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How to Overcome the Challenges of Managing a Remote Agency


Agencies must remain agile and flexible, especially in their early months, to mitigate risk and enable swift allocation of budget to the most pertinent areas. There are certainly challenges and obstacles associated with managing a remote agency team, not to mention the potential for hidden impact on company culture and productivity. Twitter and LinkedIn are the first ports of call.

2012 #Nifty50 Top Men in Technology on Twitter

Blue Focus Marketing

Last year, my colleague Tom Pick ( @TomPick ) and I introduced the #Nifty50 awards , which honored 50 men and 50 women who were leading the way in social media through their active engagement on Twitter. So, without further ado, here are the 2012 #Nifty50 Men, each of whom has represented the technology world on Twitter with class, dedication and integrity. Chris Adams – @chrishadams.

Daddy Issues: Why You’re Having Trouble with Alignment

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Usually, sales’ Daddy is revenue, new accounts and customer satisfaction. We’ve all seen agency relationships go horribly sideways when the marketers wonder where the budget all went and the agency can’t seem to find its CLIOs. Speaking of suppliers, Daddy-sharing is a pretty powerful tool for your own sales squirrels to use. It is not.

47 Superb Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts


Among the top 100 global brands, just 31 CMOs maintain active Twitter accounts, and only six of those big-brand CMOs have more than 10,000 Twitter followers. The “most important” social networks to teens and young adults (aged 12-24) are now Instagram (32%), Twitter (24%), Facebook (14%), Snapchat (13%) and Tumblr (4%). 62% use Twitter to build relationships.

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See What Content Marketing Success Truly Looks Like

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Agency of the Year (fewer than 100 employees). Agency of the Year (more than 100 employees). The magazine has over 24,0000 followers on Twitter and 162,000 on Pinterest. Takeaway: Give your audience tools to customize their experience. The film also saw a reach on Twitter of 14.6 Agencies – fewer than 100 employees. Agencies – more than 100 employees.

What Life in Modern Marketing Looks Like: 13 Personal Stories

CMO Essentials

No marketing tool (software, etc.) Selecting the right tools, getting them implemented and customized for your specific situation, and building habits and productivity around them requires an entirely new set of skills for many CMOs. That also means that I, as a marketing strategist in an agency setting, don’t work normal 9 to 5 hours. I turn to Twitter for information.

Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1


Not too surprisingly, Facebook is the #1 method for passing along content, followed by email and then Twitter. Social Media 2010, The Fastest Growth Ever by MyCorporateMedia Randy Schrum supplies some interesting social media statistics, such as: Twitter users post more than 65 million tweets per day. 48% of Twitter users say they rarely or never check Twitter. Oh yeah.

Before and After: The Transformation of One Business Blog


Our marketing agency Revenue River''s blog was boring. 7) Implementation of HubSpot Tally to record reader satisfaction. That’s why we jumped at the chance to implement HubSpot’s Tally tool on our old blog so that we could put our ear to the ground when it came to our blog’s design, content and usability. Give us a shout at or find us on Twitter !

Six Ways to Search-Optimize a Blog


This both increases the relevance of your blog and takes advantage of new-to-the-world search phrases that won’t show up in keyword tools. Sharing your content on social networking sites like Twitter and (most importantly) Google+ as well as social bookmarking sites creates links to your blog. Tools like ShareThis , AddThis and Wibiya , or WordPress plugins like SexyBookmarks, make it easy to add buttons for any of the most popular social networks and bookmarking sites. Furthermore, some of these are virtually worthless for search (e.g. Fresh content. Social media.

Integrating Social Media and Search

B2B Marketing Insider

My sister blog B2C Marketing Insider recently ran this article called Where Search Meets Social: Integrating Social Media into Organic and Paid Search Can Generate Exponential ROI written by Kent Lewis, President and Founder of Social Media and Marketing agencies Anvil Media and Formic Media. These tools can all be used to monitor industry and competitive conversations.

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Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Whether youre socializing on Facebook , updating Twitter , or just adding a new bookmark to Ma.gnolia , social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Dean Whitney, an executive with global digital marketing agency Digitas , also taught a class at Bentley (a hip school?) Lesson #7 Learn to Twitter. One of the topics was microblogging, and Twitter was discussed.

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20 Handy B2B Lead Generation Resources


Social media can become an efficient lead tool for brands, but it requires planning. Marketing expert, Matt Britton, is the CEO of social media agency, MRY. Danish shipping company, Maersk, turned to social media not just to increase its brand awareness but also to enhance employee satisfaction, gain market insight, and forge relationships with its customers. But never fear!

Three customer insights for your marketing plan

The B2B Research Blog

That’s why a regular customer satisfaction survey should be a staple in any marketing plan. One of these metrics should measure good will and the legendary Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a great tool in this respect. Connect with Andrew on Twitter or Google+. The post Three customer insights for your marketing plan appeared first on Circle Research - B2B market research agency. Spring. As birds migrate north to secure nesting ground, gaggles of marketers flock to secure budget for their marketing plans. The most fruitful of these plans are built on customer insights.

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4 tips for generating more return business in any industry


This is why the most brilliant marketers focus their efforts on customer satisfaction strategies. This post is designed to share some simple and effective tips for customer satisfaction, so you can generate more return business: Go the Extra Mile. Social media managers can provide Facebook or Twitter cover graphics (which are easy to make with a tool like Canva!).

7 case studies prove mobile ROI to healthcare marketers


900+ hospitals are actively using social networking tools to communicate with patients (MC). They used Facebook and Twitter for daily wellness tips; LinkedIn for professional recruitment and YouTube for content on diseases and patient stories. Image via CrunchBase. Is mobile marketing ready to change healthcare? 41% prefer care delivered via mobile devices (PWC). It had a 6-to-1 ROI.

4 Tips for B2B Marketing on Facebook

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Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Business Mobile 2.0 Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! Leyl Master Black is a Managing Director at Sparkpr , one of the world’s top independent PR agencies. A good example of this approach is 360i , an award-winning digital marketing agency.

6 Critical Community Management Skills

Manhattan Marketing Maven

Community managers are in great demand; even though the job description changes from brand to brand and agency-to-agency. They need to have the same feelings about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , Instagram, Tumblr and others that their audiences have. And while each platform has tools to filter racist, vulgar and other forms of unacceptable expression, the manager has to be on the look out for nastiness, sarcasm, and fair play. Cadence, frequency and forms of expression are the tools of the trade.   Brand Sherpa.   Social Native.   Analyst.

How to Structure a Kick-Ass Marketing Team for Any Company


You need to hire someone who has demonstrated success in a few different areas: Content Creation: Did they blog, do some corporate communications, work at an agency creating content for a variety of companies? Do they use the web for personal reasons and have accounts on popular social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter? Here's how: Talent. That could be a book!).

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Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

delicious b2bmarketing

Website Grader Badge Connect with Us HubSpot on Facebook HubSpot on Twitter InboundMarketers LinkedIn Group ProMarketers Facebook Group Subscribe to Blog RSS Want to share your Inbound Marketing advice with the community? There are so many scenarios out there, and so many lead-gen tools available that it should be possible to craft an effective program. Wrong. They quickly get it.

20 Handy B2B Lead Generation Resources


Social media can become an efficient lead tool for brands, but it requires planning. Marketing expert, Matt Britton, is the CEO of social media agency, MRY. Danish shipping company, Maersk, turned to social media not just to increase its brand awareness but also to enhance employee satisfaction, gain market insight, and forge relationships with its customers. But never fear!

WARNING: 8 Clues Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Implementation and Measurement Strategy is Bogus

WindMill Networking

What makes social media truly exciting is how perfectly it meets the need for an inbound marketing tool. “I While we’ve pretty much managed in the past year to move beyond the sense that social media is just about letting the world know what you’re eating for breakfast (Twitter) or sharing videos of cat memes (YouTube) or posting vanity updates (Facebook), we’ve still got a long way to go.

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Why Social Media Will Help Us All Get Along (Better) | B2B.

B2B Marketing Insider

But then he concluded his answer with the statement that really stuck with me and created a number of questions from my Twitter followers: I believe social media will create more “compression around the customer” than “convergence across departments”. ~Frank Eliason Christina Warren did an excellent job in covering this issue in her post “Which Department Owns Social Media” on Mashable. Social Media is a tool that everyone in a business should “own&# as long as there are widely understood guidelines about proper behaviour to represent your company online. Exactly.

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The Mi6 Tweekly: Week of July 19, 2010

MI6 Marketing Agency

Below are selected tweets that were sent out by Chris Herbert, Founder of Mi6 through his @B2Bspecialist twitter account. How Social Media Has Changed B2B Marketing | My Corporate Media: When it comes to business development and marketi… Sunny Weather Can Double Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns: Furthermore, the research indicates that good weath… Q: Do you want/mind me sending automated tweets about #b2b marketing via Twitter feed? Chart: Want to Improve Customer Satisfaction? Monday. This is in addition to the ones I send manually. Think SPOC! Some tips.

Which B2B Technology Should You Update Regularly?

Content Standard

When asked about the effects of technology on their businesses, 49 percent of respondents said the latest tech contributed to customer satisfaction, followed closely by 44 percent who cited its effect on workplace productivity. I’ve also created a list of marketing and PR experts I’ve curated on Twitter. Keeping up with the Joneses. I view the list weekly.”

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ClickInsights: 3 important components that will make a great case study

Connect the Docs

Blog Stories That Sell Twitter Casey_Hibbard. Blog Kranzcom Twitter jonkranz. Today, Jonathan Kranz enjoys the confidence of numerous clients and agencies, but unlike most independent copywriters, his career didn't begin with them. Are there exciting possibilities to achieve, like greater customer satisfaction, more revenues or higher profits? Twitter StephanieTilton.

7 Unspoken Truths About Social Media

Manhattan Marketing Maven

A variety of tools have been created to gauge sentiment in social media. I haven’t seen a tool capable of learning effectively or capable of discerning idioms and the nuances of language sufficient to make real judgments.   And while anyone can throw up a Facebook page or open a Twitter account, hitting the right tone, the right frequency and the right content is not a slam dunk.  Our emerging social graph is new, morphing regularly, subject to the stampede of public opinion and mostly out of our control.   And yet we can’t kid ourselves.

Nuggets from Social Media workshops as of late. : Community Group Therapy

Buzz Marketing for Technology

2) Including your agency partners in the workshop can be extremely useful: Likely not a good solution in all scenarios, but I had one client include their agency partners in the workshop and I thought it went brilliantly. 7) I’m not convinced there is a “tipping point&# for social tools (like twitter): Many may disagree on this and likely we’ll end up debating semantics…but here’s my thinking. I think the same is true for the bevy of social tools. twitter. Upcoming Events. About. Contact. Links. This is a big complement.

An interesting interview with SAP’s social media director

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

I worked at a full-service interactive agency for many years. Otherwise, our objectives tend to be at the top of the funnel so we look at a variety of brand metrics such as competitive share of conversation in key solution areas and brand sentiment as a proxy for customer satisfaction. Bill can be found on Twitter at @BillRobSAP and on LinkedIn. How do you focus your efforts?

100 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010

Junta 42

A lot of people (who were only wasting time at work, not investing in an asset) will lose interest in Twitter as the next shiny thing comes along. Online video will emerge as the most important tool for marketers in 2010.      Ari Herzog When you consider approximately 16% of the Fortune 500 have a public-facing blog, 28% of those blogs link to Twitter accounts, and 17% of the companies use blogs, Twitter, and Facebook to engage (or in many cases, broadcast only) with their customers, those are telling statistics.   No kidding! 

62 Experts Share Their #1 Actionable SEO Technique


24 Get the Right Tools – Ahrefs & SEMRush. #25 56 Optimize for User Satisfaction. #57 There are other tools you can use, but to give you automatic reporting, this is probably the best fit for you. You can follow Aaron on Twitter @aaronwall & the company account @seobook. Follow Nate Shivar on Twitter. Get the Right Tools – Ahrefs & SEMRush.