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VIDEO: YouTube Marketing Secrets

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You can''t set out to make a viral video. Instead, be authentic and work on creating compelling content. From, here''s a video from Shira Lazar, host of What''s Trending, advising how to use video to join the conversation, just like you would any other social network. View Original Article

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VIDEO: Future of Advertising

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According to Story Worldwide, it's a lot like content marketing. Watch on YouTubeWhat is the future of advertising? In the video below, they explain their philosophy of "Brand Is Story". Creating narratives and publishing across all channels possible is how to share that story.

Building a YouTube Marketing Strategy

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Orabrush, a company that makes a breath-freshening tongue cleaner of the same name, had limited success with marketing through retailers, infomercials and other outlets. From Adam Sutton at MarketingSherpa comes a look at how Orabrush created a successful marketing strategy built around their YouTube page. Orabrush created a landing page around an independent YouTube video titled "How to tell if you have bad breath." The company's YouTube page is now their inbound marketing hub, and represents 80% of their marketing. 116,000+ YouTube subscribers.

Why to Use Video in 2013

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In addition, marketers are realizing that video is more versatile than many initially imagined. The logical next step is that those sites will increase their functionality for video "pinning", creating marketing opportunities for brands and businesses. YouTube recently started giving preference to videos based on "watch time". Keeping up with other video search algorithm changes will be important to marketers. Videos Take Off in Hot E-commerce Markets Brazil's e-commerce market grew 26% in 2011, and is expected to double by 2016. View Original Article

VIDEO: Social Media 2013

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Most impressive marketing fact: The Ford Explorer launch on Facebook generated more traffic than a Super Bowl ad. Watch on YouTube From author Erik Qualman, here's a video that looks at major trends in social media going into the next year.

Marketing Resolutions for 2013

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The Hubspot blog has 16 ideas for worthwhile marketing goals for the coming year. Produce a video in the first quarter of 2013 and post it on YouTube. Given the trend to more visual content, design skill development will be crucial for creating effective content for social media and other marketing channels. Keep a pulse on how your marketing is performing on a regular basis. This will show you which marketing channels work the best. You may benefit from fostering data-driven habits at every level as a tool to keep your marketing team accountable.

VIDEO: The Future of Online Digital Marketing

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Watch on YouTube From conversion optimization specialist Raul Abad, here's a video about the current state of digital life, and projections for through 2015.

VIDEO: Digital Marketing Today

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From Mediative, here's a video that explains the origin of digital marketing and where it stands today. Watch on YouTube

VIDEO: B2B Marketing [r]Evolution

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From PropelGrowth, here's a video about how inbound marketing can attract business to business customers. Watch on YouTube

VIDEO: Social Media Marketing vs. Search Engine Marketing

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A few months ago, we posted an infographic created by MDG Advertising that compared the effectiveness and ROI of search marketing versus social media. Watch on YouTubeHere's a video that summarizes that infographic.

VIDEO: The Power of Online Video

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From YouOn, here's a video with statistics that show the marketing reach of online video. Watch on YouTube

VIDEO: Marketing with Pinterest

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Watch on YouTubePinterest is the leading platform in the field of social Discovery. From MDG Advertising, here's a video detailing Pinterest's demographics, growth, and potential to drive traffic to company websites.

VIDEO: Facebook Statistics 2012

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From Arts, Media and Design, here's a video of Facebook demographics that shows its marketing reach. Watch on YouTube

VIDEO: Content Marketing and the Power of Story

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Content marketing is a way for brands to tell their story to attract and retain customers. By some estimates, content marketing efforts account for 25% of all marketing budgets. Here's the opening video from Content Marketing World, which gives an overview of the history of content marketing. Watch on YouTube

VIDEO: Infographic of Infographics

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From Zabisco, here's a video based on their 2D "'Infographic of Infographics", which shows the potential of infographics for promotion and content marketing. Watch on YouTube

VIDEO: New B2B Rules

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From GoogleBusiness, here's a video presentation about new ways of business to business marketing. Watch on YouTube

Yahoo!'s Email Marketing Approach

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does email marketing: Yahoo!'s Watch the Video on YouTubeSue Coakley discusses how Yahoo! s 3R's of Contact Strategy. Build on the R elationship. Why did the customer start the relationship? - Did they buy for a specific need or because of a discount? Continue to fulfill that value. Surprise and delight users - Thank customers. Give your email social legs. Keep it R elevant.

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Marketing on the Big 3

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From Social Media Today, here's an infographic that serves as a best practice guide for marketing on social media's three biggest platforms, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Included are strategies to: Improve your social reach. Increase your fan engagement. Identify and engage influencers. Increase lead generation. Apply analytics to know what works. View Original Article

Great Facebook Pages

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Four out of five US businesses will be using social media for their marketing efforts this year. Skittles - contest entries racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube 2. Social media offers opportunities for getting found by prospects and interacting with prospective customers. One of the best ways to do that is through a Facebook Page. Zappos 3. McDonalds 4. iTunes 6.

SMB Marketing Trends

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Small and medium businesses have more and more online marketing tools available to them. From, marketing trends for small and medium businesses in 2011. SMB Agencies The complexity of online marketing provides an opportunity for companies to act as intermediaries. Expect agencies to focus on SMB online marketing as their core market. YouTube will compete with Facebook as a channel for SMBs. Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing offers quality help with advertising and marketing at a low cost. View Original Article

Creative Content Marketing Ideas

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Content marketing isn't just a blog that makes money. Using your creativity and know-how, you can make something cool, then use it to market a product. From's Content Marketing 101 series, highlights from their list of 49 content marketing tactics: Content doesn't have to just be online. Convert your best blog post to PowerPoint, then to a YouTube video. Many businesses can benefit from sending a paper newsletter to existing customers. Direct mail. White papers. Free e-course delivered via email. Free tele-classes. Build a Facebook page.

The Top 10 Content Marketing Blogs

Client Bridge takes a look at AdAge's Power 150 Marketing blogs and points out the commonalities of the top ten blogs. Andy Beal's Marketing Pilgrim. Excluded from the analysis, as their model is significantly different from other content marketing blogs. Top Blogs : Articles are posted on average, once every 10 hours Conventional Wisdom : Company blogs are less important than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media. The Top Blogs: Ads of the World). PSFK). Search Engine Watch. Search Engine Land. The Compete Blog.

Guide to the Social Media Landscape

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Consumer acceptance of social media has accelerated quickly, and outpaced digital marketing strategies. However, a social-media strategy has clearly become a marketing must-have. YouTube. To help with that, has mapped the rapidly shifting social media landscape. Download the PDF chart here. Sites Mapped: Facebook. Twitter. Flickr. LinkedIn. StumbleUpon. Reddit. Tumblr. Each site is graded Good , Okay or Bad with an explanation, in the following areas: Customer Communication. Brand Exposure. Traffic to Your Site. View Original Article

A Content Checklist

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From Ahava Leibtag on the Content Marketing Institute blog, here's a great checklist for content creation. Post video to YouTube and/or Facebook. Creating Valuable Content: A Step-By-Step Checklist Is the Content Findable? Use SEO best practices. Use one h1 and multiple h2 tags on your web pages. Customize the title tag, keywords and descriptor to describe the content. Link to other pages on the site. Use alt tags so images will appear in searches. Distribute audio in multiple formats. Is the Content Readable? Remember that users scan until they find the content they need.

YouTube Ads for Beginners: How to Launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign


Running a series of YouTube ads is one way to make sure more of your target audience finds the video content you've produced. The thing is, advertising on YouTube is very different from running a PPC or paid social campaign. What’s New With YouTube Advertising. per click on YouTube, compared to the average Google Search cost per click, which is estimated to be between $1-2.

Video ads: Facebook or YouTube?


Video is quickly becoming a default tool for marketers around the world. Marketers are presented with a tricky challenge: a lot of internet browsers just don’t see ads anymore. For the last decade, the social option has lived almost exclusively in the land of YouTube, but since last year, Facebook has officially become a player in the video field. The New Adwords is Video.

11 Top Tips For Developing YouTube Influencers


YouTube influencer marketing is an often-overlooked, but highly valuable component, of a strong marketing automation strategy. YouTube is just one platform where you can execute your influencer marketing strategy. YouTube is different from video distribution on other types of social media platforms, which each have their own strengths. The Real McCoy.

Google integrating G+ Pages and YouTube Channels


It’s Google’s hub, from which YouTube, Google Business Pages, Google Mail, and even Google Apps for Business (which looks like it’s rebranding as Google + Business — interesting). YouTube Channels, They Are A-Changin’ Another case-in-point: how YouTube has begun handling YouTube Channel creation. Google+ as Social Layer. Good luck, Tiger!

The Top 5 YouTube Analytics Every Marketer Should Know


But did you know that YouTube, which is part of Google, has an incredible analytics offering as well? In fact, YouTube Analytics probably gives users more ways to slice and dice their data than any video platform ever has. But like Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics has so much data that it can be overwhelming. Same goes for YouTube videos. Of course not.

YouTube Views Don’t Matter – Here Are 5 Metrics That Do


“Wow, that YouTube video has got more than a million views already!” Unless you’re in that product’s target market, probably not. The YouTube view count is probably the most well-known statistic in social media. But the real truth is YouTube views don’t matter. Everyone has seen those skippable pre-roll videos on YouTube, right?

Three YouTube stars share their intimate personal branding lessons

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

I recently had the opportunity to meet three of YouTube’s biggest stars — Tyler Oakley , Bethany Mota , and Andrea Russett. Being imperfect is normal on YouTube.” “People on YouTube are OK with looking like idiots. I have a YouTube channel where we build each other up.” Being imperfect is normal on YouTube.”. Above all, be congruent.

4 Marketing Lessons from YouTube Giants

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Raymond Coppinger Did you catch the video about the crazy guys snowboarding through New York that went viral just hours after it was posted on YouTube? I have actually been following the work of Casey for the last year, and through Casey’s content, I was introduced to another New York-based entrepreneur and YouTube personality, Gary Vaynerchuk. Modern Marketing b2b Consumer

How To Make the Most of the YouTube Content Marketing Customer Journey


We use YouTube in fundamentally different ways when we’re using it for fun than when we’re using it for business. When we watch YouTube videos for fun, we might have a personality we like to follow, or might see an intriguing video embedded in a news article, tweet or Facebook post. Generally, we come to YouTube videos through search. A video from YouTube.

How a small family business pulled off one of the greatest successes in YouTube history

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

This is the story of how an entrepreneur used a shoe and a wine bottle to create one of the most successful videos in YouTube history and transform his small family-owned business. A few years ago, I was approached by a fellow named Stephen Cronk for help on developing a new marketing strategy. YouTube views: 4.2 million (not counted in the YouTube numbers). Results.

How to Get Results from YouTube Ads (Hint: It’s Not Advertising)


Most YouTube ads do not deliver a measurable ROI for advertisers. This is because most of the pre-roll ads (YouTube calls them “in-stream ads”) we see on YouTube are geared only towards raising brand awareness – they’re designed to get reach and attention, but not conversion. You can create highly targeted YouTube campaigns towards specific demographics.

4 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Channel

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Given these numbers, it’s not surprising that so many businesses are turning to YouTube to create a video presence. We’ve created a list of four tips to help you make the most of your YouTube channel. Your YouTube page is a representation of your business. If someone is surfing around your YouTube channel, he or she is already interested in what you have to offer.

Video Marketing How-To: YouTube vs. Your Website


Hello, and welcome to another episode of Video Marketing How-To! This week we want to tackle a question that comes up often — whether your video should live on your website, your YouTube channel, or both! First thing’s first is understanding that YouTube, alone, isn’t a video strategy. YouTube should drive traffic to your website. Blog Marketing Communications