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Lead Generation: Digital Strategies to Create New Sales Opportunities

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Both sales and marketing are profiting from the advances in digital tools, media and process. B2B marketing digital marketing lead generation online media B2B lead generation CustomerThink outbound marketingI wrote the below article for an eBook on digital marketing to be published shortly by CustomerThink. You can find more information here: [link]. Why Invest in Lead Generation?

Top 5 Reasons to use Segmentation

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Lower List & Media Costs. In understanding what the best prospects look like, marketers can rent lists and purchase media in a much more targeted fashion.  Lower risk of social media flaming. Aggravate a prospect and a marketer risks provoking a negative reaction flamed through social media and social networks.   Prospects are equipped with formidable firepower.  

Savvy Buying of B2B Data

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Now email and social media have been added to the mix.  An Interview with Ruth P. Stevens and Bernice Grossman. I am pleased to welcome Ruth P.  Stevens and Bernice Grossman, two well recognized B2B direct marketing experts.    Ruth P. Stevens consults on customer acquisition and retention, teaches marketing at Columbia Business School and blogs at . The user generated, i.e,

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Be Social or Be Fit?

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While the social media wave has swept over the world, I have been navigating other waves. The rhythm of training and racing hasn’t left much time for the demands of producing content for social media. blogs social media blogging Triathlon For the past year I have been anti-social: hardly a tweet and nary a blog post. have plunged in and taken up triathlon.

150 Content Marketing Tips

Drive traffic—and leads—with these tips for SEO, social media, content optimization, email marketing, and more

Use Outbound Marketing to target these 5 Buyer Types

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Given the popularity of social media and inbound marketing, when should outbound marketing be used ? The Tuned-out Buyer - not all buyers participate in social media or conduct online searches. Tags: lead generation social media inbound marketing outbound marketing For some types of buyers, outbound marketing is the only way to engage (e.g. Photo Credit: henrybloomfield.

Delivering ROI on Social Media

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My last post discussed why the nature of social media need not be compromised by pursuing lead generation through these new media. Today, let's turn to some examples of how B2B marketers are embracing social media for this purpose. A few weeks ago, McKinsey & Company released the results of their latest survey on social media: Building the Web 2.0 The buzz on this report included a post from Peter Kim, a fellow Social Media Today blogger. media targeting internal parties versus 87% who interfaced with customers. tools for customer acquisition.

Lead Generation through Social Media?

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You can almost see the collective hand wringing and hear the teeth gnashing as angst-ridden B2B marketers are being pressed by their organizations for proof on the value of social media. The premise of this blog, Acquiring Minds , is that social media, as with other online media, provide B2B marketers with a stellar opportunity to generate qualified leads and to impact ROI. It almost seems heretical to sabotage social media by attempting to generate leads. The discourse on social media or Web 2.0 Tell me - how are you using social media for lead generation?

HubSpot's Social Media Delivers on ROI

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In some of my previous posts , I suggested that social media is highly effective in generating marketing ROI. Last week, I interviewed Mike Volpe , VP of Marketing HubSpot , for his perspective on social media ROI. HubSpot is a stellar example of how a small business can excel in social media marketing and in the process, attract $17 million in venture capital for a social media and online marketing solution ( read more on why small business succeeds with social media ). HubSpot’s inquiries from social media support Mike’s position.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

and media formats. Landscape Channel and Media. Continuous Improvement When organizations publish content, they venture into the world of media. for their audience’s attention, including major publishers and media companies. modern media landscape, the “If you build it, they will come” mindset is doomed to. Social Media • Activation across. Content. In the.

New B2B Research on Lead Generation through Web 2.0 Media

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We asked the B2B marketers if a select number of online media tools were being deployed in lead generation programs. media Today we released the results from our latest research on B2B lead generation. The goal of our survey of close to 250 B2B marketers was to address two pivotal and practical questions specific to lead generation: What online marketing tools are B2B marketers using for lead generation How are online inquiries converted into offline, sales-ready leads? would like to share our first chart from the research. These tools are primarily Web 1.0 type tools.

Top 10 Reasons Small Businesses Excel at Social Media

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Today I attended Forrester' s Webinar "Defining Your B2B Social Media Strategy" with Vice President and Principal Analyst, Laura Ramos, and Vice President of Tech Industry Consulting, Dan Klein. The seminar was chock full of interesting facts on social media usage by B2B marketers and by B2B decision-makers. For both B2B vendors and the buyers of those solutions, social media is considered a second tier marketing medium. Another attendee and I leveraged the WebEx chat to ask questions on how the usage of social media varied by the size of the organization.

More Reasons that Small Businesses Excel at Social Media

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After my last posting on small business and social media, Chris Brogan was kind enough to tweet my blog and attract some savvy writers. Before we take a closer look at some of the comments, I wanted to share with you the question that I asked during the Forrester webinar and Laura Ramos` interesting response. Q: Robert Lesser: It appears that smaller B2B companies are more successful with their social media marketing than large B2B marketers. So it seems that we all are in agreement, at least at a conceptual level, on why small businesses are excelling at social media.

Having a blast with B2B email?

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Image copyright - Fox Media. When you think email, do you think email blasts? You know - a humongous email broadcast - the digital equivalent of a large mail drop. Otherwise known as Batch & Blast email, B2B marketers have viewed this type of email as best for retention marketing, rather than acquiring customers. In the early days of email marketing, two powerful types of email were unavailable to B2B marketers: 1to1 Sales emails that allow sales reps to automate, personalize and track emails. But all that is changing as. Multi-Function Email Suites dominate B2B email marketing.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

brands experiencing declining social media effective- ness and came to a clear conclusion: " We’ve reached a tipping point where. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY18 Internal Audit, External Audit, and Audience Identification Many brands only audit the external media landscape. could be Hollywood, could be Bollywood, could be the traditional media. The hotel giant.

Lead Generation Takes Precedence in the Downturn

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In response to a substantial drop in technology spending, B2B marketers will cut budgets and re-jig their media mix. Sybase's media mix will favor online media such as SEM, social media and virtual events. Don't be Misled by the Law of Averages - Although the overall marketing budget may be cut by a significant percentage, there usually is latitude to double down on the winners and cut out the losers with a more effective media mix. Use Levers in the Demand Generation Process - The most prevalent points of leverage are the shift from offline media (e.g.

Technology Spend - A Repeat of 2001?

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Tags: online media tech spend B2B marketing

Sales 2.0 Techniques for the Job Search

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Of all the social media tools available to marketers, blogs and video are ranked most highly by B2B marketers for lead generation. Aune, Mashable 30+ Websites to Visit When You're Laid Off by Ben Parr, Mashable 7 Secrets to Getting Your Next Job Using Social Media by Dan Schawbel, Personal Branding Blog Job Searching 2.0: Usually I write for the B2B professional who is conducting lead generation programs. Today's post is for the professional who is the program. As an out-of-work B2B practioner, you may be looking for innovative ways to search for your next position.

Networking & Photos from the Sales 2.0 Conference

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Laura noted to me some of the obstacles that large businesses face in adopting social media. pointed out that social media were especially well suited to small business. The Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco was a great opportunity to chat and catch-up with luminaries from the B2B Sales & Marketing world. The first day I sat at a table with Garth Moulton , VP of Community /Co-Founder at Jigsaw and blogger. Last fall, I had met Garth in Chicago when I spoke at a Chicago Association of Direct Marketing conference sponsored by Jigsaw. world. Conference

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

fully formed media company. from traditional media outlets. energy drinks or dishwashers to legacy media giants. as media company.” According to PQ Media’s “Global. important media topic of 2015. social media, brands and publishers alike have had. media operation. traditional media publishers, writing great articles or filming. little.

The Evolution of Email for Lead Generation

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media According to our recent survey of B2B marketers, email is widely used for lead generation: 86% of responders deploy email for lead generation. In fact, email was the top online medium for B2B marketers, besting both webinars and paid search. Although it is often suggested that email is best suited for customer retention, this survey of 249 B2B marketers indicates that email is a key tool for customer acquisition. , a CRM tool and other lead generation suites such as Vtrenz , Aprimo and Marketo also crack the top 20 list. So there you have it, even an old Web 1.0

A Community Turns One Year Old

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If Social Media Today is a toddler, then that would make me a newborn. A few weeks back I was invited to blog on Social Media Today and now would like to send my congratulations to the team. Tags: Social Media Today blogs Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for inviting me to the online Party!

Speech today at Chicago B2B Event

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media in lead generation programs. Second, leads generated through organic search and social media, are of high quality. Today I spoke to a group of B2B marketers at the Chicago Association of Direct Marketers (CADM) on the topic of B2B Online Lead Generation and Management. After presenting here a year ago at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum, I welcomed the opportunity to return to Chicago (see my photo below). The timing was good: the results from our third annual LeadGen Tools Survey will be released in the next week. Garth explained that with 1.5M the price of success!

What to make of the new Oracle.

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How well will the hard-hitting and competitive print ads from Oracle make the transition to the world of online media and user-generated content? media. media wikis Tags: podcasts blogs social media Web 2.0 You may have caught Kate Maddox of BtoB Online covering the recent Business Marketing Association conference. According to Kate, the candor of Judith Sim, VP-CMO of Oracle, during her keynote at the BMA conference was quite surprising. Judith stated that Oracle has increased its return on marketing despite declining budgets.

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

Terms like native content, brand publishing, and owned media are set to evolve. to be tackled if brands want to compete with traditional media. excluding social media posts)? people just for their media house. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Jordan Teicher Study: How Much of Your Content. Marketing is Effective? 700 content marketers.

Social Media Explained. Really.

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With every client I meet, every class I teach, and every speech I give, there is always a group of people who desperately need to understand social media marketing but don’t have the time to do it. If you are thinking to yourself, “This world does NOT need another social media book,” you’re partially correct. But this is not just another social media book.

47 Superb Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts


Social media use isn’t quite universal—but it’s getting close. The number of worldwide social media users is projected to grow from 2.1 Social media now plays almost as large a role in purchasing decisions as does TV, and 57% of consumers say they’re influenced to think more highly of business after seeing positive comments or praise online. 70% of the U.S.

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How your personality aligns with social media content types

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The social media content form I love best is blogging. The post How your personality aligns with social media content types appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. By Mark W. Schaefer. However I do think there is something to this idea. To truly stand out in 10-second content chunks, you have to be part news anchor, part comedian. What do you think?

How to turn social media connections into an actionable audience

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Probably the biggest myth — and mistake — I see regarding social media marketing is the idea that audience equals action. Most of the time, your social media connections begin as “weak relational links.” ” Building social media connections that work. By Mark Schaefer. It doesn’t. ” It’s like a handshake. Don’t believe me?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Paul Gillin, B2B Social Media Strategist, Senior Trainer, Profitecture www.[link] Another good example is Top Rank’s Social Media Marketing Management. how you can solve their burning problem. • E – Engage Meaningfully via Social Media. more true, apparently, than in social media. social media. He writes about content and social media. B2B Marketing.

7 Social Media Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

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A Note from Patsi: This week’s guest post is about social media  and it’s really important. Because if you want to engage your business blog readers and grow your reader base, you need to use social media. ocial Media. Here are Paul’s 7 Social Media Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid. Ignoring social media return on investment. ssets (free). Like-baiting.

Deleting Your Social Media Business Page? Read This First.

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Let’s say you’ve had it up to the heavens with Facebook and you want to delete your social media business page. Option A: Deleting Your Social Media Business Page. Whether we’re talking Facebook, Twitter, or SnapChat, it’s a tough call to decide to delete ANY of your social media business pages altogether. Is deleting it the way to go? But still. Yikes!

Five Top-Rated Social Media Management Tools for 2016 [Infographic]


What is the “best” social media management tool out right now? Every social media manager has a preferred one that they always use, and it’s usually one of a handful of the top social media management tools on the market. They are also useful for monitoring certain keywords or conversations, and for analyzing your social media performance.

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23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides


Though the use of social media and social networks for marketing is now nearly ubiquitous, and 78% of companies have dedicated social media teams, many marketers sill struggle with certain aspects of social marketing, such as formalizing strategies and measuring results. What trends and changes in social media do marketers need to stay on top of? Social Media Marketing Guides.

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Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

rise as a media powerhouse in its own right. media platform are all extremely valuable. Primary source of understanding is through sur- face-level media reports. investment media and financial advisors. source of information is specialized investment media and financial. The media landscape is crowded and. digitally native media companies. publisher.”

Why it takes so long to achieve social media success

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If you’re impatient, social media is probably the wrong marketing channel for you. This is data from the recent research released by  Social Media Examiner. Let’s take a close look at what we can learn from the feedback provided by these active social media marketers. Social media success takes time. But social media connections are weak relational links.