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Is Author Rank Really Relevant?


SERP results for the authorized will simply have a byline. Thirteen years ago, Google published this: PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. If you’re a content marketer, you can scramble, scratch your head, or just go back to scribing. Create relevant content.

Why You Should Invest In Content Curation


When it comes to creating content, marketers and publishers face a number of challenges. For example, the Content Marketing Institute’s annual survey of B2C content marketers had some trouble with everything from creating engaging content to lack of budget. How do you fill your editorial calendar with quality content without sacrificing quality?

B2B Demand Generation expert Mac McIntosh – Interviewed by Find New Customers

Fearless Competitor

Find New Customers is pleased to present our interview with one of the top experts in B2B demand generation today , Mac McIntosh. Mac is also publisher of Sales Lead Report ® and B2BMarketing Technology Insights ™. Content marketing is so important today, but companies struggle to create compelling content. What do you recommend for them to create compelling content?

Why You Should Create More "Boring" Content


I started my content journey the same way many other marketers do: Trying to "go viral.". Some of the posts I created were “72 Content Ideas for Fill Your Pipeline” and “50% of Searches Have Never Been Made Before.” Instead of just trying to get hits I decided to answer a real question that a real potential customer had asked me. How to Create Better "Boring" Content.

5 Content Marketing Faux-Pas that are Killing Your Business

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It could be because of your poor content marketing strategy. There are countless examples of legendary marketing fails and more often than not, content is to be blamed. From ad placement fails to grammar and spelling errors, an ineffective content strategy can kill your business in more than one way, often by damaging the flow of traffic to your website as well as sales conversions.

The ABCs of Content Marketing: A Glossary of Terms


You probably know what content marketing is by now, but do you know all those little nitty gritty terms you need to know to be fluent in content marketing speak? We''ve listed the ABCs of content marketing below to help you map out your content strategy and ensure you''re ticking all of the right boxes to be more successful with your campaigns this year. Dynamic Content.

How to Craft a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

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And how, as content marketers , we can really do a lot with the freedom of a blank slate. Trust me – I was not thinking about content marketing during my vacation.). In recent months, I’ve covered content marketing development and content marketing objectives , both of which are critical parts of an overarching content strategy. But, if you’re new to content marketing – or looking to approach things in a new or different way – where do you even begin? So what does this mean if you’re just getting started with your content strategy? Authors.


Why You Need Social Media, Even if Your Customers Don't


Well, here's the thing: your customers probably are on social media. Are there B2C companies without potential customers on Facebook? But this blog post isn't an attempt to convince you that your future customers are using social media. If you're investing in content creation, it would be a shame not to get it any visibility in organic search. People change, man.

Optimize Your Content for Inbound Marketing: Part 2

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Now that I have your attention … Welcome to Part Deux of our two-part series about how to optimize your content for inbound, in which we continue to share insights from Arnie Kuenn, CEO of Vertical Measures (and bestower of the above quote), about getting found and getting known. Because if you create content nobody is searching for … nobody is exactly who will find you.).


A Few Quick SEO Wins Your Google+ Page Needs


This post originally appeared on the Customer section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to the Customer section. This post will give you some strategies for optimizing your Google+ page and some news about publishing to Google+ from HubSpot. Why publish to Google+? Your Google+ page is more than just another channel for your content.


87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012


Marketers have questions, this post has answers: 87 vital social media and online marketing statistics covering everything from how executives and large companies are using social media for marketing, customer service and recruiting to fresh stats on the leading social media platforms to search, email, content and mobile marketing trends. Content Marketing Findings. Pingdom ).

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How to Attract New Customers – i?marketing (Part 2)

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marketing user conference included six rapid-fire sessions on best practices for each stage of the customer lifecycle: Attract, Capture, Nurture, Convert, Report, and Expand. Begin by scripting a thorough outline of your ideal customer. All this gives you guideposts for your content creation and marketing plan. Content. The post How to Attract New Customers – i?marketing

11 Ways to Use Content to Build Online Authority


And if you're a business owner, you've gone about it in such a way that search engines see it, your prospects and customers recognize it, and as a result, it helps you generate customers and revenue. As it turns out, one of the easiest methods of doing all this is through content creation. Create Niche Content. Publish Case Studies. Write Long-Form Content.

Using Noindex, Nofollow HTML Metatags: How to Tell Google Not to Index a Page in Search


But, while it’s true that publishing more pages that are relevant for a particular keyword (assuming they’re also high quality) will improve your ranking for that keyword, sometimes there’s actually more value in keeping certain pages on your website out of a search engine’s index. That's a pretty compelling reason why you'd want to remove some of your web pages from SERPs.

B2B Demand Generation expert Mac McIntosh – Interviewed by Find New Customers

Fearless Competitor

Find New Customers is pleased to present our interview with one of the top experts in B2B demand generation today , Mac McIntosh. Mac is also publisher of Sales Lead Report ® and B2BMarketing Technology Insights ™. Content marketing is so important today, but companies struggle to create compelling content. What do you recommend for them to create compelling content?

SEO & Blogging = a Match Made in Heaven?


SEO and blogging form the backbone of content marketing, something that every serious business and marketer should be doing today to grow their online presence. All you need is a content strategy. How do you get your website to the top of SERPs? Content creation. Content freshness is a key Google ranking factor. The trick is to focus on quality and relevance.


The Ultimate Online Editing and Proofreading Checklist


As we all know, content creation isn't as simple as just stringing together a few words and hitting "publish." At least all high-quality content creators know this. Unfortunately, it's that last part that often gets undermined, rushed through, or altogether just swept aside as writers and content creators hurry to get content out the door. Content Promotion.

The Beginner's Guide to Small Business Marketing Online


If you've already officially launched your small business, here are the most important things you'll need to begin leveraging inbound marketing and acquiring new customers from organic search: Website. This is where you will show who you are, what you offer, where you are, and how a potential customer can get in touch with you. How can I make a website without a developer? Brand.

How to Use Video Marketing To Get More Sales and Increase ROI


Our goal was to actually publish video content and not spend weeks planning and strategizing the exact approach- early on, we knew we weren’t going to get it perfect, but we wanted to get it out there. Thought Leadership: Presents new or useful information relevant to your industry. Higher SERP Results Increases Traffic that Leads to Sales. Why Video Marketing Works.

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20 Online Marketing Tools That Boost Campaign Results

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SERP Snippet Optimization Tool. How we use it : This tool gives our SEO team an opportunity to see how a page will appear in SERPs before hitting “publish.” Button Optimizer allows users to design and customize CTA buttons in minutes. Delivering content at the peak of a term’s search volume gives it the best chance to perform for our client.

How To Get A Positive Return On Your Marketing Investment

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It also falsely simplifies prospect behavior: people don’t just want to be engaged for the sake of it; they want to be engaged in relevant, timely, personalized ways. If you’re lucky, a prospect will convert after several, meaningful encounters with your brand across multiple channels (email, social, SERP, mobile). Publish Keyword-Driven Content. Use A/B Testing.

How to Please Google in a Post-Hummingbird World


Everyone seems to know that q uality content is the foundation of a strong organic online presence, but everyone can''t always agree on is what “quality content” actually means. So what does it mean to produce quality content? More and more, it means creating content that answers specific questions your users have. How to Create Hummingbird-Friendly Content.


The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to Generating More Leads With SlideShare


Titles are arguably the most important part your SlideShare -- it’s the only part of the presentation most people will see before they decide to view it, particularly in social media and the SERPs, so you better make sure it’s a good one. If your title is too long, your SERP CTR could plummet. Usually, people will publish a story with a set number of steps or tips.

Discover Where Your Competitors Are Beating You Online


This is where you want to attract them with relevant content for their challenge through blog articles, web pages, and social media. You need to have valuable content offers with premium content that proves your expertise in solving their problems. Content Evaluation. You need to have an understanding of both the quantity and quality of these content types.


10 B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2017


Think about something you can address with an innovative product or content offer. More than 90% of users don’t go beyond the first page of SERPs. SEO today is all about relevance and authority , and that’s how you should address your brand’s online assets. Create Quality Content. Content is the currency of the web nowadays, so you should regularly publish content. But don’t create content for content’s sake. You want your content to provide value to your audience, not just sit there and make your brand look pretty.

Launching a Redesigned Website Could be the Best Marketing Decision You’ll Make in 2016


He is also the author of Content Chemistry , an aggregation of the most important and effective marketing lessons his team has learned by tearing apart and optimizing brand websites for maximum exposure and lead generation. Furthermore, according to Andy your site needs 4 things in order to get traffic and convert visitors into leads and customers: Must be search engine friendly.


How to Track, Analyze, and Improve Your SEO Strategy


Most marketers are always looking to improve their SEO -- after all, it drives free traffic to your website that you can convert into leads and customers. If you want to follow along and you're not a HubSpot customer, you can try out the software for free and track your keywords and SEO performance. Adjust Your Content and SEO Strategy Accordingly. What do you do?


Everything You Need to Know to Dominate Local Search


From on-page optimization to inbound link building to social media involvement, here is the ultimate guide for how to optimize your website for local search so you can dominate the SERPs. Every new blog is a new indexed page for your site, a new page on which to target a geographic search phrase, and a new opportunity to get found in the search engine results pages (SERPs). If you're having trouble coming up with geo-targeted content, consider highlighting customer success stories and case studies. Ask customers to post about their great experiences with you.


How to Survive Google's Pending Panda Update


Here's what the major Panda updates have been created to address: 1) Thin Content. One of Panda’s core targets for penalization is websites that have little in the way of original content. Or webmasters may just be trying to win in the SERPs through a little trickery instead of good old fashioned elbow grease. 1) Replace Thin Content. 4) Create Quality Content.

How to Research Blog Topics: A Step-by-Step Process


Conducting research is an essential part of writing quality blog content. This process will help you validate your blog ideas, fill your posts with interesting and relevant content, and increase the chance your readers will engage with you. During my research for this post, I noticed a common gap in some of the content available on the topic. The title of the content.

48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics


The practice of SEO has (of course) changed considerably over the past few years, and Courtney Seiter recognizes those changes in this noteworthy guide explaining what exactly SEO is today, how search engines rank content, and what SEO professionals do now to optimize websites for search. Content Quality Score: Google’s Best Kept Secret For Rankings by Mace Dynamics. * But change is.”

Our Favorite Blog Posts & Articles for 2016: 5th Annual Edition

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How to Create Content People Actually Search For. One of the primary challenges with being a content marketer is constantly coming up with new and different blog post topics to write about. But, as Arnie Kuenn points out, if your target customers aren’t looking for the type of content you’re putting out, you’re already swimming against the tide.


12 Places Businesses Should Be Collecting Online Reviews


Set up a free account with them, and then encourage your customers who are on Angie's List to leave reviews there. account so happy customers are always at the top of your review feed, especially is you're a location-based business; Yelp! that's obviously only relevant for, well, restaurants. Pretty much the key to great content, am I right? Until today. Dun dun dunnn!!!

SEO 101: The 5 Parts of Your Site You Should Keyword Optimize


There''s one simple rule of thumb that remains a tried-and-tested technique for SEO success: optimizing your website with relevant and targeted keywords. By having a well-optimized site, you''ll start to see results like an improved quality of visitor, higher conversion rates, and in the end -- more closed customers. Headings and Content. Headings and Content. Titles.

Content SEO

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The content used to educate buyers of B2B products and services can be a very valuable asset when it comes to content optimization and acquiring leads via organic search. When assessing B2B client resources for optimization, most marketers focus on web pages and increasingly, digital assets and social media content. The operative word in that last sentence is “start&#.

Rand Fishkin Discusses the Future of SEO & Inbound Marketing


The serious questions combined with Fishkin’s honest and knowledgeable responses create a fantastic narrative filled with useful tidbits of advice, information, and insights into inbound marketing practices like SEO, social media, blogging, and content marketing. The is no universal number for how often a brand should post content online. Tweet This Quote ). Tweet This Quote ).

Content Marketing Rule No. 1: Create for Quality First, SEO Strategy Second

Content Standard

The day Google released the Panda algorithm update was a good day for content marketers. The company, which prides itself on giving consumers the best of what the Internet has to offer, confirmed the importance of quality content in SEO strategy. Does Panda mean that the content creation process would stop feeling like a word game driven by the search engine gods? Marketing