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Pssst. Trade Shows Suck at Lead Generation. Pass it on.

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Here’s a fun way to get their attention: tell them you’re cancelling all the trade shows next year. Yes, these are the same people who refuse to take a shift at the booth, sit around eating, reading and talking on the phone when they are at the booth and who take a perverse pride in wearing a suit instead of the swell golf shirts you ordered for the show. Uh oh.

Trade Show Follow-Up: 5 tips to optimize response

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Tweet For the past seven years, trade shows have surpassed websites, email marketing and paid search to secure the top spot as B2B marketers’ biggest investment, according to the MarketingSherpa 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report. I can’t help but wonder given my own trade show attendance experience. Trade Show ? They dump this list into their database.

The Very Simple System For Picking Your Trade Shows

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Last time we established that trade shows are many things, among them giant cash-sucking machines, that are terrible at lead generation. Before we dive into the Very Simple System, let’s remember that trade shows exist for one reason: to make money for someone who isn’t you. So how do we pick which shows to go to? Trade Shows Part 8: Other Things I Know.

Three More Trade Show Goofs and a Ray of Hope

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Last week we revisited one of my favourite themes: the shocking inability of most companies to properly execute a trade show. It must be the lack of rain, flies, noise and threat of Mongol hoards that makes us lazy and not very bright when it comes to trade shows. Show producers hate that but I don’t care. or follow me on Twitter @bizmarkter.

Treat a Trade Show Like Your Office, Not Your College Dorm

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Just back from my first two trade shows of the season, and I am sad. Let’s say it together: trade show booths are very, very, expensive inside sales calls that happen to have nicer carpet than your office. Marketing people just resent the interruption to their busy day on the trade show floor. And this is why it’s a stupid idea at a trade show.

8 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Trade Show Exhibit

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Skyline’s recent webinar, “Social Media for Trade Show Promotions,” was full of great ideas. It turns out YouTube is great for all phases of trade show promotion. Facebook, Blogging, and Twitter work great for pre-show marketing and marketers can post the trade show exhibit as an event on LinkedIn. Tweet.

Event Marketing: How a technology start-up made a trade show splash booth-free

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The best opportunity to kick off that effort was at the NRF Big Show. A Twitter identity for Seymour, @SeymourKnowMore. It combined these elements to promote the new brand at the trade show. These buttons directed them to the blog site where a running clock showed how much time is wasted by waiting. The fun didn’t end at the trade show. Following up.

Nine Simple Tactics to Drive a Higher Return on Trade Show Investment

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Tweet In his most recent post , Dave Green pointed out how marketers invest most of their budget on trade shows even though it ranks fourth in effectiveness. He went on to explain how to get a better return on your trade-show investment through lead scoring. Trade shows often reward people if they visit as many booths as possible. Are they interested?

Geofencing? And other ways to target ads to trade show attendees without being there.


Heading out to trade shows and conferences are one of the best ways to generate leads. However, trade shows are costly, and measuring ROI can be complicated. So when you’re at a trade show, there are a number of tips to make you stand out and increase the capture prospects. Invite prospects via personalized email to a pre or post show meeting.

10 Ways to Make Your B2B Trade Show Social

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Trade shows still make up a large percentage of B2B companies’ marketing budgets, so the following ideas can help leverage those events and make them more successful. Every booth sign, business card and flyer includes logos for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Most shows have some keynote address or educational content, even if there is not a full-blown conference track.

After The Trade Show: How To Stop Your Leads from Disappearing

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We're pleased to present the following post from guest submitter Daniel Frank: So it was great show, you have enough business cards to sink a small ship and you’re looking forward to all the sales you’ll be able claim in few months. Before you go to the trade show, work out a lead scoring system so that you can ensure leads are properly prioritized. Lead score.

Got a Trade Show Coming Up? How to Use Instagram While You're There


Think about the last time you put together a booth for a trade show or conference. There''s one very inboundy, inexpensive trade show tactic that you missed: an Instagram presence. So if you''re curious about how to integrate Instagram into your other trade show activities, keep on reading. Hate to break it to you, but you still forgot something.

Ten Ways to Rock Your Trade Shows

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Here it is, only the middle of February and already I have one trade show under my belt. It was a great show and I have nothing but respect for anyone who bets the farm on a show in January in Canada. So just in time for the Q2 show planning cycle, let’s recap Bizmarketer’s Top Ten Trade Show Tips. Pick the right shows. I think that where companies are complacent about taking show space, it follows that the event companies themselves are pretty complacent in filling it. Ask them how many people register but never show up.

10 (+1) Tips to Maximizing Your Trade Show ROI, Part II


In my previous post about making the most of your tradeshow dollars, I discussed proper components of press releases, using paid search to attract online searchers, writing multiple blog posts, and hosting pre-show breakfasts to showcase industry knowledge. If a list isn’t available, a quick Google search may show you which media outlets are attending or writing about the show. If you’re giving away free products, be sure to let everyone know in the Advance Show Guides distributed to attendees to help drive more traffic to your booth. 4: Got moving equipment? –

ROI, Trade Shows, Sales

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Trade show marketing is an extremely effective way to boost your company’s profile, and boost your sales. When you’ve settled on an event, research the successes and failures of the last few shows. To get the biggest bang for your marketing buck, you need prospects to attend the trade show. Use social media to create a buzz by joining in Twitter chats and hashtags, joining LinkedIn groups, and more. More leads will become more sales, which will boost your trade show ROI. But it can also be challenging. Do your homework.

Am I connecting with my customers enough? 10 tips for customer outreach


Do they follow you on Instagram or Twitter , or do they prefer to read your business insights on LinkedIn ? Perfect your listening skills at trade shows and networking events. We don’t all love networking events and trade shows. How’s your customer outreach? We hear a lot about customer engagement and outreach these days. Keep your brand consistent.

Eight Rules for Lead Generation Events

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The product they were showing off was of only marginal interest to me, and of no interest to most of the other people they invited from my company. This is not a trade show, so no crappy orange bags here please. Just as nobody signs contracts on trade show floors, nobody is going to buy anything at your lunch event. Psssst, Trade Shows Suck at Lead Generation.

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The Role of Conferences and Trade Shows in B2B Marketing [#B2Bchat.


Conferences and trade shows are a staple in a business marketer’s diet. But how well do conferences and trade shows really work? Pacific for a brand new #B2Bchat on the role of conferences and trade shows in the B2B marketing mix! How do conferences & trade shows fit into the demand generation mix? Join us this Thursday at 5 p.m.

Best practices for using social media at a trade show

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With exhibits to design and logistics to plan, it’s easy to see why so many trade show marketers neglect social media. Budgetary concerns and tough sales targets make it easy to write off social media marketing as an ‘optional extra’ for a trade show. Social media and trade shows, however, can work together very well. 2. Got a contest?

This is why you must use Twitter

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If you’re like me, you probably hated Twitter when you first tried it. If I told you Twitter helped keep you safe, would you believe it? Instead of SAYING these things, I wanted to SHOW you. As the fierce winds arrived, we lost power and all communication … except for Twitter. This is a conference created entirely through Twitter. Solve tech problems?

Ready for Events That Work?

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They’re easier, cheaper and way more effective than those useless old trade shows and you get to control the whole thing without those pesky competitors, students, people who can’t make decisions and tire-kickers who waste your time. or follow me on Twitter @bizmkter. Trade Shows B2B marketing bizmarketer content marketing Elizabeth Williams events linkedin Lunch.

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How Social Media, Content Transform Marketing from Expense to Investment


online or print advertising, trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail) according to research from HubSpot. It’s difficult to build a large social following on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ or any other such site right out of the gate. Photo credit: DIY Marketers. Blogging: for any new business blog, traffic typically starts out modest but grows over time.

Think Outside the B2B Trade Show Booth

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Here’s a quick B2B case study outlines how we helped our client turn another trip to a trade show into an opportunity to generate leads by integrating outbound tactics with their inbound marketing program. Our client invested in a booth at an industry trade show and wanted to generate leads while promoting their presence at the show. SITUATION. STRATEGY.

Four Things Marketing Should Say “No” About in 2013

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Here are four things (among so very many) that should invoke that word: Say No to the Show: Now, I love a trade show as much as the next Swag Hag, and my supply of branded lens cleaners and blinky things is sadly low, but I can’t honestly think of a bigger waste of money in a shorter amount of time than your average trade show. Trade Shows Part 6: Stupid Ideas.

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Content Marketing’s Role at Trade Shows


The trade show marketing mania. No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re planning to go to a trade show, get ready for what is often an overwhelming sensory experience. With so many companies trying to stand out and capture your attention, many trade shows resemble something like Comic-con rather than a showcase of an industry’s latest trends and developments.

How to Use Your Subject Matter Experts for World Domination

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Justifying it: You will need to show a direct relationship between your Hermit Crab’s work and an improvement in marketing material quality and quantity or in better CSAT or lower technical support call volumes. Internal Helpfulness: Reviewing sales literature; showing sales how stuff works; showing your agencies how stuff works; supporting channel implementations. For them, a trade show in Tuscon is a good thing. Follow me on Twitter @bizmkter. Sales people like them because they help sell stuff. Hermit Crabs. Make sales do that for you.

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Trade Shows Part 6: Stupid Ideas

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Who doesn’t need a massage after a day at a noisy crowded show? Get a guy to come with his cart and brew lovely coffees for a few hours when the show opens. follow me on Twitter: [link]. All Stupid Ideas Trade Shows bad marketing branding events give-aways Hooters girls linkedin marshmallow premiums slingshots stupid ideas trade shows trinkets visibilityHere are some stupid things to do at your booth: Massages: This seems like such a nice thing. It’s easy. Just hire a local massage firm to set up a few chairs and they’ll line up. And only once.

Trade Shows Part 5: Getting People to Your Booth

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There are basically three opportunities to get people to your booth: Before the show, during the show, and on the show floor. . How to bring people to the booth before they come to the show: Most trade shows are crowded, noisy and difficult to navigate. First, get the registration list from the show organizers. If they won’t give it to you, put them on your list of shows not to attend next year and then go rent a list for that industry or use your customer database. Trade shows, in general, are about out-shouting other vendors.

Social media takes your marketing event to the next level

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To date, few B2B companies have capitalized on the full potential of the seminars, receptions, trade show stands and other marketing events they hold for business partners, clients and prospective customers. The study also showed that B2B companies on average spend 5-8 weeks planning their trade shows or other marketing events. Yet B2B companies are still allocating a whopping 21% of marketing budgets to trade shows and events, making this the largest post in many B2B marketing spends. But there’s a catch. Consider these numbers.

Trade Shows Part 1: Who Gets to Go

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Spring is definitely in the air, and with it a brand new season of trade shows. You remember trade shows, don’t you? Most marketers still include trade shows in their mix, though I like to think we are getting a little better at it. Certainly the years following the tech meltdown in 2000/2001 have seen a more sober approach to shows, but we still aren’t quite past the stilt walkers, Hooters girls, two-storey booths and popcorn machines. And I think it’s this type of thing that causes so much angst around trade shows back at the office.

Case Study: How Twitter Saved My Business

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Networking “speed dating.&# Trade shows. Luckily for me, this era of my life coincided with the dawn of Twitter. Twitter is deceivingly simple, but it took me 4-6 months to understand it … and I continue to learn every day. The Twitter revolution. My three largest customers and five most important collaborators all came to me via Twitter.

Trade Shows Part 2: How to Pick Events

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show organizers HATE this one). Will we be expected to show up with a great offer? Is there an opportunity to “own” this show by being the top sponsor? follow me on Twitter: [link]. All Trade Shows B2B marketing branding business travel case study events Hand-Wringers hospitality suite KPI linkedin media relations metrics press room product launch product management product manager Sales sponsor sponsorship trade shows visibilityThe Hand-Wringers hate events. Picking events is hard. Can we time our product launch around it? Read Part 1.

Trade Shows Part 3: Do You Give Good Booth?

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I had exactly an hour to get around the show floor between meetings so I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t have time to speak with all the people I needed to. This was one of the poorest collections of sales people ever assembled on one show floor. follow me on Twitter: [link]. All Getting & Losing Business Random Rants Trade Shows B2B marketing bad gifts events getting the business give-aways linkedin losing the business premiums trade shows trinkets visibilityI’m writing this on the plane home from a very good event. That’s just crazy.

Networking Dos and Don’ts from an Event Pro

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Here are some guidelines: Follow businesses you liked on their social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest) business pages. Having just returned from another networking event, this time, San Francisco Small Business Week , we noticed that networking tends to be a lot like dating – Everything relies on your first impression! Have your business cards with you at all times.

9 Steps to Revitalize Your Tradeshow Marketing Strategy

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It should be a very strategic process, where every aspect of your tradeshow: pre-show, during-show, and post-show are all meticulously thought-through and tied back to a strategy and aligned with your business goals and objectives. What you’re featuring at the show. give them a good reason to show up to your booth or session. Follow Tim on Twitter. license.

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How to Use Social Media to Maximize Your Trade Show Presence


As virtual as marketing has become, what with SEO, email marketing, Facebook marketing, Twitter feeds , and the rest of the online universe dominating campaigns coast to coast, trade shows remain firmly rooted in the physical world. Trade shows are places to meet and greet, schmooze, and hopefully, gather leads by the bucketful. Share the Love.

Trade Shows Part 7 – It’s All in The Follow Through

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Why would anyone bother going to a trade show if they don’t want more business from existing customers? The vendors must have just received the attendee list from the show organizers. One was from a call centre with so much background noise I couldn’t hear the caller; the other was from a summer student who had been given the fun job of following up the show leads. follow me on Twitter: [link]. Just like a tennis or a golf swing, you only hit your target with a great follow through. And I’ve been tracking the follow-up by same. I’ll get right on that.