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Customer Experience Matrix

Dear Internet, I was disappointed but not wholly surprised that you didn’t find Wednesday's post with Personalized Mona Lisa as self-evidently hilarious as I did. And, while I know that explaining something never convinces anyone that it’s really funny, I think Personalized Mona Lisa has enough serious content to justify further discussion. So here goes. Let’s start at the beginning.

Rating the Crowd-Sourced Marketing Software Review Sites

Customer Experience Matrix

Every site except TrustRadius covered a broad range of business software from accounting to human resources to supply chain as well as CRM and marketing. TrustRadius was more focused on customer-related systems although it still had business intelligence and accounting. The first question was which sites draw a big enough crowd to be useful. This left seven sites worth a closer look.

Sailthru Offers End-to-End Omnichannel Personalization for B2C Marketers

Customer Experience Matrix

The corporate home page says “Sailthru makes it easy to personalize every channel for every customer,” which is accurate enough. But plenty of other companies also help with omni-channel personalization. marketer looking for personalization solutions might add Sailthru to her list of options, but wouldn’t know whether it''s a good or poor fit without digging much deeper. On the other hand, resolving that sort of ambiguity is what keeps me in business. Emails can be personalized using scripts written in Sailthru’s own Zephyr language. customer profiles.

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Why Time Is the Real Barrier to Marketing Technology Adoption and What To Do About It

Customer Experience Matrix

My personal highlights were: - Sailthru introducing its next round of predictive modeling and personalization features and working to help users adopt them. The company is making those available to guide list selection and content personalization for both email and Web pages. business porn” – that they’d decide it was more important than other projects.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

person to tell the company’s story, even though he. short film series, “Year of Surprises”; a personalized. concrete business goals: — Ultimate Content Strategist Playbook: Content Road- map — Ultimate Content Strategist Playbook: Content Execu- tion — Ultimate Content Strategist Playbook: Growing Your. with deciding on what business goals. broader business goals.

New Marketing Automation Options for Small Business in the VEST Report

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GreenRope workflow GreenRope is all-in-one software sold primarily to very small businesses such as lawyers, real estate agents, consultant, coaches and membership organizations. In other words, although GreenRope describes itself as “CRM and marketing automation,” it actually extends beyond those functions to manage activities throughout the business. You get the idea.

Intent Data Basics: Where It Comes From, What It's Good For, What To Test

Customer Experience Matrix

Intent vendors won’t necessarily capture every person in market for a particular product. In some businesses, reaching only a small fraction of interested buyers is still very useful; in others – especially where there are relatively few buyers to begin with – the marketer may be forced to run her own outreach programs to capture as many as possible. What is intent data? Who sells it?

MDC DOT Provides Marketing Automation for Direct Salespeople

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Those firms have very specific requirements for balancing central control over content and brand image with the agents’ desire for flexibility and personal client relationships. This is especially important for businesses that pay commissions to the customer’s original salesperson. Beyond low price, MDC Dot offers two key capabilities to suit its target audience.

Mautic Offers Free, Open Source Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Matrix

Small businesses constantly cite cost as a major roadblock to adoption. But first let me cover one more business issue, which is that there are two ways to get Mautic. runs an enhanced version of the system called AllydeMautic, provided by Allyde , a for-profit business also run by Hurley. Emails can include personalization tokens such as {first name}.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

brand publishers aren’t in the business of publishing. The funda- mentals of voice comes down to a personality—priori- tizing a set of traits that comprise an identity, and then. personality of, well, an actual person (the Supreme Court. The logical question now is, “So what personality traits. business. In different ways, they’re all a kind of person.

Hive9 Marketing Performance Management Includes Customer Journey Optimization

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Tactics have owners, budgets, start and end dates, revenue targets, types (usually a channel or asset) and other attributes such as journey stage, audience, business unit, geography, and language. Rules can avoid repeating messages to the same person and can select a “next best message” for the external system to deliver. What the heck does that last sentence mean? It’s bright. Shiny.

Matching Marketing Technology to Business Strategy: A Starting Framework

Customer Experience Matrix

When Scott asked for content suggestions during the early stages of the conference planning, my reaction was that one thing everyone needs is a framework for relating marketing technology investments to larger business strategy. The implication is that every business needs to adapt a strategy of customer intimacy. First, everyone doesn’t have the same business strategy. Norton.

BlueConic User-Driven Marketing Maturity Model: Surprises on the Road to Customer-Centric Marketing

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It requires not just knowing who the viewer is, but who she’s related to (child or spouse), the interests of that related person (soccer), and the temporal context (holiday gift buying season). This all ties back to the central notion of the maturity model: that technology, process, and organization must all be aligned at each stage for the business to execute effectively.

Everstring Takes Another $65 Million and (More Important) Launches Predictive Ad Targeting Solution

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At this point, your inner business strategist may be wondering whether Everstring has bitten off more than it can chew or committed the cardinal sin of losing focus. The new funding is certainly impressive, although the record for a B2B predictive marketing vendor is apparently InsideSales’ $100 million Series C in April 2014. But the new product is what’s really intriguing.

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Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

49 percent work across B2B and B2C businesses. of only hiring one person to run an entire operation. to be set up for success: one person focused on strategy, another to handle execution, and a third to deal with. could fuel better business results. business results, just 10 percent of respondents. content metrics and business results. All rights reserved.

LinkedIn Buys Fliptop: Why Account Based Marketing and Predictive Analytics Are a Natural Fit

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It's an interesting piece of news but I'm personally disappointed at the timing because I have been planning all week to write a post about the relationship between predictive analytics and account-based marketing (ABM). Predictive analytics vendor Fliptop today announced its acquisition by B2B social network LinkedIn. The Fliptop/LinkedIn deal is just more evidence of the connection.

Acquisitions Reshape the Marketing Automation Industry: Growth at the Bottom, Room in the Middle, Fog at the Top

Customer Experience Matrix

This is our flagship report on the industry, with nearly 200 data points on 23 vendors and separate ratings for micro-business, small to mid-size companies, and enterprise marketing departments. personally suggest that anyone interested in the industry buy a copy for themselves and another for someone they love. See for details.

Will Machines Replace Marketers? Artificial Intelligence Isn't Ready Yet But Watch Your Back

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Similarly, competitor analysis should be well within the capabilities of companies like Radius , Everstring and Growth Intelligence , which already ingest the contents of corporate Web sites to understand each company’s business. Business and marketing strategies are often compared to chess, a game that AI systems can famously play better than humans. Let’s look at each task in turn.

Salesforce Purchases Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Vendor MetaMind: Yeah, That's a MarTech Trend

Customer Experience Matrix

There aren’t many details available: in the announcement , MetaMind founder Richard Socher said Salesforce will use its technology to "automate and personalize customer support, marketing automation, and many other business processes." In a way, that vagueness is exactly what’s most interesting about the deal: it supports the notion that AI will be embedded in many system features rather than limited to a handful of specific tasks. This vision of pervasive AI is how I personally expect the industry to develop. Those benefits are two sides of the same coin.

Definitive Guide to Planning a New Content Initiative

Business Goals: What outcomes does providing this content help us achieve? Our goal is to create a personalized, educational, and, most of. personalized, educational, and, most of all, fun experience (content product) for all. of our favorite beauty brands (business goal). In this case, the business goal is implicit: doesn’t only promote L’Oreal. world.

ICON16: How Infusionsoft Plans To Dominate Small Business Marketing (and Make Life Better For Small Businesses Everywhere)

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I spent part of last week at ICON16, Infusionsoft ’s annual combination of customer conference, revival meeting, and group therapy session for small business owners. This is based on Infusionsoft’s learning over the past ten years that the main barriers to success with its software are small businesses not knowing what to do with it and not seeing immediate value from the efforts. The real focus of the conference was introducing the latest version of Infusionsoft’s Small Business Success Method, an approach to helping small businesses plan their marketing programs.

CRM Evolution Conference: Mobile Really Does Change Everything About Marketing

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Further reinforcing these trends is the customers’ increasing expectation for personalization. Customers who haven’t bought yet (okay, they’re really prospects) still have some intention when interacting with us – presumably to learn something about our company or products so they can decide whether they want to do business. I snuck down to Washington DC yesterday for a few hours at the CRM Evolution conference, where a critical mass of industry experts triggered a chain reaction of interesting thoughts. But the argument I heard this week was stronger than that.

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Bombora Feeds B2B Data to Everyone

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Both businesses grew nicely, but the company found that selling media conflicted with finding partners to gather data. So last November is spun off the data piece as Madison Logic Data,, keeping Madison Logic as the media business. Bombora’s core business is assembling data about B2B companies and individuals. But I had never gotten a clear picture of exactly what they do.

Marketing Automation's Unhappy Users: Trouble in Paradise?

Customer Experience Matrix

Questions about satisfaction give a similarly ambiguous result: just over two-thirds of users in a Winsper Group survey reported themselves satisfied with the business value of their system, again meaning that nearly one-third were neutral or actively dissatisfied. As I mentioned in last week''s post , I’m writing a paper on stages of marketing automation deployment.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

person who is in no way connected to GE, interested in GE, or [who]. they’ll get smaller, and everybody will have a person- al plane or a flying car. to really lay out the business case behind GE, and we. group of people who are important to your business, using content to align with their interests at a high. battling with their direct business competitors for.

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion: Get Ready for Software Vendors as Data Owners

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It gives Microsoft access to a rich trove of personal and company information, something it didn’t have before (although Microsoft probably collected more personal and company data than most of us realize). It still feels odd to think of a software company owning a data business, although bought Jigsaw (now in 2010 and Oracle purchased the BlueKai and Datalogix in 2014. Microsoft surprised pretty much everyone today by announcing a $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn. It's also one foundation of the MadTech vision I offered last year.

Automated Marketing Campaigns: An Immodest Proposal

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This is why you can find dozens of automated products to personalize Web sites but none to automate multi-step campaign design. In most businesses, such changes happen relatively rarely, so the number of customers with recalculated scores on any given day is a tiny fraction of the full base. Ideally, you’d let machines evolve the stages and plays autonomously. plays”)?

More New Systems Challenge the Marketing Automation Status Quo

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Last week’s post looked at newer marketing automation systems that focused on small businesses. The general notion is that small businesses are finding existing marketing automation products too hard to use and would be happy with something simpler, especially if it costs less. This means that filters must be carefully crafted to avoid sending too many messages to the same person.

MindMatrix Adds Sales Support to Marketing Automation

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In May I wrote about Demandforce , which specializes in local service businesses such as dentists and auto repair shops and had just been purchased by Intuit. Founded 14 years ago, the company has built its business serving the real estate industry, where individual agents and local agencies work in conjunction with large national franchises. MindMatrix is one of them.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

they compete both against their business competitors and all content creators that vie. returns on business-related goals. have on myriad aspects of the business and driving the goals of specific divisions (e.g., business goals, such as “cost savings, risk. Business Goal Content Objectives KPIs Customer. to the larger business. Content. Methodology: A Best.

Design Your Best Marketing Technology Stack and Plan the Transition: Sneak Peek at FlipMyFunnel Conference

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Here are some of the key points I’ll be making: - the stack is based on your business and marketing strategies. I’ve described the importance of strategy before but have now refined my explanation to show how marketing programs, business requirements, and functional requirements connect over-all marketing strategy with martech. transition planning must be systematic as well.

CommandIQ Gives Marketers Flexible Database and Messaging Options

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drag-and-drop email builder lets users create HTML messages including personalized contents drawn from the system database. Similar conditions apply to other online businesses including ecommerce and elearning…which is exactly where the company has found the bulk of its initial clients. The only thing that’s certain is a CDP will create a multi-source database of customer information.

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Oh Shiny! Cool Marketing Technology I'd Evaluate in Detail if I Didn't Keep Getting Distrac.Oh Shiny!

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By sophisticated, I means that recommendations are based on individual and group behaviors, can aim at upsell, cross sell, top sellers, or personal history; and can be modified based on user-specified rules for exclusions, promoted items, filters such as gender or region, or particular categories. I’ve seen more interesting systems recently than I have time to review in depth. market.

IgnitionOne Buys Knotice, Prompting Many Deep Thoughts

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Neustar, whose core business is linking people to phone numbers, is one example: it recently introduced “PlatformOne”, which it describes as a “centralized marketing solution” that gives marketers “a complete, real-time portrait of their customers and prospects based on accurate data, enabling a personalized dialogue across all marketing channels.”

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

better job of linking their efforts to measurable business results. Demonstrate business results: the challenge to tie marketing efforts to measurable business results (e.g., Encourage employee advocacy: a business's employees are (or at least should be) natural brand advocates. So, how do you personalize marketing? What are the business and. B2B Marketing.

Silverpop Announces Universal Behaviors to Provide Better Cross Channel Customer Experience

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Silverpop''s two-year gestation cycle is a good example. I can''t say precisely why so many are emerging more or less simultaneously, but suspect a combination of business conditions and ever-more-urgent marketer needs. Once Universal Behaviors are loaded into Silverpop, they become available within the system for queries, program triggers, rules within programs, dynamic content, personalization, scoring, and analysis – pretty much anything that could be done with standard Silverpop data. Silverpop falls short on the third CDP function, which is integrated predictive modeling.