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Does Creative Still Matter in B2B Marketing?

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As someone who’s worked in B2B marketing for more than twenty-five years, I need no convincing that marketing has taken on a more strategic, measurable role in driving corporate success. Twenty-five years ago we would tell clients that marketing success rested on three factors (in order of priority): 1. Creative. Creative. But none of this renders creative unimportant.

7 Keys to Giving Effective Feedback to Creatives


Producing great content can take a lot of work from everyone involved. And in order to get the final creative you really want, giving effective feedback is crucial. According to an ANA survey , agencies and their clients are less than satisfied with how the creative process works. Don’t ambush creatives with drive-by feedback. Lead with positives.

How to Be Creative When You're Not Naturally Creative


"Everything’s already been thought of.". "I don't even know where to start.". "I’m just not a creative person.". That's when we tend to look over at our peers who are "creative types" and wonder why we didn't inherit any creative genes ourselves. In fact, many psychologists argue that creativity isn't something people are born with ; it's actually a skill that can be learned.

Principles of Design: Bringing Order to Chaos with Grid Systems


This post, Principles of Design: Bringing Order to Chaos with Grid Systems , written by Simon Martin , appeared first on Ceros Blog - Interactive Content Marketing & Design Tips. As a result, working with grids saves the designer time and enables a number of other benefits ranging from more seamless team collaborations to enhancing a visual hierarchy. Happy reading!

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

distribution and lead nurturing, to more effectively communicate with prospective buyers at each stage of funnel. Collaborate with industry influencers: marketers must creatively build advocacy and content amplification outside the company as well. place in B2B marketing in 2016 in order to become a dominant force: 1). activities, such as campaign effectiveness. content.

The Line Between Data-Driven Marketing and Creative Content Marketing


Creative thrills but data pays the bills.” Here are a few ways to align your creative instincts with the data you have on hand. Numbers and insights are your foundation to help brainstorm new and creative ideas, but it takes more than just data to bring people towards your brand. All of these points are crucial to becoming an effective content marketer.

29 Guides to Beautiful and Effective Website Design


Effectively convert visitors to sales prospects and buyers? Find the answers to those questions and many more here in more than two dozen guides to beautiful and effective website design from the past year. Making the point that “While your business may be B2B, your website could be dramatically more effective if it looked, acted, and worked more like a consumer website.

30 Creative Ideas for Your B2B Video Marketing

B2B Marketing Traction

Here are 30 creative ideas for your B2B video marketing. If you have a process for measuring effectiveness of your services, such as a survey or phone interview, you can explain that in the video. 3. You might want to show the process of what you do once a customer orders your product – from order to delivery. Beyond customer service videos, what can you do?

15 Creative Examples of Branded Pop-Up Shops


Since they're temporary, they offer a relatively low-cost and low-commitment way for companies to take creative risks, generate buzz, and introduce their brands to new audiences. Creative directors Ikkyu and Junya Sato of Kaibutsu design studio noticed that young adults in Harajuku had a serious fast food problem -- and they decided to do something about it. Not quite.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

distribution and lead nurturing, to more effectively communicate with prospective buyers at each stage of funnel. Collaborate with industry influencers: marketers must creatively build advocacy and content amplification outside the company as well. place in B2B marketing in 2016 in order to become a dominant force: 1). activities, such as campaign effectiveness. content.

Why Empathy Is the Key to Being More Creative


Not all creative insights are useful. For instance, if you decided to design a four-story car with one wheel , no one w ould deny that the invention is creative, but it's not likely to be hailed as the next big thing in transportation. Creativity needs to be informed by real perspectives and grounded in a real-world context. An Empathic Framework for Creative Projects.

7 Creative Examples of Bottom-of-the-Funnel Marketing


You need creative, high-value marketing materials that give the prospective customer a reason to act. In this post, we’ll not only look at who’s using bottom of the funnel marketing, but also at some creative examples that you can pull ideas from, too. But in order to do this, they need creative bottom of the funnel marketing assets. Not sure what those look like?

15 Habits of Highly Effective Content Marketers


The other day, I realized something while reading a bunch of articles about becoming a more effective content marketer. In my craze to develop habits to become more effective at content creation, I reached out to top content marketers and asked them one question: "What’s one habit the best content marketers have?". think the most effective content marketers live in 'idea mode.'

3 Must-Haves for Effective Sales Enablement

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As with any complex application, turning on a B2B sales enablement engine requires an understanding of business processes and organizational best practices that need to be implemented in order for the solution to be effective. These approaches are not intended to muzzle great B2B sales communicators, but instead to guide them to effectively sell in a way that is known to work.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

distribution and lead nurturing, to more effectively communicate with prospective buyers at each stage of funnel. Collaborate with industry influencers: marketers must creatively build advocacy and content amplification outside the company as well. place in B2B marketing in 2016 in order to become a dominant force: 1). activities, such as campaign effectiveness. content.

6 Creative Ways to Bring Experiential Marketing to Your Customer’s Home

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In order to answer that question, we first have to explore a larger question—one that many marketers ask themselves: if you can’t bring consumers to a branded experience, can you bring your brand experience to your consumer? This is the Mingarros’ work for SYZYGY Group—it features 20 things that happened on the internet in 2013. ” Was he right? Live Video Streaming.

The Hidden Costs of Creative Work (and How to Budget for Them)


Yeah, that was me trying to come up with line items for a “Branding & Creative” budget template. As it turns out, modern creative teams that want to stay on the cutting edge of design, video, and other multimedia need more than a copy of Photoshop … a lot more. Want to download the full “Branding & Creative” Excel budget template? Design

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Effective Marketers


Here it is – the only guide you’ll ever need for how to hire effective marketers. But, before we get to the meat of the post, first you need to understand the data on why effective hiring matters. Besides, in this post, I talk about a results-orientation being a key attitude for effective marketing. So here it is: your guide to hiring an effective marketer.

The Art of Turning Off: 7 Ways To Do Your Best Work (By Forgetting About Work)


Creative work takes a tremendous amount of energy. So much energy, in fact, that “turning off,” or forgetting about work for a period of time can feel counterproductive to a marketer who is set on creating something engaging and effective – especially if they’re under a deadline. The control group worked on the task for 50 minutes with no breaks. Just work.

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Better Content Through Chemicals? How Caffeine, Alcohol, & Other Substances Affect Creativity


We doll it up with whip cream and sugar and cocoa powder and other nonsense, put it in fancy containers, and give it weird, Italian-sounding names (who ordered the Supermochacinno?). But from a scientific standpoint, does consuming caffeine actually increase creativity and/or productivity, or is it all just an illusion? Want a more scientific explanation of how caffeine works?

7 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Here are 7 reasons your content strategy might not be generating leads as effectively as it should be. 1. There’s lots of room to be creative with your content, so change it up and offer more ways for your readers to consume your information. 4. Guest post by {grow} Community Member Sarah Goliger. But while it is extremely important, having a good content strategy isn’t always easy. 

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8 TED Talks About Work/Life Balance That'll Change the Way You Think


Everyone and their mother seems to have a strong opinion about work-life balance. Others argue that the concept of "balancing" your work and your life, which implies that the two are on par with one another, is plain old wrong. Curious what the smartest people out there have to say about work-life balance? What are your favorite TED talks about work-life balance?

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How 15 Real Businesses Are Getting Creative With Vine for Marketing


Below are some examples of businesses proving that Vine can be an effective marketing platform, and that you can say a lot in six seconds! We wanna see you unbox your #asos order, tag #ASOSUnbox (we may even give you something new t. Animate & Create is a UK-based animation studio that creatively combined old-school and new-school tactics via Vine to showcase its design talents.

How Does Inbound Work for Membership Marketing?


Your attraction strategies are working. Asking them to sign up for your newsletter is also an effective option. You'll always want a "Join Now" and "Donate Now" type CTA in the right spots on your website, but you can get creative with them. In order to inspire, you want to send them the content and CTAs that engage their hearts and souls, that evoke their emotions.

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6 Traits of Highly Effective Data Analysts


In order to achieve these goals, marketers must master the ability to collect the right data and then glean insights to drive strategy and measure effectiveness. This has changed the way we as marketers work. Creativity. Data analysts need a creative spirit, one that pushes them to experiment, remain flexible and solve problems with a new, fresh perspective. 

4 Lessons from Responsive Design for CMOs

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Continually develop and refine new design iterations that work seamlessly across multiple screen sizes and functionalities (e.g., For a big-box apparel retailer, for example, free shipping can prove effective in rewarding high-value customers and cultivating loyalty among a brand’s average customers. Rule #1: Don’t Become Complacent. Rule #2: Always Be Refining. touch, swipe).

Creativity with Topspin

Blue Focus Marketing

In Parts 1 and 2 of our conversation with Siegel+Gale’s , Fred Burt , we touched on the value of “simple is smart” in his branding work, the role of social media for brands and even the relevance of literary history in a marketer’s underlying work. In our series finale, Part 3, we ask Burt about his perspectives on creativity. Applied Creativity. London.

Email Marketing 101: No-One Cares About Your Product

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An effective email campaign has one goal and one goal only: getting the reader to respond to your campaign. This means that, in order to succeed, every word of copy should be focused on selling the offer, i.e. the primary reason why any individual would want to respond. All that matters is the white paper, the video, the Webinar, whatever it is that is on offer in the campaign.

Want to Work Better With Your Freelancers? Here are 9 Things They Wish You Knew


Once upon a time, I worked as a freelancer. Trouble is, coordinating effective communication between teams can be tough. So to help you establish a more productive working relationship with your contractors, I put together a list of things I always wished my customers knew about freelancing. What are your best tips for working with freelancers? know this from experience.

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Mi6 Roundup: The Customer Experience, Shady Data Havens and Collective Creativity

MI6 Marketing Agency

Finally, for CXOs we’ve featured articles on “Collective Creativity” and advice on how to succeed in the “Digital Economy” Sales and Marketing 1) Increase Customer Advocacy by Publicly Dealing with Customer Complaints. Linking the fear of cyber attacks with actual places and faces around the world, the result is startling and effective for Norton.

14 PowerPoint Presentation Tips to Make Your PPT Designs More Effective [+Templates]


Get started creating effective PowerPoint presentations by downloading our 3 free PowerPoint PPT templates here. but we all know how that typically works out. Get rid of your guessing game and let PowerPoint work its magic with this trick. If you’re using a PC and presenting on a PC, then there is a smooth work around for this issue. Sometimes they are, but not always.

How to Work With a Developer: 6 Tips for Improving Your Relationship


But before you start putting work on their plate, you should know that developers are a special breed of people. (I am one, so I can totally say that.) They speak a different language than marketers, making effective communication a bit of a challenge. To set both yourself and your developers up for success, we've outlined six tips for building a more productive working relationship.

K.I.S.S.: The Most Effective Way to Grow Email Opt-Ins

Modern B2B Marketing

Certainty could be more immediate, but less than 24 hours still works. If I were advising Orchard, I’d have suggested mixing up the subject line and/or changing the copy a bit – get a bit more creative, have more fun with the messaging. The Most Effective Way to Grow Email Opt-Ins was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link]. Me: Sold.

Your Traditional Marketing Tactics Don't Work on Millennials: Here's How to Adjust


In order to feel invested, they need to believe in your product and the message behind it. When it comes to your direct mail strategy, here’s the thing; it’s not working. By analyzing open and clickthrough rates, you can more effectively make the necessary adjustments to increase conversion rates. Work hard to include them in the conversation. Let''s level. In short, no.

The Shark Tank Effect: How to Prepare Your Website for a Traffic Influx


They got their information from Shark Tank producers, news reports, and other business owners who'd previously appeared on the show. "We read news reports on people who had 1,000-2,000% increases in traffic," says Hodak. "We had friends who were on the show who told us they were getting five to nine orders per minute for days after the show aired. Source: Knowing the Stakes. Over 7.89

Creating a Thought Leadership Strategy That Supports True Innovation

Type A Communications

In order to get to a 3.0-level brand, marketers need to understand the difference between sharing a unique insight at one particular moment in time — sort of the “one hit wonder” of thinking — and what it takes to create the long-term sustainability of original ideas. Now, work forwards and backwards from where you are today and where your customers need to be tomorrow.

The History of Happy Hour: Inside the Popular Post-Work Tradition


For many, it's considered the best hour, as it's tied directly to the triumphant feeling you get when you realize that the work day is, in fact, over. In 1920, the 18th Amendment went into effect, prohibiting the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcohol. And as for post-work happy hours, well, the future wasn't bright. Ah, happy hour. You made it. You earned this.

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How does Vodafone prove digital media’s effectiveness?


Vodafone’s objective was to design and take advantage of new technologies and trends to develop a new approach to accurately measure media effectiveness. Establish a new non-linear mechanism in order to track the efficiency of each campaign, adjust it promptly to customers’ needs and expectations, and most importantly, to convert viewers and visitors into customers. Frederick F.

Does Customer Service Actually Work on Twitter? 5 Brands That Do It Well


According to NM Incite , 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand that provides a quick and effective response on social media -- and we all know that people are much more likely to purchase something when someone they trust recommends it to them. Can you think of any creative ways to do so? At Zappos, customer service is just as important as the shoes they sell.