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The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM


Pricing: $70 to $550 per month. Pricing: free (but requires an active Google AdWords account). Pricing: $27 to $99 per month. Pricing: free. Search for any domain and see every place they’ve shown up on Google: every keyword bought on Adwords, every organic rank, and every ad variation in the last 9 years. Pricing: $49 to $299 per month.

How Labels works in Google Adwords; benefits of the new feature


For those who manage multiple paid search campaigns for lead generation (like yours truly) with Google Adwords, or have others do it, I started testing a new feature that was rolled out this week, called Labels. This does not replace creating unique ad groups for quality score improvement, but allows cross-over ad group, keyword analysis. Purchase: “Buy” “Costs” “Prices” “Quotes”.

17 Helpful SEO Tools and Tool Reviews


The first tools handled only the most rudimentary tasks, like rank checking or keyword density analysis. Competitive analysis? ” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ann Smarty best SEO tools Brad Knutson Chuck Price Cyrus Shepard expert SEO tools reviews Gazella Gaya helpful SEO tools Ian Cleary Matthew Capala Miriam Ellis Troy Boileau Troy Fawkes Zoe-Lee Skelton Knutson.

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Google AdWords Express: The Pros and Cons


Google launched AdWords Express earlier this year and coined it as “the easiest way to advertise on Google.” Google AdWords vs. Google AdWords Express: What's the Difference? For instance, in traditional AdWords, users need to find their own keywords, set bids, and manage those bids. 3 Pros of Google AdWords Express. 3 Cons of Google AdWords Express.

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How Google’s New Search Results Layout Impacts SEO


How Google AdWords’ February 2016 Changes Impact SEO. Google recently announced some sizable changes to its AdWords program and the way they will display paid ad listings. The question is, at what price? Continued bid optimization and ROI analysis remains in play. Google started implementing the changes worldwide on February 19, 2016. Ads Moved to Top (With a Twist).

10 Trends That Defined Digital Marketing in 2016

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before quoting their price for a one-way to L.A. On average, conversion rates for advertisers on Google AdWords are around 2.7% While Google AdWords, Twitter, and Facebook have offered remarketing capabilities for some time, in the last year, we’ve also seen the capability added to Instagram and Pinterest. Increased Social Search Functionality. Real-Time Marketing. Wearables.

Exploring 5 Essential Baidu Tools For B2B Online Marketers

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Another awesome tool for Baidu PPC is The Baidu Bid Estimate Tool , which is used to estimate the bid price of keyword opportunities. Depending on your “core keyword”, bid price, and your geography targeting, the Baidu Bid Estimate Tool provides metrics like search volume, position, and estimate clicks. setting the bid price as CNY 3.00 Baidu Editor- Data Analysis function.

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The Top 10 Free Content Analytics Tools


You won’t be required to pay for Clicky’s service if you have one website that receives fewer than 3,000 pageviews a day, but after that pricing can range from $9.99 There’s also a breakdown of competitors by criteria such as competition level, common keywords, traffic, and the estimated price of organic keywords in Google AdWords. Let’s take a look.

Best of 2007: Articles and Blog Posts on Google AdWords


This post focuses on interesting observations and helpful advice pertaining specifically to Google AdWords, the largest SEM platform. by Traffick Blogger Andrew Goodman provides the how and why of dynamic keyword insertion in AdWords, and why, though it's a powerful technique, it doesn't "always" work. has) revealed that this tool does everything but 'fine-tune' an AdWords campaign.


Getting the Most Out of Google Shopping as a B2B E-Commerce Vendor

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Because many B2B marketers fail to realize that Google Shopping is now integrated with AdWords, putting this area of prime real estate in search results in optimal paid advertising position. While shopping campaigns are integrated with Google AdWords, they do have some unique challenges (and benefits) that are different from most traditional text PPC campaigns. Shopping Campaigns.

The Ultimate List of Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark


For Data Analysis. There are all kinds of cool, useful data in there -- everything from Prada's share price over time to the highest CEO-to-worker pay ratios in the U.S. Google AdWords' Keyword Planner. Tone Analyzer is a free tool that uses linguistic analysis to detect the tone of a piece -- and then offers helpful tips on how to improve and strengthen the tone.

How to Design Content Remarketing Campaigns That Actually Work


For example, you could create an audience for people who visited your blog, or for people who visited specific pages on your website, like your pricing page. To define an audience, create a new remarketing list in Google AdWords. For example, your data might show that visitors to your pricing or product page are more valuable than your blog visitors. About Ad Fatigue. Gender?

3 Steps to Blow Your Visitor’s Mind with Content Marketing

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Our friend and AdWords expert Perry Marshall calls this understanding the Happy Juice Principle. In a recent analysis of nearly 100,000 AdWords accounts, representing $3 billion in annualized spend, we found that the average click-through rate of ads in the first position is between 5 and 6%. And there’s a lot of noise! It’s incredibly daunting for marketers.

When You Should (and Shouldn't) Outsource Your Marketing


Best-practice expertise in all areas -- market identification, database management, process management, recruiting and staffing, training, program management, and data analysis and content -- is now the key to a program’s success." A lot of marketers make the mistake of thinking that, once you set up your AdWords or social media PPC campaigns, it's like a light switch. Sure can.

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How to Distinguish Between PPC Pros and PPC Posers


Making a campaign look good on paper could simply mean opting into the content network and showing an Excel chart with increasing leads at a decreasing price, without ever taking the quality of said leads into account. At what point in your analysis did you say, I need help? Hiring a paid search manager is easy. Hiring a great paid search manager is not. Passion. Passion about what?

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Best Keyword Research Tools


Google Adwords Keyword Tool. And since Google is the largest search engine by a good margin, this keyword research tool should definitely be in your repertoire, especially if you use Google Adwords to advertise. competition analysis. Effective online marketing starts with thorough keyword research. That leads to a better reputation and more traffic and customers. Long Tail Pro.

Youcalc: On-Demand Analytics Without Stored Data

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That is, youcalc provides analytical applications that read from an existing system, typically a Software-as-a-Service vendor like or Google AdWords. Youcalc is priced at an astonishingly low $19.95 per user per month, which gives access to 130+ prebuilt applications for products including, SugarCRM , Google AdWords, Google Analytics , MailChimp and 37Signals ’ BaseCamp (project management) and Highrise (contact management). Unfortunately, these prices may not last. The system accesses standard sources (, AdWords, etc.)

Bankers, Car Salesmen & Reality TV Interns: What 27 Marketing Execs Did in Their First Jobs


The trouble was that everyone wanted listings sponsored by Google AdWords, not Ask Jeeves. I did predictive modeling, reporting and analysis, computer programming, and systems analysis. It’s not enough to have the predictive model or statistical analysis all worked out; you need to communicate the conclusions in a crisp, compelling, and memorable way. Follow @jbigay.

73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017


Both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads work best when your website can handle mobile traffic. Look for new features in Unbounce and Contently that do the analysis and make the recommendation for you. I think adoption will continue to grow, more tools will be released and pricing for these tools will come down so more companies can use them. Marketing automation. Personalization.

The Evolution of Content Marketing – An SEO View: The US Edition (Part 2)

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AJ combines a deep understanding of search marketing with a passion for product strategy and iterative product development, fusing design and user experience with quantitative analysis. Additionally, many effective internet advertising channels are auction-based (most notably Google Adwords). In this part we get the views from 5 experts in the US. Our Experts. Follow him on Twitter.

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NitroMojo and Marketing Advocate Specialize in Marketing Automation for Channel Partners

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NitroMojo says about 60% of leads reply to the surveys, giving enough information for meaningful analysis of program, partner, and salesperson performance. Pricing starts around $3,000 per year plus $100 per user per month, which is usually less than the cost of marketing automation and sales automation systems that NitroMojo would replace. The system can also integrate with event management software and Google AdWords. As I noted in a post last year , there is a universe of specialized marketing automation systems for companies that sell through channel partners.

How to Design a Killer Facebook Advertising Campaign


Facebook advertising works on a bidding model similar to Google AdWords. You bid on the price you are willing to pay to have your ad displayed, and then you are either charged when someone clicks on your ad (cost per click), or you are charged per 1,000 people who see your ad using the CPM model (cost per thousand impressions). Optimize your bid price and reach to get the best price.

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7 Expert Email Marketing Tips You're Probably Missing Out On


newsletter, twitter, adwords, etc.). A GetResponse analysis reported that email newsletters with social sharing buttons generated a 115% higher click-through rate than those that did not. For example, someone who visits your pricing page is probably at a different stage in their decision-making process than someone who just looks at your blog. How to Warm Up an IP Address.

Marketing Blog Marketing Automation | Lead Generation | Email.


Keyword Analysis and Tracking. Google AdWords Tracking. Pricing. Platform. Lead To Revenue. Email Marketing. Drip Marketing. Nurture Marketing. Email Designer. Email Personalization. Testing Deliverability. Behavioral Targeting. Can Spam Compliance. Lead Capture. Surveys. Microsites. Internet Lead Capture. Lead Routing. QR Codes. Video Hosting. Website Tracking. Web Analytics.

SEO Tool Review: SEMRush


SEMRush offers a powerful suite of SEO and search marketing tools , particularly for those who've already done the basic SEO work and perhaps have an AdWords program running, but want to take efforts to the next level. All reports can be exported to Excel for for further sorting and analysis. The tool also provides a "related keyword report."

The Science of Email Marketing « The Effective Marketer

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As with all analysis and reports out there, you have to take all of the recommendations with a grain of salt. Email Vendor Selection Methodology - Part 2 now online: [link] #emailmarketing #b2bmarketing 2 hours ago I just grabbed @ AppSumo action video, Google AdWords secrets for Free. Slides should be available for download soon here. billion emails sent. United States License.


Hubspot Offers Small Business Marketers a Big Bundle of Features

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The one major missing inbound marketing feature is paid search management, such as Google AdWords integration. Hubspot Marketing VP Mike Volpe said that paid search can be tracked as a source, and that clients have not requested deeper integration – apparently because they’re already happy with the AdWords interface. These draw from its roots in Web traffic analysis. One is an automated analysis of competitive Web sites, based on Website Grader. Summary: Hubspot offers a bundle of Web traffic generation and lead management features in one low-cost package.

Presenting Effective Charts « The Effective Marketer

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As I do my analysis, I think about what all the data means. Then, I think about what is the summary of all the analysis and the conclusion. As I do my analysis, I think about what all the data means. Then, I think about what is the summary of all the analysis and the conclusion. Stop doing charts in Excel. The fix? Yeah, you’ve seen them too, right? What is the summary?

Best of 2009 (So Far): Cool Web Tools, Part 1


Pricing ranges widely from $19 per month for the individual option to $299 per month for the professional version, but there's a 30-day trial for the curious to try this out. Pricing ranges from a free, ad-supported version to $200/month for the enterprise package, with the most popular service level at $38 per month. Looking for a slick tool to easily build branded widgets? per year.


Best of 2007: Articles and Blog Posts on SEO (Part 2)


12 Basic On-Site SEO Tactics for Optimized Results by Search Engine Journal Author Miles Price details 12 essential on-page SEO techniques to optimize search rankings. Following up on my last post, there were just too many excellent newsletter articles and blog posts on SEO last year to fit them all into one post, so here are more of the best bits of SEO guidance from 2007. However.a

Best of 2008: Web Analytics


Her model outlines a progression of stages from site analysis (available to anyone using free tools) though optimization, targeting, and finally integration—a stage about which she writes "no one has nailed this one and that gives us all something to aspire towards." Here's a brief review of some of the best posts written recently about web analytics.

Best of 2007: Articles and Blog Posts on Strategy and Branding


Coupons, promotional pricing and discounts can help induce trial, but over the long run, superior customer service is what produces customer loyalty. The first step in crafting a marketing plan is to determine overall strategy, and among the first questions to ask when thinking about the strategy are "What do I want my brand to stand for?" What are they doing? Can you buy customer loyalty?

Best of 2007: Website Design


In addition to this, product pages also help buyers find relevant pricing information, delivery costs, warranty and/or return policies and a whole lot more. Before embarking on a serious search engine marketing (SEM) program, it's critical that your website is designed to take full advantage of the increased traffic. learn, research and compare what you have against a competitor.


Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market

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I think the idea of an iTunes™ -like interface — and pay-as-you-go pricing structure — for viewing, sorting, and selecting B2B contacts is intriguing. 2) Online lead generation — provides or connects with email delivery, online advertising, search marketing adword tools, landing pages, registration/information capture, and offer testing. a)Response analysis: After your cold call or email interested people will visit your website (again): this information is to be used to adjust your communication message. The technology appears useful at both ends of this spectrum.

62 Experts Share Their #1 Actionable SEO Technique


9 Do Topical Analysis for Key Pages. #10 Do Topical Analysis for Key Pages. So you get two links for the price of one. Do a local and national level backlink analysis using OSE, Magestic, Ahrefs and SEMRush to determine which backlinks are ideal candidates for link acquisition in the most competitive geographic locations. Looking for the best ways to improve your SEO?