• HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 30, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] 10 Excellent Examples of Video Marketing on Facebook
    The Chevy #DayItForward campaign resonated strongly with its audience because it was at once entertaining and informative while being tastefully branded,” said the CEO of Philo Media , Kevin Allodi. Knorr even created an accompanying quiz for viewers, to help them find their own unique flavor profile to assist in their quest for love.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] 20 Handy B2B Lead Generation Resources
    This is a very informative and timely piece that’s worth checking out especially since apparently, Mobile 2.0 is happening later this year. Their sales people were given access to an RSS feed to find related content that they could then post on social media and to their internal IBM site profile pages. But never fear! Callbox. Hubspot.
  • LEADERSHIP  |  FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] 7 Steps to Brilliant B2B Marketing [Part 2]
    Give them useful, relevant, entertaining information that provides value to them. Build relationships through welcome emails and profiles. This is the second part of a 2-part series on the 7 steps to brilliant B2B marketing. The first part was posted last week, and can be found here.  But what makes for effective content marketing?
    [Information, Profiling] Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report
    feedback on its content from financial advisors via surveys that, in turn, inform the. personas already seek information relevant to. and informative content, or utility content—and. Frequency Educational Technology Productivity Aspirational Profiles and. Content. Methodology: A Best. All rights reserved. Definition II.
    [Information, Profiling] Demandbase Buys Web Data Collector Springbook to Expand Its Account Based Marketing Footprint Yet Again
    I’ve been writing about Demandbase since 2009, when they had already begun their climb from compiling company profiles to enhancing Web site visitor records to personalizing Web content to targeting Web display ads. As its name implies, Spiderbook scans Web and social sites for information about company and individuals' behaviors and events.
    [Information, Profiling] Is Your Referral Program Getting You the Leads You Need?
    Which of our services enjoy the strongest financial profile? But even those that don’t can make informed referrals to your firm based on their grasp of your expertise, as well as share your content with others. If you have developed a referral marketing strategy , congratulations! Making Your Expertise Accessible. Strategic Content.
    [Information, Profiling] The Danger of Not Having the Right Testing and Optimization Technology
    It needs to also aggregate customer data to help you bundle your audience into segments/profiles, which helps locate profitable opportunities and make informed hypotheses. Of course if I had used the word grave in front of it - grave danger , that would have really upped the hyperbolic scale. Oracle Marketing Cloud
  • SALES ENGINE  |  TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] How Content Becomes a Sales Conversation
    Sales reps are left to wade through this mountain of information, and they respond to it in one of two ways: 1. They put forth monumental work to pull out the golden nuggets of information for each prospective buyer (also known as the heroic effort approach). They do not feel engaged or understood, and their expectations are not met.
  • ANNUITAS  |  TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Avoiding The Predictive Analytics #Fail In Demand Generation
    What data is predictive?  A starting place for structuring your demand generation data is building a progressive profiling model. You need to make sure the data you are using to predict is fully ‘predictive’ — i.e., that it is assembling a profile of your ideal buyer(s) and can discern critical path. Are you doing it?
    [Information, Profiling] 5 Ways to Boost B2B Sales Through LinkedIn Social Selling
    Here’s a basic example: From the short message above, you can tell that whoever the requestor is (me, in this case), really dove into the person’s profile and even pointed out that the person had something to gain by connecting—content they might be interested in! Add Prospective Customers and Share Their Content with Your Network. Sales b2
  • INFER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Infer Announces Glance for Salesforce to Make Predictive Insights More Discoverable and Actionable
    Press Release: New capability delivers at-a-glance sales intelligence to inform more personalized and effective prospect conversations. Infer Inc. , a leading predictive sales and marketing platform that helps companies win more customers, today announced a new sales and account intelligence application called Infer Glance. About Infer.
  • 6SENSE  |  MONDAY, MAY 23, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Myth Busters: 4 Misconceptions About Predictive Intelligence
    As B2B marketers we’ve all had to grapple with well-informed buyers who can investigate your product, do comparison shopping and get deep into the decision-making process without ever filling out a form on your website or connecting with your sales team. I hope you find the below post useful. Now Acme Inc. Bingo! Or Or is it?
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] This Week in Publish or Perish: Money or Engagement? YouTube vs. Facebook Live
    Video content is quickly becoming one of the most powerful ways to breakthrough information clutter. YouTube : One of YouTube’s strongest features is the fact that it allows users to create video libraries, which can be embedded on other websites or on social profiles, such as LinkedIn. Clutter and Discoverability. Engagement Rates.
  • SNAPAPP  |  THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] 3 Reasons Why No One Is Sharing Your Content
    In other words, if your content is not providing information that’s valuable enough for your audience’s audience , it won’t be shared. One way to perform audience research is to use interactive content to gather information. As an example, let’s say a profile on a famous basketball player appears on two different sites: ESPN and MTV.
    [Information, Profiling] 4 Tips for Sales Enablement: How a Moment of Panic Led to Better Salesforce Adoption
    Not all of the information is absorbed in that initial training since there’s a lot thrown at them. Add Social Information. You can view social information from your Leads and Contacts directly from Salesforce. Click the profile you’d like to connect or search for the lead using their Twitter handle.
    [Information, Profiling] 4 Tips for Sales Enablement: How a Moment of Panic Led to Better Salesforce Adoption
    Not all of the information is absorbed in that initial training since there’s a lot thrown at them. Add Social Information. You can view social information from your Leads and Contacts directly from Salesforce. Click the profile you’d like to connect or search for the lead using their Twitter handle.
    [Information, Profiling] Proven Business Growth Strategies
    Online resources like company websites, LinkedIn, and industry blogs give buyers an unprecedented depth of information and breadth of choice about providers. If you’re a salesperson, practice lead, business development specialist, or owner in the professional services space, there’s a very good chance you’re looking for real business growth.
    [Information, Profiling] Personalization Makes Programmatic Advertising a Win-Win
    Even in the face of smarter programmatic advertising (software-created, specifically-targeted advertising) algorithms and massive databases storing information on industries, businesses, consumers, and everything in between, ads are still falling flat with your audience–where the use of ad blockers is clear evidence that something needs to change.
  • CAPTORA  |  TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Want to Close the Digital Marketing Skills Gap? Focus on the Right Tech, Not Talent
    Marketing technology’s promise has always been about efficiency: do more with better information, more tools at your fingertips, and the ability to reach specific audiences. Many of the most prominent marketing tech companies were born out of this revolution — Marketo, Omniture, and Adobe Suite, to name a few. Image via Pexels .
    [Information, Profiling] 5 Key Steps to Consider When Guest Blogging
    Moz’s Open Site Explorer (OSE) tool allows us to enter a URL and view its link profile. The results returned from these searches, as seen in the image above, should lead you to a page with contact information. 3. List contact information. 4. Building relationships within the industry. Earning quality backlinks. Final Thoughts.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Everything You Need to Generate, Score, and Nurture Leads with Video
    The truth is, if you’re not gating your videos or providing opportunities to get to know your audience and capture their information throughout your video content, you’re missing out. How to use progressive profiling with video. We know. It’s called a change in mindset: using video for lead generation.  . Get the Guide. Email address*.
    [Information, Profiling] Will Digital Content Overload Kill Our Love for Nostalgia?
    Information Overload. But it’s possible digital content overload may be affecting the way we process information and make memories. Still, despite our wandering attention spans and constant data bombardment, humans remain prolific producers of our own digital information. Have you noticed the 90s resurgence lately?
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 16, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made By Veteran Inbound Marketers
    Effective personas combine two elements: a clear ideal client profile and an in-depth review of the key people you want to talk with. For example, we worked with a company that sold HR information systems and in their case, the IT manager was the negative persona. figured that for multi-year veterans, personas would be a given.
  • INFER  |  MONDAY, MAY 16, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] The Risks of Blending Customer Signals from Disparate Sources
    Originally Posted on Data Informed. Fit modeling data, on the other hand, is generally static in nature – providing an everlasting profile about each lead – and these two signal types do not mix well. t can be tempting to merge them for a more comprehensive profile, but that approach brings some major pitfalls that many vendors overlook.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] 5 Reasons Your Lead Generation Strategy is Not Working
    Create an audience profile. Capturing contact information is necessary for lead conversion. However, most businesses aren’t successful at it because they fail to provide that one extra piece of value to entice the lead into handing over their information. In business, failure is always an option. You Have No Promotional Game.
  • LEADERSHIP  |  FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Interesting Infographics: When and How to Update Your Social Media
    And, like everyone else, I’ve found that a number of the brands I follow seem to have a knack for getting the information that interests me on my newsfeed when I’m there to read it. Social media marketing is about more than just setting up a profile page and posting the occasional update. Try not to post after 8pm. 1-2 is optimal.
  • VIEWPOINT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] What Do You Sell, Who Do You Sell It To and Why Everyone Has to Have The Same Answer
    20,000 companies with multiple contacts and verified technical environment information—but with no email addresses. Sales management opted for 20,000 companies with multiple contacts and verified technical environment information. For whatever reason (was it beneath him?) the CEO failed to step in and act. Define what a lead is.
    [Information, Profiling] 10 Marketing Automation Tips for Personalisation and Contextualisation
    Marketing automation can help you see your customer as a whole person —putting the profile in your database in context with his or her social media accounts, business networking contacts, blogs,Tweets, and posts across the web. Many people never explore the full potential of marketing automation. And marketing automation is the key.
  • 6SENSE  |  TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] From Da Vinci to Data: The Heroes of Modern B2B Marketing
    believe we are stepping into a new paradigm, one informed by the convergence of new technical capabilities and the tangible, real world success stories that drive enthusiasm and investment from the masses. I was fascinated recently by a documentary I saw about a serial inventor, Dean Kaman, called “ SlingShot.” Yep – they sold leads.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] How Lenovo Kept Things Simple, and Won a Markie
    They can give them that, but also tell them what stage of the buyer journey leads are at , tell them whether or not the lead is ready to buy, what kind of information they prefer, and what the best follow up might be. That’s the kind of information that contributes to faster deal cycles and more closed opportunities. Get the Guide.
    [Information, Profiling] Why referral widgets fail to create long-term customer relationships
    With a one-night stand you gather hardly any information because you aren’t interested in having contact with the person again. Full profile of advocate data and program activity. The referral-centric approach vs. the advocate-centric approach. Both are a form of interaction but with different intentions and very different results.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] How to Use Snapchat: A Detailed Look Into HubSpot’s Snapchat Strategy
    Once your account is created, you'll want to take care of a few housekeeping things: Set up a profile picture. At HubSpot, we record the following information on each Story: Story Title: What are you calling this Story? Back in 2011, Snapchat was synonymous with risqué teen behavior. How to Setup Your Snapchat Account. Point and shoot!
  • NUSPARK  |  SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] LinkedIn for B2B Marketing and Sales: What’s Missing?
    In the same study, 68% of respondents strongly agree that B2B vendors would be better off curbing sales messages to improve the quality of their content, and a whopping 80% of decision makers prefer receiving company information in a series of articles versus an ad. Content marketing plays a prominent role, and for good reason. You bet!
  • 6SENSE  |  THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] How HP Uses 6sense to Find Customers in Active Buying Cycles
    HP, like many advanced B2B organizations, has used firmographic data, segmentation and buyer profiles to improve their marketing and sales outcomes. As the Vice President and Global Head of Marketing Analytics for HP, Kevin Bolden is always looking for that extra edge that data-driven insights can offer his marketing and sales teams. Latest
    [Information, Profiling] New York’s happiest B2B database marketer
    The score is based on public information—Unilever’s Foundry program, for example—to grade the top 200 advertisers’ inventiveness, on a 1 to 5 scale.  . Q: How is your data housed and accessed?   . Your model should consider data in three buckets: Contact information, like email, address, and direct phone.  . It’s out of date.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Education Blogging 101: How to Attract More Students Online
    First, good blogs are regularly updated with with entertaining, informative content. Once you have all these new visitors to your blog and website, you have the opportunity to get their information into your marketing database. The blog visitor shares her email and other information with you in order to get this content. Great.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] 6 Sneaky Places Brand Inconsistencies Hide (And How to Fix Them)
    This guide can include information such as what types of stock photos to use, whether or not to use oxford commas, and what language to avoid. These tips are used to inform blog content, so writers of all different backgrounds have a basic standard to follow. 2) Search Engine Results: Slack’s Organized Brand Guidelines. How to Fix It.
  • 3D2B  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] The Essential Role of Telemarketing in Account Based Marketing
    Also, they can target accounts and individuals with customized information on the web. Account Profiling: Gaining Intelligence You’re not selling to a company because companies don’t buy. You can start to learn who’s who by reviewing profiles on LinkedIn, but you’ll only find the tip of the iceberg. There is no waste. Why Now?
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] 3 Ways to Squeeze More From Your Marketing Automation
    It’s hungry for leads, and information on those leads. That’s why you’re feeding it demographic information to build out stronger persona profiles, and why you’re watching every move your prospects make on your website and what content they’re consuming. Let’s face it: your marketing automation system is hungry. Get the Guide.
    [Information, Profiling] Watch Out For These 5 Misconceptions In Online Marketing Performance Analysis
    Factors such as site mergers and information architecture transitions may impact performance too. During the preliminary analysis of a recent prospect’s Google Analytics profile, we were initially puzzled when we realized year over year organic traffic performance was up significantly. Final Thoughts.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Digital Does Not Mean "Just Build a Website"
    Ask your payment processors about their ability to vault credit card numbers, so you don’t have to re-ask for this information (think about how many times you used Amazon one-click buying on an impulse). Yet, the amount of information on the web is expected to increase by 500 percent in the next five years. Data support this. Media
  • SNAPAPP  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Press Release: SnapApp’s Spring 2016 Release Enables Interactive Content Marketing Campaigns in Four Easy Steps
    For example, users’ answers to prior questions can be redisplayed later in the experience, delivering a personalized experience that converts more new leads and provides more profile data for scoring and nurturing. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Click here to read more details on SnapApp Spring 2016 release. SnapApp Spring 2016 Enhancements.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] 11 Helpful Resources for Improving Your Business Skills
    You can search your network on LinkedIn -- which means you'll first want to update and clean up your own LinkedIn profile. For these skills, which require absorption of new information, repetition, and practice, we recommend taking more formal approach. Whether or not business school is worth the investment is a hot topic these days.
  • AVITAGE  |  SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Create relevant content based on personality profiles
    So why not create content based on personality profiles? But I had no idea how to use that information to help me sell. It informs my communication. The post Create relevant content based on personality profiles appeared first on Avitage. We know relevance resonates. could read their personality and peculiarities.
    [Information, Profiling] Five Steps to Thriving in the Age of the Customer – Part 5
    Remember that profiles and models can only provide a partial view into your customers. Moving When you know and share this information, sales becomes your closest ally, the CFO stops talking about budget cuts and the CEO uses your data to talk to the board and outside investors. We've learned that: . You must overcome this hurdle. .
    [Information, Profiling] How 3 U.K. Companies Became High-Class Publishers
    ” When it comes to big-picture marketing strategy, JLL strives to produce informative content across all platforms, from its corporate sites all the way to its pitches and proposals. Its articles include everything from  profiles  of top fashion makeup artists to  interviews  with up-and-coming design executives. While U.K.
    [Information, Profiling] Individual Client Dashboards: The Personal Touch
    Individual Client Dashboards: The Personal Touch Every marketing agency needs to report its progress to its clients, but it’s not only what is reported that is important…it’s how that information is presented that is just as vital. Marketers like you spend less time creating reports and more time analyzing. Try it for free today!
    [Information, Profiling] What Should We Be Personalizing?
    Taking the welcome back message, a step further you can leverage progressive profiling. You can do topic suggestions by using current topics or any of the information you gathered from using the practices I listed previously. This was a difficult post to write. There. Personalize. Or so I thought…. So here it is. Say My Name.
    [Information, Profiling] Lead-to-Account Matching Is Only the First Step
    Your sales and marketing teams are aligned around your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Segmenting:  At LeanData, we also are helping marketers segment leads by account-level information. Your vital business information never leaves Salesforce. Chances are you’ve been hearing a lot lately about “lead-to-account matching.”
    [Information, Profiling] New Best Practices in Drip Campaigns
    Drip campaigns are a great way to give customers and contacts the right information at the right time, but it’s essential to find a platform or app for your efforts. The right marketing automation platform makes it easy through a myriad of tools to nurture your leads based on real-time activity and profile details.
    [Information, Profiling] 10 of the Best Brands on Snapchat Right Now (And Why They're So Great)
    Snapchat accounts are nothing fancy: no profile picture, no bio, no URL to your website. The goal here is to be educational, informative, and lovable, which are very familiar goals on our marketing team. It used to be that Snapchat was seen as a platform geared mostly toward teens and pre-teens. How to Follow Brands on Snapchat.
  • PUREB2B  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] A Complete Guide to Social Media-Based Lead Generation for IT and Software Companies
    In the midst of this social media revolution, Information & Technology (IT) and software companies have been creating better and faster business solutions every day. First of all, create an audience profile. Are they getting their information from LinkedIn? Check out who’s viewed your profile. There are 1.44 Engage.
    [Information, Profiling] Most Valuable Publishers
    News typically breaks over social media, and players speak directly to fans through social profiles, where they often have greater reach than major publishers. As Robertson put it: “Traditional media and beat writing is critical to storytelling and information just as much as what it is that we do.” and Turner Sports.
    [Information, Profiling] The 10 Don’ts of Twitter for B2B Marketing
    Maybe create a custom graphic or provide additional information around the topic. With limited character count and a constant stream of communication, it’s not meant to provide the same information as other social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn. Why is it so important to avoid Twitter bad practices? JJDollarSubDay.
  • KAPOST  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Tips for Optimizing Google’s Knowledge Graph Box for Your Brand
    There are many ways to use Schema markup via JSON-LD to provide machine-readable information about the content on that page. Today, we’re going to chat about Knowledge Graph listing. As a marketer, you’re already creating incredible marketing content to optimize your buyer’s journey. The longer version is more complicated.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] You Can Still Reach People Using Ad Block Software
    You can quickly capture information about your ad block audience by implementing technical solutions to track them. Sophisticated tools exist to collect that information, and both services and scripts will collect information about those using the blockers across their sites. Why Are Ad Block Users So Valuable? Conclusion.
  • IKO-SYSTEMS  |  MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] The Unseen Problem with Inbound Leads and How to Fix It
    They’re not going to respond to white papers, but they will take a phone call with a diligent, well-informed sales rep speaking directly to their issues. Inbound may not always attract the desired profiles with the content created. As you’ve probably noticed, inbound lead generation strategies are in vogue. Take Action on Inbound.
    [Information, Profiling] 3 Key Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World
    This gives the audience time to see you’re actively steaming, but also keeps you from rambling on once the information has been delivered. Be sure to use your other social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) to promote your Snapcode, which is a unique QR code that links to your Snapchat profile. Be accessible.
  • LEANDATA  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] The Tactics Behind Driving the Right Conversation
    Determine your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). For instance, maybe you can plug a hole with information tailored for a CFO by writing a detailed email. Meanwhile, information about “What Your Head of HR Should be Reporting” was sent to the CFO. This is part two in a series, Driving the Right Conversation. But it’s not. Seriously.
    [Information, Profiling] OMG: You Won’t Believe What BuzzFeed Is Doing to Advertising
    As the name suggests, Hive’s goal is to make sharing information about which content works instantaneous. In the recent  Fast Company  profile, Peretti likened Hive to a fleet of self-driving cars that learn from each other and get exponentially smarter over time. At BuzzFeed, even the data scientists are masters of memes.
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] This Week in Publish or Perish: What’s Wrong with LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index?
    The first of LinkedIn’s four SSI elements is Building a Professional Brand, which means your profile should be complete, you have endorsements, etc. JP : Yea, absolutely, you can get a lot of information and interests on contacts from running lists through Sales Navigators. How does a marketer get a score that high? JH : I agree.
  • INFER  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Infer Releases New Predictive Behavior Scoring for Oracle Eloqua
    To learn more about how predictive behavior models are helping businesses win more customers, attendees can stop by booth MME-71 or visit Infer’s web site for more information. Press Release: Deep Integration Between Marketing Automation and Predictive Solutions Helps Growing Companies Optimize Marketing and Sales. three weeks). About Infer.
    [Information, Profiling] Are you using the wrong lead-gen model?
    That was what we used to do before the emergence of a content-heavy internet, and it worked because sales people were the gatekeepers of information about products and services within a company. We may not have wanted to talk to sales reps, but that’s how we got the information we needed. The B2B sales process has changed.
    [Information, Profiling] How Account Based Advertising Really Works
    Your Personal Profiles. Then we turn around and give them a wealth of other information, all of which serves you, the marketer and advertiser, when it comes to targeting ads. Profile targeting is inherently cross-platform since it is based on the profiles we already use across devices. IP Targeting. Because we tell them!
    [Information, Profiling] How to Increase Open Rates and Better Engage Prospects
    That’s why I coach my team of sales development rockstars at LevelEleven personalized outreach to only our ideal customer profiles. We live by the 3 x 3 rule: find three relevant pieces of information in less than three minutes. Take a deep dive into your prospects’ social profiles and find out what their interests are. Humor.
    [Information, Profiling] How to Match Your Content Strategy with the Buyer’s Journey
    Here are some examples of content designed to drive brand awareness: 10 Examples of Highly Impactful LinkedIn Profiles. Additionally, since the visitor has likely made at least one other touch with your brand at this point, asking for basic personal information to start the conversation is acceptable here. Stage 1: Brand Awareness.
    [Information, Profiling] Use These 5 Steps To Plan for Better Lead Nurturing
    Interview your customers—as well as those that did not buy from you—to define your ideal customer profile and develop buyer personas. Set up automated communications to greet those who enter your database and start delivering educational information. Modern Marketers know that not every prospect is ready to buy now.
  • CEROS  |  MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] How to Create an Engaging Interactive Infographic
    There are a few key types of information you can draw on for an infographic: Proprietary data from surveys, product usage, customer profiles, internal activity, or something else. An important note: Any data or information you use should be cited and linked to from your final infographic. Happy reading! Probably not very many.
    [Information, Profiling] How Brands Can Create Lasting Relationships on Social Media
    population having at least on social networking profile, it’s a channel you can’t afford not to invest in. People self-educate online, searching for as much information as possible about the products and services they want before they purchase. Let’s take a look at the numbers that prove the value of social media further. Show Up.
    [Information, Profiling] Overcoming The Content Personalization Challenge With Buyer Persona Research
    Understanding that helps inform how they can create content that is personalized to the goals and situations of their buyers.  When I first began my involvement with personas in the ‘90’s, they were primarily aimed at attaining a deeper understanding of user behaviors to inform overall design strategies.  by icon 54.
    [Information, Profiling] How To Build A Website Yourself
    In addition to sharing your ideas and thoughts with the world, having your own webpage can help you out professionally as well, because it is a lot more dynamic and holds a lot more information than your average resume or LinkedIn profile, […]. There are many reasons why you may want to have your own website. Content Marketing
    [Information, Profiling] Mid-Market Marketing Automation Software Leader Announces Integration with Wistia for Video Marketing
    To get started today, visit Lead Liaison’s profile in  Wistia’s Marketplace  or  contact Lead Liaison directly. For more information, visit  [link]  or call 1-800-89-LEADS (895-3237). Wista works with ProspectVision™. Wistia-hosted videos embedded into a company’s website get additional perks with Lead Liaison’s marketing automation.
    [Information, Profiling] Developing Your B2B Social Media Strategy: Where to Start
    By paying attention to the type and quality of information your competition shares on social media, you can stay on top of what your competitors are up to and pick up tips for connecting with your target audience. Your followers are going to quickly lose interest if your social media profiles are all about self-promotion.
    [Information, Profiling] Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Marketing Persona
    Here’s how to gather this information: Interview . You can glean important information about your customers’ goals, challenges and what they like about your product or service through short informational interviews. Your First thing’s first: What is a persona? Simply How to Create Your Marketing Personas. Step 1 – Research.
    [Information, Profiling] Integrating Your Website Forms to Convert More Visitors
    Using the web forms developed by your marketing automation provider offers several benefits, including progressive profiling that helps you collect new information on visitors rather than asking for information that has already been provided. Such information may include name, company name, and email.
    [Information, Profiling] Thunderhead ONE Provides Powerful Journey Orchestration
    ONE was released in 2014 but has kept a low profile in the U.S. This allows ONE to store nearly any kind of data including not just customer attributes and identifiers, but also interaction and purchase details, touchpoint configurations, and product information. This, of course, is a function they share with Customer Data Platforms.
  • 6SENSE  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] New Gartner Report Examines Why Predictive Intelligence Is a Must Have for B2B Marketers
    The problem with stopping at profile fit however, is that it gives your marketing and sales team no insight into the timing and buying stage of your prospects. It also speaks to the live implementation of predictive tools and the tangible economic impact organizations are seeing. The Birth of the Educated Buyer. The Death of the MQL. Latest
    [Information, Profiling] Why Investigative Journalism Should Be Part of Your Content Strategy
    We as a population are already quick to take our information from right-slanted Fox News and noted conspiracist Alex Jones’ Infowars with a sizable grain of salt, and it’s a safe bet that those watching news on CBS looked on with a wary eye after Moonves’ boastful claims about his network’s coverage of Trump. Yahoo!
    [Information, Profiling] 7 Social Media Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid
    More often than not, the headline does not offer the information it promises and it often has nothing to do with the business objectives. It is important to keep your social media profile active, but posting too much will push some of your followers away. Avoid ssets (free). ocial Media. Like-baiting. Buying followers and likes.
  • JUNTA 42  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Why Inbound Marketing Should Take a Back Seat to Current Customers
    An increase in customer retention by just 5% can lead to an increase in profiles of 25% to 95% via @HarvardHBS Click To Tweet. It only makes sense to focus first on their informational needs and pain points and to maximize the revenue opportunities from current customers before taking an inbound approach. Click to enlarge.
  • SNAPAPP  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] 5 Minutes With SnapApp’s New VP of Engineering
    expect that data security will continue to challenge companies that collect personally identifiable and electronic payment information for marketers. Learn about his engineering background, most recently at Zipcar, his philosophy on how to lead teams focused on innovation, and where the future of technology will take marketing. Q.
    [Information, Profiling] What Is the Cost of Video Production for the Web?
    Best Uses  – Case studies, profiles, service or process descriptions, recruiting video. If you are simply conveying information to an interested audience , the professional level is often sufficient without sacrificing credibility. In the past, professional-grade video has been an expensive proposition. How Much Will it Cost?
    [Information, Profiling] 10 Ideas for Personalizing Your Content
    Progressive Profiling Progressive profiling is great at capturing your users data in small steps as opposed to all at once via a large and intimidating form. Progressive profiling allows brands to ask their user to complete short forms over the course of multiple visits or pages of an experience. According to Scott P.
    [Information, Profiling] The buzz around account-based marketing at MarTech
    Predictive analytics vendors, which use machine learning to determine a company’s “ideal customer profile,” are surfacing best-fit accounts in addition to contacts. At Mintigo, we call that your Customer DNA; it’s also commonly called an ideal customer profile. Looking for more information about account-based marketing?
    [Information, Profiling] IT Marketing: What Technology Services Firms Need to Know in 2016
    Because your website is the most common source for information about your firm, it has to perform. In addition to satisfying an audience demand, producing educational content helps build the profile of individual experts within your firm. The IT marketplace is hypercompetitive—rendering effective IT marketing absolutely essential.
    [Information, Profiling] IT Marketing: What Technology Services Firms Need to Know in 2016
    Because your website is the most common source for information about your firm, it has to perform. In addition to satisfying an audience demand, producing educational content helps build the profile of individual experts within your firm. Those insights persist today. In the tech space, innovation is far more than a buzzword.
    [Information, Profiling] 10 essentials missing from your business website
    Having a place for people to comment, send you information, and follow or sign up for content can reduce the amount of effort it takes to connect with online customers. You can even add a Facebook “like” box, Twitter feed, Instagram feed, Pinterest plugin (for sharing pictures), or other social media plugins to connect your online profiles.
    [Information, Profiling] Don't Let Your Marketing Automation Feel Like a Bad Amusement Park Ride
    Interactive content both resonates more deeply with your audience and gives you tools to improve lead profiles , lead scoring , and nurture streams ; so your marketing amusement park experience is perfect every time. More (and Better) Profile Data. One culprit of messy marketing automation platforms is incomplete profile data.
    [Information, Profiling] Dynamic Duo: Close More Deals with Sales and Marketing Alignment
    This scores your prospects based on information like their job role, job title, technology used, country, industry, etc. The The closer the prospect is to your ideal customer profile, the higher the score. He spoke about “Lead Generation: Strategies that Kill the Competition.”. Lead Scoring. Asset Scoring. Behavior Scoring.
    [Information, Profiling] How Schools Can Use Segmentation to Increase Enrollment Rates
    Effective segmentation means tracking online behaviors and designing sign-up forms on your offers that collect the information most valuable to you. You can't ask for all the information you want at once. Segmentation is only as valuable as the information you're collecting about leads. Great - now you can market to them.
    [Information, Profiling] Social Media for Accountants: Likes, tweets and hashtags…Oh my!
    Join relevant industry groups on LinkedIn and educate your peers or prospects by sharing content they’ll find informative. Potential candidates will learn about you and your firm through your social media profiles and content and you can learn about them and better assess if they are the right fit. That’s right.
    [Information, Profiling] Sales, Big Data, Partnerships & Integration: A Conversation with Henry Schuck of DiscoverOrg and Mark Godley of HG Data
    HS: I’ve known CEO Craig Harris and CRO Mark Godley for a long time, maintaining a good relationship and referring customers to one another throughout the last 4 years. I’ve always respected what they’ve built and their expertise in using machine learning and big data analysis to build technology profiles. Great, now what? HS: Of course.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 5, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] Get More from Your Fundraising Events
    As you spend time with members and donors at your fundraising events, you’ll collect immensely valuable information that can inform your marketing strategy. Where are you storing this information? Make sure that you have a unified database with comprehensive audience profiles. Wrong—well, sort of wrong. Get Personal.
  • VIDYARD  |  MONDAY, APRIL 4, 2016
    [Information, Profiling] 4 Ways Video Makes Your Marketing Automation Better
    But it’s been here for a while now, and for some reason, marketers still aren’t tracking viewing behavior to help build prospect profiles. That’s a level of information about your leads that you just can’t get when they simply download a whitepaper. Video gives you more accurate lead scores. Get the Guide. Email address*.
    [Information, Profiling] 3 Social Media Messenger Apps You Need to Know in 2016
    Instead of including a brand’s follower count, WeChat simply provides basic brand information and then the option to “view history.” ” With a clear initial focus on customer service, it seems as though Facebook is trying to relieve customers of frantic, bothersome email inbox searches for order updates and information.
    [Information, Profiling] How widgets limit your referral program’s functionality
    While a widget makes it easy for customers to make a referral, it only does this by dramatically reducing the amount of valuable information you acquire. The information you collect at the time of referral using a widget is usually the bare minimum necessary to track and fulfill a reward. Are referral widgets just a vanity application?
    [Information, Profiling] 25 Proven Steps to Achieve Email Marketing Magic
    Gain trust by not sharing subscribers’ info with other companies, and by creating emails with useful or exclusive information and valuable offers, not just sales pitches. Profiles of your clients or employees. Perhaps most importantly, strive for a mix of 80 percent informational and 20 percent promotional content. Blogs.
    [Information, Profiling] The Art of Selling (Without Acting Like It)
    Part of that strategy includes a series of customer profiles patterned after the kind of articles that once were a staple of newspaper business sections. Another profile showed how Jin Daikoku , director of inside sales at Netskope , was a successful collegiate runner before channeling that drive into sales development. Don’t pitch.
    [Information, Profiling] 5 Amazing Ways to Impact Your Audience with Data Storytelling
    Marketers are learning how to use the right information to drive leads and close sales in record time. But despite all the buzz data is getting in industry circles, most marketers are focusing on how it informs strategy rather than content. Use this data to build better buyer profiles and inform future content. Quizzes.
    [Information, Profiling] 6 Examples of Lead Nurturing Campaigns
    Nurture campaigns can actually serve different audiences with different goals, provided you set them up to maintain contact with the right profiles. You should have lots of information in a prospect’s profile by this point, so you should have good sense of the resources that can help move this along. Marketing Automation
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