adwords google organic paid search PPC search engine marketing SEM SEO serp Paid search and SEO work in different ways to get visitors to your website. Get Content Ideas.

Google’s Removing Right-Side Ads, But How Will It Impact Organic Search Results?


Google has been known to change their logo in fun, surprising ways for their Google Doodles , but major changes to the actual search engine results page (SERP) occur far less often. That’s why their recent decision to remove ads from the right-hand side of their desktop SERPs is making big news. This move does a couple of things for Google. You can find the “Avg.


Google+ Local Pages are your new Landing Page

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A search for "pilates easthampton ma" turns up Renew Pilates Clients of ours surprisingly still question our focus, and insistence, on their participation in +Google+. But even if they don''t use Google+ for the networking aspect, we insist that they at least claim their Google Places page. Renew Pilates '' information takes up over 50% of the SERP.

Google Wants to AMP Up Your Mobile Experience (Google now goes to “11”)


Google has always prided itself on creating a great search experience for it’s users. One of the primary measurements users have for their experience with Google is site speed. Think about it, nobody wants to click on a Google link and wait a long time for the page to load. So site speed, or “Page Load” speed, has become a big factor in Google’s search algorithm.


How B2B Advertisers Can Deal With Google’s Sidebar Changes

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A little more than one month after Google announced it would no longer be serving paid ads on the right sidebar in desktop results, advertisers and marketers alike are still adapting to the changes. Use the Google AdWords bid simulator  on existing and new campaigns to get a better grasp of what type of budget is required to maintain one of the top ad positions. Focus on Mobile.

Does Google Hate Small Businesses?


So I don't think Google really "hates" anyone, but I think over the years they've unintentionally made things a little bit more difficult for small business owners. So while Google has continued to improve upon its user experience, in my opinion, those improvements have also put a lot of small business owners at a disadvantage if they're trying to use Google for marketing.

Seven Common AdWords Mistakes to Avoid


As Google’s standard search results page has evolved from displaying ten organic links on the left and eight ads on the right to a more varied page (see example below), featuring more or fewer ads and different media types depending on the nature of the search, the old pattern of organic results receiving 70%-85% of all clicks has also gone by the wayside. Not testing. Not dayparting.

Google Shakes Up the Local Search World… (kinda)


Google made a pretty big change to their search results recently. Google has just removed the ability for users to manually change their search location from the search results pages (SERPs). This feature was located under “Search Tools,” on the Google SERP, as detailed in the screenshot below. Want to know more about Google Location Setting? Click here.


Blogger and Google+, using them together to great effect

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There has been lots of discussion on Google+ , speculation about the future direction of the platform, how to best use it, but also what it means for the future of Blogger. understand the strategy, and the desire to get Google to put more resources into the platform that you've decided to take advantage of. With my personal Google+ account I continue the conversation as myself.

Why it’s Important For B2B Marketers to Get on The Google+ Bandwagon

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Google+ recently celebrated its three year anniversary, and with it brought the appreciation of many marketers and social network users who thought Google+ would go the way of Google Buzz or Orkut, two of Google’s other former social offerings. The Integration of Google Maps/Places/+ Pages. It’s a Good Cross Between Facebook and LinkedIn.

Digital, Multi-channel, Marketing and Considerations From Google’s New Search Page Layout


During this month of college basketball madness, does Google’s new Search Engine Results Page (SERP) layout have you second-guessing your marketing bets too? The new SERP layout presents an opportunity to up your digital, cross-channel, game to drive results that settle a score of victory. Your Ads and organic search results might drop below the fold of desktop search.

HTTPS Encryption Will Kill Organic SEO - And Make Google Richer


Back in October of 2011, when Google first announced it would start implementing HTTPS/SSL encryption on all searches of logged in Google users, I raised an eyebrow. To clarify, I said Google’s HTTPS encryption is killing organic SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, not organic search itself. So why has Google? Rebecca and Todd are sure to be on Google’s naughty list.

A Few Quick SEO Wins Your Google+ Page Needs


The recent departure of Google+ creator Vic Gundotra from Google has led to speculation that the social network will be undergoing some changes in the coming year. According to Google however, these changes will build off of the foundation of Google+ rather than uproot it entirely. Why publish to Google+? How else can I optimize my Google+ page for SEO?


May Brings New Products and Updates from Google

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The first week of May was a busy one for Google! While many of us were sitting back and eating tacos and sipping on margaritas in observance of Cinco de Mayo, Google was rolling out new products and functionalities for Digital Marketers in the SEO, PPC and Social Media world. Google boasts that the data within this new report will be much more accurate than its predecessor.

Everything B2B Marketers Need to Know about Google’s Upcoming Mobile Algorithm Update

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Google made an announcement explaining its mobile-friendly ranking signal will expand to cover a larger portion of search queries as of April 21, 2015. If you are ranking #1 on desktop and mobile for a keyword phrase, after the update you may be surpassed on mobile if other SERP competitors are providing a better mobile experience. Second, identify your mobile traffic from Google.

3 Ways to Get B2B Social Media Value from Google+

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Along comes Google+, another social network that the average B2B marketer just doesn’t have the time to learn and master. There are, however, reasons to believe that Google+ will be more valuable to B2B companies than Facebook and Twitter put together. Google+ Has More Appeal for Business than Recreational Users. Social shares are also positive ranking factors for Google.

The Quality Update, “Phantom 2”, Launches. Learn How Google Has Changed the Way It Assesses Website Quality.

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If you noticed that your website’s organic stats and rankings took a bit of a hit in the beginning of May, then you may have been hit by Google’s latest update. Google refused to go into specifics with regard to which of its 200 ranking signals this update has effected. Content Development Google Analytics Search Engine Marketing SEOSurprise!


What B2B Marketers Need To Know About Google’s Evolving Search Engine Results Page

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There is rarely a classic, “ten pack” of organic search engine results when searching Google. First, and often through the webmaster integration of structured data , Google is able to provide a more detailed search result experience. Second, Google Knowledge Graph  is increasingly prevalent in organic results across the various types of keyword searches.

Everything You Should Know to Prepare For Google+ in 2014


Google+ is here to stay in 2014. Prior to last week, Google was a little ambiguous on how you can receive a custom (or vanity) URL. Claiming a custom URL helps your company’s overall branding and it should help Google+ profiles show up in the SERPs more frequently. Google+ profile is required for nearly everything.  Google Hangout requires a Google+ account.

How to Add Google Authorship for Multiple Websites to Google+ [Quick Tip]


Google authorship is a hugely beneficial integration for prolific online content creators that can help boost SERP clickthrough rates, author and site visibility, and page views. Simple! 1) Go to your Google Plus “Profile” page. 2) Click on “About.” Otherwise, your Google+ profile won’t be able to crawl the posts you’ve published.


How to Please Google in a Post-Hummingbird World


In the last three years, there have been 45 Google Search algorithm updates, all of which have enhanced the search engine’s ability to properly evaluate the user’s search query and provide the most relevant search results possible. Understanding Google''s Hummingbird Algorithm. Google wants you to create content that answers questions instead of stuffing keywords.


How to Survive Google's Pending Panda Update


It appears the Google search spam team has a busy year planned. There will be an update of both Google Panda and Penguin this year. Google's updating their algorithm all the time -- some updates bigger than others, of course. The update this weekend is the last manual update of Google Panda , as Google is planning on making it part of its overall continuous algorithm.


Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? 3 Tools to Help You Prepare for Google's Next Algorithm Update


Google is about to update their algorithm again, and this time it could have a big impact on your business. For context, when Google initially rolled out the Penguin algorithm update, it affected approximately 4% of global searches on desktop and mobile. Google''s realized how frustrating this whole experience is and decided to change their algorithm accordingly.

Google Ups the Ante As the PPC Landscape Continues to Change


Well, it looks like Google is at it again! Here is how ads used to appear on Google: 1-3 ads at the top of the page. According to Search Engine Land , Google is now rolling out a change that is going to eliminate the right-hand side ads from the search results. Google, though, has not released an official statement on this update yet. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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How Do Your Google AdWords Metrics Compare to Industry Averages? [New Benchmark Data]


Trouble is, mastering Google AdWords is really tricky. HubSpot Marketing customers: We recently launched a Google AdWords integration via HubSpot Ads to help you better measure and optimize your ad campaigns.). Before we dive into the metrics, it's good to clarify what exactly we're trying to measure within Google AdWords. Search vs. Display Ads: What's the Difference?

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Google Plans to Index Tweets in Real Time: How This Could Impact Your SEO


Years ago, it was commonplace to find real-time tweets in Google Search results. Twitter and Google had inked a deal that gave the search giant access to the social network''s data stream. In turn, Google would display tweets in search results in real time. But that agreement expired, and in the middle of 2011, Google lost access to Twitter''s data stream. Summary.

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6 SEO Tools to Analyze Your Site Like Google Does


Google is constantly tweaking their algorithm -- just look at the history of Google's 2011 algorithm updates chronicled on this very blog to get a little snapshot. That said, there are a number of tools out there -- some free, some paid -- that help you to look at your own site the way that Google sees it. and a Google bot! 1) Webmaster Tools. Yikes.

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Google Algorithm Update Makes Authorship WAY More Competitive


Another change in Google’s algorithm means another change in strategy for all of us inbound marketers. Thankfully, this time around, it’s not as massive or as jolting (we know, you’re still settling down from Hummingbird , right?), but rather the change comes in the form of Google Authorship. What is Google Authorship? Google+ posts are showing full profiles.


15 Reasons You Should Claim Your Google Authorship Markup


Google Authorship is a unique markup that allows you to connect your Google+ account with your blog posts and website. When you have Google Authorship enabled, your Google+ profile picture appears alongside your website link in Google’s search results. Standing out is almost always a good thing — especially in the search engine results pages (SERPs).


Social media becoming increasingly important in regards to link building


Links remain the primary ranking factor for determining where a site or page shows up in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Although correlation does not always mean causation (and it is impossible to tell exactly what impact social signals have on rankings without knowing Google’s algorithm), it is worth noting that these correlations exist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

Google’s New Search Analytics Report: What You Need To Know

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This month has been a busy one for Google. With changes to AdWords, new Google+ features, and of course, “ mobilegeddon ”, Google has been keeping digital marketers everywhere on their toes with new updates. Google announced that the updated report has taken users’ feedback into consideration in order to supply more in-depth information that was lacking in the Queries report.

How Google’s 2015 Changes Impact 2016 Search Marketing Strategies

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Google either announced or implemented a variety of changes, all of which reward brands striving to provide the best possible experience to website users. Let’s recap some of Google’s biggest changes in 2015. This change was probably the most momentous update Google made to its search algorithm in 2015. How to take action in 2016: Check out Google’s tutorial for building AMPs.

The dashboard has finally been perfected


never remember to check Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, my AdSense revenue, and even what’s coming in to my help desk inbox as it happens. Widgets and Google Gadgets? Then, I can stream social mentions, my inboxes, my site performance data, questions and queries happening on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, help desk queries, and even project management stuff.

Why Your B2B Can’t Ignore Google+ Any Longer

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Google+ is one of the most under utilized social media networks in the B2B space. Additionally, those companies that have a Google+ business page are not taking full advantage of the platform and all of its benefits. We are going to breakdown exactly why your B2B company can’t ignore the importance of Google+ anymore and where to start to optimize your page for success.

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