[Content, Relevance] The Best In B2B Technology Content Marketing
    Technology marketers, however, can leverage content marketing to simplify their message and connect to these decision-makers. recent study by MarketingSherpa surveyed 4,000 b2b technology business professionals to understand what types of content these buyers are looking for. The types of content most requested?
    [Content, Relevance] The Content-Ready Buyer Persona
    Recently, Cintell was a proud sponsor of a Marketo webinar with Ardath Albee on the topic of content marketing and buyer personas. In the event, she revealed that content output in the past 5 years has increased by 78%, but content engagement has decreased by 60% (according to TrackMaven). What’s Objectives. Problems. Obstacles.
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    [Content, Relevance] Marketers: Are You Ready for In-App SEO?
    Just when you thought it was safe to take a break from your search engine optimization efforts, Google goes and reshuffles the SEO deck (they’re good at that), once again creating more work for the beleaguered MarTechie. Welcome to the brave new world of in-app SEO. In many ways, it’s the beginning of a new generation of SEO.
    [Content, Relevance] Closing the Loop on Social Leads
    monitor conversations and create content that relates to the discussions you find, you’ll not only reap the. advantages from your evergreen content. Filter through the masses of content by setting up keyword searches for your brand, your main. more extensive pieces of content like eBooks, webinars or how to video series.
    [Content, Relevance] 7 Lessons To Help You Produce Content That Converts
    Author: Nischala Murthy Kaushik According to Gartner , content marketing ranks among the Top 5 trends in the space of digital marketing in 2015. For brands and organizations, the ability to “build a content marketing supply chain and determine how to create, curate and cultivate content” is critical. The content topics/themes.
    [Content, Relevance] Why B2B Lead Generation Without Content Is Like Fishing Without Bait
    This involves publishing content on your websites that is helpful, educational (and even entertaining) and that addresses a pain point for your prospect. This is what content marketing is all about. Your content has to be interesting to your prospect. Content comes in all forms. Visual content. But there’s a catch.
    [Content, Relevance] 12 Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Firm’s Visibility
    Your website should not only be polished and professional, but a place for you to showcase your thought leadership with educational content. consistently updated blog allows your firm’s experts to contribute educational content that speaks to prospects’ issues and challenges. Downloadable Educational Content.
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    [Content, Relevance] Want More Traffic to Your Website? Try These 5 Tools & Tips
    For example, we know Google Panda penalises sites for things like poor quality content. Looking through the websites blog content, we could see a lot of posts had very little content and had large ads for their services. These can be potential flags for Google when assessing the quality of a website's content.
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    [Content, Relevance] Rebranding Your Company? How NOT to Kill Your SEO in the Process
    Over the years, we’d evolved from a local SEO and web design shop to a full blown digital agency, and we knew it was time our brand reflected that. This is especially important to avoid duplicate content issues if the pages are mostly the same as the old site. In the SEO world these are called citations. SEO Branding
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    [Content, Relevance] Content Marketing Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide for Modern Marketers
    I've written my share of blog posts about content marketing. That is to say you're about to dive into a pretty in-depth post (that's a nice way of saying "long") about content marketing, one which you may want to bookmark to read later. What Is Content Marketing? Why Businesses Need a Content Marketing Strategy. Not bad.
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    [Content, Relevance] Today’s Biggest Content Marketing Challenge (And How to Overcome It)
    Since 2010, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs have teamed up to produce annual benchmark reports that reveal the industry-wide pulse on content marketing. In 2015, 54% of B2B marketers and 50% of B2C marketers cited “producing engaging content” as a top challenge. How to Create Content That Truly Engages.
    [Content, Relevance] [Ebook] Transformational Inbound Marketing: Your Secret Weapon for Customer Acquisition and Retention
    With inbound marketing , you can attract people to your brand through great content, which serves to engage customers. Unlike traditional inbound, transformational inbound leverages valuable content to attract and retain customers throughout their entire lifecycle , not just before they are a customer, but even after becoming one.
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    [Content, Relevance] Consumer Brand SEO Pulse: 7.16.15
    Welcome to the weekly Consumer Brand pulse, where we keep you updated on what’s going on in the world of SEO! Our goal is to stay on top of any new strategies and changes to make sure we are constantly using the best on-site and off-site SEO methods. App Indexing & The New Frontier of SEO: Apple Search + iOS App Indexing”.
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    [Content, Relevance] 4 Simple Ways to Choose the Best Blog Topics for Your Audience
    Check out these free templates for creating buyer personas for your business. 2) Make relevance your guiding light. I’m going to introduce a concept, and then explain how to do it: Relevancy. Relevancy is nothing new. It’s popular to talk about relevancy and the need for relevancy in content marketing.
    [Content, Relevance] Top 10 Strategies for Marketing Technology Services
    With today’s easy-to-use content management software (CMS), your firm doesn't need to rely on a developer to update your website. If writing blog posts on relevant topics and issues are having an impact on your business, continue to invest in your blog. So many leads, so little time. Not you? Determine Your Website Offers.
    [Content, Relevance] A 10 Step Brand Development Strategy for Your Professional Services Firm
    There is another important dimension of your brand as well: how relevant it is to your target client audience. The messages to each audience will emphasize the most relevant points. This is an important step in making your brand relevant t o your target audiences. Develop your content marketing strategy. Not convinced?
    [Content, Relevance] How To Maintain Website Content Post Launch
    But, there are always lingering questions during and after the process of writing site content for a new web initiative. Whether this is your business’ first site, or tenth remodel, you should constantly be thinking of better ways to display and organize content to provide the best user experience. Resources are Key. Happy writing!
    [Content, Relevance] Is Customer Retention The Secret To Content Marketing ROI?
    Courtesy of bundesligalounge.com. I’d love to tell you it was all because of content marketing strategy, but honestly I don’t speak German so I have no idea what is going on, on their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feeds, but what I can tell you is how we’re proving content marketing ROI with customer retention here at NewsCred.
    [Content, Relevance] Here’s How to Create a Modern SEO Strategy That Works
    Content marketing, lead generation , lead nurturing—if any of these words are in your job title, chances are you either love SEO, hate SEO, or hate SEO with a passion. With 61% of B2B buyers starting their research process with a generic web search, the need for effective SEO is clear. How can that be possible?
    [Content, Relevance] 7 New Rules in AEC Marketing
    Relevant to your audiences. Lots of firms say that they have “great customer service” or “the best people,” but the fact is that these qualities are typically too vague to prove and not necessarily relevant to clients in the first place. Today, the AEC industry is a tumultuous place. What are the new rules?
    [Content, Relevance] Forget Link Building: Time to Embrace the Google Knowledge Vault
    SEOs and marketers, you better hold on to your keyboards, because Google may be about to fundamentally restructure how its search engine goes about indexing web pages. They’ve been telling us that as long as we produce quality content that provides relevance and value to our audience, the rest will take care of itself.
    [Content, Relevance] The Problem With The Story You Are Telling
    We are running this again because no matter what technology is introduced, what changes Google makes…it is still all about relevant content. Good, relevant content is more important than ever, because of a Panda. So how should this influence your content marketing strategy? Blog content marketing Google.
    [Content, Relevance] How to Create Irresistibly Shareable Content
    Every now and then, a piece of content goes absolutely viral on the internet. And, it’s pretty much every content marketer’s goal to produce that piece of content, the one that gets shared like crazy. Creating shareable content requires taking a step back and thinking about the process. Analyze Existing Content.
    [Content, Relevance] A Mindset Shift for AEC Professionals
    An overly busy or text-heavy site diminishes your content and message, but a simple layout lets your images and identity shine. Educational content. Establish your credibility and expertise online by featuring a variety of informational content on your website. Here are a few kinds of content to leverage: Blogs. Video.
    [Content, Relevance] 7 Important PR Lessons Every Content Marketer Needs to Learn
    This was many years ago, back when PR pros cut press coverage from publications we could actually hold in our hands, and few marketers talked about SEO in everyday conversation. “So, it’s advertising,” she’d say, and I’d try again to explain that, no, it’s not. Today, that effort has a lot to do with content creation and distribution.
    [Content, Relevance] Learn about Interactive Video from the Experts at SnapApp and Vidyard!
    Last week, Seth Lieberman, founder and CEO of SnapApp (a content marketing platform), and Jon Spenceley, one of our very own marketing managers at Vidyard, played to a sold-out webinar audience. In video marketing’s infancy, the medium was used mostly for top-of-funnel brand awareness content. Video marketing has evolved. Yes, it can!
    [Content, Relevance] 4 Steps For Improving Your Success Rate Asking for Links
    Once you have a short list of publications and site owners, obtain relevant social media profiles and contact information associated with them as well. For Twitter, use private Twitter lists to assemble relevant information streams. Share and retweet relevant updates and content from target publications and communities.
    [Content, Relevance] 10 Tips To Increase Eyeballs And Conversion
    Take similar content and deliver in 10 ways: expert interviews, how-to podcasts, reviews, videos, weekly news, blogs, tweets, infographics etc.   Be relevant. This has resulted in real-time marketing.  At a minimum, have a calendar that’s relevant and stays on trend. Content MarketingDeliver a clear brand promise.
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    [Content, Relevance] The Most Common Keywords Found in the Top-Shared Articles [New Data]
    To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. Crafting a clear, relevant, and click-worthy title is the most important thing you can do to ensure that the article you spent hours and hours researching and writing performs well. Content Marketing. SEO Social Media DailyYou can't treat it like an afterthought.
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    [Content, Relevance] 9 SEO Tactics That Just Don’t Work Anymore
    It's 2015 and SEO hasn't gotten any easier for digital marketers. In the past, building as many links as possible without analyzing the linking domain was how SEO typically worked. Sometimes less can be more if you know how exactly to build links the proper way. 2) Write keyword rich content for better ranking. Around Penguin 2.0,
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    [Content, Relevance] Building a Content Marketing Team for Your Startup? Here's Who You Should Hire First
    Startups that want to build a powerful content marketing strategy must first build a powerful content team within the marketing organization. You need to build the right content marketing team , right now. Who to Hire Immediately for Your Content Marketing Team. 1) Seasoned Writer / Managing Editor. Seems simple right?
    [Content, Relevance] Are Your Employees Advocates for Your Firm?
    Helping to promote your firm’s content. By sharing your firm’s content with their own professional networks, your employees can help broadcast it to a wider but still relevant audience. We researched and identified relevant LinkedIn Groups that represented our industry verticals and the topics we create content on.
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    [Content, Relevance] 4 Tips to Create an About Us Page that Converts
    Try to keep your content concise, targeted, and short if you can. Following this initial description are relevant images along with a further breakdown of the services we offer. This timeline should include any relevant milestones or other historical details that your customers might be interested in. Company History Timeline.
    [Content, Relevance] Marketing Automation Integration: Ensuring Critical Connections
    Data plays an integral pat of the buying cycle, so it’s important for marketers to utilize it to provide more personal and relevant experiences. For example, a marketer should always know how content assets are performing, what pages are being visited, how well webinars are attended, where conversions are happening and more.
    [Content, Relevance] Key Components of a Technology Firm Lead Generation Website
    With every piece of content you create and every page of web copy you write , consider what end result you hope to achieve and what messages you want your target audience to remember. Each page also needs to be created with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in mind so you can help move website visitors down the sales funnel.
    [Content, Relevance] How To Get Publishers to Open Your Link Building Requests
    Last week I had the good fortune to participate in a content marketing meetup hosted by the team at Curata. As we discussed the history of search engine technology and ended with the importance of both content and links for SEO, the question was ultimately asked, “ how do you actually get links? What do you think?
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    [Content, Relevance] The Blogging Tactic No One Is Talking About: Optimizing the Past
    Update old blog content and generate more traffic and leads from it in the process. As a result of HubSpot's ongoing historical optimization, we've been able to generate way more value from content we've published in the past. Getting recurring, lasting value from old content is one of the main benefits of blogging. The goal?
    [Content, Relevance] 4 Ideas to Generate Blog Topics
    Are you publishing blog topics that include compelling, relevant content that solves the problems of your readers? study on B2B content marketing has shown that 70% of businesses online have more content now than they had last year, and of these, 80% are doing so through corporate blogs. What keywords are they using?
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    [Content, Relevance] Essential Skill Sets for the Higher Education Inbound Marketer
    For the External Job Seeker: Knowing who your audience is and the different personas that make up your audience will help you create more relevant content for both branding and segmentation strategies. With higher education’s limited resources, you don’t have the time or resources for futile endeavors. 4) Content Development.
    [Content, Relevance] Making Links a Priority within Online Marketing
    Links of course have tremendous value in regards to search and SEO. Link acquisition can effectually integrate into the following marketing strategies: Content marketing. Content Marketing. One of the most natural partners for link building is content marketing. Links are ingrained in the very fabric of the web. Recap.
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    [Content, Relevance] How to Use Video in Your Marketing: 20 Ideas to Try Today
    And according to Smart Insights , simply stating that the piece of content is a video appears to increase engagement across all channels. Live stream a conversation with a thought leader or influencer who is relevant to your audience. Live stream relevant in-office events (Not some St. Video Content Marketing Daily
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    [Content, Relevance] How to Avoid a Google Penalty [Infographic]
    From focusing on relevancy to diversifying your anchor text, these tips are sure to save you from the headache that accompanies an unexpected penalty. SEO Content Marketing DailyThe words "Google algorithm update" are commonly followed by the following emotions: panic, confusion, terror, and frustration.
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    [Content, Relevance] Beyond Responsive Design: How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users
    Google doesn't want to send mobile users to websites that provide a frustrating browsing experience -- that would damage Google’s promise to its users to always deliver helpful, relevant content. So we started using Smart Content to automatically shorten the form when a mobile viewer is looking at it. Congrats! We must adapt!”.
    [Content, Relevance] SEO for Alternative Content Types, Part 2: Optimizing Video for SEO
    In a recent webinar sponsored by Act-On, Thorin McGee, Editor in Chief of Target Marketing Magazine sat down with search engine marketing guru Kevin Lee to talk about how marketers can improve SEO for alternative types of content. Part one sets up the context and key points of alternative SEO. Creating Snackable Content.
    [Content, Relevance] How to Perform an Onsite Audit for SEO, Part 2: Do the Analysis
    This is the second post in the “ How to Perform an Onsite Audit for SEO ” series. Our first post gave recommendations for the type of data you should use to inform your technical onsite SEO audit. Additionally, we’ll provide some pointers on how best to analyze SEO. Measuring SEO improvements can be a tricky exercise.
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    [Content, Relevance] 7 Reasons You're Not Getting ROI From Your Content
    Content as a marketing strategy is reliable and cost-effective, but only if it generates high-quality leads. To succeed, you must not only create and promote content, but also analyze and optimize the content. Content marketing goes hand-in-hand with SEO. The Fix: Research Keywords and Use Them in Your Content.
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    [Content, Relevance] Marketing Grader Live: Watch Experts Critique Real Websites
    We know how hard it is to dig through all the marketing blog posts out there for the most relevant advice for improving your website for conversion (and have fun doing it). SEO Video DailyHave you ever visited someone else's website and felt confused about what the company did and where they wanted you to go on their site?
    [Content, Relevance] What are the best social media platforms for your business?
    However, if somebody subscribes to a blog or YouTube channel, they are asking for your content. Role of contentContent is the catalyst that leads to awareness on the web. Creating, curating, and distributing content is the economic driver of social media success. You need the content, the images, the great story.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] 10 Tips for Getting Long-Term Traffic to Your Content
    Luckily, there are some things you can do to extend the shelf life of our content. In this post, we’re going to look at 10 essential techniques for making your content thrive beyond the initial publish-date promotion. 10 Techniques for Keeping Your Content Alive Longer. 1) Brainstorm evergreen topics. We then hit publish.
    [Content, Relevance] Why Influencer Marketing Is The New King of Content [Infographic]
    92% trust other’s recommendations over brand content #influencermarketing Click To Tweet. Sharing your content through influencers in your industry increases conversion rate by at least 3-10x higher than other content. . SEO Authority. Buyers look to influencers before they make purchase decisions. Brand Awareness.
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    [Content, Relevance] How To Design a Publishing Website Your Advertisers Will Drool Over
    Quality content? These all play their parts, but there’s far more to consider in designing your site; so let’s talk about content best practices, inbound marketing, analytics, and making a profit. Quality Content: The Present and Future of Increasing Online Ad Revenue for Publishers. Layout? Reputation? Which brings us to….
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] 38 Essential Website Redesign Terms You Need to Know
    This term has lost a lot of relevance in modern web design, though, because the “fold” is almost never in the same place because of different screen sizes and resolutions. website “backend” (pronounced “back end”) is a way to refer to a website’s content management system or server. Content Development. Above the Fold". Backend.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 25, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] 16 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website
    You can download HubSpot's ultimate guide to redesignin your website here.). 2) Your content is difficult to read. The fonts you use, as well as the colors of your text and background, can determine how easily people can read and digest the content on your website. Gated content is great for driving leads into a website sales funnel.
    [Content, Relevance] Keywords…. Keywords Everywhere! But How And Why?
    Keywords are an essential part into getting your content found on search engines, but it’s difficult to know what keywords are relevant in your industry and how to use them. ie Virally’s keywords include content marketing, content management, ebooks, whitepapers. What Keywords Do I Use? But How And Why?
    [Content, Relevance] 33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies
    In this post, we wil feature case studies in the areas of content marketing, social media marketingm social CRM, social selling, LinkedIn marketing, and webinars. Content tactics included: executive briefs, case studies, infographics, checklists, Q and A, and Brainshark video. SEO improved significantly. million. million.
    [Content, Relevance] Is SEO Dead? Long Live Social Search!
    Let’s start with the basics of SEO.   A search engine ranks for content relevance with traits like comprehensiveness, freshness and ease of use. It then serves up content based on a digital algorithm that is tested and refined by user interaction. Social search is amplified by the fact that social content is on the rise. 
    [Content, Relevance] 5 Technology Services Blogging Blunders to Avoid
    You know that, first and foremost, you want to produce educational content that is valuable to your target audience. Your content creation efforts should always be tied into your larger marketing strategy. By ensuring your blog plans support your other marketing efforts, you can get the most out of your content.
    [Content, Relevance] The Marketers Speak: 42 One-Liners & Quick Tips from Top Practitioners
    Everette Taylor, CMO, Stickermule: “First step to building out a content marketing plan: figure out what the hell your audience even wants to read.” Melissa Eggleston, Content Strategist: “Make people feel smart, empowered and inspired by designing a great user experience on your website or app.” Brand & Content Trending
    [Content, Relevance] SEO and Content Marketing: A Love Story
    Once upon a time, SEO met up with Content Marketing , fell in love, and vowed to never separate, to always work together in harmony. Anyone who’s been around the ‘Net a while understands a little about optimizing content so that the search engines can index it according to topic and relevance to readers.
    [Content, Relevance] 5 Ways to Help B2B Marketers Come Up With New Content Ideas
    Is your content engine running out of gas? Among B2B marketers in North America, approximately four out of 10 said it was difficult or somewhat difficult to come up with ideas for content marketing, and half said they didn’t have enough ideas to fuel their campaigns. Chances are good, those topics will lead to more content ideas.
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    [Content, Relevance] 10 Resources to Help You Teach Inbound Marketing
    Below is an example of an email you could use as a framework to ask someone to speak in your classroom: Hello Amy, I teach at Boston University and am looking for an expert content marketer to speak to my 1,000 student marketing class at the end of May. Would you be interested in guest speaking in my class about content marketing?
  • EMAGINE B2B BLOG  |  TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] 7 Warning Signs Your Website Is In Serious Trouble
    We are half way through 2015 and it is time to say Bye, Bye, Bye to your content from the year 2000. SEO is still well alive and kicking, my friends. This webinar is a great reference to help bring your SEO efforts up to speed. They’re also bad for your site’s usability, reputation and SEO. Poor User Experience.
    [Content, Relevance] Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update is a Wake-Up Call for Professional Services Firms
    These game-changers defined new best practices for the field and penalized blackhat tactics that once reliably lifted sites to the top of the rankings—all in the interest of serving Google users more relevant content. Plus, indexed apps will only serve mobile-friendly content to users with certain devices. On LinkedIn?
    [Content, Relevance] New Rules of Marketing: What High-Visibility Firms Do to Market Themselves Differently
    And for your visibility to mean anything, you have to have successfully demonstrated your relevant expertise. It has to be a fine-tuned lead-generating machine that showcases your expert blog content, uses search engine optimization, contains prospect contact forms, and integrates everything with your CRM/lead tracking system.
    [Content, Relevance] 3 Strategies to Drive Search Engine Marketing Success
    By applying the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to your website, you can attract more visitors who are looking for the products and services you offer. The Past, Present and Future of SEO. SEO has gone through significant changes in the past 20 years. Where search is headed is to more personalized content.
  • FATHOM  |  TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] 3 Ways Your Company Is Screwing Up Its Digital Marketing
    So here they are: three things you need to start doing right away in order to stay relevant and stave off your brand’s digital extinction in a quickly-changing world. You need to start creating original, useful, entertaining content for your target audiences that answers their questions and stimulates their brains. Revenue.
    [Content, Relevance] 7 B2B Website Best Practices to Enhance Your Online Presence
    Let’s examine seven best practices that will help you do just that. 1) Showcase educational content. By creating valuable educational content, you can address both information and past performance in one fell swoop. On the library page itself, users should be able to organize your content by topic or format type.
    [Content, Relevance] The SEO Journey – How long before you start seeing results?
    Everyone implementing SEO usually has the same question – how long before I rank first for my keywords? It comes from misunderstanding the current nature of SEO and it is stuck in the rudiments of what SEO used to be. Old vs. new SEO. In the past, SEO was about identifying the best keywords for businesses.
    [Content, Relevance] SEO and Professional Services Marketing: What Every CEO Should Know
    But what many don’t realize is that search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential component of this process. Here’s what every CEO should know about SEO. 1) SEO isn’t what it used to be. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, SEO isn’t a single technique. And this is why SEO is so important.
  • EMAGINE B2B BLOG  |  MONDAY, MAY 4, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] International SEO: Tips For Creating Your Strategy
    But, when it comes to SEO, how can you effectively optimize your website in order to improve your organic visibility in other countries? Make sure that your site’s content, URLs, title tags, menu items, etc. From grammar and usability to keyword choice, target your content as specifically as you can to your foreign audiences.
    [Content, Relevance] 6 Questions to Answer When Launching a B2B Content Marketing Program
    This shift in behavior has opened up an endless need for content, especially among B2B marketers. In fact, The Content Marketing Institute released statistics leading up to 2015, showing that 86 percent of today’s B2B marketers employ a formal content strategy. of the content being created. Targeted publish date. Title.
    [Content, Relevance] 5 Blogging Tips To Get More Leads
    While there are many separate factors that play into this, some of the most important are the quality of your content and your blogging activity. Write Good Content. Crafting solid content takes time and research. If you do that, you can stay in-tune with your audience and add more value to your content. Calls-To-Action.
    [Content, Relevance] Using Inbound Marketing to Promote Your Next Conference
    Video is one of the most effective forms of content marketing because it allows you to communicate some personality to your audience. First, you need to choose relevant keywords because they enhance your chances of being found. This helps guide people to the page but also let’s search engines know that the page is relevant.
    [Content, Relevance] 12 Awesome Content Marketing Ideas That Aren’t Blog Posts (Infographic)
    An easy-to-grasp guide introducing 12 great ideas for content that isn’t blog-shaped. With so much content out there it can be hard to ensure that your brand’s message does not get lost in the noise of the Internet. Or why not post your content into a shared space and generate discussion around it? Content Marketin
    [Content, Relevance] How to use influencer marketing to promote your book
    Here’s a sneak peek of today’s presentation on YouTube : Here’s the deck you can look at over on Slideshare : Here’s the content from the presentation. Influencer marketing allows authors to identify and then engage topically-relevant online influencers and bloggers. You can still register and it’s free.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] 9 Highly Reputable Resources for Compelling Marketing Stats
    If you’re in the business of content marketing, there is a 100% chance you need marketing statistics. Using accurate data in your original content is powerful way to communicate that you’ve done your research. As content marketer Britt Brouse points out , it’s crucial to become something of a “data authority” in your niche.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] Not Getting What You Want From Blogging? Ask These 11 Questions
    Looking for insight to guide her own headline strategy, Shoor used a script to analyze over 100 blog posts to determine what type of content works best. To combat the amount of content being created each day, marketers must find a way to differentiate their message from the pile of existing articles. You did it. So we decided to help.
    [Content, Relevance] Interesting Infographics: The Story Behind Influencer Marketing
    trust recommendations from other people, even people that they do not know,  over branded content. Sharing your content through influencers rather than directly through branded sources yields conversion rates three to ten times higher. Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Infographics content home influencer infographic marketing
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] The Ultimate Online Editing and Proofreading Checklist
    As we all know, content creation isn't as simple as just stringing together a few words and hitting "publish." At least all high-quality content creators know this. But if you really want to ship remarkable, high-quality content , you can't afford to overlook the proofreading and editing process. Is the content comprehensive?
    [Content, Relevance] Face The Facts: Your B2B Needs A Blog
    Any B2B marketing maven should know a business blog is an absolute must have for a successful content strategy. It takes time to find content, write content, consistently add fresh new content and it takes even longer to build an audience that genuinely wants to read that content you put so much time into.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 23, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] SEO for Images: Why We’re Trying to Rank for the Term 'CEO'
    To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. Pinterest and Instagram have conditioned people to use and trust this form of discovery, and oftentimes, I find it produces even more relevant results than text-based search. It's reflective of how us editors, writers, and website managers label content and use images.
  • FATHOM  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] Content Marketing: How to Grow Your Business by Growing Your Audience
    Content marketing done the right way – catering to a specific audience – is like an attraction model. The more relevant you are to a well-defined set of people, the more you will attract those that have the same beliefs. Content marketing can help with that. Don’t build it around SEO, online advertising or marketing automation.
    [Content, Relevance] Why the economics of blogging are diminishing
    Why blogging loses its relevance 1) Epic evergreen blogposts are obsolete. With our attention shrinking to nano-levels, pure text-based content becomes as appealing as a face hug with a steel wall. Not as juicy, but just enough satisfying to stay relevant. Has its relevance ever shifted for you? And so did the clients.
    [Content, Relevance] How to Analyze Your Blog Posts: A Beginner's Guide
    If you know what made your best blog posts perform so well, you'll be able to better prioritize certain topics or types of posts according to your content goals. Here are ways you can increase your traffic: Make it easy for your readers to share your content. Email your blog content to your database. How to promote them? Videos?
    [Content, Relevance] Google “mobilegeddon” starts today — are you prepared?
    Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices. NEW: Mobile SEO Visibility – Prepare yourself for the huge Google Mobile Update on April 21st. Unplayable content. Literally. Starting today. You might have a couple hours left. Site Not Mobile-Friendly?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] Bing, Yahoo and Google: Can Your SEO Strategy Remain the Same for All Three?
    Bing/Yahoo & Google SEO Similarities. Results for Local Search – Page content and optimization should incorporate keywords based on geographic locations for success in the local results. Bing/Yahoo & Google SEO Differences. This allows a little freedom and creativity with your content. Duplicate Content.
    [Content, Relevance] Why Blogging Is More Important Than Ever
    Content marketing” (which is really just distributing marketing content) is the hot buzzword for modern marketers. But there’s already a lot of content out there, and content marketing isn’t nearly as good as “interesting marketing.” Without interesting content, all these media channels are toothless.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] 11 Ways to Make Your Content Appealing to International Audiences
    Once they reach your content, how well will it resonate with them? In this post, I''ll share some tips to help you create content that appeals to your entire audience, no matter where in the world they come from. 11 Tips for Making Your Content International. 1) Identify culturally rooted content. Cranberry sauce = ?a
    [Content, Relevance] 10 Valuable SEO Resources: Keyword Research, Tools, and Local SEO
    As noted here last week , ranking highly in search requires writing great content, making smart use  of Google Webmaster Tools, and building or earning high-authority backlinks. But there’s more involved in generating high, and highly relevant, organic search traffic. Which keyword research and other SEO tools are most effective?
    [Content, Relevance] 5 Essential Features of an Architecture Firm’s Website
    specialist copywriter or SEO expert can help with this task. This content could include videos , articles, downloadable sheets, eBooks, or infographics. What’s more important than the format is the fact that this content provides some useful information for potential clients. Let your images do the talking. Avoid flash.
  • SYNECORE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] Why Long-Tail Keywords?
    For small businesses especially, being a product page SEO expert is critical for competing with big retail sites. Since many big box retailers have already optimized for short-tail (less specific) keywords, your best bet for increasing your SEO ranking is to use long-tail keywords to minimize competition. Why Not Short-Tail?
    [Content, Relevance] IT Marketing: What Every Technology Services Firm Should Know for Higher Growth
    Beyond the traditional CEO/CIO/CMO, there are now Chief Digital Officers, Chief Social Officers, and Chief Content Officers. It serves as the hub for your online presence, joining expert content, explanation of your services, social media platforms, and more. What do firms need to know about SEO? That should come as no surprise.
    [Content, Relevance] How Content Personalization Fits into Inbound Methodology
    One of the most important parts of the inbound process is delivering personalized, relevant, and informative content to your audience. Content personalization reinforces nearly every stage of the inbound process in some way. Buyer personas and delivering personalized content go hand in hand. Identifying Your Audience.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 7, 2015
    [Content, Relevance] Want to Learn Marketing Analytics? Start With These 9 Great Resources
    There''s a whole world of analytics out there -- and I''ve barely scratched the surface.There''s always more to learn, so I''ve made it my mission to learn as much as possible about analytics by talking with people and, of course, consuming as much content as I can online. I''ve been interested in data and analytics for a long, long time.
    [Content, Relevance] What Actually Counts As Content?
    What counts as content? The world of content is very vast and there’s plenty of room to get creative in the content you produce. Useful, relevant information in bite-size pieces. All you need is to put your time into creating content to post on the page. As long as the images are relevant, it’s a no-brainer.
    [Content, Relevance] Marketing Mathematics: Why You Need to Invest in Website Engagement
    Author: Mike Telem Today, it’s such common knowledge that content marketing is an important part of any marketing mix that I don’t need to provide any stats to support the statement, because you already know it’s true. Therefore, it is essential to engage your visitors with relevant and personalized content. The Problem.
    [Content, Relevance] The Twitter-Google Agreement: 4 Keys to Getting the Most from This New Development
    The user experience on Google will be enhanced by search results with a much broader amount of content. Similar to organic SEO and Google, following best practices regarding Twitter engagement will only improve your results. Plan out content that people will want to re-tweet and favorite. What does this deal mean for Twitter?
    [Content, Relevance] The Twitter-Google Agreement: 4 Keys to Getting the Most from This New Development
    The user experience on Google will be enhanced by search results with a much broader amount of content. Similar to organic SEO and Google, following best practices regarding Twitter engagement will only improve your results. Plan out content that people will want to re-tweet and favorite. What does this deal mean for Twitter?
    [Content, Relevance] 22 Tweetable Nuggets of Seriously Sage Marketing Advice
    You''ll quickly discover why cold calling potential leads and reading them your content offers aloud is the future of marketing.". Do not trust it." - The Best Google SEO Helper. Spend as much money as you can on Pay Per Click (PPC) on keywords that are not relevant but have high traffic. Don''t feel bad if you haven''t. Try it.
    [Content, Relevance] What Are Rich Snippets?
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a combination of highly technical website elements, content marketing, and promotion. With Google’s regular algorithm updates, there are often considerable adjustments in the technical SEO best practices firms should use to be found in search results. Background on Rich Snippets.
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