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Social Media Does Not Influence B2B Buyers

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According to new research from IDC, only 18.6% of B2B technology buyers say social media has influenced their purchase decisions or interactions with vendors. So should B2B organizations shutter their social media efforts or reduce their investments? Stepping back from the details, the research from IDC reaffirms two key guidelines for B2B social media.

Too Much Crappy Social Media Content!

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Of course, most businesses and professionals don’t share information like this in social media, but another kind of oversharing pervades social media: oversharing content. Content Social Media audience developement Content Curation social sharing triberrWe all know people that overshare. You focused on a quantity rule. Get out of your rut.

Replacing “Authentic” in Social Media

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You can’t turn around in the social media echo chamber without bumping into this word. The problem is, beyond the social media land of unicorns, authentic isn’t relevant. As I explored in Don’t Be Authentic: Real Social Media Marketing Advice on SpinSucks , we don’t really want to see authentic in social media.

Social Media’s Missing Ingredient

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View original on Pinterest You are ready for social media. Your social media program needs time. Creating Content Your social media plan likely calls for creating some type of content daily (hopefully), and definitely weekly. Engaging with People As Jay Baer ( @jaybaer ) says, social media is about winning hearts and minds one and two at a time.

150 Content Marketing Tips

Drive traffic—and leads—with these tips for SEO, social media, content optimization, email marketing, and more

Does B2B Social Media Work? That’s the Wrong Question

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Does social media work for B2B? People that say “no” tend to say it doesn’t work anymore because behavior is changing (newspaper), it doesn’t work because their audience doesn’t use it (social media) or it doesn’t work because it doesn’t reach their audience (content marketing). Similarly, social media works in B2B.

How To View Any Profile On LinkedIn

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Social Media LinkedIn Sleuthing social media sleuthing tipsI’m sure it has happened to you too. You look someone up on LinkedIn only to find they are a third degree connection (or not even!) and you get a profile page with basically no information. Searching in LinkedIn, this is all I was able to see of his profile: 1. Here is what it should look like.

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LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: The Best B2B Social Advertising Option Yet?

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Have you felt like social advertising just wasn’t right for your B2B marketing? This looks like the most compelling social advertising offering yet for B2B marketers. With great targeting options, LinkedIn was compelling, but advertising opportunities didn’t fit the increasingly social framework of LinkedIn. Social Advertising, With LinkedIn Targeting.

No!! LinkedIn Just Went Klout On Us!

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However, as LinkedIn use moves towards more social or gamified activity and away from business networking, the value of their advertising will decrease. Rants Social Media klout LinkedIn LinkedIn Endorsements SpamBut wait, there’s more! Scroll down the page and there is a prominent call, again, to endorse Lauren! Is this really a good idea? Gamified LinkedIn?

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

and media formats. Landscape Channel and Media. Continuous Improvement When organizations publish content, they venture into the world of media. for their audience’s attention, including major publishers and media companies. modern media landscape, the “If you build it, they will come” mindset is doomed to. sharing content on its social channels. Content.

LinkedIn Just Went Into the Publishing Business

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Since LinkedIn has also been called the best social media site for B2B marketing, this is a change and you should care about. Historically LinkedIn could be used to share content, but outside of the business networking, or “social”, features, there wasn’t a reason to visit regularly. News Social Media forbes LinkedIn quantcast wall street journal

Social Media is Lowering Our Content Standards

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Social media has created the expectation that we share content, and in the drive to meet the content demands social media places on us, our content standards are falling. If so, it is time to stop listening to the social media experts , the ones that gave you the idea you need to share 4, 8 or 15 pieces of content in the first place. Forget the Rules.

Selfless Giving and Selfish Companies: A Social Media Conundrum

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Selfish Behavior in Social Media Marketing When social media professionals and consultants talk about humanizing companies in social media, the inability of companies to be selfless , to give gifts without expectation of a return, is a sticking point. fuss is made about the return on social media because return is, in fact, expected. Gifts.

6 Best Tactics for B2B Lead Generation

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Social Media Advertising. Social media advertising isn’t targetable or scalable enough in many B2B markets to make the list above, but with recent updates from Facebook and rumored changes pending from Twitter, that may change. 3. You need to generate leads, right? The B2B lead generation landscape has changed tremendously in the last decade. Search marketing.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost 15 1,200 Blog posts per month Avg new monthly leads ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY11 Content marketing's impact also extends to social me- dia, where brands that don't have compelling content to. brands experiencing declining social media effective- ness and came to a clear conclusion: " We’ve reached a tipping point where.

Five Biggest Infographic Mistakes Marketers Make

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The Asian and Pacific Islander segment is more likely to use social media than any other race or ethnic segment broken out in the report. Rants Social Media infographic kissmetrics nielsen visual.lyIt seems there is another marketing infographic hiding around every corner of the web, and it will probably fall well short of its potential. Source: [link] 2.

Outbound Marketing for Modern B2B Marketers

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Outbound marketing gets your content into more hands, immediately increasing content consumption and increasing potential social sharing. Tactics: email, search, social advertising, native advertising , online banners. 2. Tactics: social advertising, retargeting, search. 5. So how do you pair your outbound marketing activity with your inbound marketing? Delight The Audience.

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15 People Every B2B Marketer Should Follow On Twitter

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Big names in B2B marketing, content marketing and social media seem to be everywhere. B2B Digital Marketing | Strategic Communications, Content, Design, SEO & Social Media. sales, marketing, demand discovery/generation, social media, lead gen, painter, golfer. Questioning perceived wisdom about social media and our digital future. Writer.

29 Signs You Need a Break From Marketing

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You believe in advertising as a force for social good. You know any business without a social media presence will be out of business in five years (bonus: you know that statement was first made nearly four years ago. Social Media Over time, your role in marketing begins to permeate every part of your life. Just maybe, that means it is time to take a break.

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Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

Terms like native content, brand publishing, and owned media are set to evolve. to be tackled if brands want to compete with traditional media. excluding social media posts)? LEADERSHIP SOCIAL. people just for their media house. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Jordan Teicher Study: How Much of Your Content. content. 68% 16.7%

4 out of 5 Marketers are Zombies! [Infographic]

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Write an article about how social media is killing advertising! Media companies are Dead. As final proof, I submit the following Social Media Zombie infographic. Content Social Media zombieWhat, it’s changing? Quick, call it dead! Advertising is Dead. SEO is Dead. Television is Dead. Magazines are Dead. Newspapers are Dead. Websites are Dead.

Two Killer Google+ Mistakes

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Stats from this Mashable article ) Google’s Fatal Google+ Errors While Google has effectively tied Google+ to services and features (such as Hangouts on Air), today it has no hope of becoming a competitive social network. The Missing Google+ Identity I have a single account on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest…, on every “social network” I am a part of.

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The Most Dangerous Opinion in Marketing: Yours

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Has your personal experience with social media increased your perception of its marketing value? Your opinion of creative, media or content is a distraction. 31% of those same normal people disagree that brands should invest into their customers in social media, versus just 6% of marketers. How does your opinion influence your marketing activity?

Google+ for SEO? Don’t Focus on Your Brand Page!

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Following and engaging with people is more natural than engaging with brands, particularly lesser-known brands that don’t already have a strong following that naturally will migrate to social media. When you focus on other people, you need to rely on the same three keys to social sharing you should be using in other social channels: Make your content easy to share.

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Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

in new readers via search and social. return on social. Media is changing marketing (and vice. media content is a diverting activity that rarely resembles. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY14 At Contently, we talk a lot about “building a better media world,” which. media experiences. MEDIA Journalism, native advertising, and the future of the.

LinkedIn Now Tracks You Across The Web [And Flaunts It]

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Will LinkedIn use this information to refine the companies to follow suggestions, boosting company following and increasing the value of corporate social media activity on LinkedIn? News Social Media Demandbase eloqua LinkedIn video We know companies track us across the web, but most companies don’t make the tracking obvious. LinkedIn, in quite a departure, is showing right on the homepage the company websites you have visited. Will LinkedIn have a privacy backlash similar to what Facebook has faced at times in the past? This isn’t showing every website.

7 Blogging Mistakes B2B Marketers Make

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Social What? Your blog eschews nearly all forms of social sharing, often with the belief that your audience doesn’t use social media. Without consideration for social media, other elements often suffer as well: images aren’t included and titles don’t grab attention or are too long to easily share. Social Media blog blogging

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A Simple Trick To Improve Your LinkedIn Campaign Performance

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LinkedIn has become a powerhouse media company for B2B marketers , from opportunities for direct engagement (it does still have a few social media trappings) to publishing, content promotion and advertising. LinkedIn is a premium property and media programs quickly become expensive. If you are a B2B marketer, you are paying attention to LinkedIn. There is a better way.

B2B Social Media Opportunities [#B2Bchat Recap]

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In our most recent #B2Bchat discussion, we looked at a number of social networks and how B2B marketers can take advantage of them, and once again I was pleased to have the opportunity to moderate the lively discussion. Rather than a deep dive into a single network or objective, the discussion quickly touched on a number of social networks or platforms.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

social advertising on LinkedIn, programmatic networks like Choozle) that. Paul Gillin, B2B Social Media Strategist, Senior Trainer, Profitecture www.[link] Another good example is Top Rank’s Social Media Marketing Management. how you can solve their burning problem. • E – Engage Meaningfully via Social Media. social media. Look for.

Social Sleuthing: Who is Sharing Your Content: Twitter & LinkedIn Edition

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Have you ever wondered who is sharing your blog posts or other content on social media sites but don’t have access to expensive social media monitoring applications that can tell you? Social Media Albert Ribera Jay Baer Jeff Rozner LinkedIn Mark Schaefer Rand Fishkin sharing social media sleuthing shortened URL. traffic twitter

Digital Marketing’s Massive Measurement Lies

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Sorry to break it to you, but brand followers on social media have the same bias. 2. Measurement Media analytics marketing analytics retargeting search view-through Digital marketers are getting hooked on reporting bigger numbers, but in the process your marketing may actually be making a smaller and smaller impact. Yikes! Here are four common culprits. 1. Branded search.

Pinterest: Who Pins Your Content & How Much Traffic Do They Drive

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Measurement Social Media Brad Shorr Google Analytics pinterest Sleuthing social media sleuthingThe latest report shows Pinterest now drives more traffic than Twitter. You may want to know not just how much traffic Pinterest is driving but also what users are pinning your content and driving the most traffic. For example, you can see all pins from at [link].

5 Key Elements of Modern Inbound Marketing

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Traditionally, inbound marketing has been functionally defined as the combination of search, social and content. Personally, I am less likely to share an article through social media if it is on a site that is covered with garish ad units or is always popping up subscribe forms. You have merely picked up your social media bullhorn for the modern equivalent of an email blast.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

fully formed media company. from traditional media outlets. energy drinks or dishwashers to legacy media giants. as media company.” success, followed by social shares and likes. (19 percent) and pageviews (15 percent). • 49 percent of marketers rate their content as. According to PQ Media’s “Global. important media topic of 2015. SOCIAL.

A New Way To Connect Twitter To Lead Generation

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B2B marketers are so anxious to generate leads from social media they are turning Twitter into a list for cold calls and mass email blasts. There is nothing social about this! Marketers are just turning social into a source of email or telemarketing lists for mass outbound marketing. Social advertisers. Newsletter or email marketers.