[Blogger, Hubspot] The 14 Best Content Planning and Research Tools
    HARO (Help a Reporter Out) gives journalists and bloggers access to a database of sources for upcoming stories, and offers subject matter experts daily opportunities to secure valuable media coverage. Showcase reviews:  HubSpot, SnapApp. HubSpot. Best Content Planning Tools. 1) Trello. Google Review Count: 1,190,000. Siasat.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2016
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How to Become a More Efficient Editor: 12 Ways to Speed Up the Editorial Process
    When I first started editing articles for HubSpot's Marketing Blog, I didn't quite realize how much time each one would take. Sometimes, an author sends a piece in before it's ready to be edited," says Corey Wainwright, HubSpot's Director of Content. Ginny Soskey, manager of HubSpot's Marketing Blog, agrees. This is a big one.).
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2016
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 8 Creative Ways to Manage Your Tasks & Projects Effectively Using Trello Boards
    Here at HubSpot, all different teams have used it for years for everything from project management to our blog's editorial calendar. For all you bloggers out there, I use the drag-and-drop feature to track blog post ideas and progress. This is where tools like Trello come in. And why shouldn't we? What is Trello? the list goes on.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2016
    [Blogger, Hubspot] The Ultimate Collection of Free Content Marketing Templates
    I joined HubSpot in September 2011 as a blogger. HubSpot teamed up with Smart Insights to create a content planning template that will help you put together an effective content marketing plan for either your business or those of your clients. It was made on a HubSpot hack night in order to help us hit our lead-gen goals.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2016
    [Blogger, Hubspot] From 'Tiffany Blue' to 'Minion Yellow': How Pantone Changed the Way We Think About Color
    This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post. What was once a solely utilitarian product for designers and printers, Pantone’s color chips have gained a cult following from design-minded individuals who are accustomed to bloggers distilling weddings and apartments and even movies into corresponding color palettes.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How the HubSpot Marketing Blog Actually Generates Leads (Hint: It's Not How You Think)
    Business blogging "best practices" instruct bloggers to include a relevant call-to-action at the bottom of every blog post. Over the years, I've spent a lot of time analyzing HubSpot’s Marketing Blog. To do so, I created unique tracking URLs ( using HubSpot ) for the CTAs used within each blog post. Until now. Crazy, huh?
  • HUBSPOT  |  SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 2016
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 9 Smart Ways to Stay Motivated All Day
    This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales Blog. HubSpot sales rep Greg Fung has a simple, ingenious way of keeping discouragement at bay. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales. Well … yeah. Roosevelt was right -- decisions are made (and victories claimed) by those who show up. You could quit. Never fear.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Use This Agenda For Your 2016 Content Marketing Plan
    If you’re just getting started with a content calendar, try this free one from HubSpot. Sellas  is an in-the-trenches digital marketer & owner at   B Squared Media , blossoming blogger, and  a purveyor of psychographics. The Content Marketing Plan (Agenda). Business Objectives. Brand Objectives. Content Inventory & Audit.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How to Get More Followers on Instagram: A Guide to Earning Your First 1,000 Followers
    For example, you might say, "double-tap if you find this funny" or "share your story in the comments." In the example below, we posted a photo of a latte to the @HubSpot account and asked our viewers to tag their office coffee buddy. 7) Use relevant hashtags. Download the complete guide to using Instagram for business and marketing here.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How to Use Hashtags on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
    These hashtags tie public conversations from all different users into a single stream, which you can find by searching for a hashtag, clicking on one, or using a third-party monitoring tool like HubSpot's Social Inbox. Or this: [New Calendar] Get your #SocialMedia planned with this calendar from @HubSpot and @Buffer. February 5, 2016.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] What’s the role of a content strategist?
    In fact, Hubspot and Moz have both published recent studies that suggest that if you’re serious about content marketing, you need to be publishing at least 2-3 times per week. The companies that are already meeting this schedule are receiving over three times the number of leads than companies that publish only once or twice per month.
  • JUNTA 42  |  WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Why Brands Need to Acquire a Media Company [Here’s How]
    Grantland aside, a key question remains: Why don’t more enterprises consider purchasing media brands and blogger sites as a shortcut to building a content brand with some teeth? Marketing automation company HubSpot had a sales blog and a marketing blog. But alas, Grantland is dead. They’ve never even thought of this. Build it?
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Want More Web Traffic? How I Used the 'Skyscraper Technique' to Drive 70K+ Page Views
    Set up Google Alerts for keywords related to topics you want to cover, use BuzzSumo to research the pieces of content that have been most-shared around specific keyword phrases, and analyze opportunities based on search volume with HubSpot's Keyword App or Google’s Keyword Planner. 2) Build a list of potential distribution partners.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 52 MarTech and Marketing Ops Champions You Need to Follow
    Marketing Tech & Strategy @ClaimWizard | Full Stack Marketer | #Hubspot | #WordPress | #MarTech. CEO and Co-founder of @Engagio | Former co-founder of @ Mark e to | Marketing speaker and blogger | Entrepreneur | Advisor to @GetScripted and @Newscred. Gary Katz, @garymkatz. Chris Garrett, @chrisgarrett. Lynette Young, @LynetteRadio.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] The 31 Best Tools for Improving Your Writing Skills
    Writer's block is a comforting lie we tell ourselves so we can stop writing and go do other, more pleasurable things," said Beth Dunn , HubSpot's UX writer and editor. "If your fingers still work, you can write. Tools like Twords can help bloggers commit to writing consistently. HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator could come in handy.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Paid Advertising 101: Understanding Search and Display Advertising
    The other half of the Google AdWords universe is the Google Display Network, which includes a collection of Google websites (like Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube), partner sites, and mobile sites and apps that show AdWords ads matched to the content on a given page. billion in online ad revenues in the US, up 22.5% year over year.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Tools that help generate blogging ideas
    Every blogger knows the challenge of finding topics to write about. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator works in a similar way to Portent’s tool, but it gives you different ideas and asks you for 3 words, preferably nouns before giving you a whole week of ideas to write about that same topic. Quora.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 17 of the Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers
    To help bloggers focus on their words without having to constantly drop out of DFWM to implement basic formatting, this plugin introduces important features like spellcheck and paragraph styling. 40,296. That's the number of plugins on WordPress. Here's the good news: We've done the work for you. Check it out: Pre-Just Writing. The best part?
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 12 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Probably Doesn't Need to Hear About
    As a blogger, I want to track my blog posts' social share numbers to get an idea of the kind of content is more "shareable" than others -- but my boss is much more interested in metrics like visits and leads. HubSpot customers: You can set up customizable dashboards for yourself so you can still keep track of them yourself.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] PeopleBrowsr Acquires Empire Avenue, and Launches New Network
      The integration of the EmpireAvenue platform On the occasion of the # INBOUND15 conference, organized by HubSpot in Boston from 8 to 11 September, PeopleBrowsr took the social media marketing world by surprise, announcing the acquisition of Empire Avenue and the launch of a new platform that brings together TOP influencers. Raymond Morin.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] I went to INBOUND15 and all I came back with was this lousy blog post
    Welcome to INBOUND15 – HubSpot’s annual shout out for the Inbound Marketing cause. Here’s what I learnt along the way: The Inbound Movement is well and truly gathering pace HubSpot coined the term ‘ Inbound marketing ’ way back in 2005. 14,000 marketing fanatics, 4 days, 1 mega-event dedicated to the Inbound movement. Shame.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] The Ultimate List of Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark
    All bloggers have a number of websites that they visit every single day. What are some of the best websites that all bloggers should add to their bookmark bar? Check out 22 of the HubSpot blogging team's favorites below. 22 Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark. That's exactly what bookmarks are for. Safari. Firefox.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Grammar Police: 25 of the Most Common Grammatical Errors We All Need to Stop Making
    It's easier to see in an example taken from my colleague over on the HubSpot Sales Blog : After declining for months, Jean tried a new tactic to increase ROI. These two words can be used when you're describing someone or something through a phrase like "Lindsay is a blogger who likes ice cream." It's hard. How's your fast going? horse?
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Want More Blog Traffic? Focus on Growing Subscribers
    On the HubSpot blogging team, we found that investing in the growth of your email subscriber base is critical to growing and scaling traffic to your blog -- whether it's in its infancy, or it's been around for years. So I pulled traffic and subscriber data for the HubSpot Blog over the past several years to see how those numbers correlate.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 8 Reasons Why Your Blog Posts Are Hard to Read (And How to Fix 'Em)
    Become a certified inbound pro with HubSpot's free digital marketing course. Sections can be as helpful to you, as the blogger, as they can be to your readers. If you’re the blogger, you’ve had to organize all of your information into clear, succinct sections, making you a better writer. We’ve all been there. You’re not alone.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 27, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] So Your Ebook Didn't Generate Leads? You Could Be Making These Rookie Mistakes
    For example, this ebook below from the HubSpot library is ideal. But let's be honest, not everyone is a designer, so if you're lacking in this department then hire a professional ebook designer to help you or download one of HubSpot's free ebook templates. 4) You didn't promote it. We've all had it happen before. And then. crickets.
  • OPENTOPIC  |  FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Increase the Reach of your Posts and Effectively Drive Traffic to your Social Platforms
    How to Master Content Marketing on LinkedIn [Hubspot]. Schedule a short series to help you become a more consistent blogger while turning your big ideas into projects like e-books, white papers, and podcasts. Try These 5 Tools & Tips [Hubspot]. The articles you wish you’d read during the week, but didn’t get a chance to.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Content Marketing Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide for Modern Marketers
    For what it's worth, HubSpot's CMO recommends the latter : "T he best way to help your sales team is to build brand awareness and create content that generates a lot of leads over time. Aim to have three bloggers on staff, and two employees for each of the other roles. Here at HubSpot, for example, we have a team of nearly 100.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Polish up your best content to drive content marketing value
    For a little over a week, I have been thinking about writing this post, but haven’t gotten around to it, and just a few days ago HubSpot’s Pamela Vaughan posted a blog that is literally the same thing I was planning to write. Chances are, like MLT and HubSpot, a small percentage of your posts are driving a lot of your traffic.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How to Use Excel to Run a Blog Content Analysis
    If you are a HubSpot customer, we've outlined how to export data in your HubSpot software. This is a helpful number to determine, as it can be used to gauge the performance of a guest blogger or new team member. Have you ever poured your heart and soul into a blog post only to see it completely tank? just in case.). It's easy.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Recommended Reading – 7/9/15
    The Ultimate Guide to Writing Comments That Open Doors with Popular Bloggers – Boost Blog Traffic. 15 Habits of Highly Effective Content Marketers – HubSpot Blog. HubSpot called up 15 professional content marketers and asked each one for his or her favorite content marketing habit. What 4.8
    [Blogger, Hubspot] PR 2015: Top 100 Influencers & Brands
    Think about the numerous analysts, politicians, bloggers, thought leaders, industry professionals, stakeholders and influential consumers that all have big audiences that you want to reach. Influencer The results also showed the close relation of PR to marketing with brands such as Hubspot,  TheDrum and Onboardly. HubSpot.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 5 Tried-and-True Tools for Growing Your Email List
    Considering a recent survey by HubSpot and Eventbrite revealed that email is the single most effective marketing channel that event organisers have at their disposal, this news is likely to ruffle a couple of feathers. Do you want the bad news or the good news first? every year. and they might not be coming back. Still need some convincing?
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] The Blogging Tactic No One Is Talking About: Optimizing the Past
    Nine months ago, I analyzed a report that would transform not only my role on the HubSpot blogging team, but also the whole blog's editorial strategy. I'm writing about all this because any experienced blogger who's tasked with growing and scaling the results they generate from their blog needs to know about it. The goal? nuts, right?
  • SNAPAPP  |  THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] The Modern Marketer’s Blog Roundup 5/28/15
    HubSpot: 16 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website. This Hubspot blog provides insight into 16 common website mistakes that can cost you on conversions, and how to fix them. Marketers are getting creative with resources that are already available, such as existing online communities and well known bloggers. Read On>>  .
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Meet 13 #INBOUND15 Speakers: Introductions From Their Fellow Speakers
    The INBOUND team here at HubSpot is finishing off May with a big flourish. Some great #speakerfan posts include HubSpot VP of Content Joe Chernov's wonderful deconstruction of "true collaboration" with speaker Leslie Bradshaw, and Ben Heyman's personal list of the speakers he thinks no one should miss at this year's event. Creative.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 25 Powerful Quotes From #INBOUND15 Speakers [SlideShare]
    Marketers, entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, co-founders, strategists, thought leaders, investors, and bloggers. Brian Halligan (CEO and Co-Founder of HubSpot). Dharmesh Shah (CTO and Co-Founder of HubSpot). oh my. The INBOUND15 lineup is riddled with the kind of people you could benefit from simply sharing an elevator with.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Why Bloggers Abandon Their Blogs Too Early [Video]
    Further, given that HubSpot’s own research has determined marketers who blog are 13X more likely to drive a positive ROI than those who don’t, the abandon rate is even more startling. This phenomenon must be frustrating, if not demoralizing, for corporate bloggers who need to prove they are driving results, and prove it quickly.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Not Getting What You Want From Blogging? Ask These 11 Questions
    We recently turned to HubSpot's 13,5000+ customers to analyze their data and draw some conclusions regarding the effects of posting frequency. And while many of us are committed to serving up the freshest, most credible information we can find, some bloggers fail to fact check. You did it. You started blogging for your business.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 22 Free Content Marketing Tools To Drive Your Content Marketing Plans
    Hubspot Marketing Grader. This new tool replaced the “Hubspot Website Grader” to take a broader approach at analyzing your digital marketing efforts. Not only is it a brilliant lead generation tool for Hubspot, it also produces a nifty little check list of things that you can do to improve your website and social activity.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How to Analyze Your Blog Posts: A Beginner's Guide
    Build relationships with other bloggers and influencers in your industry. Certain guest bloggers? While these authors won't be able to write all your future posts, it's certainly a good thing to know so you can encourage and coach them to contribute more often, and allocate resources for great guest bloggers if applicable.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Want to Teach Yourself Design? 8 Tips & Tricks for Beginners
    And for more great tips, resources, and inspiratoin, be sure to subscribe to HubSpot''s Design Blog.). If you''re a blogger, try creating the header image for your next post. When I was in high school, I was always doodling in my notebooks. Hand-drawn letters and little pictograms covered my homework, tests, and papers. Feeling bold?
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 22 Exceptional Business Blogging Guides, Tips & Tactics
    And 54% of bloggers say they publish at least weekly—but “to generate leads from your blog, the sweet spot for is 2-3 times per week according to HubSpot.” 93% of Bloggers Are Clueless About These Crucial Blog Post Ingredients by Post Planner. The Five Types of Guest Bloggers (Funny Graphic) by SteamFeed.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] What Life in Modern Marketing Looks Like: 13 Personal Stories
    As a Social Media/ Blogger/ Digital marketer, there is no success without numbers. What is life in modern marketing like? Well, 100% of respondents in Aberdeen’s customer experience management research cited that they use two or more channels to interact with buyers. How does it actually feel to be a marketer right now? er, borrowed ?
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Should You Have Multiple Top Level Domains for a B2B Web Presence?
    There are several reasons for this answer, and many other bloggers agree. referenced these posts in my research – SEO.com on having Multiple Domains, Hubspot’s take on Multiple Websites for Business, Search Engine Watch on Single vs. Multiple Domains. Now, there is more information about this approach. Some Rights Reserved.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] A Simple Formula for Writing Kick-Ass Blog Titles
    Or even that they''re all companies -- instead of, say, individual bloggers that target B2B audiences. Here at HubSpot, we spend a decent amount of time and brainpower coming up with our titles. Look, I said ass. And in a minute, you''ll know why. Titles are what sell the content. So let''s just dive right in, shall we?
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] A Vivid Vision for HubSpot's Content
    Giving away your health data is about as inbound as it gets,” observed Volpe when he wrapped up the interview from HubSpot’s brand new Cambridge recording studio. After listening to Herold explain this concept on The Growth Show podcast , I decided to give it a try on behalf of the HubSpot content team. Destination: 2018. Just better.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How to Easily Create Custom Pin It URLs for Pinterest
    short description ( HubSpot recommends between 100-200 words ). Pinterest allows you to message other users directly, which is great for reaching out to bloggers and potential influencers. Nowadays, many marketers -- especially those in the ecommerce space -- are using Pinterest to achieve their business goals. And voilá! An Example.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics
    How Top Ranking Brands Like Moz and HubSpot REALLY Do SEO by Social Media Today. As Geddy Lee of Rush sang in the band’s 1981 hit Tom Sawyer , “changes aren’t permanent. But change is.” ” While he wasn’t referring to SEO (which wouldn’t really exist for another 16 years), the lyrics certainly apply.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] The line between Media and Brands is blurring fast
    Adobe owns CMO.com, GE has GE Stories, HubSpot bought The Agency Post, Office Depot and Office Max built the SmallBizClub and American Express has its Open Forum. Its purpose is to connect brands with popular bloggers for sponsored content opportunities. by Chad Pollitt, {grow} Community Member. The media gap. Its stated mission “.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Inbound Marketing Insights: Can The B2B Blog Comment Be Resurrected?
    A few months ago I received a copy of Inbound Marketing by Hubspot Cofounders, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, and finally got around to reading it a few weeks ago. For the reader, the commenter, and the blogger. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing insights from the book for your reading pleasure.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] What’s Your Content Cadence?
    Brooke Ballard is an in-the-trenches digital marketer & owner at B Squared Media , blossoming blogger, and co-host of @ReadySetPodcast. By Brooke Ballard, {grow} Contributing Columnist I’m going to be 100% honest here. I’m excited as hell. What’s Content Cadence? It was a good post. He helped me make it a great post.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How to Run a Blog Lead Generation Analysis
    It''s the timeless question for corporate bloggers: How many leads did your blog post generate? To learn how to create this type of report in HubSpot, see this blog post. Want to Be a Better Blogger? If you are a HubSpot customer, read this post to find out how to do this type of analysis right in HubSpot!
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 9 Ways to Recycle Your Blog Posts Into Other Content Formats
    Here are a couple of tools you could use to easily repurpose blog content on social media: Social Inbox : If you use HubSpot, you can use Social Inbox to schedule out tweets promoting your blog posts in bulk. In the past, ebooks were an online revenue generator for many businesses and bloggers alike. Quite the opposite. Bonus Tip.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How I Easily Got 25% More Views on My LinkedIn Profile
    Just because HubSpot values humility doesn’t mean we’re not a competitive bunch. Three months ago, CEO Brian Halligan , Marketing VP Kipp Bodnar , and I bantered about our relative rank on LinkedIn’s “Most-Viewed Members at HubSpot” list. At #17, I -- predictably -- brought up the rear. Zippo. After all, lunch was approaching. Nobody.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 7 Tips on Finding the Best Freelance Writer for Your Blog
    The best bloggers do more than just pound out 600 topical words. However, as  HubSpot’s Corey Eridon highlights , even experts still need to perform some research to check facts. The You’ve decided to make the leap, and use a  freelance writer for your marketing copywriting. Great, everyone’s doing it. mage source.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Top 5 Affordable Tools to Make Infographics in a Snap
    Jennifer Gregory , a content marketing writer and blogger, says that infographics have become more prominent because, “Each of us learns differently. A lot of people are visual learners. ” Plus, Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than a normal text article, according to HubSpot. Piktochart. Canva. Venngage.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 2015
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How to Blog Consistently Without Burning Out
    How do you keep producing fresh content without burning out? I am sure many bloggers have different tricks. You can use Tweetdeck desktop notifications or set up HubSpot Social Inbox email notifications to watch the news without interrupting your workflow. Plus, they make great fodder for bloggers. Here are mine. 1) Read a lot.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How to Create a Successful Blog Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide
    HubSpot customers have access to their built-in keyword and SEO tool. Non-HubSpot customers, I recommend trying KWFinder.com. 5) Distribution Platforms. Rand Fishkin, SEO Expert from Moz, once quipped : "''I hit ''publish'' for the first time, and everyone just showed up'' – said no blogger ever.". Why does your blog exist?
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 5 Ways Blogging Can Advance Your Nonprofit Career (and 3 Ways to Get Started)
    Sure, bloggers write posts, but they also work with images, create infographics, record videos and podcasts, and produce plenty of other content. The modern-day nonprofit blogger is a multi-talented creator and publisher. As a professional blogger, Hubspot is a key source of advice and education for me. Start blogging.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 7 Ways to Get Non-Marketing Employees to Blog
    Hubspot has some great advice on the basics of why business need to blog regularly as part of an effective inbound strategy. We gave bloggers several options to delivery, they could either write about a topic they prefer and then we (marketing) would review and edit as appropriate before sending back to them for approval. Blogging
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Should I Gate This Content? [Flowchart]
    Bloggers have looked at the topic through various lenses -- from SEO to lead generation to channel-specific implications -- yet nobody appears to have written a simple “gate this, don’t gate that” prescription. HubSpot created a flowchart to help guide marketers’ gating decisions. Take the “Should I gate my content?”
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How to Fight the Infobesity Monster with Quality, Shareable Content
    82% of marketers who blog see a positive ROI for their inbound marketing ( HubSpot ). The decision to do so is based upon several factors but the basic idea is to general social buzz and potential link partnerships by referencing key bloggers/industry pros in each post. The blank page must be conquered.”. those eyes!). Final Thoughts.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] What would I do if I were starting my blog from scratch?
    Here is mind game successful bloggers play with each other. “If you had to start over right now, how would you do it?” So here is my answer, an amalgam of stuff that worked and stuff I learned from mistakes I learned along the way. Become a blogger, not a writer. But if you don’t know what that is, don’t let that stop you.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 4 Blogging Best Practices for B2B SaaS Start-Up Companies
    attended HubSpot’s Inbound ''14 earlier this year, and I made it my mission to see Rand Fishkin of Moz talk about SEO practices to love & practices to leave ( see his presentation here ). If you want visibility, keep a master list of the top bloggers in your industry and reach out to them. Every blog post looks like a demo!
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 58+ Resources to Master SEO Copywriting
    Hubspot does a great job explaining what SEO really is. First Step SEO Tips for Bloggers. think they do, and Ramesh Ranjan from Hubspot agrees wholeheartedly. If you want to be competitive as a copywriter, your work needs to be optimized for SEO. If you are a newbie to the world of SEO copywriting, this is a must-read list.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] What Great Stories Smell Like: Inside Microsoft Stories' Editorial Process
    Last month, we published a post on the top company blogs HubSpot''s content was crushin'' on , and one addition to the list completely surprised me: Microsoft Stories. "I’ve been a blogger before, too, where something gets a quick, second glance before going into the universe," she says. Crushes are weird sometimes.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] S#*t PR People Do That Journalists Hate, Volume 2 [SlideShare]
    Check out the SlideShare created by HubSpot''s  Melissa Obleada  and get some key takeaways below: As you can see, some common themes emerged: Playing Coy Doesn’t Work. Given that, the inboxes and Twitter streams of most producers, editors, and bloggers alike is often a battlefield for attention and interest. Are reporters perfect?
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Nine Practical Guides to Public Speaking and Presentations
    ” 7 Tips to Transform Your SlideShares From Good to Great by HubSpot. ” How To Be Funny: Stand-Up Comic Takes Public Speakers to School by DIY Blogger NET. And something most of us could improve at. How can you get and keep a roomful of people engaged with your presentation? Visually optimize the content you deliver?
    [Blogger, Hubspot] A Look Inside Mashable’s Evolution [Interview]
    With this context in mind, I reached out to Lexie Riegelhaupt, director of marketing and communications for Mashable, to ask about the site’s evolution and direction -- and see if there are lessons corporate and personal bloggers can draw from Mashable’s story. HubSpot: What makes a Mashable story “a Mashable story”?
    [Blogger, Hubspot] A 7-Step Process for Building a Blog Content Backlog
    Do you have any external contributors or guest bloggers with whom you work? You can schedule your content in an editorial calendar, like the new HubSpot Calendar. Using the HubSpot Calendar, you can schedule content, assign tasks, and organize all of your marketing assets including your blog, email, landing pages, and social messages.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Confessions of a Former Journalist: What I Learned From Becoming a Corporate Blogger
    Thankfully, my worries were quickly quelled once I started at HubSpot. Being a journalist vs. being a blogger? While good bloggers should also be concerned with the truth, uncovering things isn’t necessary their driving motive. “She’s going to the dark side.” are they right? Did I just sell out? Bloggin
    [Blogger, Hubspot] This is the week that was: #inbound14
    Blogger of the week. Goes to our very own Andy McKay who provided a daily round up of the HubSpot Inbound conference all the way from the US of A. A round up of the great and good in B2B marketing. Like these: Marketing trend of the week. There is always a lot of interest in how marketers are looking to split their budget. Take a look.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] A report from the epicenter of content marketing conferences
    Over the past two weeks I had the pleasure and honor of speaking at two premier content marketing conferences: Content Marketing World in Cleveland and Hubspot’s Inbound conference in Boston. Content Marketing content marketing content marketing conferences content marketing world hubspot inbound Know your audience.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 6 Essential Social Media Lessons From Top Executives
    He’s an avid blogger who uses his posts to help populate his other social feeds. Brian Halligan, CEO and Co-Founder of HubSpot. Both HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah have their LinkedIn profiles set to be as open to the public as possible regardless of whether the viewer is a connection or not.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 11 Actionable Writing Tips [+Examples]
    When you’re a blogger, statistics are your best friend. Example: It’s a good idea to blog often since 92% of businesses that blog multiple times daily has acquired customers through their blog ( HubSpot ). 2. Image source. Engaging a blog reader is a hard thing to do, especially in this digital age. Be Statistic-Friendly.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How to Develop an Unforgettable Voice in Your Writing
    As an example, let me share some data from HubSpot’s roundup of successful landing pages. Before I wrote this article, I spent a lot of time reading other HubSpot articles. even conducted a search to find out which of HubSpot''s articles were the most wildly popular over the past six months. It needs to be about one thing.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 25, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] New to Inbound Marketing? 7 Common Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid
    You''ve read all about inbound marketing, and you may even have taken HubSpot''s Inbound Marketing Certification. Check out the business blogger''s ultimate guide to mastering lead generation here. First-time inbound marketers: We''re so glad to have you! Common Mistakes New Inbound Marketers Make. Now, you want to GO, GO, GO! Timely.
  • WRITTENT  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 22, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 32 Blog Post Ideas for Your Next Article
    Even the world’s most creative bloggers find themselves in need of  blog post ideas every once in a while. Or better yet, use blogger  Amanda Nelson’s suggestion, and get permission to publish part of a new release. Blogger Awards. Spread some love and introduce 10, 15, or 50 bloggers whose content you admire.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] What Are Attribution Reports? [FAQs]
    For instance, if you run a report based on First touch (as it is called by HubSpot) or First interaction (as it is called by Google Analytics), 100% of the credit is given to the page URL or source of the first visit a contact was on. How Do You Run an Attribution Report in HubSpot? A marketer''s job isn''t easy. So how do you do that?
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How to Become the Best Blogger in Your Niche
    So here’s my thesis: If you are the best blogger in your niche, you can be the most successful in your niche. If blogging is the core of content marketing, and content marketing is the path to success, then we must conclude that being a kickass blogger is the path to marketing success. Great bloggers grow in size and reputation.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 9 Successful Marketers Answer 1 Simple Question: How'd You Get Started?
    Channel Marketing Associate, HubSpot. Chief Marketing Officer, HubSpot. Head of Marketing for HubSpot Labs, HubSpot. But I had consumed every piece of content HubSpot put out. then got the free PPC credits you get when you sign up for Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads and targeted all employees working at HubSpot.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 4, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How to Avoid Becoming a Marketing Fossil
    HubSpot’s CMO Mike Volpe created a primer to get you started. 2) Make Real-Time Marketing the Norm. Paul identifies as many as six different audiences that can fundamentally impact your business, including analysts, bloggers, competitors, customers, employees, and job candidates. Not sure what to measure or where to start?
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Why Lack of Strategy Will Kill Your B2B Blog
    If You Have Multiple Bloggers. Other posts you might find helpful include: 5 Dangers of an Unorganized Blogging Strategy by Kelly Kranz of Hubspot. Blogging drives traffic to websites and generates leads. So, hey, let’s jump in and do this. Right? Wrong. Strategy is even more important when you have multiple people blogging.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Are You Screwing Up Your Twitter Images? 7 Do's and Don'ts to Live By
    HubSpot (@HubSpot) April 8, 2014. 6) Don''t use photos that could be interpreted as offensive. To promote the contest on Twitter, we tweeted pictures of advice from seasoned bloggers. — HubSpot (@HubSpot) January 27, 2014. Images are crucial to making your marketing stand out, especially on Twitter.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 18, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Is Author Rank Really Relevant?
    So the millions (or hundreds) of bloggers that validated authorship will no longer see their lovely photo and Google+ circle count presented in search results. It probably never will. I’m NOT saying the authority or influence of a blogger doesn’t factor into search results. Here ye, here ye. Authorship. It hasn’t.
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How Your Family Affects Creativity and Your Content Marketing Success
    There are a handful of truly talented and creative individuals and companies out there who are spearheading the movement — think HubSpot or {grow} — and there are thousands of “me too” artists who mimic what they do and say, hoping to ride the wave. By Justin P. Lambert, {grow} Community Member. Standing Out vs. Fitting In.
  • WRITTENT  |  MONDAY, JULY 7, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] The Only 7-Step Guide to Creating Content You’ll Ever Need
    If you’re struggling to obtain data, we couldn’t help but love HubSpot’s Jeff Russo’s recommendation, which is simply asking for data like Khan academy. However, the world’s greatest bloggers are naturally pretty immersed in their industry’s top content, and conduct research on an ongoing basis. Image source. Know Your Audience.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] The Best Infographics of 2014 (So Far)
    Since blogging is such a big fuel source for the content mix, Jason Miller of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions borrowed (and properly cited) an analogy originally coined by HubSpot’s Rick Burns in 2009 and turned it into a great piece of visual content showing how blogging is such a big fuel source for the content mix. content creation
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Want to Be a Better Blogger? Embrace Structure
    If you''re a HubSpot COS customer, beginning today, you will have access to blogging blueprints right within your account. If you do not have the HubSpot COS, we have five blog post templates that you can use to create blog content no matter what CMS you are using. What is the first step you take as you begin writing a blog post?
    [Blogger, Hubspot] When it Comes to Blog Post Length, Is More More?
    Corey Eridon from Hubspot , John Rampton on Forbes , and Neil Patel ( Quicksprout ) all wrote about this. So, bloggers, it’s up to you. My answer to the question, “How long should my blog post be?” ” has always been, “As long as it takes.” think the biggest dangers in longer blog posts are 1.)
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 6 Jobs the Best Social Media Managers Actually Do
    My search for a someone to run HubSpot''s social media efforts has been an eye-opening, albeit frustrating, one. Even if you have dedicated bloggers and ebook writers, that content still needs to be adapted to each social network. Years after the first "Can we measure the ROI of social media?" Skills Necessary. How This Drives Results.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Dear HubSpot: My Mom Is the Only Person Reading My Blog
    Dear HubSpot, I work for a company that has an extremely long sales funnel, in a field that almost every business uses, but nobody wants to talk about. Budding Blogger in Boulder. Hey folks, welcome to the second installment of this column. Since you seemed to enjoy the post last week, we''re going to make this a weekly thing. Thanks!
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Why Business Blogging Works
    learned from technology bloggers what my best options were, and then went to make a purchase based off their advice. I don''t subscribe to any of those tech blogs -- and I may not always even realize what I''m reading is a "blog" -- but I use blogs to figure out where I want to spend my money. But I never simply wrote about why it works.
  • WRITTENT  |  MONDAY, MAY 26, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] SEO & Blogging = a Match Made in Heaven?
    Late last year, HubSpot surveyed over 7,000 businesses to determine the impact that certain inbound marketing activities have on website traffic generation, business blogging being one of them. Companies with 51+ website pages get 48% more traffic, and those that publish 15+ blog posts monthly get 5x more traffic than non-bloggers.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Finding Good Ideas, Internet Trolls & More in HubSpot Content This Week
    How to Fight Trolls: A Blogger’s Survival Guide. For bloggers, there are few things more frustrating than the an internet troll hijacking the discussion in the comments on your posts. As we always preach at HubSpot, building and understanding your buyer personas is the first step toward creating great content.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, APRIL 21, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 25 social media listening aids to increase your hearing
    71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals (source: HubSpot ). Ice Rocket : Can be used for keeping an eye on your blogger activity, as they have around 200 million blogs in their database and they also provide the possibility of finding the latest trend terms related to your search.
  • WRITTENT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014
    [Blogger, Hubspot] 25+ Resources To Teach You How To Write Killer Headlines for Your Blog
    Simple Formula for Writing Kick-Ass Titles | HubSpot. Blog Topic Generator | HubSpot. For bloggers who are ready to take their blog to the next level, this is a great guide for SEO blogging headlines that work. Learn How To Write Killer Headlines. Our List of 25+ Resources To Help You Learn How To Write Killer Headlines. 1. 
    [Blogger, Hubspot] Setting Up Your Blog? Use This Checklist to Start Off on the Right Foot
    If you''re using the HubSpot COS blog, you can check a box to make sure your blog homepage shows a summary of each article. Whether you''re working with other bloggers at your company or working with guest bloggers, having author profiles set up is a great way to attribute your posts but also give some SEO value. Blogging
    [Blogger, Hubspot] How Often Should You Update Your Blog? A Data-Driven Answer
    Some of us are familiar with HubSpot’s state of inbound report , which has consistently found that the more blogs you publish, the more traffic, leads, and sales your business will generate. Image source : Hubspot. Many of us have also noticed that big-name blogs, from HubSpot to Jeff Bullas blog at least once daily. In
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