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The Top 10 Free Content Analytics Tools


Analytics tools are key to today’s marketing success, and of all the choices out there, 10 stand above the rest as particularly useful for content strategists. Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the go-to platform for many marketers, in large part because it’s totally free, chock-full of features, and comes with the clout of the Google brand name. Piwik.

The 4 Unique Challenges of Mobile Marketing and Mobile Advertising (and how to overcome them)

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Not that I should need to at this point in time - meaning every marketer in the world should be intimately aware of the fact that ours is a mobile world and as such need to engage and connect with your customers accordingly - but here are just some of the mind-blowing stats when it comes to the effect mobile has had on all of our lives. Marketing Cloud Mobile Marketing

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Google Analytics 101: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know about the Powerful Website Analysis Tool

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Google Analytics is one powerful — and free — website analysis tool that can help you better understand your current and potential customers. It’s easy to see why Google Analytics is one of the most popular website analysis tools — it’s easy to use. Google Analytics needs some help from you in order to know what site to track and how to collect data.

Are CMOs Poised To Take Over Technology Purchasing?

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Today, most tech purchase decisions are still being made in the CIO/CTO suite. However, as the debate around CIO-CMO fusion continues, and as data-centric and customer-centric businesses seek to work faster, issues like shadow IT, marketing-led tech, Big Data boom, predictive analytics, etc. CMOs Step into Tech Purchases with Increasing Responsibilities. Rather, the trend is shifting towards Line of Business (LoB) executives making tech purchase decisions. Now, they will add making tech purchase decisions to the list. There is nothing new about that.

Content Strategy for Marketing

extending them to other products, brands, channels, and teams. to other brands, channels, products, teams, or areas of the. purchase. curation in detail • Architect content for SEO, CMS, marketing automation, mobile, and social • Recruiting content positions • Establish process / workflow, guides, and tools. Content. Strategy for. Content as an afterthought or. Content.

5 Ways To Make Sure Your Mobile Marketing Is Magical

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Author: Michael Pollack Many of you are probably reading this blog on a mobile device, and you’re not alone. billion+ mobile devices on the planet and that number isn’t slowing down (more here ). On the receiving end of those mobile devices is a consumer that is continuously inundated with messages, content, and calls-to-action. Mobile Friendly is not Optional.

Vroooom! 3 Ways Consumer Marketers Can Accelerate Growth in a Multi-Channel World

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As a result of this surge of information available online, the average buyer now spends more time independently researching purchases instead of visiting more traditional shop-fronts like dealerships. For example, one report from management consulting firm McKinsey showed that for an average automobile purchase there are now as little as 1.6 Engage in Linked Multi-Channel Marketing.

Perfecting the Personalization Puzzle for Mobile Marketing

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Savvy marketers should adopt the approach of personalized engagement, which simply stated, means delivering a compelling message at the opportune time, in the correct format, to a precise location that incites action (e.g., a store visit, purchase, or friend referral). Here are some tips to get started on the path of mobile marketing personalization. 1. purchase history).

Get Ahead of the Mobile Herd: 5 Best Practices for Mobile-Optimized Marketing

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Author: Eric Kim The race to mobile has become a stampede. The The rate of mobile adoption has eclipsed that of all previous technology change waves: by 2014, more than 25% of all global internet traffic will be mobile (up from less than 1% in 2009), and more people will be accessing the internet on mobile devices than on traditional PCs. Mobile is different.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

They expect content to be relevant, easy to find, and mobile- friendly. Embrace new technology: tools like predictive analytics and "marketing stacks" hold great promise but need to be better utilized. There are already plenty of viable ABM channels. video traffic accounts for more than half of mobile internet traffic, so it's. Channels and tactics. B2B Marketing.

Predictive Analytics: The Next Piece of the Social Puzzle

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Today, I’d like to talk about the latest piece of the social marketing puzzle – predictive analytics. Predictive analytics, simply put, use past data and statistics to model and predict the future. Among other things, they can allow brands to locate social media users with purchase intent. Marketing’s Move to Predictive Social Analytics. When to Use Predictive Analytics.

The Essential Guide to Using Mobile Messaging Apps in Your Marketing


Consider this: WhatsApp, the most popular mobile messaging app, has an 8% penetration rate of mobile internet users in the U.S., while in South Africa, the share of mobile internet users who are active on WhatsApp is 78%. Its revenues and usage is expected to decline as mobile internet connectivity becomes the norm. The Mobile Messaging App Landscape. Millennials.

Does mobile search work for your business?


With B2B and B2C customers increasingly using their smartphones to browse for, shop for, and buy the products and services they need , marketers have increasingly turned to mobile search as a major component of their pay-per-click ad campaigns. But recent data shows that many marketers are unhappy with the performance of their mobile search activities. The answer unequivocally is yes.

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Lead Generation: Content among the most difficult tactics, but also quite effective

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Separating texts to target different stages of lead interest (just looking, comparing services, emotional purchasing triggers). The power of content is that you can use different content pieces to speed up their pulse and get them to a purchasing decision by moving them deeper into the conversion funnel. Mobile is bigger than social media. Counting in: Solid keyword research.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

They expect content to be relevant, easy to find, and mobile- friendly. Embrace new technology: tools like predictive analytics and "marketing stacks" hold great promise but need to be better utilized. There are already plenty of viable ABM channels. video traffic accounts for more than half of mobile internet traffic, so it's. Channels and tactics. B2B Marketing.

Marketing Goes Mobile and Global (MoGlo)


At this point, there seems to be a general consensus that marketing is going mobile. Anyway, when we think about mobile, here’s the part I think many of us marketers and analysts tend to forget about: mobile is going global. To put it another way, as marketing goes mobile, it is also going mobile global or, as I like to say, MoGlo. MoGlo Purchase Intent.

Image Recognition technology is a goldmine for marketers

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Moments later I get a tweet from the national pizza chain thanking me for buying their pizza and offering a coupon for a future purchase. From that vast sea of images, marketers can glean nuanced data about social influence, brand sentiment, purchase behavior, and much more. But seamlessly integrating facial recognition with mobile. post our happy moment on Instagram.

[x+1] Origin Digital Marketing Hub Offers Cross-Channel Decision Management

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This was an early form of what now called a Data Management Platform (DMP), which one articulate blogger defined as “a very smart, very fast cookie warehouse with analytical firepower to crunch, de-duplicate, and integrate your data with any technology platform you desire.” The system can also track media purchases made outside of [x+1]. connecting to external systems.

4 Ways to Turn Marketing Ideas Into Engaged Customers

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Lisa Donohue, CEO of Starcom USA says they tag all the digital media used in each campaign, whether the channel is the Internet, mobile devices or television. Ultimately, we can then tell if they have made a purchase, which puts us in a better position to track the efficacy of the strategy that we implemented.” Cross Channel Marketing” 4.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

They expect content to be relevant, easy to find, and mobile- friendly. Embrace new technology: tools like predictive analytics and "marketing stacks" hold great promise but need to be better utilized. There are already plenty of viable ABM channels. video traffic accounts for more than half of mobile internet traffic, so it's. Channels and tactics. B2B Marketing.

87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012


Marketers have questions, this post has answers: 87 vital social media and online marketing statistics covering everything from how executives and large companies are using social media for marketing, customer service and recruiting to fresh stats on the leading social media platforms to search, email, content and mobile marketing trends. Mobile Marketing Statistics. MindJumpers ). 3.

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5 warning signs that your website sucks


Poor Mobile Experience. Before you read any further, grab your mobile phone (or open a new tab if you’re reading this on mobile), and navigate to your website. ” Those effects can be negative, too, if your customers can’t find what they’re looking for when on their mobile device. No Web Analytics. Really. Sounds simple, right? Today. Email.

Social Mobile Local (SoMoLo) and the Value of Connection: You Can’t Afford Missing Pieces.

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How do the pieces of social, mobile and local marketing fit together? Connecting Social, Mobile and Local. The power of SoMoLo is found in integrating the three, social, mobile and local , disciplines. It’s necessary to discover how social, mobile and local work seamlessly … and the perfect fit just isn’t accomplished with a one-size-fits-all approach. Mobile.

Four profound marketing megatrends for 2016 and beyond

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Platforms — The need to breakthrough will forge new channels and distribution options. Analytics — A simple social media dashboard is not enough to win in this environment. As I detail in my book, the act of sharing drives the economics of social media marketing, creates advocacy, and affects purchasing intent. 2. Mobile devices are detroying human conversation.

The Path to Adaptive Marketing: An Introduction

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The goal is to create a more malleable strategy for engaging customers across channels. As customers vacillate between digital devices and offline channels – such as going to purchase something at a retail store or doing research on their phone – they create disparate identifiers about themselves. Cross Channel Marketing Marketing CloudThey must adapt.

102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)


Today’s most effective marketers are optimizing content across channels, coordinating search and social marketing activities with traditional PR, and measuring their web presence and performance with sophistication. Of those using this channel, social media accounts for 32% of SMB marketing activities. Different social media channels serve different purposes. eMarketer ).

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Merging Social and Mobile to Maximize Your Reach

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If the past few weeks have taught us anything, it is that now more than ever, social media giants have officially realized mobile is here to stay. Of course, the obvious example is Facebook, which continues to struggle to convince users it can be profitable in the mobile landscape by rolling out major purchases and initiatives seemingly every day. Mobile

12 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2012

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Mobile 10. It will not be the year of mobile (again). Mobile adoption will increase and marketers will progress. However, many B2B marketers will not have mobile websites or apps that are core to their business and few will make mobile a key consideration in the design of their corporate sites. In September, pundits will point to 2013 as the year of mobile in B2B.

Agencies Under Pressure to be More Digital


For example, consider these channel developments in the last few months: Mobile: According to comScore, mobile now captures two out of every three digital media minutes in the US. Last year, only 20% of Internet Retailer’s top 500 mobile retailers had adopted responsive design websites. Agency agencies agency digital digital marketing mobile search social

Converting B2B Leads Through Social Content: 3 Keys to Success


For a couple of years now, B2B marketers have been hearing the “social selling” buzzword, and there are some convincing social media statistics regarding sales through social channels. If you’re one of the companies that is still having trouble converting through social channels, you’re not alone. The The Right Content in the Right Channel. Infographic from Ethos3.

Influencer marketing tools of the trade


It’s really brilliant and super-easy to set up and it generally only takes minutes between ordering the Personal, Enterprise, or Enterprise+ version via PayPal and having it work — it might help a lot of you make sure you already have a PayPal balance before you click Purchase. We’re off to the races! Check, check, check, check, and check! OK, now on to tools. Love it!

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A Special Message for You: The Power of Personalized Marketing

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While there’s some data sets that you might need to purchase,” she says, “so often, customers are sitting on a goldmine of first-party data that’s just sitting there untapped.”. Email, wrongly pronounced “dead” multiple times over the past few years, continues to best other channels in terms of ROI. By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist. Great. Why his? Great.

7 Steps to Brilliant B2B Marketing [Part 1]


42% develop mobile apps. Tools such as Google Analytics and event tracking can help to flesh out the full story of your website in terms of customer use. The top channels B2B customers use to research purchases include: Search engines (82%). Brand Marketing Strategy Channel Marketing Digital Marketing Inbound Marketing Infographics B2B home infographic marketing


Agency: Bottom-Line Boosters for Marketing Agencies to Adopt in the New Year


Download now to learn nine action steps you can take to generate leads with mobile. Mobile Marketing (mobile advertising, site development and apps) – Today’s buyers are BUSY. Smart agencies take that into account and create interactive marketing activities that are specialized and optimized for delivery to mobile devices. during their pre-purchase research phase.

SAS by the Sip: SAS Viya Offers Open APIs to Individual Services in the Cloud

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Subscription pricing notwithstanding, SAS has largely sold its software for on-premise operation by its clients and required them to purchase a large stack of core technologies. This demanded a high initial investment but made expansion relatively easy – an approach that made sense when SAS's core analytical applications were pretty much essential to many clients. SAS’s growth and financial performance have been just fine despite the new competition, thanks to technical leadership in its core analytical products and pry-it-from-my-cold-dead-hands loyalty of its core customers.

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2013 Year in Review: Top 6 focus areas for B2B marketers this year

B2B Lead Generation Blog

The power of content is that you can use different content pieces to speed up their pulse and get them to a purchasing decision by moving them deeper into the conversion funnel. Testing a value prop can be tested through several key channels. Read on to discover which channels your peers are using. Start developing a mobile site. Mobile Marketing: What 4 top B2B companies can teach us about mobile. What she found was shocking as  out of 12 she selected for her review, only four total had a mobile site. Behavioral analytics and lead scoring.