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23 Expert SEO Link Building Guides and Tools


In its efforts to combat webspam, Google now ignores or even penalizes “unnatural” link profiles. So what types of links should you avoid? What kinds of links are still (or now) the most valuable? How can you get more high-quality links? What tools are most helpful in link building efforts? Link Building Guides, Techniques and Tips.

Link-Building Best Practices for Targeting a UK Audience


If so, there are several SEO strategies you should be adopting so you can rise in the rankings of, and thus, attract more traffic from your audience in the UK. Off-Page SEO Strategies: This primarily involves generating inbound links from other websites into yours -- to signal to search engines that you have an authoritative website. Here’s why.

5 Action Items from #SMX Advanced 2013

KoMarketing Associates

” Each speaker offered some good tactics around community building, social targeting, content creation, and even some local strategies. My presentation primarily focused on using social for link building, utilizing tools like Citation Labs and Rapportive , along with social networks including Twitter and Google+. While many search marketers focus on content, link building, social, etc., His team ran tests on five different websites to see whether social signals would influence search engine indexing and rankings. Audit Your SERPs.

4 Smart Ways to Keep Up With Google in 2017


1) Diversify your traffic sources to keep earning visits from Google. Fishkin encourages a distributed content strategy designed to help you earn traffic from a variety of different sources. This approach ensures that your traffic numbers aren’t entirely contingent on people directly searching for your brand name. 3) Invest in a link building strategy that can scale.

21 Decoded SEO Terms Everyone Should Know

Vertical Response

301 redirect A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect of one webpage to another, passing along a majority of the link “juice” or ranking with it. If someone links to your site with specific anchor text, it helps search engines know what your site is about. Indexed page A page on your website that has been “crawled” or read by search engine bots and stored.

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48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics


What’s most important–on-page optimization, link building, or technical SEO? The practice of SEO has (of course) changed considerably over the past few years, and Courtney Seiter recognizes those changes in this noteworthy guide explaining what exactly SEO is today, how search engines rank content, and what SEO professionals do now to optimize websites for search.

Social Media and SEO: When and How They Work Together

Modern B2B Marketing

A big misconception about social media marketing and SEO is that signals from social media—including links, likes, and follows—have a direct impact on a page’s SEO ranking. We know, for example, that links are a top ranking factor , but Google also knows how easy it is to create links on social networks—so no, all those social links aren’t the same as links from high-quality websites.

What Is an Inbound Link? [FAQs]


If you''re new to inbound marketing, you''ve probably heard that one way to grow traffic is to get more links. but did you know that there are actually several different types of links you can have? We bucket links into three different categories: i nternal links, outbound links, and inbound links. But what exactly are inbound links?

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5 Predictions for SEO in 2016


Whether it’s clickthrough rate in the search results or time on site, how people interact with your pages has major consequences for your traffic. The sunnier side of that is if you can get good at marking up your content, you might see a big boost in traffic. The days of building for people’s search intent are here. Ever watched a big SEO update roll out? Structured data.

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30 SEO Best Practices for B2B Organizations in 2017

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By successfully implementing these best practices, B2B organizations can improve lead quality, build valuable relationships to support link building efforts, gain brand exposure through online communication, and better understand their target audience. According to the 2016 B2B Buyer’s Survey conducted by Demand Gen Report, 69 percent of B2B buyers say the most influential aspect of a company’s website is content that speaks directly to their needs. In theory, the more landing pages you create, the more opportunities you have to pick up organic search traffic.

The Top 10 Free Content Analytics Tools


Now you need to know how that content is performing, who’s visiting your website, and how you can hook your audience so they’ll return. After you enter the Google Analytics code into your website’s HTML, the service will measure certain goals for you, including which pages a visitor clicks on, how long they stay, and the actions they take. Let’s take a look.

Hit With a Google Penalty? Here's How to Quickly Diagnose & Fix Your Issues


Evidence suggests that though many websites have been penalised (not just by the big updates, but also by one of the thousands of tiny little manual Google updates), the average marketer or webmaster hasn’t noticed. According to Kissmetrics , only 5% of penalised websites are submitting a reconsideration request every month to recover their rankings. Double win! Panda: Born in 2011.


How to Track, Analyze, and Improve Your SEO Strategy


Most marketers are always looking to improve their SEO -- after all, it drives free traffic to your website that you can convert into leads and customers. 1) Keyword Performance and Rankings - how well your website and web pages rank in search engines for desired search terms. Monitor what percentage of your website traffic comes from organic search every day, week, and month.


Fathom SEO Pulse: 9.17.15


Clicks and CTR indicate that people are interested in what the SERP level information is showing (meta title/description, snippet, domain, etc.) Google will rank a link with longer clicks higher that those with more short clicks. link]. Traffic and Engagement Metrics and Their Correlation to Google Rankings”. link]. “4 link]. link]. link].

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6 SEO Strategy Basics Your CEO Should Learn

Content Standard

As you likely know, brands can’t just decide to top search engine results pages (SERPs), flip a switch, and make it so. At last count, there are well over 200 individual factors that go into determining where a page will land in SERPs. Once upon a time, SEO was known as the “free” way to gain web traffic. Rote link building is no longer a valid tactic.

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6 SEO Tools to Analyze Your Site Like Google Does


And while Google freely talks about their overarching goals with these updates being to weed out lower-quality websites that don’t satisfy searchers with quality content, there is still some secrecy behind exactly how Google evaluates a website and ultimately determines which sites to show for which search queries. 3) Check My Links Broken Link Checker. Yikes.

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SEO & Blogging = a Match Made in Heaven?


Having a good-looking website is not enough. It’s hard to attract business with a few static web pages; those won’t bring you traffic, leads, and sales, or develop your brand. Search engine traffic is valuable. A listing near the top of Google can deliver more traffic than banner ads, email, and print media combined! How do you get your website to the top of SERPs?

Why You Should Stop Using Google Rankings as Your Primary SEO KPI


However, by diversifying your online marketing tactics and investing in others -- like long-tail search terms, content, public relations, social media, and even paid search -- you are building your online presence and safeguarding against future ranking fluctuations. Personalization of search results is changing how websites are found and ranked. How could this be, you ask?


3 Top Takeaways from SMX West 2015

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This year, I tried to attend some different sessions (those a bit outside of my usual space of content and link building) and I wasn’t disappointed. Because the site that is listed there, is going to get that traffic and #1 won’t mean anything in terms of traffic. For businesses, you need to understand how this will impact your website traffic.


What to Do When You Get Dinged by a Google Algorithm Update


So how do navigate this digital zoo of animals tasked with penalizing disingenuous websites? If you’ve seen a noticeable drop in traffic, or have even received a manual action, you’ll likely be able to find an account of the update in Moz’s Google Algorithm Change Timeline. First and foremost, analyze your website’s content. Link schemes.

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Top SEO Tips Straight From the Industry Experts [INFOGRAPHIC]


Check out their expert tips in this infographic (which you can feel free to embed on your own website using the embed code below), and then navigate below for a quick explanation of what these tips mean for your search marketing strategy. Modern link building focuses on high-quality, original content that provides value." - Stephanie Chang , Distilled SEO Consultant (Tweet This Quote!).

In the Aftermath of Penguin 2.0, Branding Is Now a Major Ranking Factor


Just as with the initial release of Google’s Penguin update last year, SEOs all over the web are writing post-mortems about aggressive link building tactics that were once the bread-and-butter of successful search engine optimization, but are now resigned to the dustbin of internet history. Google doesn’t want to overvalue and over-rank a website that’s nothing more than a shell.

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Summer SEO News You Should Know About: HTTPS. Rich Snippets, More

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In August Google announced they will begin using website encryption, HTTPS, as a ranking signal giving preferential treatment to sites which encrypt data for their users. Those in the know may have seen this coming, with a change to search results pages (SERPs) in July when bylines and images were stripped. Best practices are still important for sites dependent on local traffic.


12 SEO Experts Weigh In on SEO 2014 Predictions

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She has expertise in SEO, SEM, pay-per-click management, content marketing, and relationship building for links, and strongly believes in data-driven decision making and in scalable, long-term SEO decisions within a larger inbound marketing program. I think we’ll see a renewed focus on building topical authority in 2014. Sophisticated Link Analysis. Go figure.

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One Way to Future-Proof Your SEO


We reside in a digital world of 301s, 404s, anchor text, link building, and keyword metrics. It wasn''t until businesses found they could monetize this type of technology that people began to find ways to exploit search engines and "trick" them into displaying their websites higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Let''s take a look at each step more in-depth.

Answers to Your Top 7 Questions About the State of SEO in 2012


That's the other benefit of targeting long-tail keywords -- because they're more specific in nature, the traffic you're driving by ranking for them is more targeted. And more targeted traffic means higher conversions! So even if they drove traffic to their website for the term "lawyer," chances are, most of that traffic isn't going to turn into a new client.

Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2011


Oh well, whatever you call the discipline of maximizing a company’s online visibility in a world where search is much more than Google-Yahoo-Bing and where web presence is much more than a corporate website, here are 18 of the best blog posts and articles from the past year on how to do it well. ” Online Sentiment and Link Building by Search Engine Journal.

When Press Releases Do (and Don't) Help Your Marketing


2) You build links. One of the greatest benefits to including PR in your marketing strategy is link building. And coverage of your brand often also comes with inbound links back to your website. You can, however, use press release real estate to sprinkle in important keywords, and include helpful links for readers and media alike. years ago.

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7 Keyword Research Mistakes That Stifle Your SEO Strategy


Getting found in organic search is one of the most cost-effective means of lead generation , so it's no wonder marketers and SEOs spend plenty of time optimizing their online presence to get ranked in the SERPs for important keywords. For example, not all of the traffic that lands on HubSpot's site actually knows that we sell inbound marketing software. The thing is.

6 Steps to Creating a Successful SEO Strategy


Step 2: Build Keyword-Focused Pages. When it comes to websites and ranking in search engines, it's always better to have multiple web pages tailored to specific keywords or phrases. Each web page needs to include relevant content for your prospects and customers and should include pictures and links to pages on your site to enhance the user experience. Step 3: Set Up a Blog.

40 Essential SEO Terms Marketers Should Know [Glossary]


Do you want to optimize your website but have trouble communicating with the technical folks running it? This is a list of the 40 most essential search engine optimization (SEO) terms to help marketers communicate with developers and understand how to optimize their websites. Anchor Text - The actual text of a link to a web page. Conversion forms convert traffic into leads.

Creating Killer Content with Data: Pubcon Austin 2016

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More importantly, understanding the content types and the content topics driving traffic and conversions is imperative. After all, if a page is generating traffic because it’s being linked from other sites, you can determine the types of pieces to create to drive more links. Linked Pages . Why do I love this topic? What Is Killer Content? . Let’s be real. Phew….

3 Meta Description Mistakes You Might Be Making


If you’ve ever been to one of my Website Optimization Webinars you’ll be pretty familiar with the advice we give companies on how to get their website to rank better on the search engine results pages. Create content that’s valuable to your target readership and you’ll attract inbound links. The Often Misunderstood Meta Description. Connect with HubSpot

7 Sure-Fire Signs Your SEO Sucks


If you're handling your SEO in-house, you know how many factors affect your ability to bring your website pages to the top of search ranking positions. Whichever camp you're in, a reality check is always healthy to see if you can fix what feels like broken SEO; or, if you're seeing lots of wins in the SERPs, drive even more success from your SEO efforts. 90s SEO is not on that list.


7 SEO Twitter Tips to Rank Better in Search


Basically, Twitter is a natural complement to your site and a way to gain some additional spots on organic search engine results pages (SERPs), helping your website and its content get found. It’s highly searchable, and it's something that will appear in Google’s link to your profile. Link, Link and Link Some More. Use Your Real Name Wisely.

Google Changes Algorithm to Punish Content Farms


At HubSpot , we are huge advocates of creating content as a way to educate customer, increase reach engine traffic, and improve lead generation. of [their] queries" and that the "update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites--sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful." Marketing Takeaway.

Inbound Marketing & Marketing Automation


It may be attractive to shift more budget to generating leads via your company’s website. I’ve personally often used Google AdWords to drive traffic to websites: it’s instantanious and you can fine-tune campaigns to target a specific audience. That takes a lot of work upfront, but will result in ‘free’ traffic in the future. SEO has not exactly been a science: you have to optimize your site’s structure and content, and you ask other sites to link to you. Link building : get high-quality links back to your site.