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5 Ways You Can Add Social Proof to Your Landing Pages


Short quotes from happy customers can do wonders for your conversion rate, so it''s no surprise that this is one of the more common uses of social proof on landing pages and homepages alike. It''s like when McDonald''s displays signs boasting "Billions and Billions Served.". Click here to learn more about using trust seals on your landing pages. 2) Privacy Policy.

2013 New Year’s Resolutions for the B2B Marketing Department


It sounds like a broken record; we need to generate more traffic, enhance our brand, improve content, increase conversions, target better, figure out this social media thing, prove ROI, and more.  Conversion Architecture. Test landing pages for conversion. Online Display. Video is a proven marketing tactic that increases engagement and conversions

Before & After: The Optimization of a Flawed Landing Page


Because landing pages are so important to lead generation, attention to detail is in order to ensure you have the highest conversion rate possible. That means conversion rates will be low, and page abandonment rates will be high. And confusion among site visitors means lower conversion rates. See if you can identify the mistakes and how to fix them!

10 Foolproof Ways to Earn Your Landing Page Visitors' Trust


There's a call-to-action that is so amazing every visitor is going to click on it (congratulations, your CTA has a great click-through rate!), but when they get to your landing page, they abandon because they realize they've been duped (congratulations, this exercise was a tremendous waste of you and your visitors' time!). Unfortunately, what happens all too often is the ol' bait and switch.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Creating Awesome Landing Pages


Are your landing pages optimized to their best visitor-to-lead conversion potential? Hidden Top/Side Navigation: Reduce friction as well as your landing page's bounce rate and increase the chances your visitors will stay on your page by hiding any top and side navigation bars from your page. Testing: In marketing, there's never a one-size-fits-all approach to things.