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Why We Still Fight Over Social Media and Content Marketing


Social sharing, inbound traffic, branding, the customer experience,… Same thing in content marketing: it’s about storytelling. Yeah, but what about traffic, links and SEO, we need traffic, right? And isn’t social often about traffic too? Bloggers. Bloggers with a PR or media background are no sales experts. Hey, did anyone look at customer service?

7 Social Media Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

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Here are Paul’s 7 Social Media Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid. Although like-baiting might help you get more retweets, shares, and likes, it will not result in repeat traffic. Attracting Clients Social Media Stuff blog traffic social media social media marketingA Note from Patsi: This week’s guest post is about social media and it’s really important. A ssets (free).

Trying GroupHigh for Blogger Outreach Campaigns


I am hereby making the jump from humans to robots for all my blogger research. And what was I comparing all of these social CRMs, influencer-identification services, and blogger databases to? I don’t reach out to 40 bloggers over time, I reach out to upwards of 2000 bloggers all-at-once. Blogger outreach is more PR than social media (

8 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Business Blog

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Lots of bloggers get discouraged when they first start out, because no matter how much they tweet, they just can’t seem to increase their traffic. The post 8 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Business Blog appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. If you’re in this situation, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. Content Marketing

The bloggers are the victims of bad blogger outreach


I just wrote an article , Blogger outreach is earned media PR, isn’t it? wherein I suggested that some bloggers are kinda jerks because they lead any blogger outreach with “here’s my advertising packet.” Bloggers, in fact, are the victims and we digital and PR agencies are the perps. That said, these bloggers are the victims. Totally!

How To Increase Referral Traffic And Get More Leads


Most marketers have one goal in common: increasing the amount of traffic to their website. One often overlooked tactic that can potentially have the greatest impact is referral traffic. So, what is referral traffic and how can you use it to generate more leads ? What Is Referral Traffic? Why Is Referral Traffic Important? Referral traffic also has SEO benefits.

5 Traffic-Driving B2B Blog Topic Ideas

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This is often a common problem for many bloggers and marketers in almost every industry. KoMarketing regularly writes B2B marketing industry news stories, which has helped drive traffic, educate clients, and make them a top resource for B2B news in Google News. Don’t know what to write about when it comes to your B2B website’s blog? Testimonials. Case Studies. Company Events.

How to Get More Blog Traffic – Real World Data


Every blogger wants more traffic. So where does blog traffic come from, and how does this change over time? What’s important here isn’t the specific results from this blog, but what those results say about how to get more traffic to your blog. Don’t expect miracles right out of the gate, or get discouraged by low blog traffic at first.

10 Tools to Help Get More Social Media Traffic

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In past blog posts, we’ve gone through tips on how to get more traffic from almost all major social networks – this month I’d like to share with you some of my favorite tools that can help you get more social media traffic more easily. 10 Tools to Help Get More Social Media Traffic by Lilach Bullock - Maximize Social Business. Related Stories Embrace the “One to One to Many” Approach by Working with Bloggers Boost Credibility on Social Media with Customer Stories Blog + Social Media: Not Your Mom’s Donor Acquisition / Retention Plan.

How to Turn Anyone Into a Blogger


Whether you know it or not, every person that works for you is a potential blogger. Of course, your new blogger can’t write exclusively about mountain biking or pie crusts, but it’s your job to find a way to incorporate their expertise and frame it in a way that applies to your blogging goals. It’s a real ‘teach a blogger to fish’ situation. Set Your Bloggers Free.

Social Media for Busy Business Bloggers

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Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S. About Blogs Attracting Clients Content Marketing Online Marketing Social Media Stuff blog marketing blog traffic content marketing with blogs Writing for the WebWith the onslaught of social media in the last 10 years, the ever constant question is, what can it do for my business and my business blog? It’s the numbers.

Want More Blog Traffic? Focus on Growing Subscribers


"How do I grow traffic to my blog?". It's one of the most common questions I get from people launching a new blog, and I always tell them the same thing: The key to growing blog traffic is actually to focus on growing subscribers. But even though we've always had anecdotal evidence that more subscribers leads to more traffic, I wanted some actual data to back it up. It worked!

How Content Curation Can Drive Traffic

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Content curation is becoming more popular, particularly with the surge of tools coming into the marketplace due to the demand for sourcing relevant and valuable content to make it easier for businesses and bloggers alike. Over the last 18 months we have seen content curation evolving…perhaps maturing to the point where, in 2015, it will […] Author information Lilach Bullock This monthly Social Media Traffic Generation column is contributed by Lilach Bullock. Social Media Traffic Generation

The Ultimate List of Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark


All bloggers have a number of websites that they visit every single day. What are some of the best websites that all bloggers should add to their bookmark bar? 22 Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark. We use waterfall graphs to keep track of daily progress on our traffic and leads goals on the blog. That's exactly what bookmarks are for. But trust me, it's easy.

7 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic From Twitter

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For bloggers and business owners, it’s a great tool to drive traffic to your blog. Leah Mazur contributes a monthly column on Social Media Traffic Generation. 7 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic From Twitter by Leah Mazur - Maximize Social Business. Social Media Traffic GenerationAuthor information. Leah Mazur. She also loves event planning, traveling, and cooking.

5 Ways Blog Analytics Improve Your Business Blog

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There are many easy-to-use blogging analytics tools out there, but the really successful bloggers know their results and tailor their blogs accordingly. About Blogs How to.Tips Online Marketing analytics blog content blog traffic tracking web traffic search trafficHow do you use your blog analytics ? A ssets (free). S ocial Media. T rack. Post views/clicks. Subscribers.

Beauty Bloggers: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

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Where it used to be most common for high profile celebrities to be spokespeople and endorse beauty products, the ever-expanding phenomenon of bloggers and vloggers are increasingly being seen to take over this role. Hayley (TPB) – Beauty and Lifestyle blogger at Tea Party Beauty. ” Sarah Wong – Fashion & Beauty Blogger at Temporary Secretary. Bloggers.

5 ways a content audit can drive new traffic and save you time


Discover how leveraging your existing content assets will help you boost your rankings and drive new traffic–plus save you time on content creation. 5 proven ways your old content can drive new traffic. Heather Lloyd-Martin is one of our Biznology bloggers and is the President of SuccessWorks. If you missed it, check out the recording now. Thanks to all our sponsors!

To drive value from your content, focus on trust, not traffic

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But maybe this is more important than our industry obsession with “traffic.” Are you obsessed with “traffic,” or focused on the audience who believes in you at the deepest level. Value from your content: Trust … or traffic? Anybody can figure out ways to generate short-term web traffic. Are you focusing on traffic … or trust?

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Why Bloggers Abandon Their Blogs Too Early [Video]


Then, during an internal project in which we analyzed the effect of publishing volume to traffic, it hit me: We concentrated our analysis on the immediate traffic a blog post enjoys. That’s traffic through email subscribers, RSS feeds, and social shares because the half-life for those sources is incredibly brief. If the study centered on personal blogs, I’d understand.

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Blog Like Perez Hilton: 10 Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Blog

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Of course, being a winning blogger is more than just creating good content. Here are ten ways to increase traffic flow to your blog: Put your blog in your email signature. Getting established bloggers to write a guest post for your blog can boost your standing in a social community – and being a guest poster can showcase your writing talents to a new audience.

How to Become the Best Blogger in Your Niche


So here’s my thesis: If you are the best blogger in your niche, you can be the most successful in your niche. If blogging is the core of content marketing, and content marketing is the path to success, then we must conclude that being a kickass blogger is the path to marketing success. And here’s the really good news: You can become the best blogger in your niche.

Maximize Blog Traffic with Top 27 SEO Plugins


Want to maximize your blog traffic? Today, I list 27 of the best search engine optimization plugins available for those looking to get more traffic to their blogs. As the name suggests, All in One SEO Pack gives you everything you’ll need to maximize blog traffic. There are literally hundreds of features (some are exclusive) that can help you maximize your blog traffic.

Secrets of Busy Bloggers: 4 Social Media Time Savers

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Besides driving traffic back to your blog, Twitter is a great tool to help you find, follow and join conversations. Attracting Clients Content Marketing How to.Tips Social Media Stuff blog traffic business blogs content marketing with blogs social media marketing Many of my readers are busy professionals who don’t have a lot of time for blogging or social media. Use social media.

The Top 3 Sources of Blog Traffic that are NOT on Social Media


While blog directories won’t necessarily create huge traffic surges overnight, submitting your blog to numerous directories is important because: It only takes only 5-10 minutes to submit to a directory, so it’s well worth the effort if you get even 5 new readers (1 new reader/minute is some darn good ROI). There’s no doubt that social media has made blogging easy, right?

7 Writing Strategies to Boost Traffic on Your Blog


Every blogger wants to boost traffic on their blog, but not everyone has the right online writing strategies. Want to increase traffic to your blog? Writing Strategies: 7 Ways to Boost Blog Traffic. Today, over/under optimization can hurt your rankings and traffic. Responding to controversial blog posts in your niche can drive traffic to your site.

114+ Copywriting Formulas to Get Traffic & Leads


Example: 3 Most Common Mistakes Beginning Bloggers Make. Example: 5 Best Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic. Example: Here is a Method That is Helping Bloggers Write Better Openings. Example: 7 Out of 10 Bloggers Don’t Research Keywords. Example: 10 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Blog Traffic. Example: So you’re a blogger? 6 Formulas for Ads.


The 5 Best Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Do you know the 5 best ways to effectively use social media to drive traffic to your website? Today competition for traffic is fierce. Every day new bloggers join the flow of information competing to be found. To effectively use social media to drive traffic to your website it is important to consider the following: 1. Comments. Expand your reach. Be active and engaged.

5 Trends from New Blogger Survey That Probably Won't Surprise You

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Orbit Media Services conducted a survey of over 1,000 bloggers for the second year in a row to see how this core content marketing tactic is changing. How Frequently are Bloggers Publishing? There are more bloggers that are blogging 2-6 times per week, although that number is down slightly from last year. What Media are Bloggers including in their Content?

Want More Web Traffic? How I Used the 'Skyscraper Technique' to Drive 70K+ Page Views


Designed to help you create content that actually drives traffic, this method has helped me earn over 70,000 page views from just one post. In creating something that’s even better, you have the potential to topple that older piece of content, outrank them, and drive in more traffic -- especially if you win those high quality backlinks by reaching out. Try the Skyscraper Technique.

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People are a lot more fun than traffic

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It seems that every web marketer is obsessed with traffic. Massive traffic. What is traffic? Does traffic always mean LEADS? If I’m a blogger, do I want leads? So some call it traffic but really, we’re talking about people. People are a lot more fun than traffic. Talking to people sounds a lot more fun to me than generating traffic!

Expert Blogger Shares Secrets to Success: Wit & Wisdom


For you reluctant bloggers out there, I wanted to share my recent interview with expert blogger, Mark Goodfield, a tax partner and managing partner of Cunningham LLP in Toronto, Canada. But, I jumped right in, and once I started to blog I began paying more attention to other bloggers and interacting with them, leaving them comments and sharing information. I emailed top financial bloggers and newspaper reporters to share my content, and after a while I started to build traction and get more visibility. Give other bloggers feedback on their blogs.

Earned-media micro-influencer marketing master class


Blogger outreach tends to focus on only identifying and engaging top-25 influential bloggers. We collect every blogger who has ever had a thematic interest in our customers. Drive sales, traffic, membership? Blogs (including online journalists, curators, aggregators, group blogs, and bloggers). Bloggers are libertarian contrarians. My goal? in your recon.

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Are Complaints the Biggest Social Media Traffic Drivers?

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So let’s talk about the dark side of social media traffic I work with Brands as well as small businesses to help them create and implement the right social media strategy for their business. If you are looking for traffic and love to complain, be careful because it can quickly spiral out of control. It’s not just bloggers that complain, it’s irate customers.

The Business Blogger's Ultimate Guide to Mastering Lead Generation


3) Top Nav/Sidebar/Footer Links to Landing Pages: You can also leverage any links in your top navigation, sidebar, or your blog's footer to send direct blog traffic to landing pages. Most businesses will find that their blog tends to attract a lot of new traffic to their website. 7) Increase Blog Traffic. But have no fear! 8 Lead Gen Opportunities for Your Business Blog.

Confessions of a “Type A” Blogger

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Watch as your traffic and influence in Social Media increases. A guest post from {grow} community member Taryn Erickson. A perpetual ‘go-getter’ by nature, when I jumped into the Social Media scene it was a calculated attack. I was on a serious mission: amass followers, craft clever content, lead the industry, innovate online communities, be the first to promote emerging trends. Be bold.

Content Promotion Strategy: 23 Proven Ways to Explode Website Traffic


Due to the increasing weight of social signals in SEO rankings, social distribution can even be a precursor to gaining the search rankings you need for organic traffic. Weekly news posts have become a highly-effective tool for driving traffic, generating interest, and connecting with new readers. “If you write great content, people will find it.” Reach Your Tipping Point. Post Often.