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How To Build Landing Pages That Convert


Landing pages are important for two reasons – they  motivate people to click further into the sales funnel and they capture user data so you can connect with prospects and create qualified leads. Though anyone can create a landing page, not everyone can do it well. Landing pages are an indispensable part of an inbound marketing strategy. Less is more.

How to Optimize My Landing Pages


My guess would be yes, but the real question is what are you doing with those visitors once they land on your homepage (or any page on your site for that matter)? You’ve spent all this time driving traffic to your website… so you don’t want to lose them on your landing page. What is a Landing Page? Essential Items Every Landing Page Must Have.

7 steps to a better B2B landing page


Despite years of practice with digital campaigns, B2B marketers still have trouble getting their landing pages to work as hard as they could.  I am not sure why, since there’s nothing more important to capturing the responses from outbound messages and kicking off a relationship with prospects. You could say it’s the landing page is where your campaign pays off.

7 Conventional Landing Page Design Tactics You Should Still Test


When it comes to optimizing your landing pages, complacency and assumption are your worst enemies. Proven landing page techniques are commonly practiced for a reason, but what works for 90% of websites won’t automatically work for yours. The genius of A/B testing your landing pages is that it allows you get a little bit crazy without making a permanent error.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Landing Pages to Better Address Human Behavior


landing page''s layout, the fonts and colors used, image placement, form length, and other design factors can have an impact on how many people actually choose to fill out the form. Want to design a landing page that persuades people to convert? Only after considering these questions can we begin to think about optimizing our landing pages for conversion.

How to Write Ridiculously Persuasive Landing Page Content


And landing pages are prime real estate. Want to write persuasive landing page content? 1) Provide actionable benefits. Check out this example from Sidekick by HubSpot , an email tracking software that also provides insights, scheduling, and just about anything else you could think of. Common misconceptions that are killing my landing pages? Ralph G.

How to Identify and Fix Friction on Your Landing Pages


Often times this comes as a result of landing page friction -- a barrier that prevents your visitors from completing the action you'd like them to take. To help you get a better grasp on what landing page friction looks like, when it can be used to benefit your business, and how to resolve it when it's hurting your conversions, keep reading. But why? Social proof.

A Go-To Guide to Screwing Up Your Landing Pages


Landing pages are the core of the conversion process. But a high-converting landing page isn''t just a random form, a little description, and a kind-of-related image thrown together onto a web page -- you have to build each component thoughtfully and strategically. There are a lot of really awful landing pages out there. Landing Pages

A Detailed Guide to Creating the Best Landing Page Images Ever


Landing Pages are the spice of life. In addition to writing a great headline and having a great offer, you'll need some great imagery to complete your landing page. Follow these tips to get the best landing page images and increase your conversions! 1) Finding Free Images. Most HubSpot customers that I show this to have never seen it before.

How to Write Irresistible Landing Page Copy [Free Ebook]


When converting visitors on your website into leads, copywriting can make or break your landing page conversion rates. The success -- or failure – of each and every landing page you create is riding largely on your copy. HubSpot and Unbounce have teamed up to bring you a new ebook, The Conversion Marketer''s Guide to Landing Page Copywriting. link].

How We Increased the Conversion Rate on Our Mobile Landing Pages [New Data]


And after a closer look, I discovered that conversion rates on our landing pages were 20-30% lower from visitors coming from mobile. ( As a lead generation geek, you can imagine how psyched I was to uncover such a huge opportunity for gathering more leads.). There is too much text on the landing page to read. Mobile Marketing Landing Pages DailyThe Results.

5 Ways You Can Add Social Proof to Your Landing Pages


So before we get into how to use social proof on your landing pages, let''s make sure we''re on the same page with what social proof is. When someone lands on your landing page, they don''t know whether your offer is any good -- which gives you the opportunity to sway them using quotes from customers, embedded tweets, and so on. Would you believe me?

Landing Page Best Practices You Should Still Test For Yourself


Your company is different, your sample size is different, your audience is different, and t here''s conflicting data floating around out there about landing pages -- so the only way for you to find out what works best for you is to test. Below are some of the parts of your landing pages you should still test for yourself. So why not try it on your landing pages?

Should You Remove Navigation From Your Landing Pages? Data Reveals the Answer


For years, we''ve preached the importance of removing links from your landing pages : top navigation, sidebar navigation, footers, social media links -- anything that distracts viewers from filling out your form. Time over time, data has shown that removing the navigation and links from your landing pages will increase your conversion rates. Landing Pages

13 Little Landing Page Experiments That Can Make a Big Difference


We''ve seen amazing results from small tests first-hand -- for instance, by adding a blog subscription check box to our landing page forms, we increased our blog subscribers by 128% in just 3 months. There are lots of little things you can do on your landing page to help you generate more leads and customers. Below are 13 ideas for landing page tests you can run.

10 Excellent Landing Page Design Examples


Do you have any landing pages with content offers, downloadable guides, or even consultation requests? If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you should start by learning what landing pages are and how to optimize them. This landing page is super simplistic! This landing page has some great qualities to it. Example 10: HubSpot.

11 Simple (But Critical) Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages


There's no question that landing pages -- and the lead-capture forms that come with them -- are two of the most important elements of lead generation. That's because landing pages enable us to direct site visitors to better targeted pages that have the ability to capture leads at a much higher rate than forms on other web pages. Image Credit: DarrelBirket

Why Landing Pages Are To Leads As Phone Numbers Are To First Dates

B2B Marketing Insider

Without landing pages, you’re like the single guy who doesn’t ask Miss Right for her phone number. But some are dropping the ball in the conversion stage by not using landing pages to generate leads. What Are Landing Pages? landing page is a website page specifically designed to convert visitors to leads. Weak Offer = Weak Landing Page.

Why You (Yes, You) Need to Create More Landing Pages


More landing pages , you say? Several months back, I wrote an article about why landing pages are an indispensable part of marketing. Let's find out why -- at least in the case of landing pages -- more is better. Why You Need More Landing Pages. Think about it: The more landing pages you have, the more landing pages will be indexed in search.

Why Landing Pages are to Leads as Phone Numbers are to First Dates

The Forward Observer

Without landing pages, you''re like the single guy who doesn''t ask Miss Right for her phone number. But some are dropping the ball in the conversion stage by not using landing pages to generate leads. What Are Landing Pages? landing page is a website page specifically designed to convert visitors to leads. Do Landing Pages Work?

23 Types of Lead Gen Content to Put Behind Your Landing Pages


To help you shake up your content balance, here are 23 things you can put behind a landing page to help you collect new leads. 23 Things You Can Put Behind a Landing Page. 1) Cheat Sheets. Checklists are another type of short offer that you could put behind a landing page, which readers can print out and put on the wall by their desks. People love contests.

Why Landing Pages Are an Indispensable Part of Marketing


Landing pages , that's what! Unfortunately, there seems to be a major disconnect between the importance of landing pages and their use by marketers. According to MarketingSherpa's Landing Page Handbook (2nd edition), 44% of clicks for B2B companies are directed to the business' homepage, not a special landing page. What is a Landing Page?

Two Landing Page Tips To Make You Look Like A B2B Marketing Genius

The Forward Observer

Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer B2B marketers can dramatically boost their lead conversions by researching buyer personas and increasing the number of landing pages. landing page is a website page specifically designed to convert visitors to leads. That’s why landing pages play such a vital role in B2B marketing. Buyer Persona.

7 Key Design Tips for High-Converting Landing Pages [+ Free Templates]


Here''s some food for thought: Companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from just 10 to 15 , according to our 2012 Marketing Benchmarks Report. Here''s some more food for thought: According to MarketingSherpa''s Landing Page Optimization Benchmarks Report , layout is a major factor in website performance. Yikes!

How to Optimize Your Landing Pages for Long-Term Lead Generation


Just consider what HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe said during his session at the LeWeb'12 Paris conference earlier this month: “We’ve built up these big marketing assets that continue driving an ROI for our business. So I could send the whole marketing team on vacation at HubSpot, and our new lead flow wouldn’t actually drop by that much because of all these assets we’ve built up.”. What?).

How an A/B Test of Landing Page Form Copy Improved Lead Quality


At HubSpot, we''ve had a long lead generation form on our website for a while, but it wasn''t quite getting us the best results we needed to effciently rotate the right leads to Sales. Like we mentioned above, we''ve always had a long lead generation form on our landing pages -- we''ve wanted a decent amount of information to properly qualify incoming leads for Sales. right?

A/B 32

What You Can (and Should) Ask for on Your Landing Page Forms


Because of this, very few other page elements receive quite as much attention as the lead-capture form. Well, it’s basically the entire point of a landing page -- and the entire crux of lead generation! And after two years researching landing pages, I have spent a lot of time knee deep in these statistics. Step 1: Understand Page Friction. Think fast!

The 7-Point Checklist for Powerful Landing Page Copy


But when you think about landing pages, most people jump to conversions. What's the page's bounce rate? But writing effective landing page copy is a little different than writing, say, a blog post. There are some landing page copywriting nuances that, though seemingly minor, have a huge impact on conversions. So if you're looking for the quickest way to create a great landing page, invest your time in creating copy that follows these landing page copywriting best practices. 1) Use Action-Oriented Language. So what?

10 Foolproof Ways to Earn Your Landing Page Visitors' Trust


Landing pages are a critical tool for meeting your ever-increasing lead generation goals. Actually, only 8% of marketers reported that dedicated landing pages were ineffective , according to MarketingSherpa's 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report. What other elements contribute to gaining trust from landing page visitors? uneasy?

Before & After: The Optimization of a Flawed Landing Page


But all of that is meaningless without consistent lead generation, and landing pages are the strongest tools in a marketer's arsenal to meet that looming monthly lead goal. Because landing pages are so important to lead generation, attention to detail is in order to ensure you have the highest conversion rate possible. Subpar Landing Page. Right now! 5.)

13 Little Landing Page Tweaks That Can Make a BIG Difference


And with every new offer, marketers must also spin out a new landing page to go with it. But because landing page creation has become such a regular practice, and considering that many tools make it so quick and easy to create a new landing page in minutes , attention to landing page optimization can also easily fly out the window. No bueno.

5 Actionable Insights to Extract From Your Landing Page Analytics


Your landing pages are critical to your effectiveness as an inbound marketer. After all, what better way to collect inbound leads than landing pages? So if you're not putting the effort into creating landing pages -- and the offers to house on those landing pages -- your inbound marketing efforts might not be faring as well as they could be.

Tracking Email Analytics Outside of HubSpot


While working for Synecore , a Minneapolis-based inbound marketing agency, it was inevitable that I would have to become very comfortable with the ins and outs of HubSpot. You see, Synecore has been a Gold Level HubSpot Partner for some time now, and I have developed quite a relationship with HubSpot's marketing automation platform during that time. HubSpot is a great tool for numerous reasons, but one of the biggest has to be the integrated analytics found within the platform. HubSpot makes it easy as pie with tracking URLs. What is a HubSpot Tracking URL?

5 Awesome Landing Page Lessons From Real Life Examples


On a previous blog post about marketing tests , a commenter asked for some examples of great landing pages. So I set out to find some of the best landing pages out there, and to get started, I went to some of my favorite companies. To help hammer those lessons home, I've also included suggestions for how these landing pages can be improved even more.